Nerves of Steel

By RbbrStorage

Jason could have sat there all afternoon.  A California beach.  A beautiful day.  Pounding surf.  And surfers.  Hot, young, tanned, muscular surfers in tight, shiny rubber and neoprene wetsuits.  This was the image that had brought Jason to California – this, and the fact that the declining U.S. dollar made it impossible for him to spend the entire summer in Europe.  At 21, he had just graduated from college, had no idea what he wanted to do with his life, and was certain that a few months of wandering would clear his head and give him direction.  And right now, that direction was due west, where he found himself drooling over the image of a masculine stud stripping out of his wetsuit in the middle of the beach and drying himself off.  All those winters wasted in Michigan – if only Jason could have had parents who lived in California.

“You a surfer?”

Jason spun his head with a guilty look, certain he’d been caught staring at the naked surfer toweling off his gleaming muscles.

Jason had to look up to see where the voice came from.  It was a man standing to his left, towering over where Jason sat in the sand.  And Jason couldn’t see any of the man’s features, since the sun was immediately behind his head.  He was just a tall, muscular silhouette.   Jason stuttered a response.

“Me?  N-n-no, just … just visiting.”

“Hmm.  You should give it a try.  You look like you could hold your own out there.”

“Oh, no.  I mean, thanks, but all I have is everything in my pack, here.  No board or nothin’.”

The man grunted.  Then a moment later he sat down on the sand next to Jason, allowing Jason to get his first good look at him.  He was probably thirty, handsome in a slightly rough kind of way, muscular, and very tanned.

“I’m William.  I was just about to head back to my pad to get my gear.  You should come along.  I’ve got a few extra boards and plenty of extra wetsuits.  I’m sure if we tried a few on you, we’d find at least one that fits you as well as that guy.”

William nodded at the naked surfer, who was finally pulling up a pair of board shorts to show at least a modicum of modesty.  Jason knew he was blushing at the idea that this man might have realized that Jason had been ogling the tight fit of the surfer’s wetsuit, even more than he ogled the surfer after he’d peeled off the wetsuit.

Jason started to stutter an awkward statement of appreciation, something about how William really didn’t need to go to that much trouble, when William cut him off.

“I didn’t offer to be polite.  I thought we both might enjoy the company.  But if you’ve got something better to do …”

“No, no … that’s really nice of you …”

And with that, Jason was hauling his pack off the sand and following William down the beach.

William’s “pad” turned out to be a gigantic house a short walk from the beach, on a bluff overlooking the ocean.  Jason could barely keep his jaw off the ground, amazed at the size of the place.  It was modern.  All concrete and glass.  And it was isolated, sitting on at least three acres of prime ocean-front real estate.

“You live here?”

“Some of the time,” William replied casually.  “It’s my weekend place.  My main place is in the mountains.”

Jason tried to imagine what a “main place” in the mountains could possibly look like compared to this “weekend place” and found that it was more than his imagination could even handle.  Whatever this guy did to have this much money, was definitely what Jason wanted to do with his life, too.

William took Jason’s pack and set it down in a room near the side door that they entered, then led Jason downstairs to the “surf room” – a giant room lined with boards of all kinds along one wall, and a large closet along the other, filled with wetsuits of every shape, color and cut.  William gave Jason’s body a once-over and then began to comb through the suits.

“I know most of the guys these days are wearing the lycra and neoprene suits, but I’m a believer in the good old-fashioned rubber suits, especially for a beginner like you.  I have a feeling you could use the extra firmness to keep you in place.”

Jason wasn’t sure what it was about the comment from William that made his dick jump, but something certainly had that effect.  It was precisely not the moment when Jason wanted to hear –

“Strip down and we’ll try this one on you.”


“You know, bare-assed, like that hunk on the beach.  Put your clothes on the chair and make it snappy.  That surf won’t stay that strong all afternoon.”

Jason turned his back on William and stripped off his clothes, blushing as he did so.  It wasn’t that Jason was a prude.  Hell, he’d had his share of college girls over the years.  But Jason had also had his share of confusion.  Plenty of those girls would never have had any way of knowing that Jason had banged them with visions of his roommate, Tad, running through his head, or that he finally brought himself over the edge by imagining serving as towel boy for a horny football squad – tied down to a bench in the locker room while the team celebrated their victory with a night of banging the towel boy.

No, Jason had always seemed the perfect All-American college boy – straight, normal, vanilla.  If they only knew … and if Jason had only ever allowed himself to take a chance and actually try something.

But all of that was only in the back of Jason’s mind.  Foremost in his mind, at the moment, was the concern that stripping down in front of this handsome, rich stud holding out a thick rubber wetsuit would make Jason throw a boner.

“And don’t worry about the boner.  Happens to everyone trying on one of these old suits.  Hell, I’ve practically got one right now just holding the thing.  So quit being such a wimp and turn around and get your feet into these holes.”

Jason mumbled an apology as he turned around to see William holding open the thick rubber wetsuit and grinning.  Jason hesitated, then carefully lifted one leg and slid it into a leg of the suit, and then the second.  The suit was a tight fit, and it took both of them a few minutes to pull the suit all the way up Jason’s legs.  By that time, his hard-on was throbbing in front of him.

“What’d I tell you.  Happens to everyone.”

Jason laughed, finally starting to relax around the handsome stud.


Jason reached his arms into the sleeves, and William roughly pulled them up to Jason’s shoulders, trapping Jason’s hard cock against the tight front of the suit, before reaching behind Jason to pull the zipper up to his neck.  The fit was tighter than anything Jason had ever worn, and he loved it.  But he jumped when he felt William’s hand slap against his hard prick.

“This is the other reason I figured you should wear a thick rubber suit – if it was lycra you’d have a giant pre-cum stain all over the crotch already.”

Jason just grinned, embarrassed.  William then turned and shucked off his own clothing in a quick fluid motion, before reaching into the closet for a rubber farmer john and pulling it onto his body in one easy action.  Seeing William’s body tightly caressed by the smooth rubber made Jason’s cock jump another few times.  Damn it, he thought to himself – the hot images he’d been missing all these years while ice fishing instead of surfing.  How messed up his priorities had been all this time.  Whatever William had done to get his life to this place, that was what William had to do for his own.

“How did you – I mean, if it’s okay to ask – how did you get all this?”

“This?  It’s kind of a long story.  I sort of invented something.  Sold it to the highest bidder, which happened to be the U.S. Government, and now I get to be retired at 32.”

“Wow.  What did you invent?”

“You really want to know?”  Jason nodded.  Of course he wanted to know.

William nodded for Jason to follow.  Jason struggled to keep up as William bounded across the house, restricted by the thick rubber suit from moving as fast as he normally would.  William paused at a door near the back of the house, where Jason would have presumed only foundation and the hillside behind it could be.  William punched a combination into a keypad and then opened the door.  Inside was a room even larger than the surf room, and it seemed to be like a cave that reached into the hillside behind the home, completely isolated, completely hidden.

“Come on in.  This is where it is.”

Jason nervously followed William into the dark room and jumped as the door slammed behind him.

William hit a switch and the room blazed with light.  It was like a scene out of a superhero movie.  The secret lair.  The high tech machines.  And the special costume hanging in the middle of the room.  Except that in this case, it just looked like another wetsuit, not much different from the one Jason was already wearing.

“You invented a wetsuit,” Jason asked incredulously?

“No, smart-ass.  I invented this.”

William walked over to a table and picked up a droopy piece of rubber material, a couple feet square, and connected by a few wires to a box.

“Here.”  He handed the droopy material to Jason, who examined it in his hands.

“It looks like rubber or neoprene, right?  But it’s actually a series of special layers, special polymers and nanofibers.  And when a mere 3 volt DC current – the same as a couple of flashlight batteries – is run through the material, it does this.”

He hit a small switch on the box and instantly the material in Jason’s hands turned to solid steel.  At least, that’s what it seemed to be.  It remained soft and rubbery on the surface, but the droopy shape it had formed on Jason’s hands suddenly became an immovable form, as if made of steel, iron or granite.   William turned off the switch, and instantly the material was maliable in Jason’s hands again.

“It’s lightweight, it breathes and stays cool, it’s anti-microbial – basically, it’s the perfect material for making military outfits.  And all it takes is a couple AA cells and a flick of a switch and instantly your suit can withstand bullets, grenade shrapnel and land mines.  Of course, you only use it for key areas, like covering for the chest and crotch and in sections around the neck and joints.  Otherwise, if you made the entire outfit from this stuff, every soldier would be stuck like a statue the moment the battle started.”

William laughed, as if nothing could be more ridiculous.  But something about that image stuck in Jason’s mind.  Soldiers standing like statues, unable to reach the switch that would turn off the battery, vulnerable … it was a thought he quickly banished from his mind as he felt his hard-on twitch once more under his thick rubber suit.

“In fact … aw, no, forget it.”

“What?”  Jason was surprised by the desperate tone to his own voice.

“Oh, it’s nothing.  It’s just … well, I still do design work on a consulting basis, and I’ve been working on that suit over there, and I need a model to help me work out some of the kinks – I’d be happy to pay you, I don’t know, a couple hundred bucks for a few hours work … if you don’t mind.  You’d really be helping me out.”

Jason thought about how a few hundred bucks could help him keep his summer of freedom going for another week.  But while that seemed enough to justify his response, he knew deep down that he was agreeing to the idea because he couldn’t imagine anything hotter right now than being inside a suit that could turn to stone with the flick of a switch … well, perhaps hotter if the horny football squad were here, too.

“Just one problem,” William continued.  “I noticed you have a little bit of hair on your body, and body hair interferes with the connections.  I have this really easy gel I could use, but if it freaks you out –“

“No, no …” Jason replied, with a clearly hesitant tone.

“I’ll tell you what, I’ll throw in another 200 bucks.  What do you say?”

“Hell, yeah.  It’s not like I’ll be showing up shirtless for any job interviews next month, right?”

“Yeah, you got that right,” William grinned.  But it was a grin that was a little too knowing.

William helped Jason out of the tight wetsuit and led him over to a shower stall at the side of the massive laboratory, where he pulled on protective gloves and then coated Jason’s body from the neck down with a thick brown gel.

“It’ll tingle a bit, but it has to stay on for at least five minutes.”

Tingle was an understatement.  It burned.  But Jason was not the kind to let his own needs or discomforts get in the way, so he silently suffered, certain that the burning was simply a sign of his own weaknesses.  If William said it would tingle, then surely any real man would only feel a tingle.  Jason shamed himself into silence as he counted the five minutes in his head, desperate for the time to expire.  He was sweating profusely as he silently counted into the eighth minute when William finally turned on the shower and hosed down the poor young man.

William then produced a cream that he promised would ease the “tingling” and spread it all over Jason’s reddened skin.  But once again, Jason’s weaknesses let him down, as the cream added to the burning for several minutes before finally subsiding.  By that time, William was pulling the test suit from the podium in the center of the room.  At first glance, it just seemed to be an ordinary wetsuit.  But as William brought it closer, Jason could see that it was thicker than most wetsuits, that it had attached feet and mittens, and a full hood.

“The mittens are temporary – it’s just easier to do an experimental suit with mittens instead of the hassle of gloves.  Oh, and the hood – that’s part of the experiment.  I’ll explain once it’s on you.”

William held the suit open and Jason carefully slid one leg inside, pushing it down the tight fabric until his foot was firmly in place in the tight foot of the suit.  Then he followed with his second leg, once again sporting a raging hard-on as William pulled the suit up his legs and reached his crotch.

“Here’s another difference.”

William pointed to the crotch of the suit.  Instead of a flat panel that would push Jason’s hard cock against his stomach, the suit had what seemed from the outside to be a large bulging crotch.  From the inside, there was a round pocket for Jason’s now-hairless balls and a tube for his hard prick.

“It’ll be a tight fit with that hard-on, but I’m sure you’ll make it fit.”

Jason struggled to will his penis down from its hardened state, finally getting it just soft enough that he was able to painfully squeeze it into the sheath inside the suit – only to have the sensation cause his prick to attempt to swell once more, now painfully unable to grow outside of the confining space.

“Just remember – four hundred bucks for the effort.”

Justin grinned to himself.  He would have done this for free, painful erection or not.

William pulled the suit up a little higher on Justin’s body, causing Justin to feel something cold against his ass.

“Another thing I forgot to mention.  It’s part of the experiment.  Sort of a probe.  Just pretend you’re getting your prostate checked.  Here, bend over and spread your legs.”

Justin did as he was told, a little horrified at the prospect of another man reaching behind him to send a “probe” into his ass, and a little distracted by the pain of his cock struggling to grow even harder as a finger of lube reached into his ass.  Jason tried to take it like a “man” and say nothing, promising himself that no one would ever need to know about this, when William instructed him to “push out”.  William did as he was told, only to feel a hard pressure against his ass as the “probe” pushed its way into his ass.

“Good.  That went in easier than I expected.”

Jason mumbled some sort of response about how he hadn’t expected anything to go in so easily, cause nothing had ever gone in before, but William wasn’t listening.  He was too busy guiding Jason’s arms into the sleeves, pushing the mittens over Jason’s hands, and pulling the suit over his shoulders.  He reached behind Jason and zipped up the suit, leaving the hood hanging down in front of Jason’s neck, just above a small box embedded into the chest portion of the suit.

“How’s it feel?”

“Good.  Great.  Tight.  But good tight.”

William smiled.  Just what he expected to hear.  He cupped Jason’s crotch just as he had done when Jason tried on the first wetsuit.

“And don’t worry about pre-cum.  The suit comes with it’s own drainage, though I’ll have to hook it up when this is all done.”

Jason didn’t even have time to process that concept before William was leading him across the room, explaining that he needed some sort of jaw measurement before finishing up the suit.  He led Jason to a device affixed to the wall with some sort of mouth-guard device emerging from it.

“Bite down on this and don’t let go.  Just relax your jaw.”

Jason bit down on the mouth-guard and managed to keep from letting go despite the shock of feeling it open up as William turned a few knobs.  Slowly, the mouth-guard expanded, pushing Jason’s jaw apart.

“When it gets to the point that you can’t open your mouth even a millimeter more, make a grunt.”

Jason wanted to grunt immediately, but he knew that he hadn’t yet reached his limit – just the limit of his nerves.  But he tried to calm himself and keep with the integrity of the experiment as William slowly turned the knobs.  Finally, when Jason’s mouth was gaping at its max, he grunted and William stopped turning the knobs.

“Can you open it any more?  Try.  Pull your mouth off the mouth-guard.”

Jason tried, but he could not.  He was stuck in place.


And with that, William hit a small button on a remote control.  Instantly, the suit turned to steel and Jason was suddenly unable to move a muscle.  His entire body from the neck down was frozen inside the solid suit, unable to so much as tremble in place, while his head remained firmly stuck on the wicked mouth-guard emerging from the wall.

Jason grunted into the mouth-guard in protest.  William just chuckled.

“Pretty cool feeling, huh?  I would’ve preferred that you don’t experience the immobilization until the hood was in place, but it seemed to me that you take too much pride in that sun-bleached mop on top of your head to agree to get rid of it for even a few more bucks, so I had to take desperate measures.”

Jason squealed in protest as he saw William reach for a pair of clippers.  He hadn’t realized that the agreement to remove his hair had included his head.  No, this was something they had to discuss.  Something he couldn’t easily accept.  But it wasn’t as though he had any choice any longer.  William buzzed the clippers across Jason’s scalp, and the poor moaning young man could only watch as his prized locks fell to the floor around his frozen body.  His squeals increased in volume when he saw William reach for the gel.  William spread the wicked gel across Jason’s scalp, over his eyebrows, and around the entire area where his minimal peach fuzz would grow every day.  Jason counted in desperation, refusing to believe that this was happening, but certain that counting was the only way he could deal with the pain.

Nine minutes and eighteen seconds later, William used a damp cloth to wipe off the gel, a process that seemed to Jason to take far too long to deal with the burning pain.  And then came the cream that was meant to soothe the pain, instead prolonging it.

A few minutes later, as the pain finally began to subside, William released the mouth-guard, allowing Jason to slowly close his mouth partially around the closed guard.  Jason still couldn’t speak, however, as the solid nature of the activated suit made it impossible for Jason to pull his head back from the mouth-guard, even if the guard was no longer pushing his jaw apart, making every attempt at speech come out as a mumbled mess of syllables.

It was only when William grabbed Jason and pulled him back from the mouth-guard, then re-balanced him on his frozen feet once again that Jason was able to voice his feelings.

“You fucking cunt.  How could you do that? …”  And on it went.

William just grinned and reached for the hood that hung limply in front of Jason’s chest, explaining details of the suit while Jason continued his diatribe.

“The hood is on a separate circuit.  In fact, every limb is on a separate circuit.  So I can turn off any part of the suit, or activate the entire thing.”

Jason barely heard a word, still lost in his angry ramblings.  William pulled the hood over Jason’s head, soon silencing the angry words as a mouth-guard similar to the one affixed to the wall was pushed into Jason’s mouth, tubes were pushed into his nostrils, and plugs were pushed into his ears plunging him into silence.  Jason was able to see through thick lenses over his eyes, but the vision was distorted slightly.  William pulled the zipper down the back of the hood, pulling the hood tightly across Jason’s head and embedding the mouth-guard deeper into his mouth.

Jason discovered that he could still open and close his mouth, as the mouth-guard was formed of two pieces that covered his teeth, but allowed his jaw to move, and he used the opportunity to continue his angry stream of consciousness.  That is, until William hit another button on the remote and added the circuit of the hood to the current.  Instantly, Jason’s head was frozen in place, his jaw open mid-sentence, his entire body now frozen in place, and his eyes now shrouded in darkness as the lenses went black.

Jason struggled to move, now so much more aware of his immobility with his senses dampened, but none of his efforts could make the suit budge the slightest amount.  Eventually, Jason sagged in the suit, to the extent it even allowed his body to sag, realizing that something that could stop bullets and shrapnel was not likely to break under his efforts.

And then Jason’s anger was replaced by fear.  The anger of having had his hair stripped from his head faded as he wondered what this sick bastard was up to.  What kind of “experiment” was Jason now a part of, and was this something he would even survive.

A crackling sound in his ears brought him back as he heard William’s voice through ear buds that were apparently embedded in the plugs that filled his ear canals.

“So, I’m just gonna head down to the beach for a few waves.  Don’t go anywhere … oh, and I thought you might like something to watch.”

With that, the blackness in front of his eyes changed again, and suddenly Jason could see a porn video playing on the lenses in front of his eyes.  A young man was getting strapped into a sling by two leather daddies, and the image made Jason’s cock swell inside the confines of the suit.



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  1. THIS is just like something i woudl invent, in fact if you take a look on my Fetlife profile you will find that i have written a couple of stories about a metal suit.But this is brilliant!

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