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The Resort – Chapter 06

By TklBndg516

Slave Vending Machine

For Jeff and Brad, the workday started out as usual.  They were very excited for the afternoon, which made the rest of the workday seem to go much faster.  Their schedule showed their shift in the laundry cut by 2 hours and 15 minutes.  They were allotted 15 minutes to get to the location for their training.  It was in the same building, so they only needed 5 minutes to get there.  When they entered the training room, it looked similar to the training room used for orientation.  And there was a familiar face there.  They recognized slave Rick.  They went over to say hello and asked if he was also taking this training.  He told them he was leading it.

They knew that Rick worked in Slave Control, but they thought he was one of the attendants who put slaves into their uniforms.  He was one of the attendants to put slaves into the Slave Vending Machines.  Right after service as guide he became one of the trainers.  This was his fourth class, and the first that he was teaching on his own.

The last of the slaves taking that class came in, so Rick started the class a few minutes early.  He explained that the course would consist of three parts.  There were 6 students for the first part, but for the second and third parts they would be in pairs.  Today was a lecture.  The other parts would be practical training.  He went on to tell them about the Slave Vending Machines.

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Male BDSM: Alex Adams at 30 Minutes of Torment

Muscled stud Alex Adams endures the wall, the pit and the water chamber before finally blowing his hot load at 30 Minutes of Torment:


The Wall – Hands chained to the wall, Alex Adams is ready for the challenge in store for him. Van gets his cock rock hard before warming him up with punches to the body. He pulls and squeezes on the stud’s balls before taking him off to the pit. – The Pit – Weights are added to Alex’s balls before hot candle wax is poured all over his torso. Alex screams in pain from the heat against his cock before Van gives him a vicious flogging. – The Water Chamber – Alex is bound in electrical tape with clamps all over his chest, water spraying him in the face and on his tender skin. Clothespins are then clamped all down his torso as Alex struggles to hold up heavy buckets of water. After enduring all three challenges, Alex is finally rewarded by getting to blow his hot load

34771_6 34771_13

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KinkMen is the “daddy site” of Men On Edge

KinkMen is the “daddy site” of Men On Edge

Water Torture: Patrick Knight pushes through three intense challenges

At 30 Minutes of Torment, Patrick Knight is head buzzed, ass-stretched and water tormented to the extreme


The Pit – Patrick Knight starts his first challenge at 30 Minutes of Torment in the pit, his hands bound above his head as Van gets his big cock nice and hard. After a few warm-up punches, Patrick’s balls are pulled till he’s up on his toes before Van suspends him in the air. As Patrick dangles, he’s given a beating with the flogger before being taken to the water chamber. – The Water Chamber – Bound in rope, Patrick is fully submerged in water as Van holds his head down. Patrick tries to hold his breath as long as he can before having the pillowcase over his head and repeatedly dunked again and again. – The Ass Station – The Bad Dragon dildos await Patrick in the ass station. He warms his hole up with the small one while enduring the riding crop whipping his torso. Van gives Patrick’s head a shave before making him shove the big dildo up his ass and ordering him to blow his load.

35710_6 35710_14 35710_17 35710_18 35710_20

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Screaming at the top of his lungs, Leon Fox pushes through three ordeals

Here’ a look back at one of the hottest shoots from 30 Minutes of Torment:


The Wall – Chained to the wall, Leon Fox begins his first challenge as he’s warmed up with punches to his torso. Van viciously flogs the bound stud till he screams at the top of his lungs. – The Pit – After enduring his first challenge, Leon stands in the pit as he’s beaten with the crop and his chest covered with clothespins. Weights are added to Leon’s balls as the clothespins are ripped from his flesh, moving him on to his final challenge. – The Gimp Room – Locked in the stockade, Leon’s bare ass is beaten with the crop before Van let’s loose the gimp. Leon endures a ferocious fuck while tormented with electricity until he finally blows his load and receives the gimp’s cum all over his face.

35311_7 35311_14 z_35311_3

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Porn star Trenton Ducati gets what he deserves

Trenton Ducati is going balls-to-the-wall with the 30 Minutes of Torment challenge:


Trenton Ducati steps up to the challenge that 30 Minutes of Torment has to offer. He begins bound in the pit as Van warms him up with some impact play. He pulls on Trenton’s rock hard cock till he’s standing on his toes. As Van breaks out the flogger, Trenton begs for more. Locked in the metal chair, Trenton has electrodes attached down his thighs and an electric band wrapped around his cock. Van kicks it up a notch and attaches clover clamps all across Trenton’s ripped chest as the tormenting electricity surges through his body. A metal plug is then shoved up Trenton’s hole to keep him in place as clothespins are clipped down his sides. One by one, each clothespin is cropped off as Trenton screams in pain. He’s tormented once more with water sprayed to the face before Van milks a load out of Trenton’s cock.

34775_1 34775_2 34775_10

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