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Rich has Joey tied face down to a bar stool

Rich has Joey tied face down to a bar stool Reluctant Young Men

At Reluctant Young Men, Rich has Joey tied face down to a bar stool, his beefy ass in the air and his cock and balls hanging visibly beneath him, in an exposed and vulnerable position, looking scared and worried.

bare butt spanking

He punishes Joey with a whip and rawhide cane. The stinging bite of these two instruments has the muscular straight guy crying out in pain, writhing and cursing with every blow. Here’s a free video preview courtesy of the guys at Reluctant Young Men:

Joey gets spanked

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Cock-Caged at Military School – Part 06

By AlphaMetal

Trey knew he fucked up. That’s why he was sitting on the floor of a small room next to the punishment area with his hands cuffed behind his back and one ankle chained to a bolt in the middle of the floor.

The staff had been very clear during the intake process: Misbehavior of a certain level would result in a choice between being transported to jail, to serve your full sentence – which in Trey’s case was one year – or a trip to the punishment room. Trey was tough – his body was tough and his mind was tough – so when given that choice, he picked a few minutes of physical punishment over a year in jail.

But Trey was shocked by how quickly he wound up in this room. Within about three minutes of the incident, security guys had appeared; within seconds, he found himself handcuffed; and within another minute or two, he was sitting on the floor of an empty concrete room with his ankle chained to the floor.

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Randy gets caned on his bare butt at Reluctant Young Men

Randy gets corporal punishment at Reluctant Young Men

These are pictures from a few years back. Randy is a 22-year-old straight guy from the neighborhood near the Reluctant Young Men studio with a live-in girlfriend whose name is tattooed on his chest next to a fresh hickey from her. She doesn’t know that Randy agreed to make gay videos. Scott strips the young man down and uses two leather paddles on his cute, tight ass, but it wasn’t until he used his painful metal paddle the he made a real impression on the nervous Randy.

gay bondage and spanking

Naked and tied to a spanking bench, poor Randy is thrashed with a rawhide whip and cane as he writhes in agony, whimpering, gasping and sucking air. Scott is relentless in his punishment of the unfortunate young man.

caned on his bare butt

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Kevin takes a beating

Meanwhile over at Reluctant Young Men, another brave young lad is willing to take corporal punishment:

Reluctant Young Men Kevin takes a beatingKevin is 29 years old, straight, an unemployed house painter, tough and strong, with a body made muscular through hard work. But he came before asking for permission in a teasing video, and now he will pay. Rich strips him down and takes his belt to Kevin’s muscular ass and has him yelling, twitching and dancing in pain.

kevin-206 kevin-208 kevin-213 kevin-215

Later, Rich has Kevin tied to a stool and lays into him with a riding crop and rawhide whip. Poor Kevin writhes and struggles in his bonds as he screams, cries and whimpers in pain, his muscular body straining as he pulls against the ropes trying to free himself. Its what happens at Reluctant Young Men:


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