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Mistakes in the Military

By slavesoldier

It’s a little after noon on a hot sunny day and the sun is streaming in through a window above me in the cafeteria. I’m sitting on a bench at a table with a plate of food in front of me waiting for the order to eat. Others are still gathering their food and taking their seats, marching in a prescribed orderly fashion. The food isn’t all that appetizing but I’m starving, it’s been a hard day so far.

Sitting, in this unit, means sitting on the front 2 inches of the bench, feet together flat on the ground with knees at 90 degrees and together. Upper body is erect and rigid with back straight, chest out and stomached sucked in as much as possible. Head is level with eyes staring straight ahead, no expression is allowed. Hands are placed on knees. It’s a position of attention from which no deviation is allowed.

We live by a strict code of discipline and are never without orders or expectations. We are expected to be the absolute best. Best in training, best in physical condition, best in drill and best in appearance so that presumably, we’ll be the best in combat. The consequence for even the slightest mistake can be brutal and the grip that the commander has on this unit means that what happens in the unit stays in the unit. The unit performs, he gets rewarded and we do as ordered. We all genuinely fear this man and wouldn’t dare cross him, even when his methods of enforcing the code of discipline exceed what is authorized by regulation.

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Borstal Boys

By Bikermike

Nick and Trev often met at the bikers’ cafe to exchange general bike talk, or more often than not, a talk about their sexual adventures. These included tales and anecdotes concerning their experiences and desires in the world of male-to-male bondage and sadomasochism. They had experimented together on a few occasions; once or twice within a group of three or more men. However, Trev had a regular BDSM ‘partner’, whom he called Roger and sometimes referred to him as his Master, while Nick had to make do with whoever he could find on Recon and who also lived within a reasonable distance.

One hot day during the summer both men met at the cafe and spent several minutes ogling other male bikers, some of which were posing minus their leather bike jackets and T shirts exposing their muscled torsos. Nick said ‘I sometimes fantasise about life in a borstal; y’know, how it was several decades ago when the gaolers wouldn’t hesitate using canes and the birch to maintain discipline. I have read accounts of boys who had been birched and abused, which have really turned me on. Wouldn’t it be great if you and I could somehow live that fantasy for a weekend? Punishment and birching and all?’

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First Meetings

By slavebladeboi

I expect you’ve known one at some time or other. Maybe you’ve even been one yourself, you know, the over eager, early twenty somethings who promise to be the best boy/sub/slave/bottom/pup you’ve ever had. They promise the earth then run away fast at the first sign of a flogger or two inches of cock entering either of their holes.

Well I’ve become a bit sceptical about all the queries and pleas for attention I get these days from boys who don’t bother to introduce themselves properly or get my interest from what they write. This one seemed different. His name was Will, twenty two, not gym fit but a healthy strong body and very eager to please. We agreed to meet after several weeks of emails and a couple of coffees at a local burger bar.

I guided him into the centre of my dungeon or playspace, the name depended on how horny or sadistic I was feeling at the time. He had about a foot of chain between his ankle cuffs and a decent blindfold so walking was difficult but not impossible.

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Forced nudity and bondage for Mike at BreederFuckers

cnmn bondage

Here’s more from BreederFuckers. In this video they tested the mettle of hetero businessman Mike, who had never been sexually touched by a man before. Here he’s presented to a group of hungry pervs who greedily watch every second of his humiliation as his suit is removed a layer at a time leaving him standing before them stark bollock naked. At first he’s full of arrogant pride and bravado to cover his nervousness, but soon that’s stripped away, revealing his true feeling of panic. The former squaddie has a hard body and a cocky attitude with a shapely peach of an arse. As his rear is lashed with a leather strap his butt cheeks glow angry red and his eyes fill with tears. The crushing reality of his situation sinks in as he’s overcome being disciplined and sexually exploited in front of a lecherous male audience. He’s offered pennies to jerk off, but they surround him and press up against him. They greedily study his fit straight body as he desperately strokes his cock and spills a load. Mike blushes red all over with aching self-consciousness as realises how low he’s sunk.

male forced nudity and bondage

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forced naked and handcuffed

Video: Blake takes heavy corporal on his bare ass

Scroll down for a free video clip from Dream Boy Bondage. In this shoot, a young slave gets his ass and back whipped.

muscle boy bare butt spanking

Muscular, young Blake is strapped to a padded bench, his ass exposed and ready to be fucked. He is helpless, flexing and struggling against Velcro straps holding his wrists and ankles to the bench. His master told him nothing while binding him an hour ago, leaving him to stew all alone, but he is sure he will be whipped and fucked. Sure enough, Master Alex returns, barefoot and shirtless, chains hanging from his leather pants, a leather paddle in his hand. Crack! The short, leather strap smacks his ass cheeks, leaving a deep, red welt. Blake screams, throwing his head back, every muscle in his body contracting, the bench shaking from the power of the blow. Crack! Crack! Crack! The brutal spanking continues, blow after blow, until the slave’s ass is bright red and bruised, covered with welts. Now it’s time for the flogger. That ass has to be fully tenderized before it is fucked.

Here is a free video preview:


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Title of this shoot: Blake Ellis – Total Submission – Chapter 5

spanked on his bare ass