Fun Edging Scene

By Johnny Gear

One of the first football games of the season, he decided we should go out to a sports bar with a remote electro box with a butt plug while the game started. It was difficult to order, let alone eat my burger as he kept upping the intensity while we ate. And then of course while as we’re leaving he decides to make it even more difficult for me to walk out by boosting it even more. I’m sure I had a funny limp as the tingles shot down my leg trying to walk past all these football fans out of the bar.

Incidentally I’m not much of a football fan, so Sir tends to tie me up while he’s watching a game. The gear is yummy, but I’d rather be tied up in it than watch it on TV. Since one of his housemates and I were harassing him about rarely using hoods on us, he put me in my metal neck-to-wrist stocks with a leather isolation hood. Since the electro was still going at my ass, I didn’t have much else to concentrate on besides trying to discern from the announcers when the game was over.

So that was a really horny situation. Eventually the game ends, and Sir comes over to me on the couch and unlocks my (his) cock and starts playing with it. We both enjoy edging each other a lot. Since I’ve been in chastity for so long, I get worked up pretty quick. The restraints, hood and electro plug help too, of course. A few rounds of the plug building up to almost unbearable, combined with Sir stroking my cock to near orgasm a few times, I’m really ready to shoot.

A practical aside, when Sir and I edge each other we usually warn the dom when we’re close by yelling “Stop.” Sir had gotten me to the point where I was ready to shoot no matter what, though, and I sure as hell wasn’t going to warn him I was close. Unfortunately for me, he seemed to have figured out when I was close anyway. There was this agonizing half hour where I’d get really amazingly desperately close, I could almost feel the waterworks starting up. And then Sir’s hand disappears. And he starts all over again. Sometimes he’ll hardly wait to start up again. I might’ve gotten to that amazingly desperate close place five times in a row before he’d let off for more than a few seconds.

It was probably close to a half hour that he kept me in that state. Your sense of time sort of turns off at that point. That climax over and over again, hoping the next one will be it. Sir getting me closer and closer. Maybe this time I’ll get to shoot? DAMN!

It’s pretty rare for me to have an orgasm without screaming at the top of my lungs. So when Sir finally did let me shoot, holy cow. I was probably screaming for a good minute after I had shot, the resulting fireworks were that great. Sir was confused ’cause he wasn’t touching me at all and had shut off the electro right away. He couldn’t figure out why I was still screaming. His housemates who were in other rooms at the time were all pretty impressed too.

I blog a bit about my chastity stuff too at, if you’re interested. Enjoy!


Johnny Gear


Metal would like to thank Johnny Gear for sharing the awesome true-life adventure!


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