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Beyond Solo – Part 01

A short story by ty dehner

A blue glow shined upon 26-year-old Jamal’s face as he was sitting in front of his thirty-six-inch computer monitor, watching bondage videos off the web. Slumped back in his black leather office chair, Jamal had his hand under his Nike basketball shorts of shiny red, gently fondling his manhood as the videos filled his imagination with more and more kinky thoughts.

It was a Saturday night, just like any Saturday night for Jamal, as he was not ready to expose himself to actually living his kinky interests. No, it was safer to be in his room and experience things with his own hands.

Jamal was watching a video of a man encased in rubber, heavily bound, hooded with tubes for breathing, with wires producing electrical sensations to the man’s genitals. It was an intense experience that Jamal often dreamed of. Seeing this action made Jamal produce more pre-cum that was lubing his cock as he stroked under his Nike shorts.

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Reading for a Leatherman

Written by ty dehner

“Are you the author?”

After hearing the question from a firm, baritone voice, I looked up from my device to see a tall man wearing what had to be his finest leathers. Without thought, I responded quickly. “Yes, Sir. I am.”

As I stood, the Leatherman took one of my books, turning it over to read the back cover. As he read, I took a closer look at his leathers, starting with his boots, a pair of Wesco Boss that went to just below his knees, with thick Vibram soles that I always thought gave a pair of boots more authority. This gentleman wore black Langlitz Competition Breeches with their distinctive quilted design on the knees and hips. A thick leather belt around his waist was slightly covered by the belted waist of his Langlitz Columbia jacket with quilted accents on the shoulders and elbows. While the jacket was zipped up, Leatherman wore a leather shirt with a leather tie knotted at his neck. Black leather gloves were holding and paging through the book’s first chapter.

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Fun with a strap-on dildo gag

strap-on dildo gag

Grant Ducati willingly complies with whatever Master Devin Franco commands, and that includes wearing a dildo mask to face fuck the gaping mouth of fellow sub Lucas Leon. The bearded captive gags and gulps down the dildo as it is thrust into his mouth and until his Master is completely satisfied. Lucas soon finds his body tied down by shrink wrap as his open face hole takes Devin’s dick and his ass is invaded by human dildo Grant. The two tops swap places and with Lucas, still wrapped up and unable to move, and turn the sub into their own personal cum rag by erupting all over his helpless body. Only then does Devin set the hairy fucker free and allow him to drain his own aching balls.

strap-on dildo gag gay porn


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Title: Highway

Actors: Devin Franco, Grant Ducati, Lucas Leon

Site: Fisting Inferno

Devin Franco