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Video: Logan’s back and ass are whipped bright red


Logan has a lean, tight body and creamy, smooth skin. Which makes Jared want to hurt him even more. After striping his back with several blows of the flogger, Jared finally rips off his short-shorts, revealing a firm, round ass. Logan’s bubble butt drives Jared so wild that he whips his back and ass until he is literally shaking in pain. “Get up on your toes and show me that ass!” Jared orders the whimpering captive. He just can’t stop hurting him.

Dream_Boy_Bondage_Logan_Jared_03 Dream_Boy_Bondage_Logan_Jared_04

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Title: Logan: Twink Torture – Chapter 3


Owen gets tied up, stripped and spanked

At Spanking Straight Boys, Owen is suspended by his wrists and endures a long and hard spanking. Tom pulls Owen’s sweat pants down, revealing a great pair of red boxer briefs, the type that stretch to fit. As the spanking continues, Owen’s firm butt gets more and more red. Tom uses his hand, a wooden paddle and a leather strap on Owen’s round cheeks.

Owen gets tied up, stripped and spanked

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Title of this episode: Owen Suspended

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Carter is locked in The Spanking Tower

This video opens with Tom giving Carter a long, hard session with a leather belt. Carter’s ass is already red and sore, so he really feels the sting of the belt. Tom then moves on to a wooden spoon and a flog. Tom finishes with a riding crop that he uses on Carter’s feet. Carter finds it all hard to take. He remains obedient and struggles to maintain his composure, but the belt and the flog in particular sting like hell. Carter continues to forget to address Tom properly, which results in a longer, harder spanking. At the end, when he gets out of the spanking tower, Carter wipes his eyes. And, strangely, when he puts his underwear on, it’s clear that he has the beginnings of an erection. Too bad Tom didn’t see that at the time because he’d have certainly asked Carter a bunch of embarrassing questions about it!

gay bondage spanking video

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Title of this update: Carter in The Spanking Tower (Part 2)

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Master bolts a slave to the wall

Top man Cole Blue literally bolts his latest captive, Adrian Duval, to the wall, as the twink squirms and twists but ultimately submits. The prisoner has a hot body, with broad shoulders and a tight waist. His ass is firm and round, barely contained by his tight briefs. Cole flogs the slave’s back then cuts off his briefs and lays into his butt cheeks until they, too, are covered with nasty welts. Adrian cries out with each blow. Then the alcohol mist hits the fresh wounds, sending him into spasms of pain.

Dream Boy Bondage Cole Blue

Dream Boy Bondage


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Title: ADRIAN DUVAL: Fantasy Boy – Chapter 2

Dream Boy Bondage

Jock Platoon Discipline Regulations

By ToughCoach

My trainees are athletes who crave discipline and structure and take pride in saying “Yes, Sir” as they sweat and suffer. They accumulate demerits and have to pay them off in a very unpleasant Incentive Physical Training (IPT) session. Once accepted after meeting induction standards and passing a fitness test, trainees receive the following rules.

male bondage stories forced to work out in a jock

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Patrick in the Spanking Tower

Patrick is a blond, muscular straight guy. He failed to pay a parking ticket, which resulted in it going to collections. What could have been $50 is now several times that, and he needs to pay it off. He agreed to do another video, so he is effectively being spanked for parking illegally! Tom chose to put Patrick in his spanking tower. The tower puts you in a position that nobody wants to be in. Lying on his back, legs spread with hands and feet above him with his butt, balls and all on full display, anyone in the tower is completely exposed and vulnerable. It is in this position that Patrick receives a long, hard spanking that includes Tom’s hand, a leather slapper, two straw birches, a wooden spoon and a hairbrush. Patrick struggles and groans as the spanking continues, his butt getting more and more red. By the end, Patrick is solemn and subdued. He’ll be able to pay off his ticket, but nothing more. If only he had paid it off when he first got it!

Patrick in the Spanking Tower

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Title of this episode: Patrick in the Spanking Tower

male bondage and spanking video

Patrick gets spanked on the plank

At Spanking Straight Boys, Patrick is strapped to the plank. Tom uses his hand, a leather riding crop, red wooden paddle, cane and a rubber paddle/slapper on Patrick’s round, white butt. Patrick has a very hard time with this spanking. He struggles against the belts and wrist restraints while he groans and winces. It’s hard enough that he bites down on his right bicep a few times and begins crying at one point. It’s a hard session.

Patrick is strapped to the plank

VIDEO available at Spanking Straight Boys

Title of this shoot: Patrick Spanked on the Plank

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