New Years Resolution – Part 04

By lthr_jock

Paul’s workout that morning went really well – at least he felt that it had once he was stood in the changing room after his shower. As usual, the time has passed really quickly and he could barely remember the exercises that he’d done. As he towelled down, he admired his physique in the mirror. Gone was his old belly, now replaced with a flat stomach that was just beginning to show signs of ridging. His pecs were now two solid slabs of muscle and his swollen biceps kept his arms hanging slightly away from his body. His calves and thighs were showing new definition and he reflected ruefully that he would have to invest in some new clothing soon.

As he stood there, lost in thought, Jay wandered into the changing room.

“Hey Paul – never thought you would be that fascinated at watching yourself.”

“Well, umm, yeah sorry … I … errr …”

“Just teasing, big guy. Hey you’re looking pretty good – the programme is really working for you. Mind if I take a few measurements?”

Without waiting for Paul to respond, Jay pulled out a tape measure and started taking down Paul’s stats on a PDA. As he measured, he clinically got Paul to move to different stances. Paul blushed as several other gym members passed through on their way to and from their workouts, and to his horror realised that his cock was growing hard at the attention. Then, as Jay got him to stretch his arms up over his head, his towel slipped from around his waist displaying his erect member for the whole room to see. Jay said nothing, but raised an eyebrow, while Paul blushed bright red. He went to pull the towel back up, but Jay stopped him.

“No need for that, Paul – this is the last measurement anyway.”

To his surprise, Jay’s voice seemed to calm Paul’s shame and he resumed the position while Jay finished up.

“Ok, Paul, all finished. You can get dressed now.”

Paul relaxed and reached into his locker for his clothes. As he slipped into his skin-tight black and red lycra tank top, Jay sat down and openly appraised him.

“You know, Paul, you’ve made great progress.”

“Thanks, Jay, I’m certainly feeling much better,” replied Paul, as he slipped on his black leather jockstrap and then stepped into his leather jeans. Sitting down, he pulled on his socks, and then proceeded to lace his boots on.

“You know, I might have some work for you – if you were interested, Paul. I’m not supposed to do this kind of thing, but you seem like a good guy and you’re just the type my friend is after.”

Paul looked up. “Sounds interesting. What sort of work?”

“Well, it’s for a friend of mine who does photo shoots for those clothes catalogues. All you’d have to do is put on some clothes and pose a bit. It would take no more that half a day and he’d pay £500.”

“Sounds like a good deal, Jay, but it’s not something I’m really interested in.” Paul looked at his watch. “Christ, I’m going to be late for work. Sorry, Jay, I got to run.”

To Paul’s surprise, Jay stood up to block him leaving and grabbed his arm gently but forcefully.

“No rush, Paul, you already rang into work and took a day’s leave. Don’t you remember?”

“Uhh, yeah, hey silly of me to forget that.” Paul chuckled ruefully. Seems like he’d been forgetting a lot lately. “Still, best get going anyway. See you, Jay.”

“You’re going? But you just said you’d do the photo-shoot! You remember, you said you’d always wanted to do one.”

“Yeah, umm, yeah I guess I have always wanted to do one. So, umm, where do I go?”

Jay grinned and handed Paul a business card. “Here’s the address. Ring the top button and tell Chuck I sent you.”


Jay chuckled. “Yeah, he thinks Charles sounds too formal. Off you go, Paul. Have a good time.”

With a grin, Jay left. Paul looked at the address on the card – he knew the street and it wouldn’t take him long to drive there. Putting the card in his pocket, he headed out to his car. The drive was a short one and he soon arrived at the building. A rejuvenated area, the address was an old warehouse that had been converted into flats. He parked outside on the street, walked up to the door and pressed the top button which had the label “Holm Photography” beside it.

“Hello?” said a voice from the intercom.

“Hi. I’m Paul. Jay sent me over.”

“Ah sure. Come in. Head up to the fourth floor.”

A buzzer sounded and Paul pushed the door open. Inside was a plush wood panelled entrance hall and a set of stairs. Bounding up the stairs, Paul soon reached the fourth floor – to his pleasure, he wasn’t even out of breath. Waiting for him was a tall thin man. About 40 years old, with cropped greying hair and a tight goatee, he was dressed only in black jeans. He offered Paul his hand.

“Hi. I’m Chuck. Good to meet you. Excuse the informality; I prefer to work this way.”

“No problem” said Paul as he glanced over Chuck’s nicely defined torso. “Whatever works for you.” Paul tried to ignore the small inner voice that said that it certainly worked for him too.

“Right, well, let’s get to work then. Come on in.”

Chuck led Paul inside his flat. To his surprise he found that most of it was one room. The flat was obviously a maisonette and the main room took up both floors. This room was set up as a photographic studio, with a variety of cameras on tripods and several backdrops and cloths hanging from the ceiling on rails to allow them to be pulled in and out. A staircase at one side of the room led up to a bedroom and bathroom, and there was a door in the corner of the main room, leading to a small kitchen.

“Ok – bathroom is upstairs if you want to pee. The first set of clothes is on the bed. Pop them on, then come back down.”

Paul climbed the stairs while Chuck prepared his cameras. On the bed was a gold and black wrestling leotard and a pair of knee-high glossed wrestling boots. Paul wouldn’t have considered wearing these three weeks ago, but now he thought nothing of it. A couple of minutes later, he returned down the stairs, his muscled torso stretching the leotard.

“Very nice,” said Chuck as he positioned Paul in front of a backdrop that looked like a wrestling ring. Then picking up the camera, the session started. Nervous at first, Paul soon got into the swing of it and started enjoying himself as he posed for the camera. After about 15 minutes, he found himself sweating under the hot lights and Chuck called a break. He fetched Paul some lemonade and while his sweaty model gulped it down, he nipped upstairs to organise the next set of clothing.

Chuck returned to reload the cameras and Paul headed upstairs to get changed. He stripped out of the boots and leotard before getting a proper look at the clothes on the bed. When he did, he stopped in surprise. None of what was on the bed looked like clothing to Paul. Instead it seemed to be a pile of leather straps.

“Need a hand?” Chuck’s smooth voice made Paul jump, as he hadn’t realised Chuck had come upstairs.

“Umm, well, I didn’t realise … umm … what is that stuff?”

“Oh, is there a problem? Jay assured me you were fine with this.”

Paul suddenly realised that Jay had explained this and he was fine with it. He nodded and accepted Chuck’s offer to help.

Chuck picked up the main bulk of the straps, which were part of a bulky leather body harness. Slipping the two main straps over Paul’s shoulders, he positioned a large chrome ring in the centre of his chest. Working quickly, he secured straps under Paul’s arms to another ring in the centre of his back. A further ring was positioned over Paul’s navel and secured with straps around Paul’s waist to a fourth ring in the small of his back. One final strap led to a chrome ring, which Chuck placed over the root of Paul’s cock. Chuck then went over the harness, tightening all the straps so that they bit into Paul’s muscled torso.

“How’s that feel?” Chuck grinned – he really didn’t have to ask as the erect state of Paul’s cock answered for him. Turning Paul around to face a mirror, he allowed Paul to get the full visual effect of the harness. Paul gasped as his muscles looked even bigger than usual as the straps defined them perfectly. His already aroused cock sprung up higher.

“I’m glad you approve,” said Chuck wryly. “But we’re not quite finished yet. Put your boots on and come downstairs.” Picking up the rest of the straps, he headed downstairs while Paul laced his DMs on.

As Paul came downstairs, Chuck sorted a smaller harness out. “You’ll have to kneel down so I can put this on.” Paul shrugged and knelt down. Chuck then pulled the head harness over his head. Thick straps of similar construction went over the back of Paul’s head, over the top and around the crown. “Open wide.” As he did so, Chuck slid in the ring gag, which was then expertly strapped behind Paul’s head. One final strap under Paul’s chin ensured the gag would stay in place. Chuck then pulled the final item out – a thick leather collar. The collar was easily 2” thick, decorated at the edges with studs. On the front was the word SLAVE in metal as well as a large D-ring. Paul’s eyes bulged at the sight and he tried to pull away. “STAY!” Paul suddenly found his limbs frozen and he couldn’t resist as the collar was pulled around his throat. Chuck took 2 steps back and appraised Paul frankly. “Not bad at all. Just a couple of touches to finish it off. You can stand up now.”

Paul tried to move and found that he could. He had no explanation for his temporary paralysis and did not want to experience anything similar again. He tried to talk to Chuck and found that all he could do was grunt and gurgle. Chuck returned with a pair of leather wrist restraints, which he buckled onto Paul. He then pulled Paul’s wrists behind his back and padlocked them together. Then taking a handful of padlocks, he locked every strap on the harness and head harness, saving the largest for the back of the collar. One final thing awaited – a pair of heavy boot shackles, which were locked over Paul’s boots.

“Perfect,” enthused Chuck. Pulling a dungeon backdrop across, he picked up his camera and started snapping shots of Paul. Paul started trying to hide his engorged cock from the camera, but once again as he got going Paul found that he enjoyed it and he began openly displaying himself as Chuck instructed. When Chuck unlocked Paul’s hands to get some different shots, he made no attempt to get out of the gear, instead he co-operated fully.

An hour later, sweating, hair matted, drooling around the gag, Paul was kneeling on the floor, back arched backwards. One arm was behind him, the other jerking his cock as Chuck took the last few pictures. As he was fully exposed, Chuck’s door opened and in walked PJ, dressed in bike leathers and carrying a helmet.

“Sorry, Chuck, didn’t know you were in the middle of a session. I’ll keep it short.” PJ trailed off as he realised who was exposing himself in the middle of the floor. Paul flushed a deep crimson as he heard “Well, well, and I thought you were a shy man. Maybe I should stay a little longer than planned.” PJ shut the door behind him, put his helmet down and started grinning as he crossed the floor to Paul.


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This story is erotic gay fiction and is for mature audiences only. It may contain supernatural themes, sex scenes, violence, coarse language, drug use and other adult themes.


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  1. OMG!!! Dont’t stop now!!! This is getting too intense to not keep up the good times.

    Awsome, wish it could continue daily for a while

  2. Hmmm…. rereading this great story… Imagine my surprise when I read my last comment about being locked. I find myself in that same predicament!

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