Master in the Chair

By FirefighterSir

One hand darted across the keyboard, tapping out orders as fast as the fingers could find the buttons. The slave waited for the instructions to appear on the screen but already knew what was to happen. Some of the items were already jumbled on the floor around the base of the chair.

The typing stopped, the Master was breathing heavily, staring at the slave.

Justin got down on his knees and began rummaging through the items on the floor, and then opened a box next to the chair. Inside were many black leather restraints. Justin glanced up at the tablet to make sure he was pulling the right items. He strapped the wrist restraints on, the leather collar around his neck with the slave dog tags. He pulled out a leather ball stretcher strap and sat back in front of the Master’s chair spreading his legs. The Master’s fingers tapped at the keyboard:

“Punch your balls.”

Justin looked up at Him, then the tablet screen. He slid his left hand around the base of his shaved clean nuts, stretching them out from his crotch. He raised his right hand a bit and brought it down on his large full nuts. He grunted. The Master tapped the keyboard again:

“Punch your balls.”

Justin breathed deep, spreading his thick smooth legs apart, tensing his thick abs and complied. The Master tapped the keyboard again, then again, then again.

Justin breathed deep, punching and grunting, his football-player-build body quivering with each self-inflicted blow. But Justin kept his legs spread as he sat on the floor before the Master.

“Gear up,” typed the Master.

Justin finished gathering the specified items. The metal electro butt plug, the cock head attachment, the ball ring, ball gag, leather blindfold. He set the electro controller next to the keypad at the Master’s chair. He could hear the ragged breathing become more heavy and excited. Justin stood up, the Master’s eyes following his movements, raking over the slave’s body.

Justin had graduated high school the summer earlier and still exhibited the beefy thick body built up over 4 years of tough Midwest football training. His skin was smooth and white, nearly hairless except for the blond fuzz on his legs. He had shaved the remainder around his cock and balls as ordered by the Master. Justin looked up and locked the wrist restraints together, slipped the ball gag into his mouth and the blindfold over his eyes. He reached up and groped for the short length of chain hanging from the ceiling, stretching as high as he could and struggling to slip the joined restraints over the hook at its end.

Justin relaxed his body, feeling his thick muscles stretch out, completely vulnerable, hanging from his wrists. Drool was already dripping down from his mouth onto the valley between his pecs, running towards his cock, which was already stiff, crowned with the e-stim collar. The Master shifted quietly in his chair, his finger moving to the camera icon on his screen, snapping a few pics for His collection. Drool also dripped from His mouth, but he could do little about it.

Justin repositioned his legs, spreading them as far as he could, further stretching his torso. He waited, his butthole muscles clenching around the cold metal plug slowly warming inside his ass. His cock jerked and dripped. Still the Master did nothing. Justin was eager to get his body abused by the Master, and he focused on the feelings of his body, the pain in his strained shoulder joints, the heavy rubber ball in his mouth, his own ragged breath, and his collar tight on his thick neck, his head lolling forward between his upstretched arms.

The Master stirred and reached for the electro controls. He turned the control quickly with one finger. Justin yelped and stretched full out, arching forward on the tips of his toes as the electric current shot through from his asshole into his balls. The slave stayed stiff as the current was unrelenting, a muffled scream escaping around the gag. Droplets of sweat splattered the floor and the Master’s keyboard. The Master breathed deeply, eyes widening in pleasure.

Justin’s body jerked and flexed, quickly becoming drenched with sweat, his cock slapping against his abs, his body straining forward. The electro current stopped, and his body sagged down, he struggled to gasp for breath around the gag dripping with spit. The Master also gasped but with pleasure, enjoying watching his slave’s strong body slump before him. Justin pulled on the chains to regain his footing, but his cock was still stiff, leaking juice onto the floor and spattering his thick legs. He could have reached up at any time to release the restraints, but he wanted more, and the Master was eager to play with his body.

Justin felt a new tingling in the butt plug, and a corresponding sensation in his cock head. The Master was going to milk him. As the sensation built, he began to pump his hips in rhythm with the electric pulse; more drool and sweat dripping down his body. The Master shifted in his chair, fingers edging up the volume on the controls. Justin moaned through the gag and planted his feet as best he could on the floor. He flexed his slab-like abs and strained against the wrist restraints, his head falling back as his butthole continued to flex, pushing the plug with each pulse of current. His cock was red and swollen, jerking and pumping juice out. Suddenly a shock made his body jerk wildly, and he yelped. The Master chuckled softly … not yet slave, not yet.

Justin slumped back on his chains, breathing heavily. He was soaking in the sensations of his body, feeling the sweat roll down his smooth skin. Each session since he had first met the Master was more intense and physical than the last. From the first time he stood before the Master, stripping off his shirt for Him, watching His eyes devour him, to now, chained and sweating before Him. The Master was using Justin to his fullest.

The electric pulses started again and his balls were boiling. Justin grunted and flexed as the pulses fucked his tight hole and the ring around his cock head connected with the pulses running through his crotch. Now he was pumping the air furiously with his dick, flexing all of his body to bring his stored cum to explosion! He arched backwards on his toes, shooting his sperm into the air, splattering the floor. One drop landed on the face of the Master, who had drawn close to experience the orgasm. Justin was howling into his gag, thrashing back and forth as the electric pulses racked his body, the Master dialing up the controls repeatedly even while His tongue sought out the hot ejaculation dripping off His own lip. Justin continued to jerk, giving the Master great pleasure watching the strong athlete willingly submit to torture.

After several minutes of this, the Master relented with the electric current and let the slave slump back, panting and heaving onto the support of his own bound arms. Justin hung there, listening for a signal from the Master. His arms began to ache again and he shifted his pose several times, feeling his cock continue to jerk, still raging hard, cold cum dripping onto his bound nuts.

The Master watched the slave move; his own lust for the boy raging in the back of his mind. He glanced at the clock, knowing that the home healthcare worker would be arriving soon to prepare him for the night. It was time to wrap up their session. He pushed a small buzzer, and the slave jerked upright. Justin pressed his face against his right bicep, brushing aside the blindfold enough so that he eyes could begin to adjust to the dim light of the apartment again. He looked up, weakly stretching to unhook the chain.

Justin unlocked the wrists restraints from one another, stretching and flexing his arms to regain feeling and blood flow. The Master watched eagerly and tapped at His keyboard.


Justin stood back, his cock still flopping semi erect, and posed for his Master, moving from one position to another, turning slowly around. He was not ripped, more thick and meaty, a beautiful specimen.

The Master typed again:


Justin glanced at the tablet, cleared the screen and bowed, grabbing his gym clothes, hastily dressing. As he passed through the door, he glanced back at the chair-bound figure,

“Good night, Master,” already eager for the next session to be ordered.



Metal would like to thank FirefighterSir for this story! Find the author on Recon by clicking here.


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