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A big muscular fucker from the gym gets tied up

Sporty hetero Mark has always been furiously protective of his arse. Every time he’s changing in the gym locker room he carefully keeps a towel around him when pulling his athletic shorts off. The thought of a man staring lustfully at his arsehole drives him fucking mad!

gay bondage and humiliation

Now this big muscular fucker has no choice but to bare his vulnerable arsehole as he’s suspended in a way it’s helplessly spread open. Mark’s prick is manipulated with a vibrator rubbed up against his glans and sensitive banjo string. Then that buzzing cock is rammed up his arse, followed by a vicious power tool pounding. It rams him so hard his red sore arse cheeks vibrate! His precious little shrunken prick is suspended while his arsehole is broken wide open. Not only is he overwhelmed by the splitting sensation of being fucked, but he’s utterly shamed that his guarded arsehole has been utterly destroyed.

gay bdsm butt play

This is another shoot from BreederFuckers

degraded in gay bondage

Bondage gear: 2-Second Ball Gag

Check out this gag from the “grunts” over at Fort Troff:

ball_gag_01 ball_gag_02 ball_gag_03 ball_gag_04


Fort Troff writes:

Yeah, we love gags, but hate fumbling with buckles to get JUST the right fit around his scum-sucking mouth. It takes all the fun out and kills the mood. Now there is a BETTER way to gag him. The secret to our 2-SECOND Gag is the stretchy back, that you just PULL to exactly the right level of tightness…and BAM!…he’s gagged.


Click for Fort Troff


Bondage gear: Double Duty Gag


Today’s Shut The Fuck Up posting features the Double Duty Gag, available from Mr S. The gag does double duty by keeping TWO men gagged face-to-face at the same time. It’s made from two wedge gags that have been carefully mounted mouth-to-mouth. Rubber-like penis gags keep both wearers busy accommodating most of the space inside their mouths. They are almost close enough to kiss, but not quite!

02_HT072-003 03_ht072-l0018 ht072-l0015

To see more, including a short video clip of this item in use, visit Mr S

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