Happened Last Night

By Erik of Roids and Rants

I enter the apartment. The bathroom is right next to the entrance like they told me, and after shedding my shoes and overcoat I enter the bathroom and strip. I was told to bring my Slick It Up hood with me, the tight black one with only a hole for the mouth, and once I’m naked I pull it on. The last thing I see is myself in the whole-length mirror, my dick already swaying hard, face a little anxious but excited.

I let myself out of the bathroom, making some noise so that they know I’m ready. Within seconds, I hear footsteps. There are two of them. All I know is that they work out, abuse steroids, and have big dicks. Hands grip my arms and lead me deeper into the apartment. Bodies brush lightly against mine, to let me know that the photos they sent me were truthful. Then one of them is standing behind me, pressing his muscular body against my back, his big hard dick pushing in between my glutes and forcing them apart until I feel the back of his hard-on thrust against my twitching hole. He wraps his arms around me and his fingers find my nipples just as his boyfriend drops on his knees in front of me and a hot wet mouth starts sucking my dick. A moment later he’s already deep-throating me, there are fingertips caressing my balls, and his boyfriend keeps playing with my nips and massaging my hole with the wide hard back of his cock. They are so good at this that if they don’t slow down I’m going to shoot my load in thirty seconds.

Erik of Roids N RantsThey’re on top of the situation, however, and gradually slow down when I start getting too close to coming. The one sucking my dick stands up, and tells his boyfriend it’s time to get me into the bedroom and roped up. They walk me into the other room, slowly, as the hood keeps me totally blinded, and position me on top of the large bed. They start with my wrists: leather restraints are fastened around them, my arms are stretched out like I’m some kind of fetish Jesus, and ropes are tied to the bedposts. There’s no turning back now; they’ve got me.

The mattress shifts under someone’s weight, and I feel him kneel astride over my head. The hard smooth knob of his dickhead first presses against my lips and then forces its way deeper into the mouth hole of the hood. His dick is so big I have hard time getting it into my mouth; my jaw is stretched to the limit, and slowly he pushes the hard shaft deeper and deeper until it chokes me. For a moment, he enjoys my vain struggle to dislodge his hard cock from my mouth, and then he withdraws just enough to allow me to breathe. They lift my legs, jack-knifing them, and the one on top of me locks them under his arms. Fingers wrap around my hard-on, to direct it into someone’s mouth, and I realize it’s the one on top of me sucking my dick when I feel the wet tongue of his boyfriend lapping at my hole. Soon the boyfriend changes tack and the squirming tip of his tongue starts pushing into my throbbing hole while the one on top keeps sucking me and forcing me to do the same to him.

When the tight hold is finally released, I hear them chuckle. They tell me that there’s been a change of plans. The top was supposed to fuck me while I’m topping the versatile one, but I’m told that once they saw my “big bull cock,” as they call it, they decided that they were both going to use me as a live dildo instead. They’re going to tie up my ankles, too, and while I’m lying spread-eagled and totally immobilized in the bed, they will take turns riding my hard-on.

They proceed to fasten leather restraints around my ankles, and the ropes are tightened to a point where I’m almost in a Medieval torture rack; the smallest movement has become impossible. I can only gasp when I feel two mouths starting to suck my cock at the same time. Every now and then one of them moves down to lick my balls while the other one keeps sucking me, and then they’re both licking and sucking my cock together. A lubed finger squirms its way into my hole, and starts rubbing my prostate. At that point, I’m making so much noise that the neighbors must be well aware what’s going on in here.

When they’ve almost made me blow my load several times, they move and the bed shifts under their weight. Someone is straddling me. A hand grips my shaft and points it upwards, and a moment later I feel the soft touch of someone’s asshole touching my dickhead, and then gradually swallowing it. The tight greased chute slides down along my shaft, engulfing it with heat. When the man has taken all of my cock he stays still for a moment and then starts the ride. Almost immediately I have to tell him to slow down; I’m so turned on that I’m risking shooting my load after only a few thrusts. He obeys, and the pleasure is so intense it’s almost like torture. I can’t help moaning out loud again and writhing like mad in the tight bondage, but I can’t get away. Slowly, he rides my cock, and when I feel someone caressing my tightened balls I go crazy, I try to pull myself free from the leather restraints, but of course I can’t. The man riding my cock slows down even more, to keep me from shooting before his boyfriend has had his share. Finally, he’s gone, but the other one immediately takes his place and the torture continues.

They trade places several times. Then, one of them can’t hold back any longer, and with a loud groan he lets go and I feel his thick hot cum splatter all over my chest. Once he’s done, it’s his boyfriend’s turn and I get another dose of hot cum on my stomach and chest. They recover only for a moment before two mouths are back at sucking my cock, and there are hands all over my body, massaging my muscles, slick with cum, and teasing my balls. They take me over the edge in just seconds; another load of cum spurts on my abs and pecs. The neighbors must be contemplating calling the police by now.

When I can walk again, they lead me back into the bathroom. After a quick shower, I pull on my clothes and leave the apartment. They’ve told me that they see me around town every now and then; but they didn’t even tell me where. I’m left wondering if they meant clubs, or my gym. They told me I’ll never know.


Just so that you know, condoms were used. There’s just no way of making them sexy either in print or film.




Metalbond would like to thank Erik of ROIDS AND RANTS for this story, which is used with the permission of this hot man. 


Roids N Rants

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