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Video: Leather bondage suit in public

Check out what happens in San Francisco:

FelixLeatherSuitBillPaying-006R060 FelixLeatherSuitBillPaying-014R060


RubCop just wanted to go out for coffee. So, his SerioiusMaleBondage friends laced him into a leather bondage suit, chained him to a self-propelled cart, and sent him on his way. RubCop loves this kind of play, and so do the patrons at this bondage-friendly café in San Francisco, located just a short distance from the popular Mr. S store.


Here’s a video preview:

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Title of this video: More Bondage Fun

Helpless and caged like an animal

At Bound Gods, Adam Herst cages Colt Rivers as his captive and fucks him like an animal.


Colt Rivers is helplessly bound in a confined cage, his mouth duct taped shut as twisted pervert Adam Herst approaches. He pulls out Colt’s cock and sucks it till it’s nice and hard before shoving his hard cock in his mouth. In his cage, Colt is flipped over face down, ass up for Mr. Herst to have his way with him. After a rough ass fucking, the helpless stud is strung up while struggling on electrified balance blocks. Colt endures a relentless flogging while his feet are tormented by the electricity. Adam has his captive bound in metal bondage for a final fuck before covering the helpless prisoner in cum.

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Deluxe Leather Sleepsack

A sleepsack covers your entire body from the neck to the feet. When you are zipped into this leather cocoon and the laces are pulled taut, you’ll be squeezed tightly and evenly over the entire length of your body. The feeling is one of total helplessness. With your arms and hands secured inside the inner sleeves at your sides, you can’t reach or touch anything no matter how hard you struggle.

Deluxe Leather Sleepsack

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Leather bondage