Chronicles of a Slave Trader – Chapter 07

By PredicamentBondage

Marco has no way to judge the passage of time, but the screens stay blank for what seems like at least an hour or more. The anticipation of someone entering the toilets to relieve himself, coupled with the slow passing of time, is agony. Marco finds himself holding his breath for several seconds at a time, and festoons of sweat now decorate his forehead.

Suddenly, the two centre screens light up and Marco comes face to face with a cocky looking wide-boy of about 24 or 25 years old. As he fumbles with his fly-zip, the cheeky punter snorts and spits green sputum into the porcelain urinal where it sticks to the surface. After a deal of rummaging in his pants, the guy pulls out a fucking enormous horse cock. He is so big the bulbous head would easily come into contact with the shiny white ceramic if not supported. The dude starts to drain his bladder and manhandles his appendage, directing the stream around the inside of the bowl like a fireman’s hose. The dark golden buttery liquid washes down the drain taking the slime of mucus with it.

Marco closes his eyes and waits.

When it comes, the piss is warm, strong and pungent. Marco gulps it down, revolted by the taste and his debasement. He’s never tasted piss before, not even his own. When he opens his eyes, the donor is repacking his cock and zipping up, getting ready to leave. He turns away from the urinal and Marco’s screens go blank. He’s left in the dark to suffer the flavour of his first unnamed pisser.

About twenty minutes later, the left hand screen startles Marco and his attention is focused on a muscled hirsute guy wearing a bulldog leather harness and tight Levi’s. As he pulls out his dong, the right hand screens burst into life showing a fresh-faced young twink in loose fashion-shirt and tight black pants. Muscle-guy is already in full flow as the fledgling twink shyly exposes his cocklet.

The force of the bulldog’s urine takes Marco by surprise. It hits the back of his throat with such vigour, it causes a backwash that floods across his tongue, marinating his taste buds in essence of masculinity.

The twink’s dribble of piss, by contrast, is clear and tasteless. Overwhelmed completely by the strength of bulldogs deluge, the twink finishes well before the gladiator to his left. As the twink tucks his dick into his pants, he glances appreciatively at the muscle-man’s crotch. Marco doesn’t share the twinks admiration.

Marco finds that no matter how much time passes between one pisser and the next, he cannot avoid the taste and aroma of the last fella’s pungent torrent. The tang on the palate is all pervading and remains until the tongue is washed by fresh flavours from the next punter.

Over time, the frequency of oblivious persecutors increases and Marco soon endures two and three guys relieving themselves at the same time. Several times he starts to choke as he mistimes the piss-flow from urinal drain to piss-gag mouthpiece. On one occasion he almost passes out but manages to stay conscious, probably saving his life. His stomach is starting to ache as if he’s imbibed too much fruit juice which, arguably, he has.

The electrical pulses cursing through his cock are increasingly drawing his focus from the almost continuous stream of urine and, no matter how much he fights against it, he knows he is very close to blowing his first load. The thought of gaining sexual satisfaction whilst drinking men’s piss and watching their cocks is disturbing and humiliating. He hopes that there’ll be no one urinating when he finally explodes.

Currently, there are two guys, both shaking the remnants of piss from their cocks. Marco watches, dismayed, as they look at each other, smile broadly, and both start beating their meat. Oh God! They’re going to cum. They’re wanking off into the bowls. Stop! Marco instinctively knows that he’s going to take both their piss and their cum. Repugnance overtakes him and he starts screaming into the mouthpiece, trying to stop their mutual gratification.

Marco sees that both guys are nearing climax, their faces distorting in pleasure. He realises with horror that he’s as close as they are and he’s likely to erupt at the same time they do. Less than a minute later and all three explode simultaneously, with Marco spewing the biggest load of his life, straining to extrude his thick spooge through the metal straw impaling his straight manhood. As Marco’s loins contract forcing spurt after spurt of heterosexual gloop from his rampant penis, he tastes the bitter sweet discharge of the two faggots cum as it slowly oozes onto his tongue and seeps across his taste buds.

Marco bursts into tears, totally devastated by this turn of events. He looks through misty eyes at the screens and sees the two guys have already left, oblivious to his suffering. He’s now alone with the memory of their unknowingly callous act; accidental rape. The taste of their spunk is all pervading and, for the first time in his life, Marco wishes himself dead.

Having cum, Marco suddenly needs to piss, but the e-stim keeps his cock ram-rod hard and the mounting pressure in his bladder is becoming painful. He can’t see his stomach but it feels like he’s about to explode. Maybe if he can empty his bladder, he will feel better, so he concentrates all his efforts on letting go.

He’s interrupted by the right hand set of screens lighting to show a skinhead already pissing whilst apparently arguing with a guy just behind him. The skinhead looks drunk and holds a large, full flagon of beer. He takes a swig as he relieves himself, spilling some over his chin.

His compatriot continues to shout at the skinhead and, although Marco can’t quite understand what’s being said, the friend is clearly furious. A minute later, the friend reaches around the skinhead, grabs the beer and empties it into the next urinal. “My god! That’s about two pints” Marco stares in disbelief as he realises his mouth is about to fill with beer. How can he gulp down two pints of piss-laced beer without breathing? He’s about to find out. All thoughts of the two rapists of 10 minutes ago are forgotten.

As the full urinal drains into the plumbing, the two combatants leave the battleground, the skinhead waves his arms in the air as his mate pushes him from the toilet.

The beer fills Marco’s mouth and backs up in the pipes, all the way to a half full urinal. Marco guzzles down the beer, swallowing as much as he can, as fast as he can. His lungs scream for air after 45 seconds. He continues gulping as much as he can, but the pain in his chest starts a few seconds later. He’s going to drown. He’s going to die. He remembers the button under his right foot and stretches to press it. There’s a whir of mechanics and the flow slows to a trickle. He can breathe again, just, but he feels the beer surging into his large intestines; one and a half pints of fizzing cramp inducer.

As Marco fills his lungs, another screen comes on and he is faced by an obviously overweight, older character, trying to get his pecker out. He looks drunk and dirty. Marco instinctively turns up his nose at the imagined body odour. As the guys shrunken piss-pipe is revealed and the foreskin is pulled back revealing at least an ounce of cock-cheese, Marco almost throws up. The bulky sweaty groin leaks dark putrid juice onto the ceramic then starts to flow, heavily hitting the drain dead centre. Marco is repulsed both by the thought of drinking this new load of piss and abruptly comprehending the depths to which he’s sunk. He’s actually started mentally grading the piss from different guys; realising that he prefers piss from some guys more than piss from others. This has happened only a few hours into his enforced employment as human urinal, piss filter. What will he be like at the end of the night?

The rancid piss flows over his tongue and he now knows he’ll never again be the man he was. This is life changing. He closes his eyes and swallows the fetid liquid. It mixes with the piss from at least twenty other guys in his churning stomach.

Suddenly, he can’t hold the piss in his bladder any longer. The floodgates open and a warm steaming torrent of third hand beer spews from his engorged cock. As his bladder completely empties, his body suddenly reacts to the release. His balls tighten and a second all-consuming climax wracks his body and a massive load of salty-white semen follows the piss through his dick. The pain is intense, nullifying the pleasure of the orgasm. The shame is overwhelming and consumes his mind entirely, until…


To be continued …

Metal would like to thank PredicamentBondage for this story!

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