I Sighed

Author unkown

I sighed, and kept waiting. What else could i do? I was in my sleep sack and to make sure I moved as little as possible, master added several belts over it. I sighed again, the gasmask with rebreather balloon makes it hard on you after a while. I felt a droplet of water falling down on my face, it must be at least an hour I was in this state. Master said He had a surprise for me when he’d be back. Dunno when that’ll be. I was intrigued… a surprise… Once he locked me up in cage for 3 days, I didn’t like that surprise. Another time we went to a good restaurant and had a superb meal with really good wine. I liked that surprise a lot.

I heard Masters steps coming down the stairs but all I could was wait. He opened the middle zipper of the bag and took my chastity cage and playfully tugged it. “Do I have a surprise for you boy.” I heard a keychain, Master was looking for the key. I so hoped I would be allowed to cum, it was at least a month since I had an orgasm and missed the feeling deeply. But i know very well i am only allowed to cum if i do everything according to Masters wishes. More rattling from keys, and suddenly the cage was opened. My dick sprang immediately to attention. The feeling was great,  the cage is not painful in any way, it just made sure I could not get hard. But still, my dick getting erect was a long time ago and I was so happy. I heard some more rattling and suddenly something cold trapped my balls. It seems Master has a new electroboard. The board squized my balls a little, but it didn’t crush them. The familiar beep of the e-stim device announced the coming of pain or pleasure depending on Masters willing.

A pleasant tingling sensation was rushing through my balls. Master knows I like electro. Was this my surprise? The sensation in balls was getting more intense, it felt so good. Wave after wave was going through my balls, my dick was getting harder and harder. I tried to move my hips to intensify the feeling but the straps made sure I remained still. I moaned a little. I heard the squeezing of a bottle and suddenly master starting stroking my dick. He knows all my weak spots and soon I moaned harder. Master stopped. Suddenly the electro was amped up. The feeling was no longer pleasant, but became painful. Every wave was just a tad more intense than the previous. The moaning was soon no longer for pleasure but in pain.  Master started to stroke my dick again the moment I released my first deep breath of pain. “Here’s the surprise boy. You can cum if you can take the pain. I’ll milk you to help you, you have been a good boy lately.” But the next wave of electro rushed through my balls and all I could do was yelp in pain. Master kept his hand on my dick and milked it hard. But the pain was getting intense. The e-stim made the waves come faster, but still every wave was more painful. I was getting out of breath: the gasmask and rebreather in combination with my shallow breaths because of the pain made my head a little faint. Soon I couldn’t take the electro without screaming in agony. Master just kept milking me, but all I could do was yelling in pain every wave that ran through my balls.” You want it to stop boy?”

Another wave hit my balls, it hurt so bad all I could do was yell “Yes Master, please make it stop!” There was no next wave, but master kept milking me. It felt so good the electro stopped, but I was afraid what master would say now that I didn’t cum when I had the chance.“Boy, you had your chance, I’m gonna milk you for 5 more minutes and if you dare to cum, I’ll use this.” I heard the ta-ta-ta-ta of a tazergun. Fear ran through my system. Master milked my harder and use an additional vibrator on my body. I felt an orgasm coming, I wanted to avoid it, I was so afraid of the tazer. The vibrator kept on going harder and harder, my head was spinning. The combination of milking, vibrating and the rebreating was getting too much.  Ta-ta-ta-ta-ta!!! I heard the tazer near my ears. I tried to move, but the sleep sack with the belts made sure I couldn’t do anything. Despite the fear I couldn’t hold it. I bucked my hips for the limited amount of freedom they had and squirted. And squirted. I yelled in disbelief. I had come when I wasn’t allowed.

To be continued punished…

Note from Metal: I do not know who the author of this story is, or if there are any other chapters. If you are the author or if you know how to reach him, please email me using the contact form on the About tab.

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