Getting Tied Up by the Best

By Bind

I discovered a man near San Francisco who is known on Recon as Ropetopsfbay. He had fantastic pictures of men whom he had tied up.  The rope work was not just secure looking, but very attractive on the men he tied up.  He taught ropes classes, was published, and had given many demonstrations of his work with men in San Francisco.  The minute that I saw his work, I wanted to be tied up by him.

Someone told me that his rope work on men was the most skilled in the world.  It was certainly the most beautiful rope work I had ever seen.  I contacted him and asked if he would consider tying me up.  After some discussion, he agreed to do it on my next trip to the Bay area.

I arrived at his house a few minutes before noon.  He was very gracious and we sat in his immaculately clean family room and talked about things for over an hour.  John was a handsome man of average build, with an attractive face.  We chatted about what life is like being “gay,” what my feelings were about bondage, and negotiated the consensual scene we were about to do together.  I felt at ease and fully trusted him because of his reputation.  Then we laid down some foam mat tiles that interlocked together.  He had me strip and put on a jock strap.  It was now time for me to submit to his rope.  As I stood on the mat, I crossed my hands behind my back and he started to tie them together.  Then he wrapped the rope around my upper body.  The cool smooth rope felt good against my bare skin.  It was not very snug at that point.  Then he started to tie rope around my arms above and below my elbows.  The rope became snug.  As he wrapped my arms from the back, he would stop periodically to check how it looked from the front.  Sometimes he would move sections of rope only a fraction of an inch.  He measured with his fingers to make it all look symmetrical. I could see that he was a perfectionist with his work.  I was impressed at how he took such pains and the time to make sure that everything was done to his exceptional standards.  Pressure against my body was increased as additional rope was applied to my upper body and wrapped around my arms.  My freedom of movement was slowly taken away with each wrap and loop of the rope.  There was a wonderful feeling of pressure against my body.  Rope was tied over my shoulders, between my crotch, and around my upper body until my wrists and arms were secured against any movement.  I could not pull my crossed bound wrists apart because I could not pull my bent elbows out and away from my body.

Bind captured by Ropetopsfbay 01He stopped and went into the kitchen to get a ball gag.  He put the plastic ball into my mouth and buckled the attached leather strap behind my head.  As soon as he put the gag in my mouth I tasted something that seemed salty to me.  I stood there for a while and tried not to touch my tongue to the ball.  He had obviously put something spicy on the ball to torment me.  Soon drool was dripping out of my mouth onto the mat.  After a while he took out the gag.  I asked him what he put on the ball that made it spicy.  He said that it was just a plastic ball with nothing on it.  I didn’t say any more about it, but I did not believe that he didn’t put something on, or in the ball.  Next he made a knot in a piece of cloth and gagged me with that.  I could have spit it out with a little bit of effort, but did not even try.  I knew that part of being dominated was total submission by me, the subordinate.    After the cloth gag was secure, he took a second cloth and blindfolded me.  I could see a little bit through the bottom part of the blindfold so I closed my eyes so that I could not see.  Once again, I was with him to be dominated, and I wanted to follow proper protocol and not cheat by peeking when it was his intention for me to not see.   While blindfolded, he led me to the sofa and had me sit back on it.  It was not very comfortable to lean back against my arms.  It amused him that it did not look comfortable.  He took a few pictures, and then left for a while.  I could hear him going down the hall into another room.  Later I heard him come back and do some things in the Kitchen.

Bind captured by Ropetopsfbay 02Ropetopsfbay came back into the room and helped me down to the floor.  I lay on my stomach, hands bound behind my back as he proceeded to tie my legs and ankles together. He bent my legs behind me towards my bound hands and put me into a hog tie.  The feeling was wonderful.  I felt so helplessly bound.  He told me to struggle and try and get out of it.  I struggled in my bondage for a while with full enjoyment of being captured.  Then I started to really try and escape.  I could feel three knots near my hands.  I had been instructed to try and escape, so I tried my best.  I was able to untie the first knot quite easily.  The second one was a little harder, but in a few minutes I had it untied.  However, I didn’t feel anything loosen on me.  He came into the room and saw that I had untied the two knots.  He immediately took the untied ends of the ropes and re tied them out of reach.  He also added a rope to my legs and cinched my legs down tighter.  Then he told me to try and escape again.  I felt around with my fingers and found the third knot.  I tried to get it untied, but while trying I got a cramp in my hand as well as one in my leg.  I stopped and rested until the cramps went away, and then went back to work.  After a while I managed to get the rope untied.  As soon as it was untied, he came and retied it out of my reach.  Then he added rope around my hands and fingers for even further restriction and told me to get out of that.  I realized that whatever I did to escape would only be met with more restrictive bondage.  He would not allow me to get free.

Bind captured by Ropetopsfbay 03The thought of this was very exciting for me. As I struggled, he reminded me from time to time of the fact that I was his prisoner and there was nothing that I could do about it.  I managed to get the rope off my fingers.  But that was all that I could do.  Escape was impossible.  As soon as I got the rope off of my fingers, he took a rice paddle and paddled my bottom.  He also added another cloth blindfold on top of the other one.  I was being punished for an escape attempt that I was instructed to make.  Wow, what a trip!  I loved every minute of my captivity.  He was an expert and knew exactly what would turn me on.  He started to “edge” me.  He would get me right to the point where I thought that I would “cum” then he would stop, only to repeat again.  It drove me crazy!  Then he started on me again and told me that if I “came” he would not let me free, but keep me tied up until 5:00 P.M., which was another ninety minutes away.  I could not stop him from controlling me.  I was totally helpless.  No matter how much I tried not to, he made it happen.  The feeling of release was very intense as he completely controlled me and I “came”.

Bind captured by Ropetopsfbay 04True to his word, he left me tied up.  I was happy to stay bound.  I felt a wonderful feeling of relaxation as I accepted my bondage and just laid there on my stomach in the hog tie.  I could feel myself drift off a little bit from time to time, and then a little bit before 5:00 P.M. he started to untie the ropes.  I noticed that he untied the hands last in order to keep me imprisoned for the maximum period of time.  We cleaned up and I thanked him for letting me experience his work.  As I left, I could only hope that our paths would cross again.  I also hoped that he had enjoyed putting me into bondage.  I knew that he had gone to a lot of work to fulfill a dream of mine.


5 thoughts on “Getting Tied Up by the Best”

  1. Bind’s story brings back memories. I took a rope tying class from ropetopsfbay in S.F. He’s really a very nice gentleman. He’s also on many other sites than just recon.

    Prior to attending the class I had asked the ropetop guy in London who in the U.S. was the best, and he told me ropetopsfbay was.

    Also, when bind talks about untying the rope, keep in mind that bind used to be a professional escape artist, with his own show which played in a number of locations.

    And finally, the day that ropetopsfbay tied bind up was the day I had mumman mummify me in 200 feet of chain. Half way through, bind showed up at seriousbondage, having just been released by ropetopsfbay. He then helped mumman finish the chain mummification of me.

  2. Great story…great rope experience…give me the rope man’s e-mail so I can contact him before I head for frisco.

  3. Thank you so much for sharing this. John and I have corresponded but I have not yet had the chance for him to tie me up. I’ve always been fascinated by what the experience must be like and you wrote about it so well. Nicely done.

  4. I enjoyed reading this. I too have been in touch with John but not yet realized the dream of having him tie and gag me.

    I’m curious about what happened after he replaced your gag the first time. You don’t say whether he changed it again to something more effective. By what means did John keep you gagged until 5pm? It is difficult to tell from the pictures.

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