I Was Naive – Part 2

By slavesuit

I was bound and struggling in this heavy bondage suit for a few hours.  The stimulation in the chastity belt kept me on edge but never provided me an orgasm.   I was completely frustrated yet loving every moment of this bondage.  Clearly, I was being provided with the best gear and scene that I had ever had.  At least once this guy came back and released me; I would have had enough bondage to last me awhile.  But did I really want it to end.  After all I was in heaven.

A short while later I finally hear the door open and hear some noise at the other end of the room.  “I see you’re still here.  I guess you’re enjoying yourself then”, he says.  Yet again, he chuckles to himself.   He dials some numbers on his phone and the stimulation in my crotch finally stops.  He grabs me by the shoulders and helps me to the edge of the bed.  “We’re going to have a little talk”, he says.  Unconsciously, I’m still struggling in this suit and straitjacket.  I guess it’s just natural when you’re in bondage to struggle.

“You won’t get out of that gear alone, so you might as well save your energy.  I like calling you Boy.  I think you like being called boy.  Earlier, before you willingly allowed yourself to wear my chastity belt I could see how much that term of endearment caused you to get excited.  As a result, I think we’re going to continue this on for a while.  Nothing would suit me more than to just drag you as your are out to my car and bring you home with me.  But you and I both know that can’t happen.  Not here.  I wouldn’t jeopardize my business for that.   That’s why I’m going to release you out of that suit for the time being.  But trust me, you will be wearing it again.  You will be wearing it a lot.   I’m going to send you home tonight but you will remain under my thumb.  You will report to me every day until I collect you.  For the meanwhile, you’ll keep your home here.  I’ll make sure you have the money to do that since it appears you are now under my employ.  I’ll provide you with transportation to my home where you’ll begin your new life as my boy, employee and slave.  Do you understand?”

I was in shock.  What just happened in the span of an evening?  I went from being bored out of my mind, answering an advertisement for a possible bondage session to being encased in this bondage suit and being told I was about to be relocated.

“Do you understand me?”  He repeats again.

I slowly nodded my head in the affirmative.

“Good.  Now, let me get you out of this suit.”

He unbuckles the straitjacket.  Then he unlocks the gag, the rear zip and fiddles with the cuffs and they release their grip around my wrists and ankles.  I’m then free enough where I slowly emerge from the suit.

“Fold your suit up and place it back in the case”, he says to me.

My suit?  This guy is completely serious.  But I do as I’m told and stand there as he was picking something else up out of the case the chastity belt was stored in.  He has his back to me so I’m not really sure what he’s doing.   He then tells me to get dressed, as it’s time for me to get going.

“Um, aren’t you forgetting something?” I say out loud.  Robert then turns around and looks at me with that smirk on his face once again and then sits down at the desk in the corner.  He’s holding this small box in his hands.

“No.  I haven’t.  Unless you would like to upset your new Sir, I suggest you do it right away.”

“I appreciate everything that you’ve done for me.  Your gear has been great but are you sure this is going to work out?  After all you’re married.  I don’t want to be in some awkward relationship with a married guy.

“Boy, I’m not married.”

“But you wear a ring on your left hand,” I say to him.

“Yes I do.  I wear one and have for a long time.  I always knew I would wear one when I was in a relationship with someone.  I figured it would save a lot of questions later on down the road.  But no one cares.  No one asks about it.  Neither should you.  After all, you’re about to as well.”

With that he tosses the object he was holding in his hands to me.  I catch it and realize it’s a small black box.  “Open it” he says.

I open the box to find a wedding band very similar to his.  It’s large and wide.  It will not be the least inconspicuous.  “I can’t wear this,” I say.  People will wonder what’s going on.

“You really don’t have a choice in the matter.  Oh and I suggest you put it on right away.”


“Boy, remember that conversation where I said I worked in metal fabrication, communication and technology?  Well, you’ve experienced all of that and more tonight.  The belt you’re wearing is of the latest design.  You’ve noticed that there is no visible lock.  The mechanism is internalized.  There is a keyhole should I choose to bypass the locking mechanism.  Alas, the key is not here for me to even do that.  So for the time being, you are stuck in that belt.”


“Boy, do not anger me.” He voices sternly.  “The belt you are wearing has an internal receiver with cellular service.  That’s why I’m able to provide you with pleasure.”

He then picks up his phone again and dials as I impatiently wait for him to finish his statement.  Then a pain like I had never felt before hits me like a ton of bricks and sends me crashing to the floor.

“…and pain.  Therefore I suggest you do not upset me again.”

I’m in tears and whimpering as I slowly pick myself up off the floor, grabbing the black box with the ring inside of it.

“As I was saying, every moment that you have been locked into that belt, an internal clock as been ticking away.  For every minute you’ve been locked into that belt, one day has been added to the clock.  The belt will only open when that clock counts down to zero.  But for as long as you are locked into it, time is added to that clock.  By my calculations, you’re not set to be freed for over 200 days. “

My mouth just dropped in horror.  I was an aggressive masturbator.  I was on the fetish websites nightly reading stories just like this and pounding away at my dick.  How was I going to deal with not jerking off?

“But how does the time stop counting and start decreasing?”

“Ah, that is a great question. I have implanted a chip into that ring you have yet to place on your finger that will sync up with the belt and begin to decrease in time.  The ring will sense a similarity in body temperature and pulse to assure that you are wearing it before it begins to countdown in time.  Take the ring off and your time begins to increase again.  It’s as simple as that.  This way, I keep my boy under control, secure and most of all, honest.”

I then grab the ring out of the box and cram it onto my right finger.

“Ah, ah, ah, “ he says.  “It will only work on the left hand. “

I then grimace as I pull it off of my right hand and place it onto my left hand.  Wondering how this evening was spinning out of my control and into the hands of this tall, handsome man.

“Good boy.  Now, that you’ve finally done as you were told.  You should get dressed and leave me so I can get some sleep.  But before you do, write your phone number and address so I can make sure to keep an eye on you before I send for you to join me later this week.  I suggest you start packing only the essential items that you will need for the time being.”

I put my clothes on and head to the desk and write my information down.  He has gotten up and began getting undressed and headed into the shower and starts the water.  He comes back out quickly and walks over to me and gives me a big hug and kisses me.  He then walks me to the door, opens it and as I walk out he pats me on the butt and says, “Be a good boy now.”

I turn around and say, “Do I have a choice?”

“No, no you don’t.”  Then he closes the door.

Well, at least he’s a great kisser.



Metal would like to thank slavesuit for emailing this story for posting to the Prison Library.



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