Island Master UK – Part 14

By Wakeysub

We moved across the clearing to the door that I knew was the medic’s office. The door was open and we walked straight inside. As we came to a halt Master West nodded his head at me and I instinctively dropped to my knees, my knees spread wide and my hands interlinked behind my head. I had no idea where this new positioning came from, but it felt so right. I felt like this was the natural position for me to be in when I was with Master West.

The medic looked up from his desk.

“Aah 768 – I see you have accelerated his training West, any resistance?”

“No, IslandMasterUK was right about this one – but then isn’t he always. His brain is absorbing the training like a sponge. I never thought anyone would be so susceptible. I want to move him to the next stage. Last night the first visitor used 768 and I am going to have to work hard to keep up with the demand and keep him operational. Have to make sure 768’s feedback scores stay up there too – I want my full bonus for this one and I will do whatever needs to be done to make sure I get that. Got off to a good start with his first customer – he scored a ten for last night’s performance. Anything less than a nine and I will have to do some reinforcement. So far, I haven’t seen any signs of resistance from 768.

“I’m taking that as an indication of his susceptibility to the reprogramming but it’s not what the visitors want. The visitors don’t want to use a mindless drone – they want a slave who is still aware of what is being done but cannot resist any instructions it is given. The next stage will be to make the change permanent and lock his consciousness into a cell inside his head. There’s nothing better than looking into the eyes of a secured slave and seeing a look of the blind terror of a restrained prisoner. Do you have the enhancements?”

“I have them here ready to go. Do you want to get him into the chair? I see that he has been introduced to the nipple clamps. How is he reacting to them?”

“I was remotely monitoring his statistics last night and they certainly had the desired effect. I can’t wait to fit the permanent ones to him – they will literally drive him crazy.”

He pressed a button on his remote and the clamps on my nipples stopped their chewing. I was conscious that they were still fitted. When my chest rose as I breathed, I could feel the tightness.

Master 768 yanked on the leash and I stood up. He gestured towards the large chair which had stirrups attached. I climbed into the chair and as I placed my legs into the stirrups there was a click as the restraints locked firmly in place. My ass was still lubed from the action overnight and when I climbed into the chair and squatted on top of the plug it slid easily into my hole. I placed my wrists on the metal plates on the arms of the chair and there was a click as they locked in place. I leant my head back until I heard the click as my collar locked into the back of the chair.

I wriggled to make myself comfortable in the restraints. My body was still sore from the previous night’s paddling and the cold leather of the seat made me even more conscious of it. Master West placed a hand firmly on my chest and I felt comfortable and safe. I relaxed into the chair.

The medic placed two small boxes on the metal table next to the chair. He opened the first of the boxes and took a small metal plug out. He held it out to show Master West who nodded.

“I can’t believe that such a small unit can have such a major impact on a slave”

“Oh, this one really is a game-changer.”

He took a small bottle and squirted some of the contents onto the outside of the small metal plug he had in his hand. He carefully picked up the metal plug and pushed it firmly into my right ear. He held it in place until he was sure that the adhesive had set, holding it firmly in place. He removed the second plug and covered it with adhesive before pressing it into my left ear. Again, he held it firmly in place until the glue was set. I was conscious that my hearing was now blocked – the two plugs were acting as earplugs to effectively make me deaf.

I could see that the medic and Master West were talking as I could see their lips moving but I couldn’t hear any sounds. I felt frightened for the first time since I’d arrived on the Island. How could they make me deaf? I tried to call out but my voice hadn’t recovered from the damage done when I was deepthroating cocks a couple of days before. All I could do was utter a croak. The noise must have been feeble as it didn’t even make my collar tingle. They both looked at me and suddenly I could hear again.

“768 – I now control your hearing. As you have seen the plugs in your ears are 100% effective at blocking out any external noise. From now on we will be able to control exactly what you can hear. Don’t worry though, you will be rarely locked in total silence. These earplugs are designed to reinforce your training.” He pressed a button on his remote and all I could hear was IslandMasterUK’s voice in my head going through his creed. Reinforcing my role as a slave. There was no attempt to bury this training under a relaxing soundtrack of crashing waves. Now I had no choice but to listen to the programming. It was unremitting. There was no way for me to block this out.

The volume of IslandMasterUK’s voice dropped to a level where it was barely audible. Even at this level my brain automatically locked on and focussed on the words. I tried to shift my attention, but it was like my brain was manacled in place – forced to listen to those words. However much I tried to focus on something else I just clicked back onto those words.

“So, I hope you appreciate the enhancement 768. Thanks to these two little plugs you are going to become the slave you were born to be. The plugs will recharge each night to ensure that you are always receiving the correct training. From now on every idle minute – both waking and sleeping will enhance your training. Every minute will take you deeper and deeper into slavery.”

“I want you to try and resist the training. No, I NEED you to resist the training. I want you to fight against the attempts to imprison your consciousness. The programming is designed to overcome any resistance. It won’t break you though. That would be no fun. It will literally lock you away inside your own body. You will be fully aware of EVERYTHING that happens to you, feel all the pain and discomfort but you will be unable to do anything about it.”

“How do you like the idea that every minute will now take you deeper and deeper into the slavery you’ve craved? Is it making your cock throb in its steel cage? Now, we need to get you back to work.”

The restraints on the chair released. I moved my right hand towards my right ear but as I did the restraint around my right wrist started to tingle. The closer my hand got to my ear the more intense the pain in my wrist.

“No, you aren’t allowed to touch!! The cement holding them in place will be permanent in a few hours but we don’t want you trying to damage them.”

He clipped the leash back onto my collar and yanked me out of the chair. I fell to my knees, spread my legs wide.

“Place your hands behind your back.”

I did as I was told and there was a click as the wrist restraints locked firmly together. He patted me on the top of my head.

He yanked the leash and I stood with my hands still firmly fixed behind my back. The voice in my ear started on its repeated monologue. He walked out through the door with me trailing behind. He walked quickly across the clearing back towards the building site. We moved around the deep hole, past the wheelbarrows and stopped at the tools. He turned to me and the volume of the voices dropped so I could hear him.

“You are going to be working in the hole for a few days – they have hit a band of rock which needs to be broken up. You will be fitted with a pick. You will work at a constant rate or you will be shocked automatically. There are no targets for the rock breakers – you just have to work flat out for the whole time. If you slack off, you will be shocked. If you stop you will be shocked. If you piss off the overseer, you will be shocked. I can tell you now that you are going to be shocked.”

“Now that your training is moving to the next level, I’ve decided to remove the restrictions from your shock devices. Guests will still only have access up to level five, but all staff will now have access right up to level ten. I find that the use of the shocker is the easiest way to reinforce the training and the higher the severity the harder the training is driven home.”

He clicked his remote and my wrists were released. He selected a pick from the pile and told me to grip it with both hands. As I closed my wrists around the handle of the pick there was a click as the restraints locked in place. He checked they were properly fitted. Once he was happy, he led me down the slope to the bottom of the pit. In the corner, there was a large outcrop of rock sticking out of the ground. The digging had left about a metre of the rock exposed. It was a huge hulking lump of rock.

Set into the ground next to the outcrop was a pair of metal pegs set into the ground with chains attached. The pegs were set about two metres apart. He led me over to the pegs and positioned me with my legs spread wide apart. He moved my legs wider and wider until he was happy that I couldn’t spread them any further. He knelt and picked up the chain from the right-hand peg and touched it against my ankle. It gave the now familiar click. He checked that it was properly connected before he moved to the left-hand peg. He smiled as he gripped my left ankle and pulled it further. He kept pulling and only when he was happy did he touch the left-hand chain to my ankle restraint. It clicked. I was locked uncomfortably in place.

I saw him fiddle with his remote and my tits felt like they were being bitten off. With everything else that had happened, I had forgotten about these vicious toys locked onto my nips. They were sucking on my nipples and chewing at them. The stimulation was unremitting.

He placed protective goggles over my head and fixed them firmly in place. The glass in the goggles was heavily patterned so my vision was severely reduced. I could barely see the rock in front of me.

“Now you work. The rhythm is simple – its strike, strike, strike, strike. You just keep that going for your shift. Do I need to remind you that If you slack you will be shocked? There is an overseer assigned to watch you and he will ensure that you work as expected. He can shock you as he feels fit just to keep himself amused.

The voices in my ears started to get louder. I raised the pick and brought it down with all my force onto the rock. The pick just bounced off the rock. I repeated my strike and after about 6 strikes at full force, a small stone – no bigger than 10 cm across broke off this massive hulk of stone. This was going to be a massive task. I carried on working. I was isolated and restrained. My legs were spread so I couldn’t move from the position I had been placed in. The only thing I could hear as I worked was the monologue playing in my ears. I struggled not to focus on the comforting words. I was conscious of what Master West had told me.

Did I really want to be in that position? The idea of being a prisoner locked in a body was both frightening and exciting. My picture of the existence of a slave had changed quite fundamentally since I got off that train and handed my key to Master East. Was I really ready to make that next step? Did I have any choice? Master West had made it clear to me that I was going to be reprogrammed whether I liked it or not. This new vision from Master West was frightening, disturbing, exciting. Where did that come from? How could I ever find that sort of situation exciting? As I ran through it in my brain the monologue just continued. Despite everything, I still felt the words were comforting and protective. I couldn’t resist the urge to listen to them and I found myself mouthing the words as they played in my ears.

I looked up and could vaguely make some well-dressed men standing watching me. It put me in mind of being watched as I worked yesterday. Obviously, some of the visitors liked to amuse themselves on a hot day by watching the slaves working up a sweat.

I thought my work pace was constant but suddenly my body was wracked with pain. Spread as I was there was little opportunity for me to move. All my muscles tensed and I was in agony. I struggled to regain my focus. I managed to lift the pick and bring it down hard on the rock. With a massive effort, I managed to get back into the required rhythm. I just pushed on. The voice in my head just seemed to get more and more intense. I couldn’t avoid listening to it. The words were compelling. The pain in my nipples was unbelievable. Every stroke with the pick just made it worse. How the fuck had I ended up like this?

The shift seemed never-ending. I lost count of the number of times I was shocked and I don’t know whether it was because of my work rate or to amuse the overseer. I was so relieved when Master West appeared. I felt him click the leash back on before the restraints on my legs were released. I fell to my knees, unable to stand after being held in such an unnatural pose for so many hours. My muscles ached from all the hard work, the stretching of the restraints and the tearing of the muscles triggered by the shocks. I was wrecked.

He removed the goggles allowing me to see again. I looked over to where the men were watching me work. There were two of them sat on a platform with a naked slave in attendance to each of them. One of them was stood next to the man who sat on the right-hand side who seemed to be wanking his massive cock. The slave was squirming. The visitor on the left-hand side had a slave kneeling between his legs with the slave’s head buried deep into his crotch. He had a hand on the back of the slave’s head to make sure that the cock was getting the attention he desired.

Master West released the pick from my restraints. As he placed my hands behind my back they clicked together, locked firmly in place. He yanked on my leash and I struggled to stand and follow him as he moved away. As we moved through the pit the visitor on the left-hand side gestured for Master West to bring me across to him. He dragged me over to the platform. I dropped to my knees when Master West indicated.

“768 works well. I was tired just watching him.” The visitor was sat eyeing up my naked body with the slave’s head still buried in his lap.

“Is he available for a session this evening?”

“I afraid not Sir – he is scheduled to appear in the main hall again this evening. He is free tomorrow evening if that would be acceptable.” Master West was apologetic. The visitor nodded and confirmed that he would like to book me for the following evening.

“In your room or in one of the cells Sir?” The visitor confirmed that he would like to use one of the cells. Master West fiddled with his remote and confirmed that it was all booked and that I would be available in cell 6 from 19:00. He told him that if he had any special requirements then he could enter them into the terminal in his room and they would be put in place.

The voice in my ear switched back on as Master West continued his conversation with the guest. The guest was obviously getting excited as I could see him thrusting his hips forward to drive his cock deeper into the throat of the kneeling slave. He was obviously unloading his balls deep inside the slave.

Master West yanked on my leash and pulled me towards the ramp-up out of the pit. I followed him as quickly as I could. As soon as we cleared the ramp he lead me along the track and back towards one of the buildings set into the ground. We quickly went down the steps and walked into the cleaning room that I had visited before. The frame was there as before and I was quickly fixed to the frame, spreadeagled tightly. He reached up and gently pulled on the nipple clamps and they pulled away without any resistance. The blood rushed back into my clamped nipples and they hurt like hell. He leant forward and manipulated my nipples causing me to squirm helplessly.

Once he was satisfied he pulled a hose out of the wall. He pointed the hose towards me and sprayed my body with a thick creamy foam. It clung to my skin as he laid more and more on with the hose. Once he was happy that I was sufficiently covered he picked up a stiff brush and used it to rub my pits, crotch and ass crack vigorously. He stepped back and picked up the hose again. He adjusted the nozzle and fired a jet of ice-cold water over my body. The jet made short work of the coating of foam. He continued to play the jet back and forth until all the foam was removed. Once he was finished he stepped back and admired me hanging there in front of him.

“That looks a lot better and definitely smells better. I admire the smell of hard work as much as any man but there really is too much of a good thing.”

Once he was happy that I was dry he released me from the frame. As soon as my feet hit the ground I fell to my knees with my hands behind my back. He moved my hand slightly so the restraints locked in place. He clipped the leash back onto my collar and walked back towards the door.

To be continued …

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  1. Thanks – love to get all the feedback and suggestions. After you spend time writing a chapter it makes me so happy to see feedback that shows that others are getting enjoyment from it. Let me know what you enjoy and what you dont so i can make sure the story moves in the right direction

  2. Love the radical radical way this slave is being trained and put to use!
    Also very much like the occasional opening into the interests of the trainers – like the hope for a salary hike when training gets exceptionally productive as with 768.
    Surely those trainers also deal with other slaves as part of their duties – one suggestion might be to insert an episode that is told from one of the trainer’s point of view where 768 becomes just one of many. Though must hasten to admit, love the first person narration from 768!

  3. Thanks SLMARK – the idea of the trainers viewpoint might be one I look at – might give me an opportunity to visit parts of the island that 768 isn’t ready for yet. From the perspective of 768 it’s very focussed on him because there is a conscious effort to isolate him from everything and everyone. He can’t speak or communicate with anyone and he only ever sees other slaves from a distance.

  4. Absolutely! Love it! A slave that is there to get fucked, needs cum like an addiction, doesnt get to unload but is quasi all the time dripping, even if it tortures its useless slavecock mercilessly,and is put to heavy duty and productive manual labour in between, isolated from the herd of slaves around it, You ve got a perfect system there!

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