First Meetings

By slavebladeboi

I expect you’ve known one at some time or other. Maybe you’ve even been one yourself, you know, the over eager, early twenty somethings who promise to be the best boy/sub/slave/bottom/pup you’ve ever had. They promise the earth then run away fast at the first sign of a flogger or two inches of cock entering either of their holes.

Well I’ve become a bit sceptical about all the queries and pleas for attention I get these days from boys who don’t bother to introduce themselves properly or get my interest from what they write. This one seemed different. His name was Will, twenty two, not gym fit but a healthy strong body and very eager to please. We agreed to meet after several weeks of emails and a couple of coffees at a local burger bar.

I guided him into the centre of my dungeon or playspace, the name depended on how horny or sadistic I was feeling at the time. He had about a foot of chain between his ankle cuffs and a decent blindfold so walking was difficult but not impossible.

I’d tied his wrists together behind him and threaded the rope up to just above his elbows bringing them together nice and tight. As he’d been like that for about an hour now, since we met at the prearranged spot and I’d shoved him into the back of my van, his shoulder muscles should have had a very nice burn on them.

“OK Will, listen hard. I’m not into repeating myself and foul up’s are followed by punishment which you will get and will hurt. Follow all instructions to the letter or your ass will suffer. Do you understand?”


I breathed a deep sigh. “Will, from now on, and every time you are in this space, if I let you return, I am Sir and you are boy. Everything that comes out of your mouth will start with Sir, and end with Sir. You do not speak unless given permission. Do you understand?”

“Yes Sir”

I breathed deeply yet again. “Think, boy, before you answer. Your ass will be sore enough without anymore punishment. Now. Do you understand?” There was a pause before he came out with Sir, yes Sir. One down, about three thousand to go…

“Right boy, this is what is going to happen. I shall take off your blindfold. You will then have exactly five minutes to look around the room. Look hard and long, move about and explore any part of the room you like. You won’t be able to touch anything but use your eyes. Anything and everything you see will be used on you at my discretion before you leave here this weekend. I will stick to the limits we’ve discussed but I will push you. Young guys like you never know exactly how much you can really take, you’re generally stronger than you think. At the end of the five minutes I will ask you one question. Do you wish to stay. You will answer Sir, yes Sir, or Sir no Sir.   If no, I’ll simply drop you off at our meeting spot, release you and we’ll never meet again. If Yes then you’re mine until Sunday afternoon and you will not be released until then, changing your mind is not an option.”

I had arranged the items from my store of gear in a particular way to fuck his mind just a tiny bit. The smallest dildos next to the largest butt plugs to emphasise their size, the thick rubber paddles had their studded sides upwards even though I’d probably use the flat side this weekend. The floggers were all together but I’d separated the leather cat and splayed its tails to show their evil little knots. Just little things I knew might catch his attention.

Taking the blindfold off him I stepped away and watched him explore, as well as he could anyway being hobbled with heavy shackles. He spent far too much time at the bench with smaller items and nearly missed the fuck bench completely although I did notice he was quite interested in the St. Andrews. Just as well really as he’d be trying it for size very soon.

I replaced his blindfold and asked the question. Not surprisingly for such an eager kid the answer was a very quick “Sir YES Sir.”

“Ok boy, if you’re sure….. First you have a punishment for your incorrect answer when we started. I either punish my boys at the very beginning or the very end of a session. With you I’ll start it now. Punishments are meant to hurt. You can scream and beg all you want but you’ll get it and none of your limits will apply. Just make sure it’s your only one.”

He bowed his head and the body language told me all I needed to know. He was getting less confident by the second. I untied his arms and let him relax his shoulders while I unlocked his restraints. I then locked a leather collar round his neck and pulled him towards the cross with the D ring on it.

“There are two block in front of your feet boy. When I guide you onto them I want you to stand still.” I’d put the four inch blocks at the foot of each upright and he stood on them carefully. I then stood on a stool and pulled each of his wrists up and locked them into the leather restraints which could then be pulled even further up each plank of the cross and fixed in position, meaning little or no slack for his arms. Once fixed, I kicked the blocks out from under him ensuring he could only just touch the ground on tip toes. Ankles were also locked in position. A wide leather strap held his waist to the centre of the cross ensuring no movement there.

“You get six of the rubber paddle you saw boy, on each ass cheek. No warm up and no warnings. You will count them out loud using the same speech pattern we have already discussed and which lead you to this punishment in the first place. Do you understand?”

“Sir yes Sir” cam the even less confident reply.

I started. Hard. He yelled at the first one but managed to remember the correct reply, the   “ Sir One Sir” coming loud and clear. I alternated left and right. By the third he panted out his reply between gasps and by the fifth he was sobbing enough to make the reply almost indecipherable. I swung back hard for the last two and the thwacks resounded round the concrete walls of my dungeon. He screamed and sobbed. I waited for the answer.


“Sss, Sir Six Sir” was a very muted reply.

I carefully released him, ankles first, replaced the blocks and saw to his wrists. To his credit he stood straight to attention, sniffing back any more emotion.

“As I said boy, no holds barred when it comes to punishment. Now we can start the weekend the way I wanted it to.”


Metal would like to thank the author, slavebladeboi, for this story!



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  1. excellent story .
    I could imagine SIR rolling his eyes, i have done the same thing when a guy couldnt tie a knot .
    please SIR ……can we have some more ?

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