Cum Quietly

By Damian and slavebladeboi

“It’s funny isn’t it, what turns different people on. I’ve always been a bedroom and cellar guy. One half of me loves the sexy rubber restraint and slow erotic torture in a warm and comfortable surrounding the other half for the hard, gut churning, heartless “so you think you’re hard enough do you…?” where your heart misses a beat and your limits are there to be pushed. Neither is better or worse than the other, it’s bit like different courses at a meal.”

I looked at Greg as he sat on the floor, leaning back against the sofa wondering where all this was going.

“We’ve discussed this before though haven’t we?” Greg looked a bit puzzled, as we certainly had discussed this. We played together, in fact we did most things together, apart from living together which seemed to be something we didn’t discuss. Ever.

“I know, but it always fascinates me” I said, “You enjoy areas of kink I’d never even considered before we met yet we get on like lovers on their honeymoon when we’re together doing things for each other we know they go for.”

“There you go again,” he looked at me with that inquisitive smile he gave me when I brought out a new toy for me to try on him. “Like you don’t have a cellar full of toys I’d not even dreamed about let alone wanted to try before we met.”

Ahh, but you enjoy some of them don’t you, once you try them?”

“Yes, but come on Mr “I think I’m inscrutable Kris” , what are you getting at?”

“I bought a long roll of heavy duty clear plastic wrap…” Greg cut me off.

“Hey, hang on. Is this something I should be interested in, in the self preservation way?”

“Well” I continued,” It’s not something we’ve discussed but I….”

“But you thought you’d like to try it out, so you thought you’d bring it into the conversation via the “If I slip it in he won’t notice way.”

I laughed. Greg always seemed to manage to undermine any devious route I took to get him into something he hadn’t experienced before. Even though it generally worked.

“I bet you’d love it. “

“How much?”

“Whatever amount of time I get to try it out on you, you can have to do anything you like to me.”

He grinned. Maybe that was a step too far. I hated that grin when I knew it was a precursor to him plotting.


Shit. I’d signed off on a bargain which I now wasn’t sure I’d be totally happy with. But I’d started so I’d better see it through.

I pushed myself off the floor and grabbed Greg’s hands pulling him onto his feet. I couldn’t help giving him a hug at that point, not sure if it was because I thought it would make him go easier on me or to indicate I was not going to go too hard on him. We’d see soon.

“Take off your cargoes and boxers.” Greg was bare chested anyway so it didn’t take long for him to be completely stripped. “Stay there for a minute” I said as I routed round for the roll of tape I thought I had handy. I reached under the sofa where it had rolled. Strong, black, shiny duct tape.

“You’re not going to put that gunk straight onto my skin are you?” Greg moaned “it hurts like hell pulling it off.”

“You’ve body shaved. Stop being a pain.”

I quickly secured one circuit of his ankles before he could protest any more.

“OK, just your ankles. I’ll put wrap over you before any more duct tape. Stand straight with your hands at you side and try to keep still. I don’t want this stuff to crease everywhere, it looks shit in pics when that happens. Now, hold this end bit under your hand against your thigh, just don’t let it slip.”

I started to wind the pallet wrap, decent quality strong pallet wrap, around Greg’s upper thighs covering his hands and lower arms. If he thought I was going to use the stuff you used in the microwave he’d have a surprise coming.

“That stuff looks wider than normal” he said as I carried on with a couple more circuits.

“More economical. Now how’s that feel?” He twisted, or at least tried to twist his hands but they were pretty well fixed in place.

“So now what?”

“Well now some tape over the top as I explained just now. Can’t have it sticking to your sensitive skin now can we..?” He tried to shove a foot in my direction but only managed a few inches before almost falling backwards.

“Bastard.” His wide grin showed his real feelings.

I rolled the tape out over the film so that it went directly over his hands. There was little chance of them getting any purchase on anything but the shiny black surface over the clear plastic looked great against his tan. I decided to restart the wrapping at his shoulders. I had no idea if this was the best way to proceed but I’d never done it before so had no idea. I tucked the first bit under his right arm. “Keep that there until I do a couple of turns.”

“Looks like I’m doing self-bondage here Kris. You sure you don’t want me to just undo the roll for you as well?”

I put that one into the “We’ll remember that” closet for later. Looking him straight in the eyes I put out my tongue and licked the end of his nose, smiled in the most evil way I could think of and carried on. I think Greg was getting to be slightly worried. He still had use of his lower legs in as much as he could waddle rather than walk but it wasn’t going to get him far.

“Go hop against the wall so you don’t fall when I finish your ankles.”

It took several more minutes and several fits of laughter before the job was done, the laughter being 90% mine, as I watched his expression change from confident to dubious through uneasy to concerned. When I finally put what was left of the roll of plastic film down I had in front of me a totally helpless and vulnerable enclosed body. It was not as vulnerable as it would be soon as I had to cut certain areas away to allow access but he’d find out about that, well…. soon.

“Just a bit more duct tape” I said, “I want to try and replicate a picture of a guy I saw a few weeks back. It was totally horny. The tape went across his shoulders then again just above the knees and round his ankles.”

“You’re sure about this aren’t you?” he actually sounded slightly worried. “You know what we said about safety and needing to get out of something quickly in an emergency.”

“Blunt scissors” I held them up in front of him. “You know I always carry them. “I’ll slice you up from the ankles, or at least not you personally but you’ll be free to run.”

He breathed a sort of grumpy acquiescence.

“Right now. Just a few more items”

“Whoa, what other items, I thought this was going to be a wrap, as it were?”

“Stop worrying my little plastic person. It’s only bits to make things better for you.” I pulled a neoprene hood out from the drawer and showed it to him. “Your favourite, eyes only and built in gag, you’ll see everything I’m doing and you can gurgle into the gag if you want to communicate. It’s nothing new.” New or not I quickly pulled it down over his head and encouraged him to open his mouth for the gag. Once it was in place the zip was easy to do up and a small padlock, which I just happened to have handy, went on.

“I know you can hear me quite well” although I raised my voice a bit in case, “ I’m going to support you while I turn you round and then lay you onto your back. “Nod if you understand.”

He nodded and made some comment which came out like he was gargling jelly. I took his weight and slowly lowered him to the floor. He looked great but he wasn’t finished yet. I reached for the safety scissors and got to work. After a load of gargling, mmmmppphhhing and some useless wriggling I managed to cut around his groin in such a way that his cock and balls were able to be pulled out, his balls being the easiest items as they were not getting the same erection as his cock. I shoved pieces of duct tape around the hole I’d made to stop any further tearing. Two more holes further up meant I had access to his tits, I’d plans for them knowing the sensitivity they’d shown in the past.

Now for some fun of my own. I left him for a while and went to my room to get my bike gear. If Greg was having fun I wanted in on it too so the full one piece black bike leathers, race boots and crash helmet came out. Before I donned the helmet I searched for the milking machine and mains lead. I intended it to run for some time and there wasn’t that amount of charge left in it. This was going to be a fun packed evening.

When I got back to the shiny parcel that was Greg he had lost a bit of his hard on but was definitely still interested as it were. I know he could see me well enough as the eye holes in the hood were large compared to the usual pin prick versions. I stood over him, my race boots either side of his calves. Raising the left boot I gently brought it down onto his exposed balls. This attention to his sensitive area caught an equal amount of attention from his cock which pulsed and grew harder as I put more pressure on him. He moaned in a satisfied way.

“Oh Greg, if only you knew.”

Kneeling down, still astride his legs, I held his cock with one gloved hand and lightly stroked it. Leather on skin. It was always a sensation that made you want to wank, especially when you had no choice in the matter. I felt the inside of my own leathers tightening as the space in the crotch was filling pleasantly with my own erection. Was I doing this for me or for him? I stared down at the sight before me and my hand gently moving to and fro. I wanted this, it was something I had convinced myself to try out at least once but now I was somehow convincing myself Greg had wanted it too. There seemed to be a necessity for him to enjoy it as much as I intended to do. Just didn’t want anything to spoil our relationship and I was feeling a bit of a conscience for not telling him exactly everything I was intending to do to him.

I mustn’t let it get in the way of my plans however. Concentrate Kris, mind over matter.

When he was as hard as I thought he could get I stood back up and stepped over him to where I’d left the milker. I made a show of holding it in front of me as I returned to the same kneeling position as before.

“Mmppphhhhgggggphuuuz” was augmented by a quick shaking of the head.

Leaning forward and holding my hand against the hood I tried to be sympathetic.

“Aww, c’mon Greg” I said in a false concerned way, “Think what this will feel like. Long strokes of pure pleasure. I’m not going to leave you alone like this, there’s absolutely nothing to worry about.”


I smiled my best smile. “Yeah, OK. Tell you what, I’ll carry on with what I’m doing, you relax and we’ll discuss it further when I’ve finished. Can’t say fairer than that.”

The noise carried on, with a little more volume, but as the item that I’d started to stroke again would now have had the ability to hold up the ceiling if it was any longer I took it as implicit agreement and began to slide the vacuum tube over his solid flesh. I’d pre-lubed it and it easily slid down over him to a “mmmmmm” in the background.

Why now did I hesitate? I had a plan but… I always ended up with a fucking “but”. I wanted to screw his ass till he screamed, to make the edging last forever while he protested through that rubber plug gag which I was about to duct tape over, I wanted to see his sweat pool through the plastic wrap as he struggled in vain to free himself, as if he ever could. I wanted to stand there and feel the power I had in my hands.


I wanted to cum as he did and hold him in that duel spasm of pleasure that overtook us as it sometimes did when we played together and almost felt each other’s soul.

My cock was pulsing, the leathers were helping to remind me it wanted a bit more action than it was getting at the moment. Time to ditch the poetry.

I plugged in the milker, fixing it in position using some elasticated belts with velcro ends that belong to some of my electro goodies. It would allow some movement but ensure it didn’t drop off even if he became flaccid, like that would be a million to one chance. I didn’t turn it on yet though, I wanted to get in position first. I pulled him towards me far enough to allow me to sit against the wall with his head between my legs, then I hauled him up so he was sitting leaning into me. I put my arms round him and felt the heat through the plastic film. Finding his tits I gave them the slightest rub with the tips of my fingers. I got hold of the remote. The milker jerked and he gave a throaty moan. I knew he was one of those tits and cock guys, the ones where those areas are totally connected. How do you squirm when you can’t move a muscle? Greg did. And each squirm pushed against my cock and balls, now we were both enjoying. I started to fondle his upper body with both hands and I turned the milker on to slow. That distinctive suck noise went in time with his low moaning and breathing. I was leaking over my leathers, my visor was misting up and his body against mine was raising the temps for both of us.

I don’t know exactly how long we stayed like that. Whatever, it wasn’t long enough and yet it was too long. Being edged by a milker when you’re totally incapacitated is so different from having your plastic boyfriend rubbing himself up against your crotch whilst moaning quietly, and sometimes loudly. I just had no will power left. I played frantically with his tits hoping he’d wriggle and squirm harder into me as I grew close, completely forgetting the power of the controller to the milker which was next to me on the floor. Remembering, I grabbed it and turned it on full. There was an explosion of breath from the plastic package as he jolted forward pulling my arms and mmmmppphhggggring through the gag. But it worked. In less than what I suppose was 30 seconds he convulsed and groaned and gave one of those silent screams you see in horror movies as the milker tube filled with warm creamy jizz.

At the same time as he was relaxing I realised my crotch was warm wet and sticky as the moment had the same effect on me as it had on him. I had only half experienced my orgasm, the rest was blotted out in overwhelming semi conscious thrashing few seconds that was us as one.

We sat together, like he had a choice, for several more minutes while my mind cleared and I got my breath back. That was when I made my mind up to feed the contents of the milker back to him once the hood was removed, from whence it came, sort of. I’d keep the safety scissors for a bit later.

D&S 2020

Metal would like to thank Damian and slavebladeboi for this story!

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  1. Great story, whiched it was me… would been nice to add that little extra for that explosion by using a bit of plastic bc.

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