Danny in the Dorm – Part 1

By lukex

I was sitting in my room, attempting to read an assignment for class, but mostly just looking out the window at the brilliant early fall day.  College had started a little more than a month before, and while I was adjusting just fine, at times I found myself wistful for my small hometown world.  The plaza outside the dorm was full of students, on the way back from class, walking over to the student union next door to hang out, returning from sports practice.  How could I be expected to study when just outside my window were dozens of beautiful, hunky young men walking about?

The door to the room opened, and in walked Danny.  He was wearing jeans and a short-sleeved shirt that pulled tightly at his pecs and biceps. He grunted his usual nonverbal greeting, and I said Hi back.  Chance had chosen to punish me with a roommate with whom I shared absolutely nothing in common.  Though he was, for sure, a breathtakingly attractive man.  He had dark blonde hair and brown-green eyes, with a superbly handsome yet boyish face.  And the bod — oh, the bod.  He was naturally athletic, possessed of a strong and well-balanced upper body.  A perfectly smooth chest with a perfectly flat stomach and a trim, fit waistline, plus sizable arms and strong shoulders.  It was a body formed through the activities of an athletic, hard, hot adolescence, and it reflected a perfect geometry of muscle and grace.

I couldn’t have desired his body more.  The first time I saw him without a shirt, I had to quickly look away and conceal my astonishment at how perfect he looked.  He had been the object of every single masturbatory fantasy for a month, as I pined to place my lips around his firm nipples, to caress the rounded ridges of his pecs, to feel his cock down my throat.

But, as I said, we couldn’t have been more different.  We hardly exchanged more than pleasantries in the room and had no friends in common. And, really, he was a bit of an asshole.  Arrogant, selfish, inconsiderate, all, even if he still had a rather roguish charm.  But even at his most unpleasant, I still found myself desperate to have him.

There was a knock at the door, and Danny called out, “Come in.” His friend Bill entered.  Inwardly, I groaned in disappointment.  Bill was an annoying guy — he obviously aspired to be like Danny, but in fact he was tiny and slight, not attractive at all, and without any of Danny’s charm.  I half suspected that Danny just hung out with him to enjoy the ego boost of the hero worship.

Bill settled onto the edge of Danny’s bed and they began talking their usual bullshit, while I tried, even less successfully than before, to read.  Danny was leaning back on the bed against the wall, tossing a lacrosse ball into the air repeatedly and catching it in the net.  He had played lacrosse in high school and apparently was very good.  I had never even really heard of lacrosse — it’s not played where I grew up – which just gave Danny another reason to dismiss me when I told him this early in our relationship.

They were talking about a guy, Chris, who lived down the hall in our dorm, who had apparently slighted Bill somehow.  “I should just totally kick his ass,” Bill said.  Chris was at least 50 pounds heavier than Bill, all of it muscle.

“Yeah, right,” said Danny.  Even he wasn’t going to let this go unremarked.  “Maybe if I helped.”

“We should, Danny.  We should boon him.”  (“Booing,” I had learned earlier, was the art of grabbing someone, and holding their head in the toilet and flushing.  It was very infrequently practiced, but one or two unfortunate guys in the dorm had been victims.)

I let out an involuntary snort.  Even the two of them together could not have managed that.  I had hoped it was inaudible, but Danny picked up on it.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” he asked.

“Nothing.  Nothing,” I said.  They kept looking over at me.  “Just that Chris is a big guy, and I don’t really think you two could overpower him.”

“Bullshit we couldn’t,” piped up Bill.  “We totally could.”

“Bill, you two guys couldn’t even overpower me,” I said back. Though I’m clearly not the bulk of Chris, I’m not a small guy myself – about 6 foot 2 and 180 pounds.  While I’m no bodybuilder, I have a pretty muscular build, from years of tennis and swimming.  I said it without even thinking, a throwaway remark.  But that simple sentence would set in motion a chain of events that I never, ever could have predicted.

Danny caught the lacrosse ball with a twist of his racquet and sat up on the bed.  “You don’t think so?  I bet we could.”

I just shrugged in response, not especially interested in furthering this conversation.

“Let’s make a bet,” said Danny.  “I bet the two of us can immobilize you before you leave the room.  You start in the corner,”–he pointed at the corner opposite the door–“and we have to keep you from getting out of the room.”

“How are you going to keep me from getting out of the room?”

“We’ll have to tie you up,” said Bill, pleased with himself for his contribution.  “Yeah, I bet we can tie you up before you can get out.”

“I don’t think you can do it,” I said back.  “And besides, it’s stupid, why would I bother?”

“Cause it’s a bet,” said Danny.  “And I know we can do it.  What are you, afraid?”  He was intensely competitive, and I think in part he wanted to do it just to prove to me that he could.

“Okay,” I said.  “What the fuck.”  I stood and walked over to the corner.

“Bill, grab a couple of ties from my closet,” Danny said.

“No way,” I said back.  “You don’t get a head start.  Let’s just go.  You ready?”

They both stood and positioned themselves in the center of the room, between me and the door.  “Ready,” said Danny, and I moved quickly towards them.  I started to move around Danny and then quickly darted back over and near Bill, figuring I could fake out Danny and had a much better shot of getting around Bill.  And while Bill couldn’t really stop me from moving forward–I just plowed into him and kept going–Danny’s reflexes were fast and he had grabbed me around the chest and was pulling me back. From the strength of his pull and Bill pushing me back, Danny managed to pull me down onto my bed with him.  He quickly maneuvered himself on top of me, pressing down against me with the full weight of his body.  I could feel the heat from his strong, hard body, the pull and the strain of his muscular torso.  My cock started to stiffen.

I was finding it hard to free myself from Danny’s hold, and Bill was also pushing down on my shoulder.  “Get the ties from my closet,” Danny ordered Bill.  “There’s a couple hanging on the left.”  As Bill released his hold, I wiggled my shoulder free and gained just enough leverage to lift Danny’s body off mine slightly, but still not enough to escape from under him.  He was using the full weight of his body against mine, pressing me face down into the bed.  His head was just behind mine; I could feel his heavy breath against the back of my neck.

Bill rushed back over with the ties–he had grabbed about 10—and Danny said to him, “You’re going to have to tie his hands while I hold him. Don’t let him up.”  I knew Danny would have to move to give access to my arms, which were currently pressed down by my sides, so I thought I’d be able to wriggle free.  But Danny was smarter than I thought.  “Sit up on his legs,” he said to Bill, and Danny pulled our bodies further onto the bed so that instead of our legs mostly hanging off the edge we were pretty much fully on the bed.  Then I could feel Bill climbing up, and positioning himself down on the back of my thighs just as Danny moved over to let him in.  I tried to pull away right then, but I wasn’t fast enough, and soon Bill was sitting heavily on my legs, which Danny still resting his body across my back.

My arms were down by my sides, and I felt someone pull at my left wrist to pull it behind my back.  I tried to pull it further beneath me, but just as I got it away, another hand grabbed my arm, and between the two of them, I wasn’t strong enough to hold out.  They pulled my left arm tight behind my back, stopping just short of making it hurt.  “Get the other one,” Danny said, really breathing heavy now from the exertion.

But whoever was holding my left arm let up slightly as they reached for my right, and I pulled it away.  “Fuck,” Danny said, “you gotta hold his arm down.”  Again my left arm was pulled back, and this time I felt the pressure of what seemed like a knee against my forearm, pinning it down against my lower back.  This time they were able to get my right arm as well, and as one of them held my two arms tightly against my back, the other tied the soft silk of the ties around my wrists, pulling it tight.

Once my wrists had been bound tightly, Danny lifted himself off me, and Bill sat back onto the bed.  Danny was breathing hard, leaning forward, and I took the opportunity to jump up and make for the door.  But I wasn’t fast enough; Danny again grabbed my torso and pulled me back down on the bed.  “You gotta tie his legs, too, moron,” he said to Bill.  He spun himself around so that he was sitting on my thighs, facing my legs, and used his strong arms to bring my legs together and hold them.  I was on my back with my hands squashed uncomfortably beneath me, and I looked at him, at the strong muscles of his back straining his shirt.  Bill was trying to wrap another tie around my ankles, and I started kicking as best I could. It was enough to keep Bill from getting a good hold, and at one point while he was struggling, I managed to wrest one leg completely free and used it to kick Danny in the head.

“Fucker!” he shouted.  “You fucker!  Bill, you gotta get the fucker’s legs!”  And now Danny moved his body further down mine, so that he was lying atop my lower body, and this time the weight of him was too much. Eventually, Bill managed to wrap the tie around my ankles and tied my legs tight.

At this point it was clear I was beaten, and they both stood and sat on Danny’s bed to rest.  I rolled over on to my stomach, to relieve the pressure against my wrists.  “Told you we could do it,” Danny said triumphantly.  But I could feel that Bill had not tied my ankles together all that tightly after all, so I had some play that I knew would allow me to actually move a little.  I let my legs fall onto the floor and stood and started inching towards the door, pretending as if they were tied real tight and I could barely move.

Danny laughed at me, and as I suspected didn’t move right away. When I was about 6 short steps from the door, I made my break, stretching the rope around my legs as far as I could, and then walking as swiftly as I could.  Danny leapt up and made for me, shouting “Fucker!” again, but I managed to reach the door.  I spun myself so that my bound hands could grab the doorknob, and I had it turned and the door partially opened when Danny’s arm shot out from behind me and slammed it closed.  Again, he grabbed me and pulled me back, dragging me across the room and finally dropping me face-down on my bed.  He reached over for the ties.  He pushed me face down on the bed and I could feel him tying another tie around my ankles, really tight this time.  “You little fucker,” he kept repeating, as he pushed me around roughly.

Then he tied another rope around my thighs, just above my knees, so that I really couldn’t move my legs at all.  He was working feverishly now, even though clearly there was no way I could have stopped him.  He had become surprisingly aggressive, and grabbed yet another rope, which he tied around my chest to bind my arms even tighter.  “Okay, Danny, I think that’s good,” Bill said.  Even he was picking up on Danny’s aggressive behavior.

“No, man, we’re not done.  We’re gonna tie up and gag this fucker. Sit him up.”  As Bill pulled me into a sitting position, Danny went over to my dresser and pulled out a sock, which he then stuffed roughly into my mouth.  He grabbed yet another tie, and used it to press the gag down into my mouth as he tied it around my head.  As he was tying it, leaning over me, my face was right at his chest level, and I could sense the heat from his body, smell his clean, masculine smell.  He stood up, and the gag was tight.  I tried to speak, but my voice was completely muffled.

He stepped back and looked me over.  I became profoundly aware of my rock-hard erection. Since the first time he had grabbed me, my dick had been getting harder and harder, and though I would have been hard-pressed  to explain it, the more they were able to tie me up, and the more aggressive Danny had become with me, the harder it had gotten.  I actually think it was harder than it had ever been in my life before, if that’s possible.  And I was wearing jeans that were a little too tight, so when I looked down it was clearly very visible.  (As it happens, I have a rather large dick.)

“Come one, Bill, let’s go hang out at Cooper.”  Cooper was the student union next door.

“We’re not gonna leave him,” Bill started to say, but Danny cut him off.

“Come on, let’s go.”  Danny pulled open the door and held it for Bill to pass through.  “He can call for help if he wants,” Danny added, laughing.  Then he turned, standing in the doorway, and looked at me.  I just looked up at him, a confusion of emotions.  But what he did next sent a chill through me.  He stared right into my eyes, and then slowly looked down my body until his eyes came to wrest on my crotch, with its obvious bulge, where he looked for a long hard second, until turning his gaze back at me, staring at me hard and smiling what I knew for certain was the wickedest smile I had ever seen.

The room got quiet with their departure, and I sat on the edge of my bed, my legs and arms tightly bound, the gag filling my mouth and cutting across my cheek.  It was surreal; just a half hour before I had been reading a textbook, the most typical thing a college guy could do, and now I was completely tied up and helpless.  For a while I tried to free myself, but after about 10 minutes of pointless exertion, I knew that I couldn’t do it.  Danny had done a superb job of tying me up tight.

I thought about Danny’s look as he was leaving, what it could mean. Obviously he had noticed my dick was hard, and wanted me to know that he had, but I couldn’t really figure out why.  I supposed that he would conclude I was gay (he was no genius, for sure, but even he could manage that one), and he seemed like the type who wouldn’t exactly have tons of gay friends.  But, on the other hand, we weren’t friends anyway, and I didn’t want us to be.  I figured that, at most, this would make us even less interested in interacting with one another.

They were gone for quite a while.  I could see the light changing through the window, and I guessed it was probably about an hour or so later that the door opened.

It was Danny, alone.  He came in, and closed and locked the door behind him.  I was lying on my bed, on my side, and I lifted my head up slightly when I heard the door.

He looked over at me and then plopped himself down on his bed, across the room from mine. “Well, well,” he said softly.  “I guess you lost the bet, huh?”  He kicked off his sneakers and pulled off his socks.

I just looked over at him, not moving or trying to make a muffled sound.

He stood up and walked over to me, and stood by the edge of my bed. Then he reached down and grabbed me, pulling my legs down towards the floor and sitting me up on the edge of the bed.  He positioned himself directly in front of me, and I looked up at him, his face looking down at me from above.

He just stood there for a minute, not doing anything, until finally he said, “Your dick still hard, fagot?”

I looked down and away from him, but he grabbed my chin and made me look back up at him.  “Is it?  I never would have pegged you for a homo, Luke, but, hell…”  He was staring straight at me, and little by little a smile emerged.  “But I guess you are.  Just my luck to get some fagot cocksucker for a roommate.  The only other homo I knew was this kid in my high school, but he was real faggy, you know, like a girl almost.  He always claimed he wasn’t, but I had a friend who told me this fag had sucked his dick a bunch of times.  And that he gave a really good blow job. Do you suck dick, Luke? Huh?  Do you give head?”  He released his grip on my face, and I looked down, but that left me staring directly into his crotch.

I could feel my cock start to harden from listening to Danny talk about sucking dick, and I began to feel increasingly anxious.  “Well, you’re not denying it, so I guess you do like to eat cock, huh?  You thinking about that right now, thinking about sucking some hard cock?  That making your little dick hard?”  And he pushed my shoulders back so that he could get a better look at my crotch, which was just now starting to get noticeably bigger.

“Do you want to suck my dick, fagot?”  I looked up at him when he said this, and he was smiling. “Not gonna say.  Well, I’ll just let your cock do the talking,” and as he said this, he put both hands on the back of my head and pulled my face into his crotch.  He rubbed my face all over his denim-covered crotch, and I could feel his dick sliding around under his jeans.  I couldn’t believe this was happening.  And, of course, my dick got super rock hard.

After he’d rubbed his crotch in my face for about a minute, he stopped and then pulled my head back.  “Hey!” he shouted, looking down at my crotch, with my stiff dick prominently profiled in my jeans.  “look at that!  The cocksucker’s got a boner.  I knew you wanted to suck my dick.” Danny started laughing a little as he said this, and then he stepped back and unbuckled his belt.  He pulled the belt off and in one smooth motion wrapped it around my neck, and then used it to pull my face tight against his crotch.

He held my face against his crotch by grasping the two ends of the belt tightly.  The smooth leather was a little cold against the back of my neck, and when I tried to pull my head back slightly, he just tightened his grip so that I couldn’t move at all.  My face was pressed into his groin, and he just held me there for a few moments while he spoke.  “So I got me a homo for a roommate, whose dick gets stiff just thinking about blowing me.  Well, well.  I haven’t had my dick sucked since I got here, and god knows I could use a good blow job.  So I am going to let you suck me off, fagot, and you better do a good job.”

He let go of the belt and it fell down onto the bed behind me. Then he stepped back and unbuckled his jeans.  I was bursting with excitement; I had fantasized about that hot bod since the day I first saw him, and now I was actually going to get his dick in my mouth.  And somehow, being bound and verbally abused made it even more exciting.  I had never experienced anything like that before, but the rough way he treated me, and feel of the restraints made me even hotter for him.

Danny pulled down his jeans and underwear in one quick motion, pulling them down to his knees and then stopping.  His cock was hard, and it was a good-sized, perfectly formed cut dick.  I could see a tiny pearl of precum at its tip.  Danny put his hand on the top of my head and asked

“Do you like my dick, cocksucker?”

I just sat there for a second, until he pulled my face up to look at him.  “Answer me.”

I nodded.

He smirked.  “I knew you would.”  He stepped forward again, and pushed his cock into my face. His balls were hanging at my chin, and his dick stretched up along my face.  I could smell the beautiful, slightly musky smell of his crotch, and I inhaled it deeply.  He grabbed his dick in his hand and started slapping me in the face with it.  With his other hand, he kept me looking up at him, so that he could stare into my eyes with his wicked little grin, and just kept dick-slapping my face.  He would tap the tip of his cock against my cheeks (which were swelled from the gag), and then against my nose or sometimes in my eyes, which would make him laugh out loud.

Finally, he reached around the back of my head and untied the gag, and then pulled the sock out of my mouth.  I took several deep breaths. Danny went right back to what he was doing, holding my head and slapping my face with his dick.  I just looked up at him, and didn’t say anything.

“Okay, queer, suck my dick,” he said, and pushed his rock hard cock into my mouth.  It was as good as I had imagined; long and thick, it filled my mouth.  I swirled my tongue around it, getting it nice and moist.  Danny just stood there for a few minutes, while I sucked on him and slobbered all over his dick.  Then he settled into a firmer stance and placed both his hands on the back of my head.  “Time to really eat some dick,” he said, and then Danny began to piston his dick in and out of my mouth.  He pushed it really far in, pulling my head towards him until my face was pressed up tight against his hard body and his cock was lodged deep in my throat. Then he pulled back almost all the way, until just the head of his dick was in my mouth.  He worked into a steady, regular fucking motion, thrusting his body and moving my head to create the perfect face-fuck.

I looked up into his gorgeous face.  His eyes were partially closed, and his head was thrown back slightly.  His lips were parted, and I could see his tongue dart out as he savored the sensation of getting blown. He looked down and saw me looking at him, and he smiled a little and said,

“Good cocksucker.”

Danny kept this up for a couple of minutes, until his thrusting started to get more furious and his breathing heavy.  He was really pounding away at me, and I would feel his low-hanging balls slap against my chin each time his dick plunged into my throat.  Finally I felt the first spurt, it came as only the head of his dick was in my mouth, but it shot all the way against the back of my throat.  He kept up the fucking motion while my mouth rapidly filled up with his hot cum.  I tried to swallow, but it was tough to do with him still fucking my face so hard, and cum started to spill out between my lips and down my chin.  Danny kept shooting and fucking, and I swallowed what I could.  At last he slowed down, but he kept his hand on the back of my head and finally he pulled out his dick, which he then rested against my face, as cum dripped out from the head and along my cheek.  I swallowed the huge load he had shot in my mouth.  Danny stood there, breathing heavy, his hands still holding my head steady while his dick laid across my face.

After a few minutes, Danny returned to normal and stepped back slightly.  He pulled up his jeans and looked down at me.  “Hey, you have some cum on your face.  Don’t you think you should eat all my cum when I feed you a load?”

“Yes,” I said quietly.

“Then lick it up, fagot,” he said.  I reached out with my tongue to pull in some sticky goo that was on my lips and chin.  I got what I could, but I sensed there was still more cum on my chin that I couldn’t reach.

“Still more,” Danny said.  Then he pushed me over and I fell to the floor.  Danny pushed me onto my back, and then stood near my head.  He placed one of his bare feet on my chest.  Like the rest of him, his feet were perfectly formed, beautiful.  “You need to eat all my cum, cocksucker.”  And he rubbed his big toe against my chin, and then forced his toe into my mouth.  “Eat it off,” he said, and I sucked the sticky cum from his toe.  He then used his toes as a spoon to feed me the rest of his cum, pulling it off my chin and cheeks, and feeding it to me.

When he was finished, he sat back down on his bed.  There was a long, awkward pause.  And without saying anything, he came over to me and knelt down beside me.  Then he turned me over and untied the rope binding my arms to my side and the one holding my wrists together tight.

I sat up, so my face was next to his.  He was half-smiling at me, with an expression I couldn’t figure out.

“You liked that, didn’t you?” he said, glancing quickly at my crotch, where my still hard dick was clearly visible.  “You really liked that.”

“Yeah,” I said back.  “I did.”

“Well, you’re in luck, cocksucker.  You’re gonna be sucking my dick every day for the rest of the semester.”

Then Danny stood and put his shoes and socks back on.  “See you later,” he said and walked out.


To be continued…


Note: This one has been posted to various other story sites for a while, but I have never been able to locate the original author, lukex.  If you are out there, lukex, please get in touch.

Thanks to Slave2RubR for his help in preparing this for posting.




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