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A Game of Chance – Part 07

By Robmacz

Chris did as he was told and he felt the cuffs snap round his wrists as he had so often before. But this time it was different. This time it was real. This time there was no safe word that would grant him instant release. He was now a prisoner, there was no escape.  He wasn’t a gentleman who was paying for his pleasures, among people he knew, people who were ready to play his game.  He was a convict, and nothing but a convict.  The young officer’s eyes were brown, with curious little gold flecks, and the look in his eyes said ‘There’s nothing special about you, boy.’

The officer led Chris through the door and into a waiting room, though this was no airport departure lounge or even a hospital waiting room. The benches were steel and they were bolted to the floor. The officer patted Chris down, checking his pockets, but there was only his wallet and phone, which the officer left.

‘Sit’ the officer said, pointing to a bench and producing a pair of legcuffs. He secured one round Chris’s leg and another to the steel bench. He left without another word and Chris sat in the room alone.

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A Game of Chance – Part 06

By Robmacz

Shortly after leaving Tom at the Penitentiary, Chris had driven 10 or 15 miles down the road, where he found a post office sitting forlornly on the main street of a tiny rural town.  He jumped out and put the envelope containing the four choices and addressed to Tom at the prison into the box by the car park.  Chris breathed a sigh. There was no way back from this now. His fate was in the hands of Tom. In eight months time he would either be a free man or he would be walking through the gates of the prison he had just left. However much he thought about it, he didn’t know which option Tom would choose. He didn’t think he would choose option A, unless of course he had hooked up with someone inside. But any of the other three options was possible.

Chris had already decided that while he waited to find out his fate he would try to live his life as normal. The only stipulation that his special friend had made was that he should not be away from home for more than a few days, as he would need to keep an eye on his mail, because any order to report would give him no more than two weeks notice.

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A Game of Chance – Part 05

By Robmacz

Six weeks later Tom was sitting on his bunk in the cell he shared with a guy name Mitch. He was waiting to be called to the visitors’ room to meet with Chris. Mitch had already been called down there to meet his wife and boy, on whom he doted. Tom had been incarcerated for only a tiny fraction of the time he had to serve, but he had already gone through a long series of emotions. He arrived at the prison having been chained up for several hours in a plane and then in a van.

As the van pulled up outside the intake area of the prison Thompson leapt out and shook hands with one of the guards. He signed some paperwork and the guard opened the door and ordered Tom out. Thompson and Peel had delivered their package and only followed Tom and the guard inside in order to retrieve the chains that Tom was wearing. As they took them off Tom was ordered to put his hands on his head. Peel and Thompson left immediately, without a word to Tom.  They had spent the last six hours with him, but he was a package, not a person.

Tom, having arrived on his own, was processed on his own. He had to strip off and put his clothes in a plastic box that was put in front of him. He was now getting used to this humiliation, but as his dick leapt to attention as he pulled his boxers down he hoped he would be able to control himself and not shoot a load as he had done at the role play jail. For here he knew he would be getting a cavity search.

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A Game of Chance – Part 04

By Robmacz

After being told that he had no right to a phone call Tom turned around and looked at his cell. It reminded him of the cell he was in only a few days before, a bed, a wash basin and toilet, but nothing else. The one main difference was that there was a solid wall separating him from the cells either side and he could only look out of the bars and see a short corridor that led to the area where Charlie’s desk was. Only one of the other cells was occupied and that was by a drunk. Tom could smell the drink and sick coming from his cell, which was not helped by the heat of the place. It seemed as though this was the only part of the terminal building without air conditioning.

Tom spent the rest of the day and night in the cell. No one came to collect him. His only interaction was being brought some food and drink. This consisted of a sandwich and some water in the evening and a sandwich and some coffee for breakfast. For the rest of the time he was alone with his thoughts. He tried to make sense of what had happened to him, but couldn’t. He was sure that once the US Marshals arrived they would sort this out and he would be free to go.

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A Game of Chance – Part 03

By Robmacz

After an electric afternoon in bed together Tom fell asleep and Chris took the opportunity to make a phone call to his special friend. It was a short call, for Chris had been planning this game for years and Tom seemed the ideal player. Chris’s special friend confirmed that he would be able to make the arrangements, but he needed Chris to do a couple of things first. So as soon as he had finished the call, Chris went through Tom’s suitcase and quickly found his passport. He photographed each of the pages and forwarded them in an email. Then he called Elliott, who told him that of course he would be delighted to provide what Chris asked for as a memento and would email it straight away.

His work complete, Chris took a shower and went back into the bedroom where Tom was still asleep.

‘Wake up sleepyhead, the cocktail hour beckons.’

Tom opened his eyes. ‘What time is it.’

‘Time to get up.’

‘I was having such a great dream.’

‘Care to tell me about it?’

‘Well basically we did all that we did this afternoon, but instead of being here in bed, we were in a jail cell. Man it was so hot.’

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A Game of Chance – Part 02

By Robmacz

Elliott grabbed Chris’s arm and assisted him off the chair and walked him towards the desk. He unlocked Chris’s cuffs from behind his back and told him to put his hands on his head. Chris had dressed very casual for the occasion, quite unlike Tom. He was wearing a t-shirt, shorts and flip flops. Looking at him, Tom guessed that he was a little taller than himself, and while he clearly went to the gym he was not muscle toned to the extent the two cops were. Nonetheless, Tom found him immensely attractive.

Chris handed over his possessions as he was instructed to before being finger printed. He was told he was to be given a strip search. Chris felt his heart flutter a little, while Tom was just as excited to have a ring side seat. Chris took off his flip flops and put them in the plastic tray provided before taking off his t-shirt and shorts. He stood there in a pair of black Calvin Klein briefs, filled to capacity by his bugling dick. As he pulled them down Tom could see Chris’s semi-erect dick leaking precum.

Elliott snapped on a pair of latex gloves before examining parts of Chris’s body. Chris was told to stand with his hands on the back of his head while Elliott looked into his mouth and ears and lifted his dick. He was then asked to show the soles on his feet before Elliott told him to bend over for a cavity search. Chris did so; the expression on his face told Tom that he wasn’t expecting this, but Tom grew more excited at the spectacle, knowing he would be next.

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A Game of Chance – Part 01

By Robmacz

The flight from Heathrow to Dulles was one that Tom had done a half a dozen times before. In July there was an annual conference in Washington which he attended on behalf of his company. Usually he stayed three nights and was back in London before the end of the week. He had done the sights of Washington years before and really had no need to see it again. However, this time he was taking a week’s annual leave immediately after the conference and he would be spending five days in jail.

Okay, so it’s not everyone’s idea of a holiday, but for as long as he could remember Tom had been fascinated by prison. He watched prison movies, he watched prison porn, he read books about prison and he joined chat rooms to talk about it. You could say it was a bit of an obsession with him. It was in one of these chat rooms that he met Chris. Chris was from Virginia and had a very similar interest to him. Over the last 18 months they Skype called each other at least once a week to talk about the latest photos or videos they had found. Often they would do the call wearing a prison uniform, cuffs and chains. As a kink went it was niche, but it made both of them very horny.

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My Adventures With Billy – Part 14

By Robmacz

‘Name?’ I was asked, and the inmate looked me up on the computer, then looked at me strangely. He turned to the other inmate behind the counter, who seemed to be more experienced and pointed to the screen.

‘I’ll deal with this one, you carry on with the next.’

He collected two lots of underclothes, towel, blanket, and toiletries from the place the other guys had had theirs issued from, but then he left the counter and went to the back of the room. I was wondering what was going on when he reappeared with two yellow jumpsuits, which instead of having DOC on the back like all the others had SSU printed on it. Then unlike the other guys who had been issued with black boots, he put a pair of orange canvas shoes on top.

‘Why I am I getting a different uniform?’ I asked.

‘Cuz you goin to the Special Segregation Unit. You’d better watch your back in there.’

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