Island Master UK – Part 06

By Wakeysub

“What the fuck??” I woke with a start. The room was pitch black. Did I just imagine all that? I went to move my right hand; it was locked tight. I couldn’t move my left arm either. As I panicked, I became aware of the gag rammed deep into my throat. I started retched uncontrollably again. “What the fuck have I done?” In my head, I was trying to relive everything that happened from the minute I stepped off that fucking train yesterday. This can’t be happening – this wasn’t how I pictured it at all.

In an instant, the light in the room went from pitch black to white-hot. My eyes struggled to adjust and focus. The cage door swung open I hadn’t even heard Master West enter. He was dressed differently in tight leather trousers and a harness that really showed off his well-defined muscular body. Even in my traumatised state, I couldn’t help but get aroused by the sight of this walking wet dream. As my cock woke up, it painfully rediscovered the pins in the head of the cage. He smiled when he saw me wince. He leant forward and removed the headphones.

“Fucking Hell – What is that stench?” I was conscious that I hadn’t washed or showered since I left home yesterday morning. Breathing in, I could smell fear – every pore in my body had reacted by exuding that unique odour of fear and panic.

“Do you honestly think that our Tops will want to play with a disgusting shit like you? I’m going to have to work so hard to get you up to even our minimum standard. Now, let’s make it clear – I’m not here to be your friend, your mentor, your partner, I am not here to feed your wet dreams – if you haven’t realised your cock won’t be giving you that pleasure ever again. I am your trainer. I will do WHATEVER I need to do to drag you up to my standards. You will have one chance to do it right – if you do not deliver 100 per cent I WILL punish you making sure you NEVER forget. Don’t expect me to whip you or beat you – that is restricted to the Tops who love to have a blank canvas to work on. You’ve already experienced the slave control system. I know EXACTLY how to use it for maximum effect. The Tops may play with it, but I use it with surgical precision. By the time I finish with you, you will CRAVE to be shocked.”

“The Island is advertised as a safe, consensual environment, and it is. We will ALWAYS work within the limits you agreed in your contract – such as they were. Our rules are clear – we work with safe words. Whatever we are doing will stop if you choose to use it. But you need to realise that there are always consequences. Your collar has been programmed to monitor for your safeword. If you decide to use it, everything will stop, but your restraints will automatically ACTIVATE at level 7 for 1 minute. I can tell you now that you will NEVER forget using your safeword.”

“Okay, Let’s be clear about MY motivation, so you know where I’m coming from. I would happily come here unpaid just for the opportunity to shock wannabe slave flesh like you. To push a button and watch you reduced to a snivelling, piss-soaked wreck squirming on the floor makes me hard every time. Give me the slightest excuse, I WILL shock you – GUARANTEED. That they pay me a massive premium for completing your training and breaking your spirit is literally a bonus.”

“Now I’m going to remove the gag. If I hear a sound, you know what will happen. My control is set to level 3 and will never drop to a lower level – I only ever increase the level, never reduce it that’s one of my favourite rules.

He reached behind my head, forcing my neck to constrain further in the already tight collar which was still locked in place. I could feel his fingers struggling to manoeuvre the padlock so he could insert the key. There was a click, I felt him moving the lock to remove it from the buckle on the gag. The gag loosened; he roughly pulled his hand out from under my head. He pulled on the gag dislodging the cock from the back of my throat. Suddenly I could move my mouth again. I moved it around to try and get some movement back into my jaw, which felt like it had been reset. I went to speak but thought better of it. I was sure that I would get shocked at some stage, but it wasn’t going to be something as trivial as a question. I needed to speak to IslandMasterUK and tell him this was all a mistake and that I needed to renegotiate the rules. I was sure he would listen to me.

“So, today, we will continue to prepare you for your new existence as the slave you were born to be. Tonight, you will be introduced to the Tops in the club. I am confident they will welcome you to the club as only they can. I suggest you make a good impression as existence on this island is a lot more bearable for a slave who occasionally gets used for sex instead of the stock who exist solely to experience life in the SM rooms. Then again, looking at what turns you on maybe assignment to the SM rooms would be perfect for you. We have so many Tops here who come solely to inflict pain on a slave who can’t resist. I find the smell of burned flesh repellent, but the sound of their screams and their thrashing around makes me so horny. There are men here who can only get to cum if they have a branding iron in their hand. With all your fat I guess you would sizzle.” He laughed at his own quip.

“First, we need to get you cleaned up.” There was a click, simultaneously all the restraints were released. He directed me to stand with my feet set in the two footprints painted on the floor. I clambered out and assumed the designated position. He gripped my wrists, pulled my arms behind me and I felt a click as he locked the two cuffs together. I tried to separate my hands; they were secured in place. He clipped a leash onto my collar and pulled me forward, through the door and up the stairs. It was early – the sun was still low in the sky; the clearing was deserted. Obviously, the Tops had other things to do than getting up early. He yanked on the lead to focus my attention. I scrambled after him.

Ahead there was a grass-covered mound with a door in it – it looked like a wartime air-raid shelter. He moved towards it with me in tow, stepped down the 3 steps. The room was stark with white walls and a tired floor. A large tank had been set into the floor. Suspended from a rail in the ceiling was a metal frame with restraint points on the four corners. He pulled me towards the frame. With a click, my hands were released. He took my right wrist and lifted it to the attachment point in the top right corner. It locked in place with a click. The left wrist followed before he knelt and gripped my right ankle. He pulled on my ankle, pulling it downwards and outwards until it was locked in place. My left leg was more of a challenge. He had to apply considerable force to get the required tension on all my limbs to spreadeagle me tightly. He checked the restraints were tight. Once he was satisfied, he positioned the frame over the tank and pushed a button to lower it into the water. I was surprised. The water was warm – I expected it to either be boiling hot or icy cold When I was up to my neck in the tank the frame stopped descending and I plates started moving in from left and right to cover the bath. The covers each had a semicircle. As they came together, they would secure my head in place.

“You’re scheduled for the full hour-long treatment, so make yourself comfortable. Don’t move a muscle.” He flicked a switch on the wall, turned and walked out of the room. I could feel the water swirling around me – there must have been jets set into the walls of the tank. The flow got progressively stronger and stronger. I was conscious that the water was getting warmer – it wasn’t hot, but it was definitely warmer. The temperature continued to rise, but my body just adapted to the increase, so it didn’t feel uncomfortable. The jets continued to buffet my body vigorously. After a while, there was a chemical smell in the air, but the heat and buffeting just continued. The chemical smell increased, my eyes started to sting, and my throat burned. I pulled at the restraints to try and break free, but they were securely locked. I was stretched as tightly as my body would allow. There was no slack.

The door opened; Master West walked in. He looked down at me secured in the floor.

“Are you cooked?” He went to the switch on the wall and flicked it up. The plates started retracting to the left and right. The swirling of the water was slowly calming down. The chains attached to the frame started to retract, and it rose out of the tank. As it did, I looked at my right hand. My arm was raw looking and was completely hairless. I looked to the left; my left arm was the same.

“IslandMasterUK told you yesterday that you were going lose your body hair for good – well it’s done. The chemicals you’ve just soaked in has just dissolved every hair on your body and destroyed the follicles. You said you didn’t like your body hair – well that’s not going to be a problem you need to EVER worry about again.”

I opened my mouth and got the words “you can’t do” out of my mouth before the collar activated. I was in pure agony as every muscle in my body went into spasm regardless of the frame holding me firmly in place.

“When will you learn – we can do ANYTHING you agreed to do in the contract. YOU agreed to the limits in the contract. YOU were aware of what they were when you got on the train yesterday. I bet that pathetic cock of yours even hardened in its cage at the thought of what you could expect when you arrived at that station. Everything that happens here is a direct result of the decisions YOU have made. Everything is done because YOU have said you want it. We will NEVER do anything you said was off-limits.”

Now, we can apply the next set of tattoos. Once these are on, nobody will see you as anything other than the slave you were born to be. He went to the corner of the room and picked up a bag. He took out a spray bottle which I had already seen yesterday.

“I know how much you enjoyed this yesterday – today it is going to really hurt because your skin has been tenderised by the depilatory. Let me show what is going on your back because you will never see it again. He showed me a large sheet with the word SLAVE in 5-inch heavy block characters which would stretch between my shoulder blades.

“This will look perfect on your hairless back.”

He showed me a smaller transfer with my slave number on it.

“This IS going on your ass cheek. The beauty of these tattoos is that even if your back and ass are cut up with a whip or cane, the ink is so well integrated that it heals intact. So, once it’s fully developed its part of you for good. So, another thing you will never have to worry about again.” He looked at me.

“Anything you want to say about that?”

I shook my head, terrified that I might activate the shock collar.

“You will respond to ALL questions with Yes Sir or No Sir. These are the ONLY words permitted by the collar. That is your final warning. Understood?”

I responded with an emphatic “Yes Sir.” I was relieved when the collar tingled but didn’t activate.

He moved behind me and sprayed my shoulders with liberal amounts of the spray. It hurt like hell as it irritated my freshly tenderised skin.

When he was satisfied, he picked up the large transfer and, after making sure the positioning was right, he pressed it into place. He ran his hand repeatedly over the transfer to make sure that it was firmly in place. Then he dropped to one knee and repeated the process with my right ass cheek. He finished by spanking me hard on the ass. He moved back in front of me, looked at his watch and told me he would be back when I was finished. He jokingly told me not to wander off. As the door closed, I heard the key turn in the lock. Instantly the ceiling light clicked off plunging me back into darkness.

I was spreadeagled naked and hairless in the dark. I started to try and make sense of my situation. Loudspeakers set high up in the wall started playing familiar sounds. It was the same crashing wave sounds from my relaxation program. There was something different though – I didn’t fall asleep. I stood there tightly spreadeagled as the crashing waves crashed over me. Something deep inside me was telling me that this was what I wanted. I had chosen to come here. I had been so turned on by all those conversations with IslandMasterUK, that he knew what I needed, that I had to do whatever I needed to do to make him happy. That he would only be satisfied if I became the slave I was born to be. I tried to clear my head, but the voice inside me just kept repeating this repeatedly. The thought of pleasing IslandMasterUK caused my cock to start hardening in its cage.

Even the feeling of the pins being driven into the head of my cock just made me get harder – He wanted me to experience this. He was getting pleasure from knowing that I was experiencing it. I just felt myself sinking lower and lower into those waves as they crashed over me. Occasionally I would pick up a word amongst the waves, but my mind seemed incapable of focussing on it and moved back to listening to the waves. The more I heard, the more desperate I was to please him, the harder my cock got. I was sure that by now, I must have driven the pins into my cock as I don’t remember my cock ever feeling as hard. I struggled to focus on anything except for the waves. Any other thoughts just drifted straight out of my head. Thoughts about my situation would drift into my head, but they would just pass straight through. All I could do was to focus on the crashing of the waves.

I have no idea how long I was there before Master West came back. I heard the door unlock. The light instantly came back on, leaving me blinded again. The sounds of the waves had stopped, but I could still hear them crashing up against me in my head. He ran his hand over the paper which had held the transfer. He was satisfied, and he carefully peeled it back and used his spray bottle to make sure it was thoroughly covered. He repeated it with my ass tattoo as well. I was stood spreadeagled on the frame, collared, cuffed, chastised, tattooed. He was right, anyone looking at me would immediately know that I was a slave. I tried to resist the thoughts, but all I could think about was making IslandMasterUK happy.

Master West clipped the leash back onto my collar and clicked a button which released my restraints. I fell to the ground. He yanked on the leash. I struggled to my feet as he dragged me towards the door and up the steps back into the daylight. Men were sitting around chatting and drinking. I could see several naked men – collared and cuffed like me, running around serving drinks and food or kneeling beside the men.

Master West gave another yank on the lead as I must have fallen behind. In one corner of the clearing, there was a small shelter – he pulled me towards it.

“This is your feeding station.” He pointed towards a dildo about 8 inches long but only about 2 inches in diameter. You told us you wanted to learn to deep throat and you also wanted to lose weight. You will achieve both targets – we have a specially formulated liquid diet. The only way for you to get it is to deepthroat the dildo. Now I’ve been kind to you by selecting one of the thinner dildoes to begin with – after all, you are no good to me if you starve to death. Don’t expect that to last. I will be increasing the length and girth of the dildo over time.” He told me to kneel and locked my ankles into the restraint ports on the ground. He recuffed my hands behind my back and leaned me forward, so the dildo was sat inside my mouth. He took a steel line from under the base of the dildo and clipped it onto my collar. It prevented me from pulling back off the dildo and kept the head inside my mouth. He indicated a line on the dildo and told me that I had to get my lips that far down on the dildo before it would release my liquid meal. He could see the panic in my eyes.

“If you want to feed, you will need to push yourself forward to release the supplement but when you fail that cord will pull you forward to drive the dildo deep into your throat until it eventually unloads. The cable will keep pulling you in until it empties. It WILL impale you on that cock. There is no way for you to pull back until it delivers its load. I would recommend that you get used to it. This will be the only nutrition you get during your time here unless one of the Top’s decides to feed you his own protein shot. I control the speed, and I will be ramping it right up during your training.”

I could feel the cable start to tighten, pulling me onto the cock. It felt massive in my mouth. I decided that I would be better off trying to get to the marks without relying on the cord. I had a terrible gag reflex and the thought of being impaled on that cock without the ability to pull back just filled me with horror. I leant forward putting my weight on the head of the dildo. I felt it slowly sliding forward. I managed to get the first 3 inches in before it tickled the back of my throat. I started to retch. I pulled back, but I was immediately aware that the cord had shortened. The head of the dildo had been level with my teeth, it was now sitting on my tongue. I pushed forward again.

This time I tried to remember the techniques I had seen on videos for swallowing cocks. I swallowed; it went in deeper before I retched again. I pulled back again; the cock was still further in my mouth. I started to panic, if I failed, the cord would drag the dildo in place regardless of the retching. I leaned forward again, swallowing, and pushing forward. I felt it slide deeper. I retched, but I continued to push. I closed my eyes and focussed everything on getting that cock into my throat. Suddenly I felt the bottom of the dildo pulsing. I could feel liquid flowing down deep into my throat. A lot of the slack had gone from the cord, and I found that I could barely pull back.

The cable continued to pull me forward. I leaned forward again and got another squirt of the liquid food. I tried to pull back, but I was locked in place. I felt the steady flow of fluid down into my guts. I struggled to not retch with the cock lodged deep in my throat. I had no choice but to wait for it to finish unloading. I heard a click and the cord released. I pulled back without thinking. The cock was barely in my mouth.

Master West came back over and told me he was proud of me and that tomorrow he would speed up the cord as it was obviously set too slow for me.

Wakeysub 2021

To be continued …

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