Keeping a Prisoner – Part 2

By Eric Blake

I suggest at least two feedings a day, maybe three. At least one (dinner) should be all you can east, but only of the rice (or equivalent) provided. In order to make eating less pleasurable, make the guy drink his water first, then eat the dry stuff. You should also harass the prisoner and allow him only a limited time to eat while being watched. Two minutes to drink his water ration and five minutes to east should be adequate, except at dinner when more time can be allowed.

While in his cell, the prisoner should have a bucket to piss and/or shit into. Depending on security, either you or he can empty it once a day or every other day. (Dealing with the mess is simplified if the can has a plastic liner which can be removed and disposed of. Also keep pine oil on hand to clean up the smell if it starts to seep into your living quarters, or to neutralize the confinement area after the scene. —TAF) Even if left cuffed the prisoner should be able to get at his bucket. If the prisoner isn’t allowed to touch his dick, he can be made to wear a straight jacket all day, but have no pants on so he can avoid making a mess. Overnight you can keep him strapped to his bed, but be prepared to issue a dry uniform in the morning if his will power – or bladder – fails. (An alternative is internal or external catheterization with a drainage bag. —TAF) Not to say the prisoner shouldn’t be punished, but paddling or whipping is more appropriate than sitting around in a wet, cold uniform. He can have that if you exercise him and make him sweat. But it will smell better sweaty than the other way, and he’ll be warmed up and fatigued, too.


If you have a healthy prisoner, you should try to prevent him from sleeping the first night. After the first night, sleep should be allowed, but sparingly and under spartan conditions. Six hours a night is plenty in up to a five-day trip. For a longer term, I would allow one more comfortable and longer (eight to nine hours) sleep period per week.

On the first night, leave the lights on in the confinement area. Keep music or noise playing reasonably loud. You can also cuff the prisoner’s hands behind his back. Since the prisoner isn’t yet fatigued, being it is his first night, this may be enough to prevent sleep, or at least sufficient to make what he gets fitful. If he is locked in a cell, just not getting a blanket and having no bed to sleep on can be enough. Even if the air is warm, a solid, hard, cold floor and no pillow, while cuffed, make for very uncomfortable sleeping. If you have an assistant to monitor the prisoner’s condition while you get some rest, you can keep him standing all night. Don’t put his hands above his head for a long time unless the situation is monitored. Any kind of a collar around the neck in a non-monitored situation is dangerous and must be avoided. A steel band or leather band, such as a weight lifters belt modified so as to be lockable, round the waist and attached to the ceiling or wall can prevent the prisoner from sitting or lying down. Cuffs behind the back attached to a chain from the ceiling or high on the wall can keep your prisoner on his feet but should be monitored on a regular basis. If working with a cell, hand behind the back and cuffed through the bars has the same effect. If the prisoner is to stay like this for an extended period, the hands should rest just below his waist instead of being drawn up under tension behind his back.

A safe way to bed a prisoner down is to lay him straight-jacketed on his back, and place his feet in stocks, or somehow spread them and tie them down. The guy has a clear airway to breathe, and he can turn his head from side to side to spit or cough. He can sit up and squirm around to avoid cramps, but he is basically stuck. And he cant’ get at his dick either. It’s also a good way for the Top to start the new day, as the prisoner can do sit-ups without even being released, and drink his water, while the Top goes into the cell to inspect things, and do any small chores (leave food and water if it’s to be a solitary confinement day, or take out the piss bucket if he’s willing and besides doesn’t want to let the prisoner out for the day.

Sleep well, prisoner, however you do it. Tomorrow is another day of prison routine, and it is boring and it sucks – tough shit. If you don’t like it and don’t obey the rules, we can always have one of the staff arrange to wake you up at midnight, 2 a.m., 4 a.m. to do 20 sit-ups each time, before being allowed to sleep again. Needless to say, you are using sleep as a tool to control your prisoner. A good sign as to having to achieved this is when your prisoner is allowed to sleep, he falls asleep immediately because of fatigue.


You have the guy secured, but he still might mouth off, or not bend over to take a shipping or paddling from you. Assuming he is in his cage, I would put a four- or six-hour hold on any further food or water or sleep, and walk away. When you finally get the prisoner to cooperate, have him place his hands through the bars, or around the pole, and cuff him. Make his butt red, black and blue. Or use a cattle prod and good interrogation / indoctrination technique. The problem of bad behavior should be solved after this. As an added benefit, the prisoner will really want to get out now, and comes to know you aren’t going to let him out unless he behaves properly.

At this point, your prisoner may start to whine, cry or threaten. You’ve got to stay Top, walk away, and leave him be. He can’t keep up a tantrum forever, and that’s why you’ve got him imprisoned or tied down anyway. When you do come back to him, make him stand at attention, answer questions properly (Yes Sir; No Sir), and maybe give him a little treat for being a good soldier again (a few slices of apple or banana – something he’s not used to now after a few days of high-power exchanges). But at the same time, keep him in the cage and get him to agree to wanting it. “You like being a tough guy in the cage, if it keeps me happy, don’t you boy? You’ll stay I there three more days I have you, and make me proud, won’t you boy? You know I’ll beat your butt raw again if you throw another tantrum, don’t you boy? You know the only way out is to do your time, like you agreed, isn’t it boy? You want to do hard time, or easy time? Well, then shape up and stand tall, cause I don’t want to have to beat you up again, but I will if you start hollering again. Or if you defy me and don’t put your wrists thought the bars for your daily licking. Or if you don’t do your pushups and eat your food like a good prisoner.”

Another method of preventing hooliganism is to keep up this kind of chatter and banter. The prisoner can be given a song or rhyme to constantly recite, or he can fill a notebook writing, “I will not jerk off while in prison” one thousand times. Keeping up chatter keeps the prisoner’s mind from wandering back to his plight. Make the prisoner report to you on command. “Prisoner reporting healthy and ready for continued punishment until my sentence expires, Sir.” Make him do it over and over again with, “I can’t hear you.” Have a half dozen little sayings he has to recite on command. “What is prison rule #3?” And the prisoner recites it. Force him to count cadence for long periods. (Signing cadences while marching in place is a good technique if you can stand the noise. —TAF) Use drill sergeant technique to enforce things, and don’t be afraid to beat the prisoner’s butt if he fucks up.

Activities and Routine

In order to properly experience the prisoner’s lack of control, everything should be regimented for at least part of the experience. Although confused and erratic scheduling, lack of sleep and other techniques may be appropriate in the first day or two, once the prisoner is drained and ready to settle down, it’s time to start doing good time.

Wake up bright and early, whistle blows, lights on, prisoner turns in his blankets and has perhaps three minutes to piss. To make sure he doesn’t get back to sleep before breakfast, cuff his hands either behind his back or through the cell bars. Let him stand and stew for an hour or three, then bring breakfast. Since he’s chained to the bars, you may choose now to enter the cell, leave water for the day and perhaps give the prisoner a wake-up butt paddling. Six to ten hard ones at the beginning of every day just to keep the adrenaline flowing. After you’ve relocked the door, unlock the prisoner from the bars and verbally harass him while hurrying him along in his eating. You may also order some calisthenics before the prisoner is allowed to eat. Remember that ten pushups and ten sit-ups maybe a lot for out-of-shape guys. Push him to his limit, but remember you’ve got several days to work him over, and by the second day he’ll be pretty stiff and sore enough even if you don’t over push. You don’t want to be babysitting an invalid. On the other hand, some guys probably can do 50 pushups for you. Making the prisoner run in place is also appropriate. Again the time should be coordinated with the prisoner’s condition to push him but not break him down too much.

During the day, the prisoner can stay in the cell with his hands cuffed behind his back. You are keeping him for several days, maybe several weeks. Don’t be too hard on him at first, even though you must have a hard attitude. Do not relent on keeping discipline and captivity up, but you may need to back off on some of the “game” during the day. Still, the prisoner can be kept with hands cuffed behind the back, a chain leading to the ceiling with enough slack so he can kneel and move around, but not get cramps, and you can have him wear a nice tight jockstrap and of course he can’t touch himself. Leave someone this way while you go back upstairs ad have a nap or romp with your sex partner. Then later, when you are relaxed, refreshed, showered and in nice starched fatigues, you can rejoin your tired sweaty charge. Make sure he has a “Yes Sir” attitude about seeing you too.

Remember to keep your prisoner’s morale up and you’ll be richly rewarded by having a guy like putty in your hands. Don’t be hard on him just for cruelty or erotic pleasure. You’ve got plenty of time. But don’t let up on a reasonable and regimented schedule.




This article is copyright © 1991, 2011 and 2014 by Dungeon Master. Reprinted with permission.


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