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Copdar – The MP

handcuffed by an MP

The MP

By Cuffsandcops

I have had a lot of good luck finding items that tickle my fetish fancy on social media marketplaces. In the Spring, I scored 3 pairs of handcuffs from an officer leaving the field from Delaware. A few weeks ago, I found a flat leather duty belt with a black buckle that belonged to an NYPD officer. After talking with him, I ended up buying a handcuff case, radio holster, glove pouch, flashlight holder, key case, and a hidden key clip. He even threw in a NYPD patch and one for his specific unit which was the Counterintelligence Bureau.

Police related gear is my primary fetish but I also have a liking for wristwatches. Earlier this summer I jumped in the pool with one of my favorite watches on my wrist. It hadn’t been properly sealed after a battery replacement and ended up looking like a fish tank. My jeweler did everything he could to salvage it, but the watch was ruined. I was on the hunt to replace my GShock Mudmaster GG-1000. I found one on marketplace that had a dead battery and was located about an hour away from me, right near the area’s military base.

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Copdar – Contact with a Corrections Officer

By Cuffsandcops

Given the way things abruptly ended with the Policeman and his panties, I woke up the morning rip roaring to find a way to get rid of some pent up sexual energy. I woke up a few hours before check out, just in case my cop slave from the previous night could stop by. He did respond to a few texts, so I hopped on the apps to see who was around.

Before falling asleep the night before, I had exchanged a few brief messages with a guy who had an athletic looking profile and dark features like I tend to like. He had passed out during the late night chat, but apologized and said I was mad cute around 8am. He asked how long I was at the hotel for and I told him that check out was at 11. I asked what he got into and he replied that he was versatile. I informed him I was as well, and also fetishy. He asked what kinds and I responded with handcuffs, hoods, and nipples. He said he never tried any of that, but he was into oral, slapping, and being rough on both the giving and receiving end.

I commented that handcuffs kind of went along with what he liked. He asked me if I had a pair, which I of course did. He said the idea was making him hard. I asked if he was thinking of putting them on me or being in them himself. He wanted them on me. I said he could fuck my face after he cuffed me. He said he wouldn’t mind busting a big nut with me.

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Copdar – The Policeman

By Cuffsandcops

At the beginning of June, I was contacted by a fetish site member who did not have a picture posted. The content of the profile was pretty generic, claimed to be 100% passive, into anything, and new to submitting. He messaged first and ended each message with Sir. He asked about my location and was bummed because my home city and the GPS distance didn’t match, which happens often on that site.

The next message from him was quite bold if you ask me. He said to let him know if I ever wanted to meet him halfway. He said he is a cop, new to kink, and would let me cuff him and use him however I wanted. I responded saying that sounds like fun and asking about which level of law enforcement he worked in, local, sheriff, or state. He said I would have to find out. He told me his weight when asked, he is a lot smaller than the guys I usually go for, but the thought of overpowering him put a smile on my face.

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Copdar – Reluctant Retired Deputy

By Cuffsandcops

This past Friday, I visited a friend in Annapolis, Maryland. After grabbing some lunch, I set off to visit another friend in North Beach. He wasn’t arriving home from work for about an hour longer than the drive was going to take. I decided to pull over in a shopping plaza parking lot and open up the apps to see if there was anything interesting nearby. I threw out a couple of “woofs” after checking out some profiles. I don’t mind picless profiles. Sometimes you find some gems that don’t post pix for one reason or another. The wording in one particular profile caught my attention. Under the What I Do tab was the sentence, “I babysit society.”

My opening message was “I’m guessing you are fluent with handcuffs.” He responded with yes. I then asked if he wanted to lock up me and get serviced. He responded by saying he is a sub pig bottom. I came back with, “Can I lock you up and give you a load then?” I told him I had my own cuffs, but would prefer to take his off his belt off his body to lock him up. He said he didn’t keep his gear there. He stated that he liked boots and man scent. I told him I had boots with me and could use the underwear I had on all day yesterday to give him some scent. I also hadn’t showered.

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Copdar – Daddy Bear Cop: Part 2

By Cuffsandcops

This past weekend, I found myself near to where the Daddy Bear Cop lived. I had contacted him a few weeks ago to see if he was going to be in town and he told me he had plans to not be. I woke up and prepared to vacate my hotel and decided to check in with him just in case things had changed. He responded by saying he was in town and was at work. I texted back, “Let’s meet up. Cuff me and jail tour?” His response was an address and a question about how long it would take for me to get there. GPS told me it would be about 30 minutes. I offered to buy him lunch. He told me to come on by and park in the court parking lot across the street.

I got in my truck and followed the directions. Daddy Bear Cop told me to let him know when I was downstairs. I saw the police department on the right side of the street and parking lots on the left. The first one was gated and the second had signs all over designating the spots for specific court employees. I parked and texted to make sure that was where I should be and he told me it was. He asked if I was there and told me he was going to walk down. I made my way across the street and entered the police department lobby.

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Copdar – Daddy Bear Cop: Part 1

By Cuffsandcops

Back in 2014, while at a music festival, I was introduced to guy, that one of my housemates knew from back home. When he walked away, my housemate leaned in to me and said “He’s a cop”. Little did my housemate know, I had located the guy on one of the apps prior to arriving on the festival grounds. His face pic caught my attention and a quick read through his profile gave me some serious clues as to his profession. He was attending the festival since his jurisdiction was across the country. While our musical interests didn’t cause our paths to cross once the festival got going, the conversation was only beginning.

Later that summer, I attended Bear Week in PTown. I again found the officer on the apps nearby. I had asked him if he had packed a pair of cuffs and he in fact had. I am usually pretty upfront when asking to try them on or to get put in them and this was no exception. He responded that he only used them one time on someone outside of work. He said he was going to be directing traffic at a pool party friends of his were hosting and I should come by. I made the walk over to the party and met the officer. He took me into the party, showed me around, but we didn’t have any opportunity to get frisky or to check out his cuffs. We chatted a bunch throughout the time there, but were unable to meet up other than in passing out at the bars.

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