Copdar – Daddy Bear Cop: Part 2

By Cuffsandcops

This past weekend, I found myself near to where the Daddy Bear Cop lived. I had contacted him a few weeks ago to see if he was going to be in town and he told me he had plans to not be. I woke up and prepared to vacate my hotel and decided to check in with him just in case things had changed. He responded by saying he was in town and was at work. I texted back, “Let’s meet up. Cuff me and jail tour?” His response was an address and a question about how long it would take for me to get there. GPS told me it would be about 30 minutes. I offered to buy him lunch. He told me to come on by and park in the court parking lot across the street.

I got in my truck and followed the directions. Daddy Bear Cop told me to let him know when I was downstairs. I saw the police department on the right side of the street and parking lots on the left. The first one was gated and the second had signs all over designating the spots for specific court employees. I parked and texted to make sure that was where I should be and he told me it was. He asked if I was there and told me he was going to walk down. I made my way across the street and entered the police department lobby.

There didn’t appear to be anyone behind the information desk in the lobby. There were some restrooms in the corner. I doorway with a glass window was on the same wall and another solid door was on the adjacent wall next to that. The entrance wall was glass and there was a wood bench to the left of the doors that I decided to take a seat on. A few minutes later, Daddy Bear Cop appeared through the door with the glass window. He had on black boots, jeans, grey polo shirt, firearm in holster on hip, badge clipped to his belt, and pair of ASP chain cuffs tucked in his belt the middle of his back. He was looking as handsome as ever. I couldn’t take my eyes off him.

I got up shook his hand and he walked towards the solid door. Daddy Bear Cop took his wallet out of his back pocket, touched it to a sensor, opening the door. He held it for me and motioned me inside. I saw a lot of concrete. I noticed there were handcuffs with long chains between them attached to steel railings in a few spots in the room. He asked the person in the room if there was anyone in the cells and he was told no. He then motioned for me to follow him and then pointed a cell for me to walk in. The cell had a concrete bed, steel toilet, sink, and mirror on the wall. He commented how it’s odd that there are mirrors in there and assured me they weren’t glass. The doors were solid concrete with a window and door which I assume is where food gets passed through and cuffs get applied or removed. I then left the cell and took a walk down the row of them. They were all the same and there were more than I would have expected.

We walked back down to where we had entered. He pointed out where people make their phone calls and had their mugshots and fingerprints done. He commented on the cuffs on the rails, which got a smile out of me. He then led me through another door and described every door we walked passed. I walked behind him and couldn’t take my eyes off his handcuffs. He opened a few doors showing off the briefing room, gym, and locker room. We went level by level through the building. At the forensic department, there was a super handsome officer who talked to us about two machines they use to preserve fingerprints on evidence. I was listening, but also thinking about the two officers just going at it.

Daddy Bear Cop then took me up to his department’s office. There were 4 desks and a couple of rooms in the space. On the left side were an interrogation room and the room behind the one way mirror. He sat at his desk briefly and took a phone call. He asked what I wanted for lunch and I said it was my treat so his choice. He said we were going to take his cruiser which is unmarked and talked about how the marked ones give him trouble sometimes with their alarms not responding to his keys. He grabbed a radio to take with him. We walked down set of stairs that emptied out of the door with the window in the lobby where he had first emerged. We walked out the front door and across the street into a gray vehicle. The only indication of it being a police vehicle was his business card in the center console.

He took us to a place where we both ordered omelets. We spent some time catching up with each other and talking about some of the frustrations we were having when it came to having our sexual needs and desires met. We finished our meals and he said he has to stop at a pharmacy on the way back to the station. As we walked towards the car, I asked if I was going to get the chance to ride in the car in cuffs. He said he had to make sure he had a key and that they were not supposed to transport in unmarked cars. We got in the front seat through our respective doors and he drove to the pharmacy.

I decided to stay in the car while he ran in. I watched him with his gun on his hip and cuffs swinging behind him enter the store. I immediately checked the key ring in the ignition and noticed a cuff key hanging there. I opened the glove box but there wasn’t anything interesting in it. A few minutes later he exited the pharmacy. Once he sat down, I pointed to the cuff key and he chuckled. On our way back to the police department, Daddy Bear Cop drove around the town, commenting on how neighborhoods had changed since he had grown up there.

We soon approached the department and he pulled into the gated driveway. His wallet again gave us access and he found a spot towards the back of the lot. We exited and he commented that if I was going to get locked up, it should be done right. He told me to go and stand near my truck in the neighboring lot. He walked across the street and into the lobby.

Daddy Bear Cop pulled into the lot a few minutes later in a marked SUV. Parked it on the other side of my truck and exited. He told me to walk around to the passenger side of the vehicle. He opened the back door and said we should do it in front. I quickly said “No way, behind the back.” He directed me to put my hands behind my back. I then heard the distinct sound ASP cuffs make and felt them tightening on both wrists. He did not double lock them, which I immediately noticed, and told me to watch my head.

I sat in the backseat of the SUV. It was more spacious than I thought it would be but very plastic. I tried to adjust myself in the seat and actually bumped my head on the partition. He had to close the door in order to get the keys out of the ignition in order to remove the handcuffs. I sat there for a moment taking in my surroundings and the state I was in. I was handcuffed in the back of a marked unit. I was in the Daddy Bear Cop’s custody. He then opened the door and motioned for me to exit. Once on two feet, he removed the cuffs, commenting how he likes ASP because they have key holes on both sides, which allow for easy access.

I thanked him for cuffing me and sitting me in the backseat. I said I wish there was a way he could be thanked with some service. Daddy Bear Cop said he too was trying to think of a way to make that happen. It just didn’t feel like this was where the experience was going to end. He said he had to return the SUV to the parking lot behind the department and I should go wait for him in the lobby. I crossed the street and entered the building. There was someone behind the information window and two females were in the lobby.

Daddy Bear Cop came from the solid door that led to the cells and told me to come on. He led me to an elevator and we went up to the top floor. He said he left the radio in one of the vehicles we had been in, but it shouldn’t be a big deal because he had his phone. While walking down the hall, he peered in a few windows and poked his head in one office. He opened the door to his department. He walked over and closed the door to the room where you would watch behind the one way mirror. He then waved me over to the interrogation room. He closed the blinds on the window and pointed out that there was a camera outside of the window where his desk was.

He turned towards me and started undoing his belt. He closed the door to the interrogation room and pulled out a chair to sit in. His butt hit the chair and his cock was out. I dropped to my knees and put his dick in my mouth. His crotch smelled amazing. His cock started to swell in my mouth. I placed my hands on his thigh. His badge was right in my view to the left. I was going to town on his cock working the shaft and teasing the tip. At some point I decided to move my hands behind my back.

His phone rings. We both gasped and he told me to be silent. It was his Sargent who gave him news he had anticipated about working a double and how that came to be. I took my mouth off his cock and during the conversation noticed it started to lose its stiffness. I softly, gently, and quietly put his dick back in my mouth. When the call ended, Daddy Bear Cop commented that I had him close before the phone rang. That cued me to open wide and take him in. He leaned forward in the chair, took his cuffs out from behind him, and slapped them on my wrists. His cock didn’t leave my mouth during any of that. He sat back and let out a sigh. I sped my motion up. He reached out and grabbed the back of my head. “Here it comes” came out of Daddy Bear Cop’s mouth and his cum filled my mouth. I gulped it down and continued to suck his cock. I knew he couldn’t have any cum on his body or pants. I made sure to lick up his crotch so every drop had gone down my throat.

Daddy Bear Cop put his cock back in his underwear. He adjusted his belt and everything on it and did up his pants. I stood up with my hands still cuffed behind my back. He took his keys out and removed the cuffs and said that was really hot. I was like screaming inside!! I just took a load from an officer while on duty, while wearing his handcuffs, while in the interrogation room of the police department. Dreams come true!!

We exited the room and he told me to take a seat in one of the rolling chairs. He took a call regarding a case he was working on. I noticed a really old and rusty pair of shackles on a co-workers desk. I picked them up and inspected them and ran the arm through once. When he was off the phone, Daddy Bear Cop told me to come sit by him. He showed me screens about active calls and checked which officers were going to be on the next shift he had to work. His phone rang again and he got his directions for the evening. They required him to run home to get his uniform to wear. He also remembered that he had to grab the radio from whichever vehicle it had been left in. We walked down the stairs and again exited the door with the window into the lobby. We exited the building and walked across the street. I shook his hand and again thanked him for the awesome afternoon. He said it was hot and a lot of fun.

I got into my truck and set the GPS for home. I pulled away and didn’t see the officer in the cruiser we had parked in the gated lot. I blindly followed what the GPS was telling me and I noticed I had turned the wrong way down a one way street. I quickly pulled into a parking lot to correct myself and let the GPS reset. It took me back down the street I arrived on with the police department on the left. I noticed the Daddy Bear Cop had pulled out of the court lot in his personal vehicle. I pulled up next to him at the light and said I went the wrong way down a one way street. He said that I could have gone to jail if I didn’t have a valid license. We both had a laugh. The light turned green. We said and waved good bye.

I drove for a few hours before stopping at a rest stop to use the bathroom. I had so much precum when I took my cock out, that I licked some off my finger at the urinal. I sent Daddy Bear Cop a text telling him that was something I will never forget. He said he had a good time too. When I got home a few hours later, Daddy Bear Cop sent me a few pictures he had snapped throughout the afternoon. I have been forbidden to share them and he deleted them off his phone after I received them. I so wish I could have sent one in particular to accompany this story, but I am hoping that Daddy Bear Cop and I have more meet ups in our future, so rules are rules.

The end

Thanks to Cuffsandcops for this story!

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