Dream Boy Bondage Seth

Seth is tied up and on display

After his long ass-fucking, Seth is removed from the bed and dragged into another room. Jared ropes him on his back, completely naked, arms over head and legs spread extra-wide like he’s doing in the splits, exposing his quivering asshole: a perfect body perfectly displayed. His tight abs flex and unflex with each breath as he waits for whatever comes next. Of course, that stretched asshole will be fucked, but first Jared will make this captive squirm in pain. Using a riding crop, he beats the soles of Seth’s feet, then whips his nipples, inner thighs, ass, abs and his cock and balls. Seth yelps in agony but clearly love the pain. He’ll do anything to please this man and show his submission, anything to be fucked again – and maybe even jerked off.

Seth is tied up and on display

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SETH STARK – Young And Willing – Chapter 7

Seth is tied up and on display

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