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Fun with a strap-on dildo gag

strap-on dildo gag

Grant Ducati willingly complies with whatever Master Devin Franco commands, and that includes wearing a dildo mask to face fuck the gaping mouth of fellow sub Lucas Leon. The bearded captive gags and gulps down the dildo as it is thrust into his mouth and until his Master is completely satisfied. Lucas soon finds his body tied down by shrink wrap as his open face hole takes Devin’s dick and his ass is invaded by human dildo Grant. The two tops swap places and with Lucas, still wrapped up and unable to move, and turn the sub into their own personal cum rag by erupting all over his helpless body. Only then does Devin set the hairy fucker free and allow him to drain his own aching balls.

strap-on dildo gag gay porn


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Title: Highway

Actors: Devin Franco, Grant Ducati, Lucas Leon

Site: Fisting Inferno

Devin Franco

A mummified twink gets his nips suctioned and his cum extracted

At Boynapped, Danny has been so obedient and compliant so far. He endured the foot play and the kinky anal action, but now it’s time for the captive to get his hot twink sub cream stolen from his throbbing cock. Wrapped up tight in plastic and blindfolded on the old dirty mattress, the prisoner is soon having his nipples sucked hard, his cock swelling in Xavier’s hands, the masturbator on his helmet making his dick drool with the need to unload. Xavier knows how to make his subjects squirm, but the plastic is too tight to give the captive the opportunity while his cock is milked and he’s made to launch his hot goo from his bulging penis!

A mummified twink gets his nips suctioned and his cum extracted


Video at Boynapped

Title of this update: Foot Play & Cum Draining – Part 3

the prisoner is soon having his nipples sucked hard

Master Micah edges a bound captive

Meanwhile at Fetish Men, the relentless torment of Benvi in Micah Martinez’ dungeon takes a turn for the bizarre, as Master Micah, in a shiny PVC hood, keeps his captive stud bound motionless in a wrap of clear plastic. A breathing mask across his face, Benvi has to endure his feet tickled with no chance to resist. His thick cock, the only body part not wrapped in plastic, is Micah’s next target as he strokes it to a stiff erection, then lubes it for the next stage of domination. Micah slurps it down and flicks a talented tongue across the sensitive piss slit. Benvi’s engorged dick is slid into a large vacuum pump and Micah squeezes the trigger handle to pump it larger and thicker. Once it’s rosy and filling the pump, he takes it out and sucks the big sensitive pole. Micah wields a bulbous black vibrator, runs it along the head and shaft. Unable to make a move, Benvi feels a cum load welling up in his heavy nuts. His whole body spasms and contracts in orgasm, as a thick stream of sperm shoots out and onto the buzzing vibe.

Master Micah edges a bound captive


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Site: FetishMen

Title: Pumped, Masked and Wrapped in Plastic

gay bondage porn: Master Micah edges a bound captive