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Basement Captive

A young man is exposed and helpless, his clothes hanging in rags, and he is defenseless as a crazy, masked man fondles and gropes him and his big cock becomes hard in spite of his fear and revulsion. The masked man’s lecherous heavy breathing frightens and repulses the young man, but he’s helpless to resist the pleasure being inflicted on him, and the relentless pleasure eventually overwhelms him. He shudders and trembles and surrenders his load to the man’s demanding hand.

male bdsm

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This update is titled “Basement Captive – Part 2”

Metalbond gay bondage

Teddy Bear – Part 04

By Taurus

Teddy Bear in a Toy Box

The other day, Master told me he’d invited someone over to play for a week. I asked him about it, but he never disclosed any more information than the fact that he was a male sub.

…I think I already know that Master is gay.

In all seriousness though, I felt really happy for him. Master has been trapped with me for a long time. Even though he says he loves me all the time, I’m sure at some point he gets burnt out and needs some space.

When the visitor arrived, Master led me in my best outfit to the door to meet him. I wore the beefiest shackles with the heaviest chains and the biggest plug I could keep in my ass. He put a leather harness on me, something which he saves for special occasions. Even my hair got the same special treatment. Master went to town on my beard and chest hair with a hairbrush to fluff it up.

And here I was, restrained in as much bondage as I could be in while still being able to move around, and with a beard like a dark brown cloud. I adore this look, and if we’re receiving guests I might as well show up at my best – in Master’s design. I was missing nipple clamps maybe, but that could make my chest look cluttered, so I’ll pass. For the last touch, Master fastened on a small red ball gag, pulled very tightly to put a dent in my beard. The red ball sank into my mouth, giving a contrasting but complimentary dash of colour to my dark brown hair.

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Roommate Bondage Arrangement – Part 02

By BondageChallengeGames

I lay there, fully naked, bent over a metal cage, my legs tied to the bottom back corners, my arms tied out and toward the top front corners of the cage, my neck locked in a collar clipped to the cage, my whole body still aching from the past hour. I saw my roommate and captor Bryan, out of the corner of my eye, in the kitchen preheating the oven.

“Is pizza good?” He asked me, as if I had any control of the situation whatsoever.

“Yeah man,” I said, “thanks.”

Bryan walked over to me and ran his hands through my hair. He ran his fingers down my spine, sending a tingle through my body. He slid his hand along my ass and lightly tickled my taint before passing me to walk down the hall, out of my very limited view.

A few minutes later I heard him walking back. He sat something on the table behind me, and walked over in front of me. In the time he’d been gone he’d stripped down to a black speedo. Whether he’d changed into that or been wearing it under his clothes all day was anyone’s’ guess. He knelt down in front of me, to be at face level, and pulled an open mouth spider gag from behind his back. It was one of our other roommate Jordan’s toys; they don’t do a great job keeping you quiet, but they do make anything you say complete gibberish, and more importantly keeps your mouth open so a dom can use your throat however they choose. I opened my mouth and obediently let Bryan strap it on me.

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Bare butt spank

Emanuel is on his stomach, ass in the air and available for a long spanking with the masked man’s big paddle. He cries out in pain and anger as the man spanks him hard and relentlessly, his long, sexy legs kicking and squirming as he suffers thru the humiliating ordeal. But his predicament gets worse as the man switches to a wooden hairbrush and increases poor Emanuel’s pain and anguish.

male bare butt spank

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Title of this update: Emanuel – Part 4

male bare butt spanking with paddle

Humiliating punishment for Royce

male bdsm spanking

At Straight Men In Trouble, Royce is tied to a stool with his hot, muscular ass in the air, ready to be spanked by hand, belt and crop while being lectured on common courtesy and respect. His sexy, muscular legs shift and kick behind him as he pathetically tries to answer questions and defend himself through the ballgag in his mouth. His high-pitched whimpers and moans fill the room.

male bondage and ballgags

See the VIDEO at Straight Men In Trouble

Title of this shoot: Model Taught a Lesson – Part 4

male bondage