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The Collective

By Steellock and Slavebladeboi

He woke as the morning warm up exercise session started. As usual the strong grip of the rubber sleepsack was His first feeling, how His feet were tight up against the padded end of His Storage Box with the strap holing them firmly in place; the rubber sack, tight and restrictive up His legs gripping them together; He felt his hands in their custom mitts in the end of the arm sleeve, how last night He had pushed them through the narrow rubber wrist gap and each finger had slipped into its own little sleeve, His hand splayed out gripping His upper legs; the straps round him, one over His forearms tight enough to stop movement but not too tight to be intrusive; the top strap round His chest that just stopped any deep breathing so it’s effect on His body was always there.

He loved that strap. He opened his eyes but, of course, couldn’t see anything except the dark, black inside of the thick, padded hood that was padlocked round His neck. It’s three straps round His head also padlocked, two around his head at eye and mouth level and the third holding His jaw firmly shut. Just knowing the locks were there was such a thrill, He never grew tired of it! Hearing them click shut each night relaxed His mind. As He did every morning He tried to move his head and felt the tight grip of the ‘U’ shaped rubber ‘pillow’ that gripped him, holding His head still. He gave a quick heave of his body and – as always – got no movement.

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Tied up by a masked intruder

Slowly waking up, Brad now finds himself tied face down when the masked man returns and starts to strap his butt, first over his briefs, then on his bare butt. Still confused and somewhat disoriented, Brad howls, moans and struggles. The masked man uses a whip and a vicious metal paddle and Brad is in agony, softly sobbing through his gag as the whip bites his hard, sexy ass.

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Title of this update: Invasion – Part 4

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Scott wails on Jake’s muscular ass

Scott is eager to abuse someone’s ass, and handsome, muscular and hairy Jake is nervous. Scott starts out using his heavy hand on Jake’s muscular ass, and already he’s flinching and gasping. A ruler makes him grimace, gasp and suck air, but it’s the yardstick and hairbrush that really get to him. Jake struggles to deal with the pain, growling and panting, whimpering and howling, his voice cracking and breaking. By the end, he’s breathless and confused, claiming that this was the worst experience ever.

Scott at Straight Men in Trouble

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The title of this shoot: Jake Spanked by Scott

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Scott Slow Teasing Hand Jobs

Punishment Cell at the Citadel Correctional Boot Camp – Part 02

By Jockboy

“Front leaning rest NOW, shithead!” said my still unseen captor, giving me level #2 jolt from the shock collar around my neck to emphasize his point.

He’d just told me the shock collar level went to level #10. Level #1 and his talk of the punishment regimen to come had caused an unauthorized hard-on and an unauthorized pre-cum leak onto the concrete cellblock floor in front of the punishment cell.

I was in deep shit.

My conduct had earned me a trip to the basement dungeon where five of his buddies were waiting. I’d been promised an indoctrination punishment workout, a severe beating, and a hogtie in a cage.

And I hadn’t even been in-processed, shaved, strip-searched, disinfected, and issued my uniform yet. I was in a correctional boot camp whose purpose was behavior modification and instilling discipline and obedience.

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Scott abuses a twink at Reluctant Young Men

Scott is longing for a cute butt to abuse, so he gets Nathan to play with, and Chic gets to watch. Scott takes the 25-year-old twink over the knee and delivers a heavy spanking using his hand, belt, paddle and cane, making the young man kick, twist and dance while he hollers, yelps, whimpers, whines and protests in vain. He finishes Nathan’s painful humiliation by making him kneel at Chic’s feet while he thrashes him with a biting cane.

Scott Reluctant Young Men

See the video at Reluctant Young Men

Title of this video: Nathan and Scott – Homecoming Spanking

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Scott Slow Teasing Hand Jobs

Bare butt spank

Emanuel is on his stomach, ass in the air and available for a long spanking with the masked man’s big paddle. He cries out in pain and anger as the man spanks him hard and relentlessly, his long, sexy legs kicking and squirming as he suffers thru the humiliating ordeal. But his predicament gets worse as the man switches to a wooden hairbrush and increases poor Emanuel’s pain and anguish.

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See the VIDEO at Straight Men In Trouble

Title of this update: Emanuel – Part 4

male bare butt spanking with paddle

Punishment Cell at the Citadel Correctional Boot Camp – Part 01

By Jockboy

It all happened at once. The capture hood came off at the same time I was jolted with a shock from the punishment collar around my neck.

I had been manhandled and stripped in a surprise abduction 24 hours before it was scheduled, then spent hours being transported in the trunk of a car. Not a word had been spoken. I had no clothes, no money, no ID, and no phone

Now I was standing naked outside what looked like a brig cell. I was naked except for my handcuffs and leg irons. The sweat was streaming down the valley in my pecs like a river. My huge biceps and washboard, six-pack abs never seemed so useless as I screamed in pain from the electroshock.

Then I heard the words I’ll never forget from my unseen captor.

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