Nick and Daniel – Part 2

By Atlanta Stud

Atlanta StudThe next morning Dan started whipping up a large batch of scrambled eggs, toast, juice and coffee when a shirtless Nick walked into the kitchen wearing his cargo shorts and black no-show socks. That was the first time Dan had seen Nick shirtless and was impressed with his muscular shoulders and traps and his muscular hairy chest, which he kept neatly trimmed.

“Damn that’s smells great and I’m hungry as hell!” Nick said. “We still hitting the weights after breakfast?”

“Sure thing if you’re up for it,” Dan responded.

“Definitely! Only thing, I forgot my gym bag at my ‘shoebox’ as you call it. Mind if I borrow some shorts and a shirt?” Nick asked.

“No prob. Got a drawer full of workout gear. Go find something while I finish making the eggs. Bottom left drawer has shorts and bottom right has shirts.”

Nick grabbed a pair of black workout shorts and changed into that and a light gray UA muscle shirt, the kind that fits snug and shows off every muscle movement when it’s on. As he turned to leave the room, he noticed a pair of antique-looking cuffs on the nightstand.

“LOL … this guy’s probably not kidding about having a cuff collection,” Nick thought to himself as he picked up and quickly examined the heavy cuffs.

“Damn, that shirt looks better on you than it does on me!” Dan said when he saw Nick in the muscle shirt when he returned to the kitchen. “Let’s dig in and we can get to the workout in just a bit.”

A little while after breakfast, Dan threw on a pair of red USMC gym shorts, a black tank top and very well worn pair of wrestling shoes (with a hole poking through the left big toe). He noticed the antique cuffs were in a different location on the nightstand as well.

“Looks like these got someone’s attention,” Dan said to himself with an evil grin.

Dan had a full basement, a third of which he dedicated to a home gym with free weights, smith machine and even a cable crossover pulley system plus a couple large mirrors so he could inspire himself as he worked out. Most of the time he’d wear one of those USMC digital wrestling singlets for his workouts. Dan liked the way it felt snug against his body and how he could see his muscles flexing during his workouts. But he thought it might be a bit much for Nick to see him wearing it. There was another area of the basement that had a door with a very sturdy-looking latch, which also had a heavy duty, three-digit combination lock fastened to it.

Saturday happened to be Dan’s chest and tricep day, so the two focused on that as their routine for just over an hour. Nick commented to Dan that he did a great job with setting up his home gym.

“Great job on the basement, Dan. Really like the gym layout and how you used the space. Obviously that other area is dedicated to being the ‘man-cave,’ but I’ve always wondered what that room in the back corner’s for? Looks like a large high-security storage area with that heavy duty latch and lock on the door.”

“That’s pretty much what it is … storage. Put a heavy duty latch on it to make sure that what I put in there, stays in there. Don’t need to go chasing down things I’ve got locked up if you know what I mean.”

What Dan didn’t reveal however, was that the room not only housed most of his metal restraints collection, but also consisted of an 8’x6′ cell complete with a metal framed single sized bed bolted to the floor, small sink, toilet and authentic recovered jail cell door. A six inch diameter steel ring was also bolted to the center of the cell floor. All in due time, he thought to himself, all in due time.

“Let’s hit the showers, towels in your bathroom are under the sink. I want to head over to the sporting goods store to get a new pair of wrestling shoes,” Dan said.

“Yeah, noticed you wore those when you worked out, you like wrestling shoes instead of sneaks?” Nick asked.

“Oh yeah, they fit the feet real snug and I feel planted to the ground since there’s not a thick sole. Try some on when we’re there and you’ll see what I mean.”

It was warm that day, so after the two threw on some tan cargo shorts and T’s, they climbed into Dan’s new black F-150 and headed over to the sporting goods store that had a nice selection of wrestling shoes. Dan had his eye on the royal blue Asics Aggressor’s with the gold trim, tied on a pair and walked around in ’em for a few minutes and decided they were the ones. Meanwhile Nick examined a few of the styles on display.

“These Aggressor’s are awsome, Nick. Try on a pair and see what you think.”

Nick grabbed a pair of the same, only in the gray with navy trim and tried ’em on as Dan watched, still wearing the royal blue pair he laced up a few minutes earlier. It didn’t take Nick but a few seconds to realize Dan was right, and decided to purchase them. Nick started to unlace his Aggressors when Dan, still wearing the royal blue Aggressors, put his old sneaks in the box as Nick gave a puzzled look.

“Gonna start breaking mine in right now. They pretty much look like high top sneaks anyway. Toss your old sneaks in the box and we’ll both start breaking ’em in,”  Dan said, more as a command than a suggestion.

The real truth behind that ‘suggestion’ was that Dan couldn’t get enough of seeing Nick’s hot, muscular, hairy legs in those wrestling shoes and wanted to savor at the sight as long as he could.

Afterwad, the two stopped at a fast food taco place for a quick bite before making another stop that Dan wanted to get in. At a nearby booth, Dan caught a hot muscular young guy with a buzz cut, who looked about 20, checking out the wrestling shoes he and Nick wore and caught him making a quick package adjustment. For a few moments Dan was picturing that young buck locked in his cell, but then quickly realized that he needed to focus again.

The next stop Dan had planned was an antique mall, or rather a large indoor consignment store with about a hundred different vendor booths of merchandise ranging from real antiques to odd and ends to just plain ‘ol garage sale junk. Dan liked to hit this store about once a month to see if anything interesting showed up. Initially it seemed it was the same old stuff, but then just up ahead, Dan thought he saw something different and made his way toward the booth while Nick checked out a few items a couple booths away. The booth Dan went to was a dealer who carried the usual knives and cheap import decorative swords, but also had a few high end items and a display case with a variety of cuffs and shackles. Dan noticed there was a mix of the cheap ones, but also the good stuff including a set of Clejuso No 8 leg irons that appeared to have a shorter chain than his S&W’s. Dan asked to see them and the vendor took them out of the case so he could inspect them. It did have a shorter chain, which the vendor informed him was 10 inches, and they were a lot heavier than his Smith & Wessons he noticed. He inserted the keys to make sure everything was in working order. About that time Nick walked up to Dan and saw the shackles he was inspecting.

“Something else to add to the collection?” Nick chuckled.

“Check ’em out, feel the weight and they have just a 10″ chain, two inches shorter than the Smith & Wessons you had on last night,” Dan said as he practically forced them into Nick’s hands.

Nick was blushing a bit out of embarrassment, because the vendor was in earshot range when Dan said that.

“Box ’em up, might as well add these to the collection seeing as how I don’t have anything from Germany yet,” Dan said to the vendor.

They eventually made their way back to the truck and Dan set his new purchase on the wide center console. A few minutes later, Nick picked up the bag and opened the box containing the Clejusos and began to inspect them a bit closer. He again noticed the weight and the unusual design compared to the S&W leg cuffs from the night before. He tried to ratchet the arms through and noticed that they came to a complete stop instead of swinging all the way around.

“That’s strange, the arms got stuck. Think they’re defective Dan?”

“No, the vendor told me about that. These are designed that way. They seem to serve the purpose just as well as the swing-throughs, though. Looks like the interior’s designed more along the shape of a man’s leg, too. Bet it makes for a more comfortable fit. I guess as comfortable as one’s going to feel when the authorities have him in shackles.”

Nick took the key and unlocked one of the leg cuffs and put the shackle body up against his right ankle and confirmed what Dan had said about it’s shape.

“Aw hell, don’t half-ass it, lock it on and get the full effect. Not like I haven’t seen you in a set of shackles before,” Dan said with a laugh.

With that, Nick clicked shut the Clejuso shackle around his right ankle and again confirmed that indeed, it was more properly designed to the shape of the ankle. After which he promptly unlocked it, handled the irons for a few more minutes before putting them back in the box. They got back to the house a few minutes later, Nick heading off to use the head while Dan sat down on the living room sofa and began inspecting his new Clejuso’s, at which point he unlocked both and then locked ’em around his own muscular hairy legs. He checked out how they fit around the ankles and could feel their weight. As he was just starting to walk around in ’em to check the limited movement the shorter chain had, Nick was walking back into the living room and saw Dan locked up and the keys sitting on the coffee table. Feeling a bit mischievous, Nick picked up the keys and quietly slipped them into a pocket while Dan was looking the other way.

“How’s the fit? You get the right size?” Nick said with a laugh.

“Funny, boy! Just checking ’em out for a minute. Cost enough, should know what I’ve invested my hard earned money on.”

Dan walked back toward the sofa, sat down, and was reaching out toward the coffee table for the keys, which were obviously now gone.

“That’s funny. I’m sure I put the keys on the coffee table…”

It took just a split second for Dan to realize what happened, stood up and asked Nick for the keys. Nick tried to play dumb, but he wasn’t too good at it and soon had a big grin on his face. He quickly increased the distance between them, at which point Dan ‘tried’ to run after him, but was limited due to the obvious circumstances. The horse playing went on for another ten minutes or so before Dan sat back down on the sofa, resigned to his current situation.

“Well, if you’re going to keep me locked up, boy, at least grab us a couple beers out of the fridge,” Dan suggested.

Nick soon returned with a couple cans of unopened beers and was setting them on the coffee table when Dan, the former Marine and state champ high school wrestler, pounced on a suprised Nick and had him in a tight headlock, his built muscular chest snug up against Nick’s strong back, and got him down to the carpeted floor at which point he wrapped his locked up legs around Nick’s.

“Keys boy, are they in your pocket?”

Nick nodded yes as best as he could as Dan held him tight against his chest with his other arm.

“Good, reach in and get ’em out, and then reach down and take the shackles off me. When you’re done with that, you lock ’em on yourself and toss the keys to the other side of the room.”

Within a few minutes, Nick had done just as instructed, keys tossed far, which Dan quickly recovered.

“You really think you’d win against a Marine, boy?” Dan laughed.

“Guess I wasn’t thinking. No hard feelings, just thought I’d have a little fun,” Nick laughed back.

“Think you can handle thirty minutes in those, big boy?” Dan asked. “Enjoy your beer. If you’re good, I’ll get you another when you’re done.”

To be continued …

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14 thoughts on “Nick and Daniel – Part 2”

          1. You should get some Aggressor wrestling shoes to go with the new Clejusos…would look great together…just like Nick’s current situation.

  1. The way in which Nick is being slowly introduced to the restraints is a very clever idea and we already know that there’s much more to come as there’s already been mention of some transport restraints and a special facility in the basement. Exciting stuff!

  2. i’ve enjoyed all the talk about hardware and wondering whether that inquisitive young adonis with the buzzcut will feature again?

    1. I’m equally looking forward (indeed, impatient!) to read the next instalment of this great story but I have to say – as one who makes an occasional contribution here – that writing these stories does take one hell of a lot of time and effort.
      I have no doubt that our patience will be rewarded in due course.
      Over to you, Atlanta Stud ….. when you’re ready!

  3. WOuld like to be involved in their acts as the one getting shackeled please let us read the next part of their games.

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