My Adventures With Billy – Part 13

By Robmacz

We all did as we were told, and guards appeared to unlock our chains. The noise of the chains as they clanged to the ground and echoed around the room was incredible, and it made my dick jump again. The chains were removed and plastic boxes were placed in front of us.  We were told to strip off and put all our gear into the boxes. I just started throwing my stuff in a box, and it wasn’t long before I was naked. Some of the other guys were slower and the guards yelled at them to get a move on.

Once we were all completely naked, we were each inspected. Mouth, hair, ears, feet, dick, arse. Everything probed. Then we were ordered to turn to our left and walk with our hands behind our backs. We followed a guard into a room with one single chair. Standing next to it was an inmate in a black and white striped jumpsuit. The guard pointed at the first guy in line. ‘You–sit in the chair.’ As soon as he sat down the inmate in stripes took some clippers and buzzed the guy’s head. It took only a couple of minutes to get all his hair off.  When he was done he was ushered out of the door and the next guy took the seat.

Eventually it was my turn. I hadn’t realised this would happen. I’d always taken a bit of pride in my hair, and I was shocked when I saw it falling all around me. In hardly any time it was gone.  Now I was bald.  ‘Move along, inmate’ the guard told me as I got out of the chair and moved into the next room, which was obviously a shower room.

As I entered I was ordered to line up with three other inmates. A guard appeared with a big tube containing something like an old- fashioned washing-up liquid, and we were ordered to hold out our hands. He squirted the stuff onto our palms and told us to start rubbing it over our bodies, especially our heads and our nuts, but to make sure we avoided the eyes. Whatever it was, it stank. I started to rub it in hesitantly. I think the other guys were hesitant too, but the guard was quick to demand that we move faster and get ourselves lathered up. Once we had rubbed the stuff in we were ordered under a hose and the water started coming out.

‘Rinse off fast, you’ve got two minutes,’ the guard ordered. While we did it, the next group of guys were already gathering to get lathered up.

The water was barely warm, but I managed to get the stinking stuff off me before it turned off. The four of us had to get pretty close to each other, and my dick was twitching. I don’t think mine was the only one though. Once the water was turned off a guard threw a hand towel at us. One of the guys grabbed it quickly; I guess he realised what the rest of us didn’t, that we had to share it.  By the time it got to the second guy it was soaking wet. I ended up being third in the queue, and while I got most of the excess water off me, I was getting cold as the air hit my wet, naked body and my newly balded skull.  I was determined, however, not to shiver and look like a weakling.

We were then made to line up against a wall, noses and toes touching it, until all the other guys had finished their showers. It seemed to go on for ages, and even though it was cold my body felt like it was drying and adjusting to the temperature. Finally we were ordered to move out. A guard conducted us into another room, where again we were lined up, this time along the wall but facing forward. There was a counter about fifteen feet away with a couple of prisoners in black and white stripes standing behind it. Behind them was what appeared to be a large store room with shelves of clothing and other stuff, categorised by sizes.

One by one the guys ahead of me were called up to the counter. They were issued with a pile of stuff: a uniform and underclothes, a towel, a blanket, a toothbrush and toothpaste. As they collected their gear they moved to the side of the room and were ordered to get dressed. Some had already got their black and white jumpsuit on while others were just putting on their boxer shorts when I was told to go to the counter. It seemed clear what was about to happen to me, and how I would look when it was finished.

Only more chapter! To appear tomorrow…

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