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Seeing It Through – Part 05

By Cutieboy90

Twelve months…

Stefan couldn’t sleep. The contest was just hours away, and his entry wasn’t finished! He frantically worked through the night placing decals, attaching railings and benches, and tying off the rigging.

At 6 a.m., Stefan gave the model a final spray of clear coat and sat down with a sigh.

“Finished… The fucker…” Stefan held his caged dick in his hands and closed his eyes for a minute…


Stefan awoke with a jump as Tyler shouted him from sleep.

“WAKE UP!” Tyler activated the butt plug. Its powerful vibrations shook the last remnants of sleepiness from Stefan’s mind.

“Okay, I’m up. I’m good.” Stefan showed his hands. Tyler turned the vibrations down to low.

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Seeing It Through – Part 04

By Cutieboy90

Nine months…

Stefan sat paralyzed with frustration at his workbench. Progress on the model had been good the last few weeks, or so he had thought. Each day he’d come back to the workbench and find things wrong.

Step 15 took forever because he had to fill several gaps in the roof of the officer’s quarters. Especially the area around the wheelhouse, where almost nothing lined up, he’d had to fill the seams with strips of plastic and refinish the bulkheads.

In step 22, the deck under the platform of the third funnel was uneven, causing the funnel to be crooked. He had to refile the edges of the deckhouse twice before it sat straight.

And now, he was repainting several bulkheads that he originally thought wouldn’t be visible when the model was completed.

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Seeing It Through – Part 03

By Cutieboy90

Six months…

Tyler tapped his chin ponderously.

“Is this it, then?” He asked after several tense minutes of silence. “In three months, all you’ve done is one half of the promenade deck?”

Stefan bit his lip.

“The contest is still another six months away, you have the time. I just wonder if you have the focus. Or if it’s being split and spent elsewhere…”

Stefan cleared his throat nervously. “Well… Yeah sort of. It’s just that. Uhmmm…”


“The uh, window frames… They…” Stefan broke a sweat. “Take a lot of time. And uh… I dunno, kinda spending a lot of time…” He trailed off, turning away from the desk to hide his blush.

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Seeing It Through – Part 02

By Cutieboy90

Three months…

Three. Whole. Months.

That’s how long Stefan’s poor cock had been locked away for. And he was really feeling it as he sat down at his workbench after a long day. He took a moment to look over his progress so far: the hull was complete, the lower decks had been installed, most of the rest of the subassemblies had been dryfit, sanded, and several pieces had even been primed for painting.

The next step was to begin the superdetail. Nine sheets of thin photoetched brass, containing fine representations of vent grills, ladders, benches, deck chairs, pulleys, ratlines, stairs, window frames, and even the steering wheel. Additionally, there was a kit containing the masts, bells, and a sheet to make the crow’s nest. And at last, a small plastic bag with the ship’s three propellers, each cast in solid brass. Stefan could feel their weight in his palm.

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Seeing It Through – Part 01

By Cutieboy90

“Hmm…” Tyler mused as he inspected Stefan’s latest project, a 1/72 Airfix Spitfire. “Not bad, Stef.” He pulled out a pair of magnifiers and a small flashlight.

Stefan bit his lip in nervous anticipation. He knew he’d done it, but he still needed to hear it. He reached down and fondled the lock of his chastity cage. His balls ached. “Not much longer, guys…” Stefan thought to himself. He quietly watched as Tyler finished his inspection.

“Good job.” Tyler smiled. “I think… You’ve got a winner!”

Stefan beamed, his chest swelled with pride and relief. He looked down at his Spitfire. He’d have to make space for it on the shelf, but for now…

Tyler placed his arm around Stefan’s shoulders, gently caressing his pecs. Stefan moaned as his cock tried to harden in its tight steel cage.

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Ready Babe?

By Cutieboy90

It was the Pride dance and karaoke night at my favorite bar, and I had just ordered my second drink. I was standing by the dance floor, when a cute twink was pushed into me. Luckily for my suit, both of our drinks ended up splashing on him. We immediately fell in love, even before the apologies began. He said his name was Ben. He was a punk, rather slim, wearing mostly dark clothes, spiky dog collar, and sporting a faux-hawk. Not my usual kind of guy, but there are always exceptions. He liked my clean-cut look, my buff chest and arms, and how I was about three inches taller. He fit in my arms perfectly, like a puzzle piece. We’ve been dating since. He had once mentioned that he had never been tied up. I had casually responded that I would have to change that. He laughed, and said “Maybe.”

Well, we’d been dating for two months, he still hadn’t been tied up, and we still hadn’t had sex. So I decided to plan the first time for both.

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Off the Field

By Cutieboy90

Derek huffed impatiently at the door. He could hear the party continuing outside as if nothing was amiss. His body was suddenly pushed backwards.


Fuck. Derek glared at the ceiling, still trying to avoid reality. Or at least, cherry pick parts of it…

“Ffrrry…” A soft, meek whimper shattered Derek’s denial. He rolled his eyes and tried to give his fellow prisoner a reassuring, forgiving look. Sure, it wasn’t Andy’s fault for losing his balance. But it was his fault for reminding Derek of their situation.

The situation was that Derek, the star quarterback of the college football team, was tied up in a closet, face-to-face with the towel boy! They’d both been stripped of their shirts, hands and feet taped, and were gagged together with a double duty gag. It was a wide leather strap that forced a fake dick into their mouths, made them drool, and the only thing that kept them from kissing was the leather strap that held the peckers.

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At Last

By Cutieboy90

“Oh fuck!” I’d finally hilted. I bite my lip, fighting the urge to make this pleasure quick. My cock throbs its frustration, squeezed into the silky softness of his tight ass.

I smile down at him, giving slow rolling thrusts as we acclimate to the tight fit we are. Kissing the sweat from his forehead, I caress his shoulder with one hand as I pant in heat. I feel his cock hard rubbing against my abs. His eyes tell me he’s ready for the ride I promised. I give his sweet mouth a sensual kiss, muffling his moans with my tongue as I pick up the pace.

It’s like the feeling you get as the roller coaster reaches the top of the track, or the airplane starts to take off. The anticipation is almost more exciting because you know exactly what’s about to happen, but you’re not there yet. Then you get faster and faster until you outrace time itself, even if for a moment.

Faster and faster, my heart pounds. Harder and harder, my cock drives. I break our kiss, only to growl in pleasure.

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