New Years Resolution – Part 06

By lthr_jock

Paul stood in the Post Office, waiting for the clerk behind the counter to find his parcels. As he let his mind wander, he unconsciously flexed, providing quite a sight for the people behind him in the queue. He was dressed as normal in a pair of skin tight leather jeans and knee-high glossed Dehner boots. His torso was covered with a similarly skin tight navy blue lycra tank top, letting his muscular arms hang free. With a bored sigh, he leant over the counter, the tight leather stretching over his arse. He heard a giggle from behind him and saw two women obviously talking about him. One caught his eye and smiled seductively and Paul reflexively smiled back. Her eyes travelled down his front and widened at the bulge of the seedpod in his jeans. Flushing, Paul turned away but not before seeing a familiar figure enter the Post Office.

He almost didn’t recognise Jay as he’d never seen him out of the gym before – if anything he looked even bigger in comparison to the people stood around him. Standing fully upright, his head nearly brushed the ceiling and Paul noticed for the first time that he had an almost military haircut – spiked on top and shaved on the sides. His muscular v-shaped torso was squeezed into a camouflage t-shirt which showed off his pecs perfectly and squeezed tightly around his biceps. His legs were covered by camouflage trousers, which fitted snugly around his impressive thighs and then disappeared behind parade-glossed army boots. The woman that had been ogling Paul looked around and audibly gulped in awe.

“Hey, Paul,” Jay waved at him and smiled confidently at the other customers as he ambled to the front of the queue. “How did the shoot go?”

“Umm, good thanks Jay. Chuck seemed happy, anyway.” Paul glanced away at the memory of his bizarre dream, just as the assistant arrived with three large parcels. Jay made polite conversation with Paul as he signed for the parcels and then followed him out of the Post Office. As Paul passed the two women, he heard one of them say, “It’s true, all the cute ones are gay.” He flushed bright red and turned to say something, but Jay ushered him out of the building, talking as if he hadn’t heard what had been said.

“Hey, don’t you have something to get in there?”

“No, saw you in the queue and thought I’d say hello.” Jay smiled easily at Paul, took a step back and appraised him frankly. “I have to say, you’re looking damn fine, my man. Not the slob who came in six weeks ago.”

Paul blushed and spluttered, “Yeah, thanks Jay, umm look what that woman said, I’m not, you know I’m not…”

“And you think I am?” Paul spluttered a negative and Jay roared with laughter. “Who cares if I am or not – or for that matter if you are. I have to say though – you certainly dress the part.” Paul began to splutter a denial as Jay burst into laughter again. “Just teasing you. Let me make it up to you – my flat is just around the corner. Come round for a drink.”

“I don’t know, Jay, I need to do a few things.”

“But you already said you would! You wanted to show me what you’d bought.”

“Umm yeah course I did – Ok, lead on.”

Paul followed Jay back to his place, which turned out to be a small but tidy flat. Jay gave him a quick tour – living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and a second bedroom which had been converted into a small workout area. Paul noticed a lot of pictures of muscular men in skimpy clothing on the walls, but realised this was perfectly normal for a guy who liked to work out – after Jay spoke to him, he decided that he probably should get some too.

Back in the living room, he sat down on Jay’s sofa and Jay poured out a protein drink. As Paul chugged it down, he noticed that Jay didn’t have a drink. “You not having one?” “No – I’ve had enough for today. Anyway, let’s see what you bought.” Jay flipped a box knife over to Paul so that he could cut the packages open.

Paul quickly cut the three packages open and one by one lifted up the items inside. They were heavy, made of leather and bristling with straps and D-rings. The first was a shirt of some kind – but with mitts at the end of the arms, the second a pair of trousers and the third a hood. Paul had got used to wearing leather in the last few weeks – but this was different. This was thick and the hood especially was extremely inflexible. He lifted the shirt, turning it this way and that, puzzled as to how it would go on. The leather seemed to be in large panels, connected by lacing and then secured by leather straps.

“What the fuck is this?” he gasped. Jay stood and grabbed the shirt “Well, Paul, you ARE a dark horse, aren’t you?” He chuckled, “and who were you going to get to help you get this lot on?” Paul looked confused and Jay indicated the fist mitts. “Well, you certainly couldn’t dress yourself, could you?”

“But, I never ordered this stuff – I wouldn’t even know where.”

“Course you did – in fact, you asked to come around so I could help you with it.”

Paul felt so stupid – of course, Jay was right. “Yeah, sorry. So – where do we start?”

“With the shirt I think – get yours off.”

Without any embarrassment, Paul shucked off his shirt and stood there, his nipples hardening in the slightly chill air. Jay approached with the shirt and, getting Paul to push his hands into the sleeves, pulled it down over his head. The two men worked the shirt down over Paul’s torso until his fists were snugged into the fist mitts at the end of the sleeves. The shirt felt heavy, but loose, until Jay started tightening the lacing. The lacing went down the front of the shirt, the back and down each side. There was also lacing down each arm. Once finished, the shirt felt skin-tight. Jay then secured the straps, which went around wrist, forearm and bicep. Then more straps snugged the shirt tighter down each side. By the time Jay was finished, Paul’s torso was tightly constrained and his cock was straining against the seedpod.

Jay walked around Paul, rubbing his hands over the leather. “Very nice, Paul. Looking good. Ready for the trousers?” Paul nodded. Jay moved to stand in front of Paul. “I’m looking forward to this.” As he started to unbuckle Paul’s belt and undo his trousers, he leaned in and kissed Paul. Paul tried to pull away but Jay grabbed one of the many D-rings on the shirt and pulled him back. “No way, buddy, your mine now,” he said as he snogged Paul deeper.

Paul had never kissed a man before, and to his surprise found himself responding passionately. He wrapped his leathered arms around Jay and pulled him close, making the leather creak. Jay moaned and after a few seconds pulled away. “Time for that later.” He grinned, then knelt down to remove Paul’s boots. He removed the boots, then pulled Paul’s jeans down. He didn’t seem surprised at the sight of the seed pod, just grinned and as he stood up, leaned around Paul to press hard on the base of the butt plug. “My, my, you are a horny little sod, aren’t you?” Paul didn’t know how to answer and could only nod.

Jay now picked up the trousers and began to pull them onto Paul. Like the shirt, they were made of heavy leather, interspersed with lacing and straps. They fit snugly around Paul’s waist, where a heavy leather belt kept them in place. Jay then tightened lacing over the crotch, the arse and down the outside of both legs. The belt was then redundant as the trousers were virtually moulded to Paul’s skin. Jay then secured straps at Paul’s ankle, shin, above and below the knee and thigh. He then took one final set of lacing and laced the trousers waistband to the waistband of the shirt.

“How’s that feeling, then?” He grinned as he stood back and folded his arms. Paul flexed inside the tight, heavy suit and grinned back, his whole body apart from feet and head now covered with thick leather. “Damn good.” He moved forward – almost mechanically – and went to snog Jay again. Jay pushed him away. “No, no – not yet,” and he lifted up the hood.

The hood looked heavier still – a leather inside hood which would lace up was surrounded by a thick solid leather helmet which laced and strapped in place. As Jay raised the hood, Paul could see that it had a blindfold strapped on as well as a thick cock gag. Before he could say anything, Jay was pulling the hood down over his head. He could feel the hardness of the cock gag rubbing uncomfortably against his face, opened his mouth to say something and felt it slip inside, wedging his mouth open and preventing any speech. It went pitch black, and all Paul could hear were the sounds of Jay tightening the lacing at the back. As he did so, the thick leather lining pressed itself close to Paul’s head. Then he began working on the outer helmet and Paul could feel the solid leather constricting his head as it tightened. First it was laced shut, then strapped tightly until the heavy leather pressed in on all sides. He could now hear nothing and do nothing as Jay laced the hood to the shirt, making the bondage suit complete.

Jay took a step back to admire his handiwork. In front of him stood a leather covered man, helpless and clearly horny. The only part of him not covered was his feet. Jay grinned and stepped forward to run his hands over Paul, making him wriggle and writhe with every touch. Turning Paul around, Jay led him into the bedroom and then settled him face-up on the bed. Taking some lengths of rope, he secured them to the D-rings on the bondage suit, then pulled them tight, securing Paul in a spread-eagle across the bed. Inside the suit, Paul could do nothing as he found himself spread-eagled. He could see and hear nothing until he heard an electronic crackle and realised there were headphones inside the helmet. To his surprise, he registered the start of the music from the gym’s MP3 players, before his conscious mind switched off.

Jay grinned as he started the tape. Making sure Paul was settled, he picked up the phone.

“Hey, it’s Jay. Yeah he’s here – and secured. Time for the next phase I think.”


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