Landon Conrad gets taken down and edged at a bar in broad daylight


It’s early one day, the bar hasn’t even opened yet. Working the first shift is muscle hunk Landon Conrad. Since edging doesn’t pay the rent, Sebastian Keys comes in asking for a job application. Cleaning the counters, Landon is a little ticked off that he comes in so early, but the bar does need a new barback. Sebastian sneaks off to let Van know the bar is empty. Just as Landon is fed up and shoving Sebastian out the door, Van arrives just in time to take Landon down. Tied up to the bar, Landon has his clothes ripped off and his giant cock continuously teased.



Landon gets pissed and demands to cum, but his hard cock is denied. The two pervs tie Landon up to the sofa, eating his hole while edging him at the same time. Landon is reduced to begging before blowing his massive cum all over his six pack.




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One thought on “Landon Conrad gets taken down and edged at a bar in broad daylight”

  1. There’s some very nice rope work there. But having said that, nothing beats cold steel!

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