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Happened Last Night (January 2013)

By Erik of Roids N Rants

The shiny black Slick It Up hood is stretched tight around my head, muffling every sound. There are no eye holes, only a hole for my mouth, and I’m totally blind and helpless as I’m being guided deeper into the apartment. Disoriented, I have no idea where I stand, and suddenly I’m seized by too many hands to count and held in place as my arms are pulled behind my back and a rope is tied around my wrists. There is no going back now.

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Happened Last Night

By Erik of Roids and Rants

I enter the apartment. The bathroom is right next to the entrance like they told me, and after shedding my shoes and overcoat I enter the bathroom and strip. I was told to bring my Slick It Up hood with me, the tight black one with only a hole for the mouth, and once I’m naked I pull it on. The last thing I see is myself in the whole-length mirror, my dick already swaying hard, face a little anxious but excited.

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