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I Had No Idea

By BndMaster13

Let me begin this story with a simple statement, “I had no idea what I was getting myself into.” Yes, that may seem like a strange way to start but let me try and explain to you what I mean. I am (or perhaps was) a normal 19-year-old just graduating high school and trying to decide where to go with my life. I had already decided that I wanted a break before college. At least a year to get my head together. My best friend Rick and I had been in a b/d relationship for about 2 years. He was the Top as I loved to be tied up and dominated by him. Just the thought of being in bondage turned me on. The longer and tighter the better. I have a good body for bondage. I had been on the swim team for all of my high school years. This has given me a well toned but not overly muscular body. I stand 5’7″ and weigh 150lbs. Broad chest tapering down to a narrow waist. Rick tells me I have a beautiful physique. The only real body hair I have is a treasure trail that drops invitingly from my navel down to my crotch. As a swimmer I had always kept the hair on my legs and crotch trimmed so my speedos would look better. I must add here that I am amply endowed with a 8 inch cock that swells to a full 10 inches when I am turned on. My balls are large and hang low so believe me I really fill a speedo!

Rick is taller and heavier built than me. He has always been a weight lifter so he has an incredible, powerful body. He stands just over 6′ 1″ and when he looks down at me I just melt. He is a year older than me and has always been by best friend, big brother, and finally my lover and bondage Top.

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Cuffed by the TaskMaster

By Padlocked Slave

I never set out to be a long-distance captive doing humiliation tasks for a strict disciplinarian. For a whole fucking weekend no less. It just sort of happened all of a sudden. And like getting stuck in quicksand, I found after a very short while that I could not escape.

It all started in a rather unexpected way. You see, my big fetish is locking metal bondage — handcuffs especially. But anything that locks really. I’ve spent many weekend hours looking at tumblr feeds and flickr accounts featuring handcuffs and prisoners, often fantasizing of being locked inescapably in a particular set of bracelets. Along the way I joined the CuffClub, a handcuff collectors online discussion group, which is where I first encountered the guy. The site was mostly collectors and law enforcement types. But some kinky people were on there as well.

This guy had posted some pictures of a set of high-security cuffs that were unlike any I had ever seen. They had this special locking mechanism with what looked like a unique key. Sort of like a house key, but for handcuffs. I just had to message the guy about them, and he chatted me up. We seemed to hit it off, and after a while I could not believe my luck when he agreed to ship the cuffs to me so that I could try them on.

But there was a catch.

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Time Flies When You’re Having Fun

By Bondagekid94

Everything has been discussed – we are aware of limits and what each other enjoys, but I do not know the finer details of what is to come. We have only chatted online, and this will be the first time that we meet in person.

The intercom buzzes, signifying your arrival. It is early. I’m still groggy as I’ve not long woken up. All my gear and toys are laid out as requested, and I go and open the front door. No time for niceties, I am taken into my bedroom and ordered to strip.

I am ordered to put myself in my rubber, first shorts, then socks and gloves, then full catsuit. Once this is all on, it’s padlocked closed. This is followed by a gas mask and then I am led to the sleepsack, which is waiting, open, for my rubber-clad body to be sealed inside. As the zips tighten up my body and my arms slip into the internal sleeves, I am now helpless. There is no escape.

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Locked at the Beach

By LockedBob

I guess I woke up feeling really adventurous. I got this way every time I deprived myself of relief, and it had been five days since I put hand to cock. I had already decided to spend the day at the beach, but I wanted to ratchet it up a notch, so after I had eaten and showered, I fumbled around in my toy drawer until I found it. My Punisher. I loved to wear this thing, so I slipped it on before my dick got into the mood. Even as I clicked the lock in place, I could feel myself get a little aroused, and the spikes dug into my sensitive head. That quickly cooled down my excitement. I dropped the key in a bowl on top of my dresser. I would not be taking it with me. I’d be too tempted to unlock myself. That was part of the fun, being locked in my Punisher and having no way to take it off.

To make it more interesting, I decided against even wearing a bathing suit. The beach was not officially a nudist beach, but several guys went naked all the time and never were bothered by the authorities. I rummaged around for the perfect sarong, wrapped it around my trim waist, and grabbed my suntan lotion, sandals, and a large bottle of water. I was ready to head out for a day of sun, swim and frustration. I took a final glance in the full length mirror. My hours of working out in the gym were really showing. I could turn a few heads when I displayed my body, and I did really enjoy showing off.

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Caged at The Leather Man

By Jamie

A good friend Gary and I made a pilgrimage to New York City back in December of 1993. I was showing him the sights on Christopher St and we ended up at The Leather Man. On prominent display was a heavy steel dog cage in the middle of the store. I was showing this cage to Gary when I heard a voice behind me, “Do you like that?”

“Oh yes, it is very impressive.” I replied.

In an authoritative voice I was commanded, “Get in!”

I did.

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Group Torture Trap

By Jamie and Dean

When Jamie arrives he is to sign the contract within 5 minutes of arriving.

As soon as he has finished signing the contract he must be picked up and put face down on the bondage table. Ensure he is in the correct position. Place his neck in the neck stock and padlock closed. Now fasten his wrists to each leg of the table using the padded metal manacles that are bolted to the front two legs, and padlock securely closed. Then place his ankles in the stocks bolted to the end of the bondage table, and padlock closed. You must now start to strap his legs, arms and body securely down to the table using the metal straps and secure each one with a padlock.

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A Visit to Serious Male Bondage

By Mikey

They freed me from the neoprene sack, after struggling so much, I was covered in sweat and drool from the gag, but very happy and turned on. Mark had set up a standing metal cage in the corner closet, so Dalton grabbed a Mr. S leather straightjacket, and they put me in it, wearing nothing by my Wescos. Daddy Tony strapped it up nice and tight too, making sure the sleeve buckles went underneath the loops on the side of the jacket, and cinching up the strap on the forearms nice and tight!

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Pleasing Sir

By Silkshirt

Here is a story that I started but never finished. I thought you might like to read it or pass it on to one of your writers to add or alter as he wishes.

I could barely see his outline, as I stared out into the darkness. Feeling the rope that held my arms tightly, cut into my wrist, behind the chair that I had been placed on.

“Time to get that collar on you, lad,” I heard him say, as the shadow moved behind the chair. I feel the coldness of the brass collar stud against my neck as he placed them front and back into the shirt tunic he had forced me into earlier. “I’ve gotten for you a stunner today lad, lets get ya in it boy, where you belong.”

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