Never Done This Before – Part 1

By Hotch Rider

Part 1

I’d spent the night drinking to gather up the courage. Now, I was talking to this lean man about how I always had fantasies about serving a muscular man, being a good boy and actually giving away control. We’d been talking for the last 3 hours at least and he’d barely said anything. I, on the other hand, had never stopped. This was new to me and I was nervous. I talk a lot when I’m nervous.

As the bartender yelled out for last call, I had a quite noticeable erection down in my pants. I was still talking about my likes and dislikes, also about how I wanted to experience those dislikes because I felt adventurous. As half the bar slowly emptied, Jack put his fingers over my mouth and started talking.

“If you want, I’ll have you over for the weekend and walk you through your first time.”

I’d never really considered how I’d reply to a question like this, so I took my time a little. Jack didn’t say a word. His fingers were lightly caressing my lips. I was sober enough to know what I was doing but drunk enough to take risks. I’d just met him, but there were quite a few people at the bar who had stopped by our table to say hi. I started sweating a little.

“I do.”

“I’ll let you know that you won’t like every single second. You’ll be uncomfortable or hurting at times, but you will want more when we’re finished. I want you to think about again.”

Without hesitation, I replied, “Yes!” My eyes must have been shining.

“Ok then. Follow me.”

We went towards the bar and Jack caught the bartender’s attention.

“I’m taking him home. He’ll be back on Monday.”

The bartender nodded slightly, looking at me with a tiny smirk. I felt reassured knowing at least one person would call the police if I went missing. Jack put his hand on the back of my neck and made me lean over onto the wooden bar. There were tiny spills on there that I felt were absorbed by my shirt. Normally, I’d never even have touched that bar but not tonight. Jack took my right hand and brought it behind my back. He put on a handcuff as he was pulling my left hand. I was cuffed with my palms facing each other and arms parallel to the ground. I felt the cuff was rigid and also my dick getting harder. I then heard leg cuffs locking onto my ankles.

Jack pulled on my shoulder, and I was upright again. Standing behind me, his hand went into all my pockets, one by one. He emptied them onto the bar, then the bartender put them in a paper bag and stapled it shut. My shoes came off next and were placed right by the paper bag, under the bar. Jack’s hand squeezed my left arm and I started following him to the parking lot. The leg cuffs were not long enough for me to reach his steps, so I was stumbling every few steps but Jack’s muscular arm made sure I never fell. The parking lot had lots of gravel and walking barefoot was not pleasant. When we arrived at his pickup truck, he helped me climb onto the bed, face down, and he hooked the chain between my legs to a D-ring on the floor. He got in and started driving.

If we got pulled over, it’d be hard to explain with me having no ID on myself.


Metal would like to thank the author, Hotch Rider, for this story!


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