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Copdar – Recent Short Stories

By Cuffsandcops

The Gym Rat MP

One of my most enjoyble summer activities has been going to the gym at different times of the day. It has been fun to observe and interact with new people. I noticed a guy who was present at the gym no matter what time in the day I decided to go quite often over the past month or so. He always wears a shirt with an American flag on its shoulder and some reference to the military. His face is always clean shaven. He has tattoos up and down his arms and legs. He is a little shorter and smaller than I am. Based on his appearance, I assume he is a soldier of some kind.

Today I was back to hitting the gym during the dinner rush which is my typical time. I noticed that the gentleman described above was also there. After a great session, I entered the locker room to collect my belongings. The suspected soldier was putting his stuff into a bag right next to the locker I had used. I gave him time to close his bag before moving to my locker. I swapped my sneakers, put my earbuds away, and grabbed my keys. I had parked on the opposite side of the gym compared to normal due to the high volume of cars on the entrance side. I walked out the door and noticed the suspected soldier standing on the corner of the building pulling on his vape.

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Copdar – An Officer from the Suburbs

By Cuffsandcops

With an unexpected day off before winter holiday recess, I found myself looking for a few last minute gifts. There were a few stores I had remembered visiting before the pandemic in the northern suburbs. Since I get my haircut by a barber in that vicinity, I had knowledge of a town police department located a few blocks from barber shop and decided to pass by it on the way to the shops.

I pulled off the highway and passed through a few traffic lights before being stopped at a busy intersection. As I looked to the vehicles entering the intersection to my left, I noticed a blue SUV, that upon closer look, was an unmarked police vehicle. The spotlight on the driver’s side and the reflection off the gold badge were the clues that identified the vehicle as part of a law enforcement fleet. After the light turned green allowing me to proceed, I was about 4 vehicles behind the SUV and we were heading towards the police station near my barbershop. I figured the SUV would pull into the department and I would carry on to the shops.

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Copdar – Ride Along with the Deputy

By Cuffsandcops

Continued from “Side Job Deputy”

The plan was for me to meet the deputy at the station he works out of at 0900. I woke up early to get ready and received a text message from him pushing our meet up back until 1000. The station is about a 15-minute drive from my house. I put on a blue polo shirt, gray pants, and my tactical boots to meet the dress code as described by the deputy. I grabbed two GShock watches, my water bottle, wallet, and just my house and truck keys. I didn’t want to have the cuff key that’s always on my key ring with me.

I texted the deputy that I was on my way to the station and left my house at 0945. I had driven past the station the previous week to know where it was, so I knew where I was going. I pulled into the parking lot behind the station where there were many marked units and other vehicles and found an empty spot. I texted the deputy there I had arrived, grabbed the items from my truck, and walked towards the station. I didn’t know if the deputy was inside or in a vehicle. All the doors required authorized entry, so I stopped on the sidewalk next to the building.

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Copdar – The Side Job Deputy

By Cuffsandcops

I received a few pairs of gym shorts as gifts from the holidays. Unfortunately, neither pair had a pocket to keep my phone in while I am at the gym. I decided to try and exchange the gifted shorts for some that would be more useful. There was a big box sporting goods store between the gym and my house.

I had visited the sporting goods store before the holidays looking for gifts for family members and then after the holidays in search of shorts I could use. They often had a deputy sheriff working as loss prevention who stood near the entrance to the store. Sometimes it was a female deputy who parked a K9 unit in front of the store. Other times it was a random male deputy. When there wasn’t a deputy, there was a guy whose shirt said police in large letters on its back. He wore a duty belt, but it wasn’t clear if he was affiliated with a specific department. I later learned, from a coworker who had a friend who was a deputy, that the sporting goods store had been experiencing a high volume of theft and had been employing the officers to help stop the shoplifting.

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Copdar – The MP

handcuffed by an MP

The MP

By Cuffsandcops

I have had a lot of good luck finding items that tickle my fetish fancy on social media marketplaces. In the Spring, I scored 3 pairs of handcuffs from an officer leaving the field from Delaware. A few weeks ago, I found a flat leather duty belt with a black buckle that belonged to an NYPD officer. After talking with him, I ended up buying a handcuff case, radio holster, glove pouch, flashlight holder, key case, and a hidden key clip. He even threw in a NYPD patch and one for his specific unit which was the Counterintelligence Bureau.

Police related gear is my primary fetish but I also have a liking for wristwatches. Earlier this summer I jumped in the pool with one of my favorite watches on my wrist. It hadn’t been properly sealed after a battery replacement and ended up looking like a fish tank. My jeweler did everything he could to salvage it, but the watch was ruined. I was on the hunt to replace my GShock Mudmaster GG-1000. I found one on marketplace that had a dead battery and was located about an hour away from me, right near the area’s military base.

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Copdar – Contact with a Corrections Officer

By Cuffsandcops

Given the way things abruptly ended with the Policeman and his panties, I woke up the morning rip roaring to find a way to get rid of some pent up sexual energy. I woke up a few hours before check out, just in case my cop slave from the previous night could stop by. He did respond to a few texts, so I hopped on the apps to see who was around.

Before falling asleep the night before, I had exchanged a few brief messages with a guy who had an athletic looking profile and dark features like I tend to like. He had passed out during the late night chat, but apologized and said I was mad cute around 8am. He asked how long I was at the hotel for and I told him that check out was at 11. I asked what he got into and he replied that he was versatile. I informed him I was as well, and also fetishy. He asked what kinds and I responded with handcuffs, hoods, and nipples. He said he never tried any of that, but he was into oral, slapping, and being rough on both the giving and receiving end.

I commented that handcuffs kind of went along with what he liked. He asked me if I had a pair, which I of course did. He said the idea was making him hard. I asked if he was thinking of putting them on me or being in them himself. He wanted them on me. I said he could fuck my face after he cuffed me. He said he wouldn’t mind busting a big nut with me.

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Copdar – The Policeman

By Cuffsandcops

At the beginning of June, I was contacted by a fetish site member who did not have a picture posted. The content of the profile was pretty generic, claimed to be 100% passive, into anything, and new to submitting. He messaged first and ended each message with Sir. He asked about my location and was bummed because my home city and the GPS distance didn’t match, which happens often on that site.

The next message from him was quite bold if you ask me. He said to let him know if I ever wanted to meet him halfway. He said he is a cop, new to kink, and would let me cuff him and use him however I wanted. I responded saying that sounds like fun and asking about which level of law enforcement he worked in, local, sheriff, or state. He said I would have to find out. He told me his weight when asked, he is a lot smaller than the guys I usually go for, but the thought of overpowering him put a smile on my face.

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