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A captive’s nut sack is tied down to the floor

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The blindfold heightens the pleasure, but it’s also heightens the pain as Sean ropes up the prisoner’s nut sack and ties it down to the floor. Every movement will tug on those nads, just as Sean likes it. Soon he’s sucking and wanking the prisoner, slurping his delicious dick with skill, making Alex dribble precum while he moans and cries out. The lube makes it even more intense, his rough hands gliding over the glossy wet tip to make Alex shudder and shiver.

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Video at Boynapped

Title of this video: His Well-Used Hole Is Wet – Part 3

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Crushed nuts

Ler’s file these devices under “severe testicle torture” … Check out these CBT devices available from Mr S:


Acrylic Ball Press: Turn the wingnuts tighter and tighter and watch his balls flatten and listen to him beg and plead for mercy!



Acrylic Ball Crusher: Once you lock this nut-trap on, you’ll begin to see that look in his eyes as you gently turn the dials and the nuts get even redder … just one more turn?



Captivator Electrical Ball Crusher: Two times the surface contact to ensure no area on his balls gets away from you. Lock him in and let it rip! This is a 2-channel electrical device, with 4 inputs for the wires coming from your power box.

You can find more like this at Mr S

Male BDSM porn: Dirk Caber tortures Drake Jaden’s balls

At DaddysBondageBoys.com, Dirk Caber just keeps adding ropes and pulling them tighter in the process. Drake Jaden’s ball sack just stretches and then stretches further. How far can he go?

Dirk Caber tortures Drake Jaden’s balls

See the video at Daddy’s Bondage Boys

Title of this video series: Tied and Tormented, Part 2

Models in this shoot: Drake Jaden, Dirk Caber

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Male BDSM: Tober Brandt experiences heavy CBT

At Bound Muscle Jocks, Tober Brandt undergoes extreme torture and CBT! (Warning: That is a 20-pound dumbell attached to his balls. Do not attempt this, unless you want to have your balls torn off!)


Tober Brandt, Duncan Murphy, Cullen Cable

See the VIDEO at BoundMuscleJocks.com

Title of this video: “Captured Cock, Part 7

Key words: cum shot, piercings, masturbation, ropes, chains, jock strap

Models: Tober Brandt, Duncan Murphy, Cullen Cable

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Derek puts Icy Hot on his prisoner’s balls

At Daddy’s Bondage Boys, the clothespins are torn off, eliciting a long scream from Cullen Cable! To keep him occupied during the intricate placement of the clothespins, Derek da Silva slathers on a bunch of Icy Hot on the prisoner’s balls. OUCH.

Title of this shoot: Training Play Part 5

Keywords: pegs, gag, rope bondage, nipple play, tattoos, piercings, hairy, daddy, CBT

Starring: Derek da Silva, Cullen Cable

See this and much more at Daddy’s Bondage Boys

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Balls to the wall

At 30 Minutes of Torment, Latin hunk Diego Vena has his hands bound to the wall while Van puts on his leather gloves to begin the stud’s torment. He gives Diego punches to the chest and thighs before punishing his tender balls.

35920_1balls to the wall

Ready for more, Diego endures a heavy flogging before being taken off to the pit. Clothespins are clamped across Diego’s chest as Van breaks out the riding crop. Diego’s screams fill the room as the crop whips against his tender skin, all while enduring the pinching clothespins. Once the clothespins are removed, Diego is given one more heavy flog before moving onto his final challenge. – The Gimp Station – An ass hook is tightly shoved up Diego’s ass while hot candle wax pours across his torso. The ass hook is replaced with the gimp’s cock as he pounds away on Diego’s tight hole. Diego’s torment comes to a conclusion as he rides the gimp’s hard cock and sprays his cum all over the place.

35920_2 35920_4 35920_7 35920_18

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Ruckus endures the Electric Station and a 30-pound flogger


Ruckus he steps in with Van for the 30 Minutes of Torment challenge. In The Pit they make the challenge all about his balls, and with them tied to the platform he endures a hard flogging. The tight rope on his balls making it so he can’t avoid the large 30-pound flogger. In The Electric Station, Ruckus is strapped down to a chair with electric pads on his thighs and an electric butt plug up his ass. As the electricity surges through him he squirms in the tight belts while the plug fucks his hole up and down. In The Water Station, he endures a mass of clothespins all over his body, including nearly a dozen on his balls. The water blasts them off, causing him to writhe in pain, only to have his screams muffled by the wet pillowcase that cuts off his breathing.

36450_0 36450_3 36450_6

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