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Keeping a Prisoner – Part 2

By Eric Blake

I suggest at least two feedings a day, maybe three. At least one (dinner) should be all you can east, but only of the rice (or equivalent) provided. In order to make eating less pleasurable, make the guy drink his water first, then eat the dry stuff. You should also harass the prisoner and allow him only a limited time to eat while being watched. Two minutes to drink his water ration and five minutes to east should be adequate, except at dinner when more time can be allowed.

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Keeping a Prisoner – Part 1

Extensive jail work or an elaborate dungeon is not necessary to keep a man prisoner. It can be done quite effectively with a sturdy chain, a couple of padlocks and a good, solid post to which to attach it. The article that appears below, “Keeping a Prisoner,” is from the archives of Dungeon Master magazine (issue 42), and it is posted here with permission. Comments from the original editor — Zerotaf, also known as “TAF” — are in parentheses.

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