Copdar – The Policeman

By Cuffsandcops

At the beginning of June, I was contacted by a fetish site member who did not have a picture posted. The content of the profile was pretty generic, claimed to be 100% passive, into anything, and new to submitting. He messaged first and ended each message with Sir. He asked about my location and was bummed because my home city and the GPS distance didn’t match, which happens often on that site.

The next message from him was quite bold if you ask me. He said to let him know if I ever wanted to meet him halfway. He said he is a cop, new to kink, and would let me cuff him and use him however I wanted. I responded saying that sounds like fun and asking about which level of law enforcement he worked in, local, sheriff, or state. He said I would have to find out. He told me his weight when asked, he is a lot smaller than the guys I usually go for, but the thought of overpowering him put a smile on my face.

Then came some pretty standard questions for me. What kind of cuffs do you carry? Black steel, one hinged, one chain was his response. Peerless or Smith and Wesson? S&W was his response. I asked if he wears a GShock watch and he said no watches because they just break. I commented that he must play rough and he said he can if I want him to.

I then asked how he heard about the fetish site and he said he saw a commercial for it and decided to check it out. I should have asked more details about this because I’m not sure where ads for this site are being shown. I asked if he had been with women previously and to tell me about himself. He had only been with women and none of them had a desire for kink. He had always wanted to explore so he figured he would give it a try. I asked what experience he had with kink other than handcuffing people. He said none but wanted to be used hard. I asked for a description of what that meant. He responded with bound, some punishment and humiliation, taught how to please me, throat fucked, and fucked hard. I asked if he had any limits and he said he didn’t rim and nothing illegal.

I asked if he had been to my town and he had a few times. I told him to plan a trip. I asked if he was cool with being in full uniform and me using the cuffs off his duty belt and he said yes he would be. We continued to casually chat for a few weeks on the site. I mentioned that I was going to be a location about half way between us in a few weeks. He said he could do that and would arrive in full uniform with silk panties underneath and I could punish him for them. I have never given a though to panties being used in play. I asked for him to send me a pic and we exchanged phone numbers to make it easier.

He was a pretty guy. Almost too pretty for a cop. We had agreed to meet at my hotel on the 4th of July after he was done with his work day. Unfortunately life intervened and he was unable to make the trip. Admittedly I questioned his legitimacy and desire to actually do what he had messaged and said over the phone. That frustrated him and a stressful evening with work and life caused communication to break down for a few weeks. I expressed my disappointment in putting a lot of effort into meeting and it not being able to happen. I had planned 6 scenes for the meet up and packed a bunch of gear to use. When he messaged back, he mentioned having to deal with a family situation which prevented him from attending that specific night as well as a work conference in my town during the couple weeks of silence.

Over the next couple of weeks, he and I had more conversation where he expressed the desire to meet up and play out what we had discussed. I sent him some pictures of a session I had with another sub to show him what he could be in for and he was very excited. I then asked if he was available on dates surrounding a trip I had planned where his location could be on my way to my destination. We had spoken on the phone a few times and had developed some rapport and trust. He discussed with me the family issues he was dealing with He told me about a project he had been working on for the department and preparation he was doing for the county fair that was taking place.

He agreed to meet me on the way to my destination. He had to secure two officers to cover his shift at the fair in order to ensure our time together. He quickly found one but the second was not committing to the additional duty. The day of the meet up quickly arrived and the second replacement was unsecured. We spoke on the phone and he seemed confident that he could get off duty at a reasonable time so a hotel room was secured.

I packed my gear and made the drive. His original arrival time came and went. He pushed things back 20 minutes, then 40 more. A couple of hours after I arrived at the room and geared up in full uniform, he said he was on his way. I warned him of some sketchy behavior in the hotel’s parking lot so he could avoid having to intervene. He said he would remove his shirt and place his firearm in his bag. I watched him pull into the lot and walk to the room’s exterior door.

The first thing out of his mouth was a comment about me not kidding about the shenanigans going on outside. The rooms were nice at this place and cheap, but the happenings around the place were very interesting. We shook hands and had a quick conversation about his day. He was even prettier in person than the pictures he sent me. I showed him the gear I had brought and he showed me his bag of panties. He took a quick shower, and redressed in his uniform putting some panties and fish nets on underneath. Unfortunately given the lateness of his arrival, he didn’t have some gear that we had discussed including his duty belt and a belly chain. I was able to make one of my duty belts small enough to fit on his waist with belt keepers. He presented in the version of his uniform that had a polo shirt and tactical pants with his boots and my duty belt on. I had on a full uniform with breeches, button down uniform shirt with badge, duty belt, and tactical boots.

I checked in with him about his comfort level with me and what I had shown him and he was good with everything. It was finally time to begin. I ordered him to place his hands high on the wall. I ordered him to spread his feet. I ordered him to place his chest on the wall. I ordered him to place his hands behind his back with his thumbs facing the sky. I ordered him to put his chin on the wall. I then moved in and handcuffed him with a pair of black steel Peerless chain handcuffs. I stood him up and searched him. While pulling items out of his pockets, I came across his badge, which I placed on the bedside table. I ordered him to his knees. I took out my chain collar and pad lock and locked it around his neck. I placed book shackles on his ankles and a head harness with gag over his face. I then added another pair of stainless Peerless chain cuffs and a second black steel pair bringing the total to 3 pairs on him. He had mentioned that he was good at picking cuffs so I wanted to make sure he was extra secure. I stood him up and walked him to the mirror. I made him look at the slave he had become, lifting his cuffed hands up, turning him around, holding him in front of me, and letting his position sink in.

I then tossed him on the bed and mounted him. He was in full uniform with my duty belt on. I let my weight set on him. I rubbed my tented pants on his ass crack. I pulled his hands and arms so he could feel the cuffs doing their jobs. It was time to further the transformation. I removed the belt and boot shackles. I unbuttoned his pants and removed them and the boots to reveal his fish net stockings and hairy ass. I spanked his ass a few times and rubbed my cock on his crack. I then uncuffed his hands to remove his shirt and reveal a toned and furry chest. I reapplying the three sets of cuffs and using a pair with an extended chain to create a hog cuff with a regular pair of shackles. After about 15 minutes, he asked for a break from his hands being cuffed behind his back so I gave him a few minutes and a drink of water.

When things resumed, I had swapped out the panties he had on and layered a few pairs. I applied a hinged pair of Peerless handcuffs behind his back. I removed the gag from the head harness. I applied clothespins to his nipples while he stood in a spot where he could watch himself in the mirror. I played with his nipples as he winced. I removed the clothespins and did some after care with my mouth on his nipples. I then applied some Japanese clover clamps and he started to squirm and make more noise. I eased a butt plug into his mouth. He took it a lot better than I had expected without gagging. I fucked his face with the butt plug for a few minutes. I released the nipple clamps and tended to his nipples.

I switched out the head harness for a breather gag and threw him back on the bed. The air tube of the gag folded, causing him to gasp for air. I rolled him on his side and removed the gag. He asked for another break from the handcuffs. Hinged cuffs suck was his comment. During the break he checked his phone. The family situation flared up and was going to cut our session short. I was only into the second of 6 scenes I had prepared. I asked if he was really tending to the situation or if he was just bouncing on me. He said that he wanted to try the ball gag and hood, wanted to suck cock, get fucked, he wanted to do it all. He said he would try to make it back later that night or in the morning. Unfortunately neither of those things happened.

While he was changing and packing up, we conversed. He revealed that he teaches defensive tactics for his department. He stated that he wrestles, has fold up mats, and was a two-time state silver medalist back in high school. I said I would love to wrestle with him until he was cuffed. I asked if he would be interested in teaching me some moves that I could then use on him. He said he gladly would. I asked when the last time he was cuffed was and he said he never got cuffed during training or the academy because none of his classmates could get him in the position to do so. That brought a big smile to my face.

It was disappointing that we were unable to do all that was planned, but I am glad he showed up and put in a good effort. I believe I made him comfortable and we both had a good time. Luckily, it appears that we will have some time to go through the rest of the scenes I had come up with, but in the comforts of my home, as he will be close by for a week or so in a few weeks. I told him he would wear a chastity cage for the duration of his time nearby and I would give him a GShock to wear as his collar instead of the chain I had locked on his neck. I instructed him to bring all 3 variations of his uniform along with his duty belt and a set of belly chains. He said we could use the wrestling angle to separate himself from his fellow officers who would be on the same trip in a few weeks. He also mentioned another trip to my area where he would be solo and have a room to himself.

I have to admit that the panties didn’t do anything for me, but I didn’t mind using them since that was part of his humiliation. I do have plans to incorporate them into future scenes. I was able to snap a few pictures and they are quite hot. I really enjoyed stripping him from his uniform and turning him into my slut slave. Since he had to depart, we have communicated and I expressed concern for his family situation. He gave me a brief update and said we would chat again once the fair was done as he has been up around the clock between work and family for days. I told him that he and his family were in my thoughts. He said he would reach out after the weekend. I hope he does. I think we have some chemistry and I am eager to test his limits and push his desires in our next and future visits. To be continued…

Metal would like to thank Cuffsandcops for this story!

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  1. Excited to see using a gshock as sign of collar…
    Am into this also and really would like to see the next part asap!

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