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My Adventures With Billy – Part 14

By Robmacz

‘Name?’ I was asked, and the inmate looked me up on the computer, then looked at me strangely. He turned to the other inmate behind the counter, who seemed to be more experienced and pointed to the screen.

‘I’ll deal with this one, you carry on with the next.’

He collected two lots of underclothes, towel, blanket, and toiletries from the place the other guys had had theirs issued from, but then he left the counter and went to the back of the room. I was wondering what was going on when he reappeared with two yellow jumpsuits, which instead of having DOC on the back like all the others had SSU printed on it. Then unlike the other guys who had been issued with black boots, he put a pair of orange canvas shoes on top.

‘Why I am I getting a different uniform?’ I asked.

‘Cuz you goin to the Special Segregation Unit. You’d better watch your back in there.’

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My Adventures With Billy – Part 13

By Robmacz

We all did as we were told, and guards appeared to unlock our chains. The noise of the chains as they clanged to the ground and echoed around the room was incredible, and it made my dick jump again. The chains were removed and plastic boxes were placed in front of us.  We were told to strip off and put all our gear into the boxes. I just started throwing my stuff in a box, and it wasn’t long before I was naked. Some of the other guys were slower and the guards yelled at them to get a move on.

Once we were all completely naked, we were each inspected. Mouth, hair, ears, feet, dick, arse. Everything probed. Then we were ordered to turn to our left and walk with our hands behind our backs. We followed a guard into a room with one single chair. Standing next to it was an inmate in a black and white striped jumpsuit. The guard pointed at the first guy in line. ‘You–sit in the chair.’ As soon as he sat down the inmate in stripes took some clippers and buzzed the guy’s head. It took only a couple of minutes to get all his hair off.  When he was done he was ushered out of the door and the next guy took the seat.

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My Adventures With Billy – Part 12

By Robmacz

Four days later I was lying on my bunk in my jail cell chatting to a first time inmate serving two days for a DUI. The irony was not lost on me. Just three months before, I was in this guy’s shoes.  I wondered whether this was the start of his slippery slope and he would soon end up in mine. So this time it was me showing him the ropes, and he seemed to think I was some big-time villain, especially when i told him the sentence I had just received. This was a role reversal I had not really anticipated, but it felt good nonetheless.

I knew that I could be transported to the state penitentiary at any moment, but it still came as a shock when the guards turned up first thing in the morning and announced that I’d be shipping out in ten minutes and I just had time to take a shit and a piss. I did as I was told, knowing it could be a long day ahead. They returned soon after I had finished, with a full set of chains.

‘Hands out in front,’ one of the guards commanded.

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My Adventures With Billy – Part 11

By Robmacz

Half an hour later I shuffled into the same interview room I’d been in the previous night, only this time there was were four other people waiting for me–Mike, the two detectives, and a man I presumed was the DA. The guard escorted me to my seat. This time I had a full belly chain on with my hands cuffed to my sides. I was pushed down into my chair by the guard.

‘Before we start,’ Mike said, ‘I want to stipulate that my client will be fully co-operative in this matter.  But although this is a serious offence, my client is in a position to offer other information, relating to more serious criminal activity. He is prepared to provide you with that information and testify if necessary. In return he would be grateful for certain undertakings.’

‘I don’t think your client is in any position to make any deals,’ the DA responded. ‘He is looking at several felonies and by my calculation is likely to be looking at 30 to life.’

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My Adventures With Billy – Part 10

By Robmacz

I headed home for the last time. Once there I took a last look round, kinda like when you move home from college and take a last look at where you lived as a student. Would I ever see this place again? Probably not. I got changed, putting on a t-shirt and some jeans that I had earlier poured whisky on so they would smell. I picked up a half bottle of whisky, the manila envelope containing the small packages of coke, and the larger bundle. Then I retrieved Billy’s pistol from where I had safely hidden it.

Down in the garage I smashed the rear light, so that it would cause attention and then I put the gun and drugs on the floor by the passenger seat and left the whisky close at hand. I headed off it was about 7.30 in the evening. I drove around for about 15 minutes before I saw a police car parked on the side of the road. Two cops were just getting in with their coffees. I put my foot down and started to drive erratically. It was not long before I saw flashing lights behind me. I knew where I was heading– Pierre’s, the restaurant where Billy took me several months before.  I knew there would be a pile of expensive cars lined up outside.

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My Adventures With Billy – Part 09

By Robmacz

The following day I didn’t wake up until the early afternoon. Partly the result of exhaustion of the previous few weeks, but more to do with the hangover I was now experiencing from the day before. It was the banging on the door that woke me. I stumbled out of bed and opened the door to find Mike standing there.

‘God, you look awful,’ he said. I stepped back and he came in. ‘Why don’t you take a shower, while I fix some coffee.’

I did as he suggested, and Mike had made some strong coffee by the time I got out.

‘How come you look so good?’ I asked.

‘Because I stopped drinking about three hours before you did.’

I wasn’t in a hospitable mood. I was still feeling sorry for myself and thinking about Billy locked away in his cell. Though every time I conjured up the image my dick started to twitch. Why did I find the misfortune of the guy I was in love with so horny? Clearly, I had some issues I needed to sort out.

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My Adventures With Billy – Part 08

By Robmacz

‘Well,’ Billy said, ‘it all started soon after I became a cop. I was on patrol one evening and I pulled this guy over. It was a standard DUI, the guy was just slightly over the limit. As I started to read him his rights he started to plead with me not to take him in, that he needed his car to see his daughter who was sick in the hospital and his ex-wife didn’t want him there. It was a real sob story, but I felt sorry for the guy. Then he offered me $200. I don’t know what came over me, but I was overdrawn at the bank and I had to pay off a loan that my brother took out with a loan shark. I was finding it hard just to make ends meet. I took the money and told him to be on his way. It was the stupidest thing I’ve ever done.

‘A few days later I get some mail, which contained a photo of me accepting the cash.  It told me I should be parked on the corner of a street someplace, I can’t quite remember where. Anyway a minute or so after I arrived this guy got in my car. He told me that if I didn’t want that photo to see the light of day, I was to provide certain information when requested. That it wouldn’t be regular, but every now and then. I agreed.  What else could I do?

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My Adventures With Billy – Part 07

By Robmacz

A group of officers moved into the apartment, and I saw Billy turn around and put his hands behind his back. I was thinking what the fuck was happening, but also how hot Billy looked cuffed up. I got up from the sofa and walked towards Billy and the arresting officer.

‘What the hell is going on?’ I asked.

‘Who are you?’ the officer shot back.

‘He’s got nothing to do with this,’ Billy replied before I had a chance to say anything. ‘You’d better leave.’

‘Not without giving me your name and address,’ the officer said.

I gave him my details and then turned my eyes toward Billy.  He looked beat.

‘Call Mike, will you,’ he said. ‘I’m sorry!’

Stunned by this, I rushed out the door and down to the street, where I called Mike on my cellphone. I was breathing heavily and trying to get the words out, but they must have got lost in the stream of garbage, because all Mike could say was ‘what are you talking about?’  Eventually I explained it clearly, and he said he was on his way and would be there in ten minutes.

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