First Time? – Part 01

By slavebladeboi

“I know, I know, we all make mistakes,” I said, putting my hands each side of his face and stroking the skin, or at least the bits that weren’t covered by the leather gag and head harness.

I looked straight into his eyes, now filled with tears of fear, maybe terrified, but it’s all the same really at this stage. He struggled a bit, the chains that held him spread eagled in that oh so delicious and vulnerable vertical position rattled slightly. I increased the tension a tiny bit more.

His intake of breath proved it was enough for the moment and it did stop the chains from moving.

“Look,” I said holding up the sheet of A4. “Look at this. Is that not your signature? Did you not sign it here at the bottom? Let’s remember. Ah yes, I gave it to you to read yesterday and come back if you agreed, right? And you did, right?

“And now you think it’s all a mistake.


“Have I done anything to you that’s not on this agreement?


“I thought not.”

He bowed his head. I jabbed my finger on the electro control that sent a wave of pleasure through my cock as he screamed, or tried to through the gag. The sound looks so innocent but the devil’s in the detail, and the detail was how far I had managed to push it up his cock and secure it there.

He really shouldn’t be so hard with that sort of pain, but it takes all sorts as they say.

The chains must be quite tight now as last time I did that he managed to make quite a noise with them. This time there wasn’t so much movement.

“Remember I said look at me when I talk to you? You forgot that time didn’t you. Now, let’s start again. Is this your signature?”

He nodded his head.

“Not a lot else to discuss then is there?”

He closed his eyes, and a low moan came from behind the black leather that was now where his mouth would be normally.

“As I said, we all make mistakes, this one is on you but it’s not the end of the world.


“You’ll live.


I loved playing with his head. He had no idea where he was. I collected him from the car park, drove him hooded and cuffed to my secret den, ok, my basement, but we can all dream, and carried him in. Oh yes, I forgot to say that the hood had a pad soaked in chloroform inside it so there wasn’t much resistance after about 15 seconds. I’ll return him to the same car park tomorrow, or maybe the day after, same hood, same method. He’ll either get back in touch or not. For now he was mine.

And who wouldn’t want a fit young stud to play with for a few hours, especially one who couldn’t fight back.

And the proposals are always the same.

Please do this to me, please have no mercy, I can take anything you throw at me, just give me the chance to show you what I’m made of, he said, repeatedly.

They all do though, don’t they? And when it comes to the crunch it’s all tears and have mercy and I’ve made a mistake and let me go and I’ll not tell anyone.

I pointed out that as he didn’t know me, that there were a thousand cars like mine in the city, the plates were false, I was hooded and he had absolutely no idea where he was, the last threat was a bit useless. Plus, I had that sheet of A4. I pressed that button again just for the fun of it. He arched his back as he screamed this time. The manacles were digging into his wrists too so I let off the tension enough to make it comfortable, comparatively that is.

“You’re mine for 24 hours. That’s what you agreed to, yes?”

He nodded.

“So shut the fuck up and enjoy the ride.”

If you could see the look on his face, the visible bit that is, I think the word “enjoy” struck a note.

I keep all my gear against one wall, the one he’s facing. There’s a bench with shelves underneath it and a rack on the wall where I can hang the restraints, the whips, belts, chains and irons, plus all the toys that make this hobby, lifestyle? more enjoyable, for one of us anyway. He’s facing it on purpose, but you already knew that, so when I go to pick up the nipple clamps with the little steel teeth he can see exactly what’s in store.

More of the muffled pleas for mercy.

“Grow up, kid!”

Kid? He told me he was 24, and he’s definitely no kid.

I got close to his face as I opened the clamps and showed them to him.

“Do you like the detail? The teeth are dull, they won’t break the skin. They might break you though.”

I added that for a bit of extra theatre. He’s had about as much experience of this as the average two year old even though he gave me the full spiel about how much he’s done and how much he can take. It doesn’t take rocket science to work that out.

Tears. Not that they make much difference unless the pulsing in my already straining cock makes a difference. I placed the open jaws of one side of the clamps over his left tit and held it there, not quite touching his erect pink skin.

“Ready?” I gave him a chance to breathe in, but it was lost on him. I let go and the jaws slammed shut on his flesh. After the echo died away I pulled slightly on the other end of the chain that connected the clamps to gather his attention once again.

“Let’s try again, shall we? Ready?”

The right nipple was about to get the same treatment and he actually got the message this time and took a deep breath.


I have to say, the springs on this set of clamps are exceptionally strong. As was his response. Such a good thing I have no neighbours even though the basement has had sound proofing fitted.

He calmed down after a few minutes, rocking slightly and gently moaning into the gag, drooling a bit too which dripped onto his torso and makes him look even sexier. Tit clamps, that’s as far as we’ve got, and he’s in a world of his own already.

I’m interested to see what he makes of the butt plug I’m about to get out, the one that has a positive and negative connection in the base, which I shall obviously show him before greasing it up and inserting it into his arse hole. (I think inserting is so much more friendly a term than thrust or cram in, don’t you?) I bet his reaction won’t be any different whatever term I use.

I walk back to the bench and pick it up. It’s black and shiny, best quality rubber with the veins of a penis moulded accurately around its surface. It’s also bigger than any actual real life throbbing meat I’ve ever seen.

He’s got his eyes shut, still swinging ever so slightly against the strain of his limbs and the chains, so I tap him on the forehead with the rubber cock.

Can eyeballs pop out? His nearly did. That and the continual howl was quite a display.

No, the chains won’t break.

No you can’t snap them like some super hero.

Yes, this is destined for your arse.

Yes it will be painful at first but you’ll cope. Like you have a choice.

I hold it in front of him as I lube it up with that grease that also has some heat to it when it comes into contact with your insides, just an extra bit of entertainment, mine not his. With what I’ve got on my hand I reach round and wipe around his hole then push a fingerful into him. He sighs before the heat begins, the sigh becomes more of a MMMMPPPPHHH. Not as much as it will do in a second.

Going round behind him I gently pull his cheeks apart then begin to introduce that wonderful, huge veined intruder. I thought the chains were tight but it takes quite an effort to keep him still as I push and pull, adding an inch or so with every thrust. I’ve never heard an elephant mating call but I’m sure that this was his imitation of one. Jesus, What a noise. I was sweating gobs by the time I had all ten inches up him. He was writhing about like a hooked salmon. He didn’t say if he was a virgin. He’s not anymore.

Bloody hell that was an effort. I’ll let him rest for a bit. I intended to get to the flogging this evening, probably will later, but for now I’ll wait till the sobbing stops and go and have something to eat. He’ll have warmed up by then too.

Metal would like to thank the author, slavebladeboi, for this story!

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5 thoughts on “First Time? – Part 01”

  1. Oh, wow! How many guys have sold themself as experienced only to back out when it starts and plead to dial it down? 24 hours? There’s going to be a lot more to this story it appears. I’m looking forward to the next chapter.

  2. I really need to be there… I have some memories about me thinking about making a mistake… it’s horrible, it’s wonderful, is… life.

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