Keith and slave – Part 01

Written by CathGear on recon

Creatively inspired, while wearing a catheter.

This story is a work of fiction. While most of the acts are possible, long-term effects from any one action could affect quality of life in the future of such a person.



I have always felt like I should serve someone. But until I met Keith, I was lost on the internet of life, just going from one play date, to another. Don’t get me wrong. I have/had boyfriends. But they were never ones that wanted to control my life. But, things are different with Keith. Have mostly a routine in the house. He does mix it up from time to time. But that is good in a relationship.

We started out, like most of my relationships, with an ad on the internet and a play date. I came over and he tied me up, fucked me, and made me suck on his cock till I took it down his load down my throat. We talked for a while, and I noticed that he wasn’t a very good housekeeper. I asked him if he wanted me to come over once a week and tidy things up a bit. No pay, just to see him, and maybe have some play, while I was there.

That went on for about a month. Usually play was involved, but not every time. He asked me if I was happy with my current living situation, and I would keep his place tidier, if I just stayed here and served him. Well it didn’t take me long to think that over. And since I do customer service over the phone during the day. As long as there is an internet connection, I am all set.

So I left home, first time in all these years, and moved in with Keith. The first night he started with some basic ground rules that can change over time. But he wanted things done a certain way. When going to bed if he wanted his dick sucked off, I would do that. And if he needed to pee in the middle of the night, he would tap me. And I would take care of it, so he didn’t need to get up.

I would be up shortly before the alarm, and would have his cock in my mouth ready for pee, or if he wanted to be sucked off in the morning. That went on for a couple weeks. I was happy. He seemed happy, but I knew he had more planned for me.

One day a box arrived, and since it was addressed to him, I dare not open it. When he got home from work he told me we are going out because I need some accessories. I was like sure, not a problem. We got in the car and went down town to this sex shop. They did have some nice stuff in the window. I was on the edge of my seat wondering what would happen next. We went inside and he talked to the guy at the counter. Keith seemed to know the guy, so it wasn’t the first time he was here. He told me to follow him to the back room to get fitted. There was a guy there and he had 4 chrome loops that had a mounting point on them. And a 5th, that was bigger.

Keith said I had measured you when you were asleep and had these made for you. Now let’s get them on you. The only issue was there was no place for a lock. They were going to be welded on my person, forever. I was having a good life, how bad can this be? So I sat down and the guy started fitting my new attire. At the end 2 wrist cuffs, 2 leg cuffs, and neck collar. All with a loop for a lock to attach them to something, or to each other.

He also said we are going to start chastity on you, and bought one of the plastic devices to get things started. He said we will get one in metal later, and have that one riveted on at some point down the road. When we got home, he said we are done for now. Get ready for bed. I will be up in a minute.

Keith came to bed, I blew him, and took his pee, turned over and thought, what was going to happen next. The next evening. Keith said we need to get you in your chastity device. So he got out the device. And worked my cock into it. Slipping the balls behind the ring. Was a good fit. He said time for bed, and went for the normal evening routine. After the next day came and we had finished dinner. Keith said he thought my sexual motivation was a little low lately, and he bought some things to get things more motivated. He asked me if I knew what a urinary catheter was, and what they are used for. I said I had not heard of such a thing, and he should tell me about it.

Keith said I will put a tube up your cock, it will go through your prostate, and into the bladder. A balloon filled with sterile water, keeps the tube in. Urine flows freely as long as the catheter is open. I said that seems kind of cool. He said we are going to fit you with a catheter and a Belly Bag to collect the urine. We went up to the bedroom, and Keith said I should be tied up for the insertion, for my safety. Keith tied me to the four corners of the bed. There are always chains on the bed corners. He just needs padlocks to connect to my hardware for X position bondage to the bed.

Keith used some alcohol on the slot in my chastity device, and hooked up the catheter to the drainage bag. He then lubricated the catheter end, and was positioning it at the end of my cock, in the chastity device. He said to just relax. It will feel bad for a bit, and then it will be good. He started pushing the tube into my cock. I tried to relax, and it just kept going. I felt like it made a couple bends. And then it was at a funny place. Keith said we are at the prostate. So just relax a bit, like you want to pee. I did, and in it went, with such a rush of pleasure, I thought I was somewhere else. Keith inflated the balloon, and it was in.

I felt like I had to pee, and he said, just don’t. He said you are going to have to empty your bag when it gets about halfway full. And from now on you are going to have to drink more water. And make sure that the urine in the bag is not dark yellow, or he will punish me.

Another rule that came around the same time is I was to be naked all the time. Unless I was at work on the computer. The next morning after the piss and cum. Keith said we need to condition your ass more. You are going to wear a butt plug all the time, except the enema in the morning, or if I am using your ass. So I went to the bathroom to get cleaned out. Actually, we have a special room off the bathroom for this purpose. Open this other door and there is a good size chrome plug on a machine.

After I impale my ass on it. I would place my feet on the pads on the floor, and grab the bars at the sides. The machine would lock me on it till the cycle was over. Forcing water in my ass, holding it, and evacuating it as well, all automatically. There is a timer on the wall. Some days can be as short as 15 minutes, but have seen an hour, or longer at the mercy, of that machine. Use to see it once in awhile when Keith wanted to fuck me. But I guess I have graduated to a daily use of it.

So here I am in current life. Chrome accents affixed to parts of my body. Chastity cage holding on to my cock. Catheter through the chastity cage on draining to the Belly Bag. With the catheter in, constant stimulation of the prostate. And just constant dripping precum. Ass cleaned out, and butt plug in to keep things a bit loose and ready to go. And if Keith is home and needs to pee, will take that right down the throat. What else would a slave need? There is one door in the basement, that was locked, and I wonder, what could be, inside?

To be continued …

Metal would like to thank the author, CathGear, for this story

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