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Never Done This Before – Part 1

By Hotch Rider

Part 1

I’d spent the night drinking to gather up the courage. Now, I was talking to this lean man about how I always had fantasies about serving a muscular man, being a good boy and actually giving away control. We’d been talking for the last 3 hours at least and he’d barely said anything. I, on the other hand, had never stopped. This was new to me and I was nervous. I talk a lot when I’m nervous.

As the bartender yelled out for last call, I had a quite noticeable erection down in my pants. I was still talking about my likes and dislikes, also about how I wanted to experience those dislikes because I felt adventurous. As half the bar slowly emptied, Jack put his fingers over my mouth and started talking.

“If you want, I’ll have you over for the weekend and walk you through your first time.”

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The Examination – Part 3

By Slavebladeboi

I had my fingers hovering over the buttons that would cause yet another howl from behind the gag but as I was concentrating so hard on the boy strapped in the chair I missed several times when I should have pressed them. Now the room was filled with several different but similar sounds. There was the sound track from the video. The Master’s deep bellowing laugh, the virtual slave’s screaming “please Sir, No NOOO, arrrghhh, please, please no more Sir aaaaaaahhhgggh, I’m sorry Sir, Pleaaaaarrrrrrrrhh” every time the cattle prod hovered menacingly over his torso, playing with the boy, dancing up and down his abs and stopping over his vulnerable cock tied as it was to the top bars of the cage. Every time the sound track screamed,

Zero gabbled and made screaming noises that echoed the virtual replay. He appeared to be totally taken up with what he saw, his arms flailing, his head shaking more than that collar should allow. His gloves on the screen were trying to box away the cattle prod from the slave’s body instead of pushing the red or green areas. I shocked him for not recognising that the slave should not plead with a Master but should take what he was given however it didn’t seem to have any effect other than make him grimace, howl and flex his body.

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A prisoner gets pummeled into the ground before blowing his load

Kaden Alexander submits to Sebastian Keys at 30 Minutes of Torment

Kaden Alexander has a body made for torment. He is warmed up on the wall with fast slaps, paddling and punches that get his big hard cock bouncing around as he bucks and writhes. Gagged an drooling all over himself in the pit, he is flogged mercilessly and deprived of air until he collapses to the ground, struggling and screaming under the barrage of harsh flogging. In the chair Kaden’s nipples, cock and balls are covered in unforgiving clothespins, with ropes binding him tightly in place as he is caned and tormented to his limits. Once he is free of his bondage this hot stud blows a huge load all over the dungeon and eats his cum like the filthy pain pig he is.

Models in this shoot: Kaden Alexander and Sebastian Keys

Title: Hot boy next door beaten into the ground!

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Connor Patricks endures relentless beatings and intense ass torment

At 30 Minutes of Torment, Connor Patricks is no stranger to pushing his limits, so naturally his next obstacle is the 30 Minutes of Torment challenge. He begins in the chair as heavy fists pound against his chest, tenderizing them for the weighted clover clamps to painfully bite down. He screams in agony once the clamps are removed, but Connor only begs for more. In the pit, his head locked in a one-way mirrored box. The only thing that Connor can see is his own face screaming back at him as he’s mercilessly flogged from all angles. Finally, the Ass-Station awaits Connor, his muscular ass bound and propped up in a pile-driver for the fucksaw to have full access. A zipper of clothespins decorate down Connor’s thighs as the machine pounds away full-blast. Once the zipper is ripped from his flesh, Connor’s final challenge is to blow his thick load as the cum drains from his aching balls.

Title of this shoot: Connor Patricks – Ass Torment

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By Bikermike

I knew that I’d deserved it. Sentenced to eight hours on the horizontal cross. I started to psyche myself up for the torture that was to follow. I also thought back to my misdemeanour that had brought me to this.

Master had brought six of his mates round from the leather bar. As his sub I was instructed to kneel naked before them and fellate each in turn. I was made to kneel on sharp sticks with a concrete weight placed behind my knees so that the joint spread out. (‘Knee spreader,’ my master called it). As always, my wrists were secured behind my back with cable ties. I was never permitted to orgasm during these ordeals. Master would wank me brutally if I had pleased his guests. If I hadn’t, I would get a beating or worse.

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Brian Bonds in bondage

In this shoot from 30 Minutes of Torment:

Brian starts against the wall, his cock already bulging out of his underwear before Sebastian tears them away. He starts Brian with some light CBT before pounding away on the stud’s chest with leather gloves. It’s not until the flogger comes out that Brian starts screaming from the pain, before moving onto the pit. Brian is sprawled out and exposed for Sebastian to work him over with a caning. With a few good stripes down Brian’s legs, Sebastian decides to add a series of clothespins to his chest to match. Brian can hardly handle the pain as the cat-o-nine tails whips against his flesh, so Sebastian rips the clothespins off and beats down the tender flesh before finishing him with one more whipping. Blindfolded and bound to the ass-less chair, Brian drools all over himself as a spider gag pries his mouth open. He feels the sting of the electric zapper prodding him all over his body and on his exposed ass. Sebastian then jams his hand up Brian’s ass and fucks him without mercy. With a hand in his ass, Brian screams at the top of his lungs while being finished off with the zapper for one more round of abuse. After all three challenges, Brian has his cock milked until his cum is sprayed all over the floor.


Title of this shoot: Brian Bonds takes the 30MT Challenge!

Models in this shoot: Brian Bonds

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