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Axel submits to a bondage contest

Young stud Axel Johnson really wants to be the top-dog in the dungeon. He wants to torture and fuck prisoners who are bound and helpless, totally at his disposal. Just the thought of it makes him hard. But first he has to prove he can take it as well as he can dish it out. As a matter of fact, he has to win a contest: He must show he can endure more pain while also being be a more aggressive, more cruel top who cums harder and more often than the much younger Joseph Mathews. Axel is bolted, naked, in the pillory. Jospeh gut-punches and whips him. Who is the better man? We will soon find out.

See the video at Dream Boy Bondage

See the video at Dream Boy Bondage

Title of this video: AXEL – The Contest I – Chapter 1

Dream Boy Bondage video

Chase: Sub Training Camp – Part 02

By Zac Loughty

This story is about adults, to be read by adults only.

The author would like to thank his Discipline Monitor for his ‘encouragement’ to get this story finished, and for proofreading this story.

Chase (rien) has arrived at camp. He’s wearing his new camp uniform and is about to get his leg irons fastened around his ankles.

“Alright! You’re beginning to look like proper subs! Just a couple steps left. Next, we’ll be applying your irons,” Russ informs us.

We all groan. I guess I forgot about the irons. I was hoping maybe we’d only have to wear them on the van.

“We’re not worried about you subs running away. There’s no place to go! The rattling of your chains serves two purposes. One… it’s easier to find you when we have a job for you to do, and two… you’re reminded that you’re nothing but a sub with every step you take. Every time you move your feet, even just a little bit, you’ll hear a ‘clink’, ‘clink’, ‘clink’. It’s music to my ears! That sound will remind you to obey! Do you understand, subs?”

“Yes, sir!” we all shout.

“Chain ‘em up!” Russ orders.

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Island Paradise – Part 2: Chapter 11

By Joshua Ryan

Chapter 11: Come On In—We’re Open

The place didn’t look like much.  It looked sorta like a motel and sorta like a grade school—one story, flat roof, glass doors, dorky lookin sign . . . .  But there were lots of plants around, so you couldn’t see everything.  I guess I was too nervous to be disappointed, but I’d expected something more impressive.  I looked at my phone.  I was 20 minutes early.

So what now?  Would I get in trouble if I was early?  Disobeying orders!  OK, I’d wait.  I’d spend my last few minutes just hanging out, thinking.

I looked around.  There was a bus stop on the corner, and a bench with nobody on it.  I sat down there and looked back at the SLP building across the street.  I could see some more of it now.   Behind the office building or whatever, there was a long concrete wall, with razor wire on top.  I hadn’t seen much razor wire in my life, just in bad neighborhoods I guess.  It was used to keep people out of places.  Like junk yards.  Or the back of some storage place.  But the stuff I was looking at–that was obviously to keep people in.  People like me!  Once I went through those doors, I’d be inside the razor wire.

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Jordan gets spanked on the bondage cross

Tom uses his hand, a riding crop, yardstick, paddle and cane on Jordan’s firm butt. Tears well up in Jordan’s eyes at several points. He tells Tom that he has been good since his last spanking and doesn’t deserve to be spanked as hard this time. Tom might have agreed with Jordan, but Jordan makes this a hard spanking on his own by repeatedly screwing up the count. At the end of this video, you’ll also hear Jordan discuss what it’s like to be spanked on the Bondage Cross.

male spanking video

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Title of this episode: Jordan on the Bondage Cross

male bondage and spanking

British Submissive Spanked

Check out what happens at Reluctant Young Men. Ashley is a 38-year-old, gay porn star from London, England, with a lean, defined body, a submissive who still bears the scars from his last session with another dom. Now he’s tied to the spanking bench, and he gets punished for showing up with the marks of another man. He moans, pants and whimpers, squirming and twisting in his restraints.

tied to the spanking bench


See the VIDEO at Reluctant Young Men

Title of this vid: British Submissive Spanked

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