Hunk on a Rack

Today’s edging pictures are from the men of Slow Teasing Hand Jobs:

gay bondage

Travis has a well-defined body, a hairy and muscular chest, and a long and hard cock, and Scott has him tied securely to a rack.  His breathing is loud and labored, his balls are tight to his body and he looks like he’s in a trance, he’s waiting for permission to cum, but Scott is having too much fun.  Scott brings him to the edge over and over, then walks away, leaving him with a frustrated hard on, but all he can do is submit to the control of another man and hope for release soon.  In the end, Travis remembers to ask for permission and Scott agrees, and Travis sweetly thanks him for the orgasm as he’s shooting his load.

gay bondage hunk_on_a_rack-104 hunk_on_a_rack-116 hunk_on_a_rack-119 hunk_on_a_rack-123

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