My Bound Birthday

By Mister-X / Spartan

It was my 29th birthday. It also was the one day of the week when the store was closed. The crazy guys I worked with at the store invited me to the store for a birthday party, telling me to arrive at noon. I was apprehensive about what they had planned for me. After all, the store I work in sold bondage gear. But I figured, what the heck, I hadn’t had any bondage play in a couple of months, so I was also looking forward to it.

When I got to the store, I recognized the various cars that were parked in our lot. The guys were obviously already in there waiting for me. But I had brought along the key to the back door. I figured they were all gathered around the front door waiting for me to enter.

But I got a surprise. When I opened the back door with the key, the burglar alarm went off. I’d forgotten about that. I had planned to enter quietly and surprise them, try to put cuffs on as many as I could before they got me cuffed, but with that alarm going off I didn’t exactly enter quietly. I had to quickly run in after closing the door and hide somewhere. I heard running feet coming toward me.

I knew there was another nearby door that I could duck into. This one led into our backroom storage area. I quickly ducked in there and got the door closed before any of the guys could see where I’d gone. I locked it. I quietly took stock of what gear was there, what I could use, and where I should position myself. My plans quickly took shape.

After a minute I heard Rick at the door say “we know you’re in there, Steve. It’s time we gave you your birthday present. C’mon out.”

I waited. I knew that they could get a key to open the door. Locking it was just a temporary delay. Soon I heard the door being unlocked. During the wait for them to get a key I had unscrewed the light bulbs in the room, which had no windows, and they couldn’t see inside. They tried turning the lights on, but it was no use. I heard some murmured conversation, and some of them left. I had removed the lights because I knew that room backwards and forwards, and they didn’t. In the dark, I had an advantage.

I heard the rattle of chains and of cuffs. “C’mon out, Steve. We’re waiting for you. You’re going to like your birthday present. Don’t make us have to come in and bring you out. You won’t like the additions we’ll add if we have to do that.” I knew better than to believe Rick, but at the thought of what I was hearing my cock was starting to harden.

Soon I saw a few flashes of light. They’d gotten some flashlights and started entering the room. They first looked to the sides of the door, figuring that I was lying in wait to ambush them or to rush out of the room. I expected that would be their first thoughts, and it was mine as well, but I rejected it. I noticed from the light at the back of the open door that they’d left a couple of guys at the door to get me if I should try to escape while the others were inside combing the room. So that possibility was made difficult. I’d have to try something to get them to move.

I threw a pair of cuffs over to one of the hanging straitjackets. I saw a light quickly focus on the moving straitjacket. “Over here!” I heard the sounds of running feet and saw the lights all go quickly over in that direction. But the two guys at the doorway didn’t move. I’ll have to try something else.

I pulled out one of the novelties I’d picked up, pulled the string on it, and threw it just passed the open doorway. It started letting out a horrific noise. That was one of those screaming pig things that we kept to go with our nasty pig gear. This time the pair at the door reacted and went over to see what the screaming was about, as the others were running over to see what it was as well. It sounded like I could have tripped or fallen on something and was screaming my head off. With the two away from the door, this was my chance.

I went running out of the room toward the door. Twenty feet, ten feet, at the doorway, and I was out! I quickly closed and locked the door from the outside. You can’t get the door unlocked from inside. The guys inside realized that I’d tricked them. I started singing “happy un-birthday to you, happy un-birthday to you, happy un-birthday dear guys, happy un-birthday to you”.

“Aw, c’mon, Steve. Let us out so we can have some fun.”

“Yeah, at my expense. It’s my birthday. I’m going to be the one who has the fun with you guys.” Just then my arms were brought behind me and cuffed. It all happened so fast that I was caught completely unaware.

It turned out that one of the guys was late, and came in just as I had made my escape. He figured out the situation, got some cuffs, and quickly subdued me. Damn. At least I’d gotten some fun of my own in before the tables got turned on me.

While holding onto my cuffed hands, the guy got the key to the door, unlocked it, and let the others out.

“Geez, Steve, why did you do that? You almost spoiled our fun.”

“I did it because I wanted to have some fun with you guys instead. And I did. At least, until Herm, here, showed up.”

“It’s a good thing I did, too”, said Herman. “I wonder how long Steve would have left you guys locked in there.”

When everyone was out of the room, they gagged me with the largest leather penis gag we had in the store and I was led over to the gear that they had accumulated for me to be put into. I heard the whirring of a camera, and occasionally the click of another one, so I knew that this was all being recorded. The first thing they did was to lower my pants and ice down my cock. They locked it up in one of our punishers. Immediately I could start to feel the spikes at the tip. When I winced from the pain, Rick said, “you shouldn’t have tried to avoid us, Steve. I told you that some extras would be added.” He said this with a big smile.

They lowered my pants. I was bent over. A big size butt plug was worked into my ass. I could feel that it had already been coated in lube. It took some time for them to coax it in, a little at a time, further and further, until it finally popped over my sphincter and was lodged. I could feel it touching my prostate. It was a pleasant feeling there, but not pleasant where my cock was getting punished.

By now I was naked from the waist down. They got one of our full rubber cat suits, one with an attached hood and zippers over the tits, and started working my legs into it. Rick showed me the size of the suit. It was smaller than I would normally wear. This was going to be a tight fit. After they had gotten it up to my arm pits, they got three guys to hold each arm and took off the handcuffs and my t-shirt. I tried to get my arms away from the guys, but I couldn’t. I had to accept it.

They started working the tight rubber suit onto my arms. The guys would position their grips above where the rubber was being worked up, and when the rubber was close to their hands, they would quickly grab my arm with their other hand and move the first one down to let the rubber continue to be worked up. In this way, all three were hold of one arm at all times. Finally my arms were completely in the sleeves. With that tight fit there weren’t any wrinkles. A strap was quickly wrapped around my arms behind my back above the elbows, pulled as tight as they could get it.

They continued working the cat suit on me. Last was the hood to be put on. They had to remove the penis gag to do this. I was now completely in the suit. The hood had eye, nose and mouth holes. The next addition over the suit was a metal collar. This was a size that was tight around my neck without the rubber cat suit. Being in the suit, it was extra tight. With a big smile Rick showed me the size before he started putting it on. He knew that I knew it would be extremely tight. And it was. They had a difficult time getting it closed without pinching the rubber in the suit. But they did and locked it. I was starting to feel a little woozy. When they unzipped the tit zippers and put clamps on my nipples, that got my attention. I wasn’t woozy any more.

They put that leather penis gag back on, pulled the strap tight, and locked it in the back of my head. They showed me a pair of our Chatlet cuffs. I realized what they planned to do with those. I wasn’t looking forward to that. They tightened the strap around my arms further, bringing my elbows closer together. Only then did they start to screw the Chatlet cuffs on my wrists. With my elbows as close together as they were, they were able to put my wrists back to back and screw the Chatlet cuffs on with the Allan wrench. My wrists were locked together. I couldn’t move them a millimeter. Then they removed the strap around my arms. My arms tried to get separated, but couldn’t. My shoulders started to hurt from their forced position.

They brought out our special dungeon ankle cuffs with the attached steel ball. They locked those around my ankles. They got a chain and attached the ring at the back of my collar to the ring in the Chatlet cuffs. They pulled it taut to make sure that my head was forced to look forward, but didn’t pull it so far that my head was pulled back. I was pleased at that, until Rick said “we’ll later start shortening that chain.” When I showed my discomfort at that prospect, his evil smile got bigger. “You shouldn’t have played with us, Steve. Now we get our revenge.”

A chain was attached to the front of my collar, and I was pulled to another part of the store. With everything that I was in, my poor cock was in misery, being in that punisher. It wanted to get hard, but it was being punished whenever it would try. They also had left the air conditioning off, and since it was summer, the store had started getting hot. They were in t-shirts and shorts, but in that full rubber cat suit I was getting hot.

They took me over to a table they’d set up which had a birthday cake and liquid refreshments. There was a stool nearby, and I was put up onto it. There was a metal loop on the stool, and my ankle cuffs were pulled together, locked together, and locked to the metal loop. I was locked to that stool. They rolled the steel ball over the edge of the stool, and it quickly started putting pressure on my ankles. Those now started hurting, added to my aching shoulders, tits, neck, wrists, and most of all, cock.

One of the others started cutting the birthday cake. One by one each of the guys would get a piece of cake, a fork, a napkin, and a drink out of the cooler. They started eating and socializing in front of me. I couldn’t move in the position I was in, and had to just stand there like a statue. I could “mmpphh” into my gag, but what good would that do? I was just ignored when I did.

After the last person had finished eating their cake, Rick gathered them all around and led them in an off-key chorus of Happy Birthday. Then they lined up, and, one-by-one, they came up to me and twisted the clamps on my tits. I was reacting into my gag from the pain of this. Everyone laughed when they heard that.

Rick finally said, “OK, everyone. That’s all we had planned for today. Those of you who are scheduled to work tomorrow, I’ll see you at opening time. Good bye.”

I heard everyone leaving, the sounds of the door closing and, to my frustration, being locked! And I heard cars leaving the lot. I wondered whether they planned to leave me here like this until the next morning? I was in misery from the pain throughout the various parts of my body. And I was sweating a lot with the A/C off. But there wasn’t anything I could do but wait and see what happened.

I decided to think back at how I almost turned the tables on them at the start of their planned party. It got me into a much better mood to handle the pain I was in. It would certainly give the others ideas about what was possible when we had another employee birthday party. I wondered whether anyone was going to be returning to let me out, and whether the others knew that I was supposed to be kept here like this.

Time passed. I didn’t hear any sounds from elsewhere in the store. There didn’t seem to be anyone else here. I thought back to when I started working at this place. It was a dream job for someone like me who likes to be bound. To be around all that gear all the time, and to sometimes have to demonstrate it was a dream come true. I was handsome enough that I got picked up sometimes for a date. Some of those sessions were nice, and some of them were pretty rough, but I enjoyed them all.

We were a great group of guys, and we all got along well. We each had our particular likes and dislikes, all different, so we pretty much covered the gamut of possibilities, so we could handle just about any customer. Most of the customers were easy for any one of us to deal with, but there were always the specialists. And we all understood how to deal with customers, something that seems to have become difficult for guys to do today. And with us, the term ‘customer service’ could sometimes have other meanings than it would for other businesses.

I thought of all this as I was standing there. Soon I heard someone enter the store. It was Rick. I knew that he wouldn’t leave me here like this until tomorrow morning. I was more than ready to be let out.

“I forgot to tighten that chain like I’d promised you.” What?!!! I started yelling into my gag. He went around to my back and pulled my collar down to shorten the chain before re-locking it. “No need to thank me, Steve.” He walked out of the store, locked the door after leaving, and I heard a car drive off.

I was stunned. I was also choking. I had to concentrate on my breathing. I could move my wrists up further than they were, but my shoulders were already killing me, and that would intensify the pain. I decided I could deal easier with the choking. After I’d gotten that under control, I thought of Rick. That bastard! I started having a lot of bad thoughts about him. Then I remembered the old phrase, ‘don’t get mad, get even’. I was going to have to plan a suitable present for him on his next birthday. What he had done to me was pretty severe, but there were lots of things I could do to him.

I started thinking of what I’d done to him the last time he had a birthday. As I thought of that, I started feeling better. I’d treated him almost as severely as he was treating me. I realized that this must be the reason he was being so intense with me. I’d kept his cock in that punisher for more than 12 hours. And I’d kept the Chatlet cuffs on his wrists for 10. It took a week for his shoulders to stop hurting. He must have been looking forward to his chance to get back at me.

Some of the touches of what they’d done to me were ones I hadn’t thought of before. The steel ball put over the edge of the stool, putting pressure on my ankles, was a new one. I wondered where what part of Rick I should hang that steel ball from. I decided to hang it from the ring on the Chatlet cuffs. But I wondered whether the ring could stand up to that much weight hanging from it. I would have to find out before Rick’s birthday.

I hadn’t used alligator clamps on Rick before. Those would certainly step up the pain he would have to endure. And I’d heard about these metal cock sheaths that were lined with little spikes. That would add to Rick’s pain, too. I was starting to plan out how this would be accomplished. Already, my mind was off the pain I was in.

But not for long. I can only take so much pain before it starts overwhelming all my other thoughts, vying for the attention of my brain, wanting me to stop it. But I couldn’t. All I could do was stand there and wait to be let out. And wait. And wait.

In another hour I heard the door open again. It was Rick. “I need to go to bed in order to get up in the morning to come to work, and I can’t leave you here all that time.” I was thinking ‘oh, good. He’s finally going to let me out.’ Rick went on, “so I’ve decided to take you home with me. I brought my roommate along to help. He’s my master. He’s the one who now keeps my cock in chastity, the one who whips me every day, the one who keeps me bound and gagged at night at home. I told him about what we’d done to you, and he wanted to see for himself.”

This came as a surprise to me. I lived alone, and I had no idea that Rick had a master. I saw another guy walk around me, inspecting me. He finally said “you did a good job. But I can see where a few improvements could be made. Let’s take him out to my van so we can take him home where I can show you.”

I was removed from the locks at my feet, and was taken out to their van. I was laid down in the back, everything still attached, and driven away. I was still in abject agony from my shoulders and cock. The rest were hurting me, but those two were the worst. My ankles would sometimes jerk as that ball would roll around in the van with the twists and turns of the drive.

When I got into a garage, the back of the van was opened and I was taken inside to a dungeon. There was almost as much gear there as what we had in the store. I was locked next to a pole. My ankle cuffs were locked together.

I saw Rick leave and come back dressed in leathers. His ankles were cuffed with a short chain between them which caused him to take short steps. He was gagged with what appeared to be the same kind of leather penis gag I had on. And his hands were cuffed behind him. He had a thick, high metal collar around his neck with a chain attached to the front of it. He knelt down at the feet of this other guy.

The other guy grabbed hold of the other end of the chain and jerked Rick up onto his feet by it. He held it high up, and I could see Rick’s face quickly get red when he did this, but no sound came out of Rick. The guy brought him over to me, still holding him by the chain held high, which forced his head up high.

“Let me show you where improvements could be made. You could obviously put a chain connecting his tit clamps and add weights to it. You could add electricity to the tit clamps, the collar and the butt plug. You could pull the chain attached to his collar up to attach to a chain hanging from the ceiling, or a hoist to bring him up onto the front halves of his feet. You could lock his cock in a spiked cock sheath. You could scrunch him up and force him into one of these small cages, attaching him so that he couldn’t be able to move. There’s lots more you could do. But you’ve done a good job already.” He put his hands on my shoulders, which caused me to start screaming into my gag. “I particularly like the Chatlet cuffs. That’s a nice touch, as is having that punisher on his cock. I’ll reward you tonight for that. I’ll keep you out of the little cage tonight.”

Through his gag I heard Rick whisper, “Thank you, Master.”

This caused me to start viewing Rick differently. I wondered what he was put through every night. I wondered whether I would like to be treated that way. In some ways it would certainly satisfy my bondage cravings. But in other ways I would be losing some of my independence. But as I started thinking about what my life was like in the evenings after work, I wondered what good having my independence was doing me.

Rick’s master turned to me and said “Rick wondered whether you would like to move in here with us. I’m a rough bondage top, but you obviously are able to handle that. I wouldn’t be treating you as rough as this if you were here, but you can see what Rick is treated like. That’s typical of his stay here. Would you be interested in being treated that way?”

I nodded my head up and down as best I could.

“Good. I’ll take off those Chatlet cuffs from your wrists and replace them with normal handcuffs. And I’ll take off the punisher from your cock and replace it with a normal chastity device. And I’ll remove the chain connecting your collar to your cuffs. That should get you out of the worst of your torments. But I’ll leave the rest of the restraints on. In the morning we can discuss your moving in here.”

After that, Rick and I became good friends. He told me what his life was like at his master’s, what his master expected from him, and what all he had experienced there. I was fitting in well at what is now my master’s house. Nothing changed at work. We still had our fun. It was my life outside of work that changed dramatically. That 29th birthday was a life changing experience for me.

But what I like most is that my master told me that I get to do whatever I want to do to Rick on his birthday. I can’t wait to get my revenge.

The end

Metal would like to thank the author, Mister-X / Spartan, for this story, which is being given an “encore” posting!


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  1. Rafa is right.. Love your stories here and on Eckie’s site. I couldn’t believe when his original site crashed. I thought it would be lost forever but was delighted when Eckie created a new one. Your stories are all still there and I read them often.

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