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Pictures and video: Logan’s back and ass are whipped bright red


Logan has a lean, tight body and creamy, smooth skin. Which makes Jared want to hurt him even more. After striping his back with several blows of the flogger, Jared finally rips off his short-shorts, revealing a firm, round ass. Logan’s bubble butt drives Jared so wild that he whips his back and ass until he is literally shaking in pain. “Get up on your toes and show me that ass!” Jared orders the whimpering captive. He just can’t stop hurting him.

Dream_Boy_Bondage_Logan_Jared_02 Dream_Boy_Bondage_Logan_Jared_03 Dream_Boy_Bondage_Logan_Jared_04

Here is a preview clip:


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Joey receives OTK discipline


Joey is a 26-year-old straight guy, a recent transplant, unemployed and looking to make some money. He’s a real ladies man, even has an implant in his cock to enhance a woman’s pleasure. But this day Rich stripped him of his manly pride. Taking him OTK and using a paddle and hairbrush, he had him filling the room with his high pitched wailing and hollering, glad that no young women were present to witness his punishment.

Then, Rich gets Joey tied face down to a bar stool, his beefy ass in the air and his cock and balls hanging visibly beneath him, in an exposed and vulnerable position, looking scared and worried. He continues the punishment with a whip and rawhide cane, the stinging bite of these two instruments has the muscular straight guy crying out in pain, writhing and cursing with every blow.

MetalbondNYC_gay_male_bondage_spanking_Joey_02 MetalbondNYC_gay_male_bondage_spanking_Joey_03


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Video: A complicated horizontal rope suspension

At IronLockUp, the captor is careful to keep prime targets open for future use, his intentions are brutal and the prisoner eagerly awaits his punishment. Puppy is quick to get the balls rolling … pun intended.


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full_07 ilu_1412_160x600metal



Check out what happens to Guy at BreederFuckers

Hairy stud Guy is a very tempting sight cuffed and tied to a spanking bench wearing only his jock strap and his tight asshole on show at BreederFuckers.

001 003 011

His ass is given a good hard caning and his jock strap is cut off from him. A bucket is placed beneath him and he’s instructed to release a long stream as if he were no more than kept livestock. Testing how tough he is, Dave delivers several sharp punches to Guy’s gut. His ass is lashed and his dick is teased until he’s very erect and can’t stop himself from ejaculating.

012 016


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Athletic stud Jack is turned into a homo

At BreederFuckers, muscular hetero Jack comes to discovering that he’s stark naked with his hands tied to the ceiling and his legs clamped in a spreader. A ball gag fills his mouth, and the straps restrict his vision. He thrashes around in panic but can barely move.


Adrian takes his time running his hands over his bare, fit body, sniffing his sporty sweat and tasting the precum leaking out of his heavy uncut cock. Jack’s skin crawls knowing he can do nothing to prevent this man from perversely touching him all over. Full of fight, he swears beneath his gag unable to stop his body being used. Jack’s pert muscular arse gets a bare-handed spanking till its rosy red. This only increases his venom, so his punishment is taken to the next level with a cruel leather strap smacking his bottom. Spit flies from his mouth as he recoils and hollers in pain. His burning arse cheeks are parted to reveal his perfect virgin sphincter. This straight man feels his hole getting licked for the first time and fingerfucked. Adrian takes pleasure in widening his hole and preparing this straight man’s hole for cock. A perspex plug is inserted up his arse while Dave administers a paddling to Jack’s already burning sore bum and Adrian suckles the man’s dick. Jack’s sensitive cock reacts by hardening, but this is where he learns his sexual use is about other men’s pleasure. Dave shoves his dick in Jack’s arse fucking him vigorously while his cock continues to be insistently wanked. A fresh load of spunk is shot over the boy’s arse crack and hole. He’s driven to the point of ejaculation with his incredibly sensitive glans sucked dry.

0012 0034


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0060 250x250_014