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Patrick gets spanked on the plank

At Spanking Straight Boys, Patrick is strapped to the plank. Tom uses his hand, a leather riding crop, red wooden paddle, cane and a rubber paddle/slapper on Patrick’s round, white butt. Patrick has a very hard time with this spanking. He struggles against the belts and wrist restraints while he groans and winces. It’s hard enough that he bites down on his right bicep a few times and begins crying at one point. It’s a hard session.

Patrick is strapped to the plank

VIDEO available at Spanking Straight Boys

Title of this shoot: Patrick Spanked on the Plank

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Patrick on the Spanking Rail

Here’s another episode from Spanking Straight Boys. Patrick is a muscular, hung straight guy. He has no idea that Tom plans to lock him into a fully bent-over position with his wrists and ankles bound to a spreader bar. The “spanking rail” ensures that the captive locked into it will remain upright and largely immobile while he endures his spanking. Tom uses his hand, a leather slapper, wooden spoon, hairbrush, leather belt and a perforated wooden paddle on Patrick. Patrick struggles throughout this spanking. He tries to move around in an effort to avoid the onslaught of swats, but cannot. As his butt gets redder and redder, he can only cry out to make his discomfort known

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See the VIDEO at Spanking Straight Boys

Title of this episode: Patrick on the Spanking Rail

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7 Days in Berlin – Part 03

By Takeo

Day 1 – Tuesday – Awaiting Sir’s arrival

Time passes slowly, blind in a cell. I have no temporal reference, it is the absolute silence in the apartment, I perceive only the noise of the chains when I move.

Already, I feel a tension in my arms, pulled horizontally. My fists closed in the mitts are also sore, and the chain which pulls on the top of my head is also rather tense. I try to move a little to lean my back on the wall and relieve myself, impossible, the chains are too tense. Even if I am not in a bondage that prevents me from moving completely, I feel a growing tension and constraint in the muscles.

I don’t know how long I’m going to hold on like this – or how long I’m supposed to hold on…

I replay the last events in my head, from leaving home in my gym clothes to being stuck here in my uniform alone in a cell. I can’t believe what’s happening to me. I’ve already gone beyond many of my limits, including willingly submitting to strangers. But this time, unlike my previous encounters with Florian, I really want to go further to satisfy him, to do whatever he asks me to do without reluctance and to really be in my role as a slave seeking nothing more than to satisfy him. My cock is hard in my cage as my imagination wanders and I think of the multiple possibilities of bondage and games that I will be able to experiment during these few days.

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A hard discipline session for Carter

At Spanking Straight Boys, Tom punishes Carter with his hand, a whip, a birch, a perforated paddle and a brand new silicone tawse. It’s a hard session for Carter, who is surprised by all the implements Tom has ready to use on him. Tom even gives him a taste of the electrical paddle. Although he strains, grimaces and complains, Carter is obedient and respectful throughout.

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See the VIDEO at Spanking Straight Boys

Title of this update: Covid Party

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