Hide and Seek – Part 2

By Cutieboy90

Cutieboy90 gay bondage storiesI took my time sneaking down the halls, up the stairs, and towards the kitchen, for I’d be damned if I got caught now. I wouldn’t normally take the risk, but after what just went down in basement, I needed some air to process what was going on.

Tyler was straight. Yet he let me, a gay guy who had a huge crush on him, show off for him, tie him up, and jerk him off. It was Tyler who sought me out in a confined space knowing we’d be there for a good amount of time. Tyler was gorgeous, of course, and didn’t seem to have much more than air between his ears. He couldn’t be toying with me. He wasn’t smart enough, and he wouldn’t be that cruel…

I tiptoed around the corner into the kitchen. I carefully took several pieces of fruit, berries, a few bagels, rolls, and some bottles of sparkling juice, and put them in my messenger bag. No, I thought as I looked around the kitchen, Tyler wasn’t playing me. He was just a stupid, horny young man. Unfortunately for him I wasn’t playing either, and he was completely at my mercy. So my record hiding time was seven hours and thirty-five minutes. But… I eyed the spray cans of whipped cream, and grinned to myself. I could easily smash that record playing with a hot, submissive straight boy like Tyler, and enjoy every second. Maybe even ten hours? I slipped two cans of whipped cream into my bag, and closed the door to the fridge. Time to go back and have some real fun!

Suddenly, I heard the padding of footsteps coming down the hall. Damn! I swiftly ducked into the wine cellar. No one hid there, because it was too obvious. I crouched behind the barrels by the door.

“Oh, thank god! I’m starving!! Give me food!!!”

“Shhhuut uuup!! They’ll hear us!” Aha, the voices of Kevin and Lars reached my ears. From the tone of their voices, and clumsy quietness of their movements, I concluded they had not been found yet. Kevin traditionally got caught during an attempted food run. He was a pleasant guy, big-boned, though not fat. He had blue eyes, and shaggy light brown hair that he kept tousled. Despite his handsome looks, he had a tendency to be a klutz.

Lars, on the other hand, was a slight little thing. He was very cute, with long dark hair. He’d always been trendy and looked like a flamer, but was actually rather shy and mellow. We’d been friends for longer than anyone else.

I heard the sounds of Kevin stuffing his face, trying to be quiet, but not quite succeeding. I shook my head, stealth was not one of his strengths. Lars whispered to him.

“Stop making so much noise! You sound like an army!”

“I’m starving, Lars! I’ve been hiding for four hours, and I didn’t have lunch earlier!”

“That’s no reason to blow our hiding spot because you have to eat like-”

“A pig? Oink, look an apple! I’ll eat this in one juicy bite!” Crunch! “Mmmmm, Lars it’s so good! You could use some too, you’re so tiny and winter is just-”

“Shut up!” Lars’s voice tensed. “We’re not alone…” Kevin’s smacking stopped, and their movements disappeared from my ears. For several moments, there was only silence. Finally Kevin cracked: “I’m sorry, it’s because I’m-”

“Silence!” Lars hissed. “It’s fine… Ok, Tyler. Where are you? I know you’re in here. Somewhere… If you jump on us, I will slap you. Now get out!”

I sighed to myself, and stood up from among the barrels. Lars was standing not three feet away, but started when I revealed myself. “Alec?” He greeted me with a hug, though he looked confused.

“Yep.” I replied. He looked at me curiously.

“Is Tyler back here somewhere?” He looked around again. I suddenly realised that Tyler’s cologne was all over me. I shook my head.

“Oh no, that idiot was hiding with me earlier. You know how Old Spice tends to overpower.” I tried hard not to blush. Kevin perked up though.

“Oh, lucky you! He’s hot. If I was stuck hiding with a guy like that, I’d just stay right there! To hell with the hide and seek game!”

Lars shook his head. “You would, Kevin. Only you.”

We laughed. Lars mentioned that only two people had been found so far. It seemed that Eric wasn’t even trying. Or perhaps he was waiting everyone out so he could just relax or revel in the knowledge that everyone was going to hide and be all paranoid while he just took a nap, jacked off, or watched some TV.

“But even so, we should get going before someone else hears this commotion.” Lars said, rolling his eyes toward Kevin. “Good luck! Though, you’ll be fine as always!” Lars sniffed towards me again, and gave an odd look. The three of us hugged again, and we left the kitchen one at a time. I watched Lars gracefully slink away up the stairs, while Kevin tiptoed toward the library. I made my way back down to the basement.

I climbed through the hatch, the muffled grunts of a hogtied and gagged jock greeted my arrival better than any trumpet fanfare for a king. I smirked as I approached him. Tyler tried to look defiant, but his rapidly returning boner undermined his attempts.

“Hey boy,” I ruffled his head. “You hungry?” He nodded eagerly.

“Yeah, puppy, me too.” I took out each of my findings, placing them on a clean napkin. I started to help myself to the meal. Tyler started whining again. I looked over at him, feigning surprise. “Oh, the boy wants some attention? Alright, I guess I was gone for a long time..”

I rolled Tyler onto his side, and absentmindedly stroked his belly and hard cock while I continued to eat. I felt his gaze on me as I ignored his whimpers. I knew he was hungry.

I took one of the cans of whipped cream, and sprayed rosettes on Tyler’s nipples, down his belly, and around his throbbing cock. I arranged the various berries on his body too, until he looked like a fancy bakery good.

“Such a good boy!” I said, licking my lips. “Staying still for all that time. I’ll give you a treat for that too…” I started licking the cream off. I took my time around the stud’s underarms, sides, and belly, discovering he was ticklish. Tyler jumped the first time I licked his side.

“Ah-ah! Keep still like the good boy you are!” I warned. He did his best. I sucked up the strawberries, and made my way back to his cock. I licked up the shaft, tasting pre as much as I tasted cream and berries. I reached over with my hand, and tickled his balls while I sucked on the tip. The moan that escaped his well-gagged mouth was just as delicious as any pastry could be. Tyler bucked as I lightly stroked his nuts, and a spurt of pre on my tongue confirmed I’d found a sweet spot.

I knew I could tease him until he shot another load, but I decided that it could wait. I sucked the remaining whipped cream out of his light chest hair, and turned him onto his belly. I untied the socks around his mouth, and pulled his cum-soaked, now spit-soaked briefs out of his mouth. He sputtered a little bit, and worked his jaw. I gently held his mouth, and massaged his mouth and jaw until he finally spoke.

“Please, Sir… I’m very hungry…” He whispered. I smiled, and kissed his forehead.

“Yes, I know. You’ve been such a good boy. What would you like?” I gestured toward the layed-out food. Tyler looked thoughtful for a minute.

“The boy would like a bagel, and an orange. And some juice, please Sir?”

I placed the bagel in front of Tyler’s mouth, and let him figure out how to eat it with his limbs all tied behind him. I decided that the orange would wait, but I did uncork the bottle of sparkling grape juice. I’d have to help him with that, so as not to make too much of a mess.

After Tyler had eaten and had a few sips of juice, he looked expectantly at the orange. Before he said anything, I petted his head, and explained:

“You can have the orange later, boy. But right now, I want you to try something else…” I grabbed the banana instead, and unpeeled it. Tyler’s eyes went wide. “Now I think you know how this is going to work, but I’m going to explain anyway. You’re going to practice your oral service on this banana. No eating the banana! No biting, either. Understood?”

Tyler nodded, and eagerly started sucking on the banana, licking it generously, and taking it into his throat. He gagged a few times, but seemed to take a decent pace, slowly working it deeper.

Once I was satisfied with his progress, I sprayed some more whipped cream onto his neglected-looking toes. I licked along the sole of his foot, forcing him to laugh out. I patted his shoulder firmly, and growled. Tyler obediently went back to the banana, and focussed on not squirming while I tickled his feet with my tongue.

I let myself lose track of the time with my tongue deep in Tyler’s cute toes. He’d occasionally squeal or try to jerk his toes away, but I tuned him out after a while. Everything about this guy was just perfect.

I watched Tyler’s progress with the banana, and soon deemed him ready for something better… I whistled, and beckoned for him to turn towards me. He struggled, but eventually managed to squirm his way over. “Good boy!” I patted his head. I pulled my hard throbbing dick out of my pants, and let him look at it. He only stared at the tip, watching it sway slightly, as if in a trance. “Good dog, waiting for the treat so patiently!” He moaned quietly, a blush creeping over his nose. “It’s ok, boy. You can look.” His eyes slowly traveled the length of my cock, all seven point five inches, down to my balls, and back up to the tip. He licked his lips as he watched a bead of pre drip down my shaft.

“Go on, boy! You can have the big, juicy bone.” Tyler did not hesitate, he lunged forward, his mouth opened wide, and began to give me a (very nice, if slobbery) blow job. I moaned as his tight throat squeezed around my head. Tyler was no expert, but he had trained well on that banana. Stupid horny straight boy.

While Tyler was preoccupied with sucking my dick, I quietly fished my phone out of my pocket. I snapped a few pics of Tyler’s handsome face drooling over my boner. Just to remind myself of all this later, I told myself. I also got a few shots of his hogtied body. I loved the way his back was arched, and how awkward the position was for him. Hogties always make a hot guy look even hotter. But something was still missing.

I took the banana Tyler had been sucking on, and after replacing the peel, I slowly began to push it up his butt. He gasped around my cock as the banana penetrated his tight hole, and moaned as I held his mouth and pushed the makeshift dildo in farther. His back was arched, and though clearly he wasn’t expecting anything to go up his ass, he didn’t resist. He kept his legs as far apart as his restraints allowed, and he relaxed as best he could. I hooked the banana so it curved against his prostate, and filled his tight hetero butt. Once I secured the end of the fruit so it couldn’t be pushed out, I stroked Tyler’s soft hair.

“Good boy. You didn’t stop sucking on your master’s bone. Now you get a bone for both ends to suck on.”

He moaned. I smiled to myself, and took a few more pics of the jock’s stuffed rear, and even a few selfies with his face in my crotch. I put the phone down, and let myself enjoy the blowjob my crush was giving me. He definitely sucked cock like a whore, sloppily, with lots of slurping, and tongue action. I wasn’t planning on cumming down his throat, though I was tempted. I liked making him edge me with his warm wet mouth…

Click! The sound was very quiet, but unmistakable. I suddenly became aware of someone else’s presence. Click! Click! Tyler perked up too, and he began to struggle, trying to pull off my cock. I held him fast though, as I caught the scent of Lars’s cologne.

“Hi Lars!” I called into the darkness. “I know you’re here. Come on over, I’m willing to share…”

Lars emerged from behind the pipes, a curious smile on his face. His long dark hair giving him a mysterious look as he stepped into the light. He knelt down, and ran his hand over Tyler’s shoulder.

“I knew it.” Lars boasted as he groped the helpless and still squirming captive. “I knew I smelled jizz on you.” I could see Tyler blushing with embarrassment and shame. He really wanted to sink through the floor.

“I know,” I replied to Lars, as I pushed my cock down Tyler’s throat. “I knew you knew. But really, you should delete those pictures…”

Lars shook his head. “You kidding? Two hot guys going at it in a dark forgotten basement? This is better than porn! I actually…” He got his phone out again. “I think I’ll just take video.”

Tyler really started squirming. I slapped his butt. “Down boy. We’re going to make you a star!” I knew Lars wouldn’t share the pics or video with anyone, but the reaction it was getting out of Tyler was worth the little charade.

“Seriously, Lars, you sure you don’t want a go with this bitch? I’ve trained him well.”

Lars shook his head. “No, it’s fine. I’m not so into skinny jock types… Besides, I’m happy just watching.” He popped the cork on another bottle of sparkling juice. “Too bad Kevin isn’t here. He’d love this. But I’m not going to miss a second of this just to go track him down. Farts aren’t as easy to track as cum…” He reached under Tyler and gave his cock a squeeze. Lars retracted his hand immediately, like he’d been stung by a bee.

“Alec, you know your pet here is about to blow a load? Your ‘straight’ slut here is getting off on this humiliation!”

“Really?” I asked in feigned surprise, looking into Tyler’s lust-filled eyes. He nodded slightly. “Awwww…” I looked over at Lars, and gave him a subtle nod. He winked, and reclined, resting his weight on Tyler’s hips, forcing him down so he couldn’t hump the floor.

“No cumming, not yet.” He informed him. The frustrated sub moaned pleadingly. He just sucked me harder, more enthusiastically, hoping to earn his own release.

I smirked.

I heard my phone timer beep, signalling the seven hour mark. Despite his initial hesitations, Lars had warmed up a little, and was tormenting our captive with tickles. He even fucked him with the empty bottle. Tyler’s mouth remained stuffed with my cock the entire time.

Finally, I told Tyler he could shoot his load if he could get me off in five minutes. He started sucking and deep throating with renewed vigor, Lars shoving the bottle in as far as it could go. I felt myself getting close. Hell, I’d been close most of the previous two hours, but I wanted to hold on. Tyler’s wet, sloppy mouth and tight throat won out after two minutes, and I rewarded his effort with a big thick load. I felt as though I’d never stop shooting. As Tyler gulped down the contents of my balls, Lars reached down to stroke his aching cock. He’d barely touched the head, when Tyler let out a muffled groan, and shot another big load onto the floor. He collapsed into the puddle of his fresh sticky cum, panting, and sweating lightly.

Lars and I both started taking pics of the hogtied, spent male. He didn’t say anything, he just lay there, panting, with a goofy post-orgasm smile on his face. His dick was still hard. Once he caught his breath, I shoved the orange in his mouth, and secured it with the same cum and spit soaked briefs I had him gagged with earlier. We sat for a few moments, contemplating what to do next. We were approaching the eighth hour, the longest hiding time to date. We’d done it!

Lars’s eyes sparked. “Alec, I have an idea…”

We’d let Tyler win the hide and seek game this time, but there were conditions. We’d string him up naked in the broom closet on the second floor, covered in cum, the bottle shoved up his ass, and his hard dick exposed. When he was found, he’d decree that he would share the master bedroom with me, Lars, and Kevin. He’d be our pet for the entire vacation. If at any point he tries to get out of the arrangement, we’d post the pictures. I nodded at Lars, and we smirked down at our new slave-pup. Best vacation ever!


The End

Thanks to Cutieboy90 for sending this hot story!

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