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Island Paradise – Part 1: Chapter 05

By Joshua Ryan

Chapter 5: You Must Take the Tour

A taxi took me to the headquarters of the State Labour Program.  It was a couple of miles from the hotel, and on St. Bevons, a couple of miles makes a lot of difference.  The street was wide but almost deserted.  A few old frame houses straggled along, but most of the frontage was warehouses or wholesale places—Stor-It-Here, Pure Products, Empress of India Auto Parts . . . .  Because it was St. Bevons, everything was wreathed with tropical foliage, even the razor wire fences around the parking lots.  But you could see why this part of town wasn’t on the tourist itinerary.

The cheerfulest place was actually the SLP building.  Nothing to brag about, but they did make an effort to fix it up in a “colonial” style, and the foliage facing the street was well maintained.  Even the little strip of grass in front looked like it was trimmed by hand, every day.  As soon as my shadow approached the glass doors, a slappie jumped out and held one wide for me, bowing.  A man at a desk—a real man, not a slappie—stood to welcome me, asked if I were Mr. Lansing, and said that Major Timmons was awaiting me.  Within a minute I was comfortably seated at a table in the Major’s spacious office, watching the morning light play across his ebony features.

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Island Paradise – Part 1: Chapter 01

Island Paradise

In Two Parts

By Joshua Ryan


This is a story about adults, and for adults only.  It is entirely a work of fiction.


Chapter 1: Greetings from Your Vacation Planner

I’d never heard of the place before Roger mentioned it.  Roger was my online friend.  We’d been chatting about BDSM stuff; that’s how I met him, on a BDSM site.  That night. we were getting into prisons and chain gangs.

“But if you are seriously interested in the study of penal servitude,” he said, “I would recommend that you examine St. Bevons.  It has, allow me to suggest, appropriate ideas on the subject of penal labor.”

That’s the way Roger wrote.   I hadn’t been chatting with him very long, but I’d learned a few things about him.  He came from an Indian family that had settled in the West Indies, and he’d been sent to school in England.  It wasn’t natural for him to use contractions or not to spell an idea all the way out.  “If you are seriously interested in the study of penal servitude . . . . ”  I could imagine the way he pronounced the phrase: in-ter-EST-ed, PEE-nall, SERR-vi-tude.  He never discussed his profession except to say that it involved “international investments, that sort of thing.”  When I replied, “That’s what I did too, before I’d made enough money to quit,” he didn’t rise to the bait.  He wouldn’t say much more about himself—although his reference to “staying in Switzerland for a while—business again” and his comment that “the hot men in Paris always seem to cluster around the Ritz, especially if they have no money” let me know what social class I was dealing with.

“What’s St. Bevons?” I asked.

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Shawn gets tied to a spanking bench

Look what happened to Shawn at Reluctant Young Men:

Reluctant Young Men Shawn gets tied to a spanking benchI really like the way Shawn takes his punishment like a man. In Part 2, Rich has Shawn tied to a spanking bench and beats him with a cane and crop. Shawn twists, gasps and grimaces in reaction to the sting of these instruments.

shawn-201 shawn-203 shawn-210 shawn-212


But he’s a tough, brave young man and he takes a good beating from Rich.

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Justin gets spanked hard while tied upside down

Here’s another scene from the men over at Spanking Straight Boys. Justin has a muscular, lean body with a bubble butt and powerful thighs. He is well behaved, polite and respectful.

male bondage spanking videos

Justin didn’t know what was in store for him during today’s shoot. He didn’t know Tom was going to put him in a leather harness and restraints and suspended him upside down. He didn’t know he’d be in such a defenseless position or that every part of him would be on display. Justin’s butt is already red and quite sore as this video begins. Tom uses a riding crop and his hand on Justin’s firm butt. He spanks Justin hard. Justin has a hard time with it, grunting and gasping as swat after swat pushes him further and further. His butt quivers and spasms throughout much of this spanking. The humiliating position he’s in physically must be the least of his worries.

spank his bubble butt

See the VIDEO at Spanking Straight Boys

Title of this episode: Justin Upside Down

muscle man in a leather harness

Male BDSM: Yul in the spanking tower

Here’s more from Spanking Straight Boys. Yul is a tough guy who has gotten into more than his share of trouble, and he’s no stranger to fights. He gets put in a humiliating position in Tom’s spanking tower. He had never even seen the tower, so it was a complete surprise.

male bdsm video

This video opens with Tom locking Yul into the spanking tower. Once he has him in the tower, Tom notices that Yul has some long hair in his now-spread butt and on his upper legs. Yul is not a hairy guy, but Tom felt this hair was distracting, so he whipped out a pair of electric clippers and proceeded to trim the hair down (much to Yul’s chagrin). Tom then begins the spanking. He uses his hand, a riding crop, bamboo pole, cane and a large leather slapper on Yul’s muscular butt. Yul struggles throughout. Like the other boys Tom has spanked in this position, Yul says the pain is greatly intensified by the strained, flexed position he’s in. The spanking tower leaves the prisoner’s feet exposed, too, so Adam got a bit of bastinado. By the end, Yul’s butt is red and marked up.

humiliating male bondage

See the VIDEO at Spanking Straight Boys

Title of this episode: Yul in the Spanking Tower

spank his bare butt

Patrick gets spanked on the plank

At Spanking Straight Boys, Patrick is strapped to the plank. Tom uses his hand, a leather riding crop, red wooden paddle, cane and a rubber paddle/slapper on Patrick’s round, white butt. Patrick has a very hard time with this spanking. He struggles against the belts and wrist restraints while he groans and winces. It’s hard enough that he bites down on his right bicep a few times and begins crying at one point. It’s a hard session.

Patrick is strapped to the plank

VIDEO available at Spanking Straight Boys

Title of this shoot: Patrick Spanked on the Plank

male spanking video

The Bear Trap – Part 05

By FirefighterSIR

Part 5: The Workout

“Uggh! Uhhh uh uuhhh…” the slave panted, trying to catch his breath around the rubber ball gag gripped in his teeth. His lips pulled back and his jaw opened in a desperate attempt to draw in air, drool gushing out in thick ropes that dripped down his chest and abs onto his cock finally exposed after three days of confinement.

His muscled arms had been pulled back and stretched over a bar against his back and chained to the spreader bar shackled to the slave’s ankles. The slave’s balls were chained to an eyebolt in the ground, causing his nuts to be stretched and tugged with each new punch during the Captain’s workout. The slave’s head snapped back from the flurry of jabs directed at his punished bruised abs again. He growled deeply into the gag and more spit flew.

The bar behind the slave’s back was just high enough to keep the slave’s sweat and dirt streaked body stretched out and open to the Captain’s human punching bag workout. The first morning rays of the sun broke over the distant hills and reddened the scene on the bare hilltop. The Captain had rigged the bars and chains among the bare framing of the new compound He was creating.

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