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Eagle Grove Steelworks – Part 03

By Atlanta Stud

Original photographs by Cuffman85

Original photographs by Cuffman85“Uh, yeah. Can I have the keys, please, Seth?”

“I don’t know. Do you really want out? I mean, you did lock yourself up,” Seth said with a smirk. “Jacob Hawkins, shackled and ready to be hauled off to the county jail! Get up, prisoner Hawkins. If you behave yourself, maybe the county sheriff — that would be me —will release you after breakfast.”

“Come on, Seth, I need to get home to get my chores done.”

“OK dude, here are the keys. Hey, let’s go up to the cabin at the lake when you’re done with your work. We can spend the day up there and come back around 7.”

“Cool, yeah.  I’ll knock out my chores fast so we can try to get there around 9:30?”

“And I’ll get some things together and toss them in the Jeep so we can leave as soon as you get back here.”

The guys knocked out their morning chores quick and Seth loaded food, water and a few other things in the Jeep just before he saw Jacob pulling up the drive in his beat-up Dakota.

“Well, if it isn’t prisoner Hawkins!”

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Eagle Grove Steelworks – Part 02

By Atlanta Stud

stories by Atlanta studSeth put on his Tecova Doc square toe boots and, with Jacob in the lead, hands secured in the Peerless cuffs, they hopped up in Seth’s hand me down Wrangler and Seth buckled up Jacob.

“Hey, toss me the sweatshirt on the back seat so I can cover up my hands so nobody sees the cuffs.”

“Hah, nothing doing, buddy.  I doubt anyone will see them anyway with the doors and windows on this ‘old thing.  Sit back and enjoy the ride.  I’ll take the cuffs off once we get to the Army Navy store.”

The smaller two-lane state highways didn’t bother Jacob much, it was when they hit 35 South, the four-lane divided, that he got nervous.  Someone in a pickup or a trucker in a rig would surely see the cuffs if they glanced over, so he pulled the sleeves of his long sleeve t-shirt over as much as he could to hide the metal.

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Eagle Grove Steelworks – Part 01

By Atlanta Stud

stories by Atlanta studNestled in Iowa, just 25 miles northeast of Fort Dodge, is the small town of Eagle Grove, with a population of just over 3500.  It’s a farming community with solid farmhands who are strong from the endless days working the crops and playing sports.  Two of those men, Seth and Jacob, were close. Their farms were next to each other, and they were the same age, having known each other their whole lives.  Now, aside from farming and sports, there’s not a lot to do in Eagle Grove, and bros being bros, Seth and Jacob found ways to have fun.  The usual playing catch, trying to get the forty-year-old LTD to run again that’s been parked behind the barn all those years and hanging out in the woods were just a few.  Seth and Jacob both had impressive physiques.

They were about 5-foot-11, with muscled arms, defined pecs and definition in the abs region.  Seth sported chest hair with a nice treasure trail going down the abs, while Jacob had a light dusting of hair in the chest region.

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Nick and Daniel – Part 8

By Atlanta Stud

Atlanta StudZac crashed for the next few hours with good reason. After spending the night locked up in a set of transport shackles and then spending some time chained up to the basement post, he was beat. It was noon before he hit the shower and headed out to run a few errands for the day. It was a scorcher that afternoon so he opted for his cargo shorts, his favorite snug fitting navy Under Armour Just Saying sleeveless tank and his worn low Chucks. It was almost dinner before he got back and he noticed Nick and Daniel kicking around a soccer ball in the front yard, their shirtless physiques glistening with sweat in the late afternoon sun. Zac was pretty cut himself, but he admired Nick’s physique, the muscular trimmed hairy chest that looked bullet proof. With his two bags of new workout clothes in tow, he headed over to chat with the men and soon found himself engaged in the battle of the soccer ball.

By the time it was over, it was a sweaty mess of three muscular hunks.

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Nick and Daniel – Part 7

By Atlanta Stud

Atlanta StudA few moments later Daniel was ringing the bell at Zac’s. Zac made his way from the bedroom to the front door, carefully opening it so that he wouldn’t be on display to any potential neighbors passing by. Daniel entered and took in the sight of his well-built neighbor locked in steel — and he again liked what he was seeing. Just like Nick, Zac looked great in steel restraints.

“Well boy, looks like you’re in a bit of a pickle, doesn’t it? How long you been locked up, boy?”

“Since last night. Actually had to try and sleep like this, and that’s not easy.”

“Well, do you want out, or do you want to stay locked up a while longer?” Daniel said with a wicked grin and a wink of the eye.

“I think I’m ready to be set free,” Zac said as he offered his locked wrists to Daniel.

Daniel instead handed Zac the keys so that he could watch him remove the manacles himself. He enjoyed watching a guy unlock himself every now and then. Zac then handed over the transport set to Daniel along with the box they came in.

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Nick and Daniel – Part 6

By Atlanta Stud

Atlanta Stud“Well tails of course.” Zac laughed.

The coin hit the ground and flipped a couple times, tails side up.

“Guess it’s your lucky night, boy. Let’s get you out of that Darby set.”

Daniel stared at the leg irons, working his way up to the neck collar. The shirtless neighbor boy was now free of the metal that once imprisoned him. He rubbed his wrists and felt around his neck, and he couldn’t help but think that it seemed as though something was missing. Strange how all that metal, once it’s no longer locked on, creates that feeling, he thought to himself.

“That’s a pretty intense set to say the least. Enjoyed the cookout, guys, but I should be getting back to hit the rack,” Zac said.

He gave Daniel a firm handshake and turned to Nick to do the same and chuckled that Nick was shaking his hand while still in the full transport set.

“Guess we forgot about this one, huh Daniel!”

“Yeah, don’t worry, I’ll let him loose in a little while — or maybe just keep him like that until morning — guess it’s up to me since I have all the keys,” Daniel said as he threw a wink to Zac.

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Nick and Daniel – Part 5

By Atlanta Stud

Atlanta StudThe two sets of cuffs were sitting on the deck furniture end table during the burger and beer fest, and Zac couldn’t help but sneak peeks at them whenever he thought nobody was looking. As a kid, Zac loved cop shows and seeing guys getting arrested and as his early high school years came about, he noticed that those shows and images created a stir in his manhood. Always wanting to get his hands on a set of cuffs and locking up a guy and even experience getting locked up had only been thoughts with no real world experiences. That is, until today, and he got a full dose — all in a short period of time.

The ice chest was right next to the end table, and after grabbing and cracking open another bottle, Zac couldn’t help picking up the Peerless cuffs so he could again check them out. Ratcheting the bars through the locking bar, and listening to that solid, rapid, click-click-click, created that stir again.

“Pretty solid, don’t you think, Zac?” Daniel said, looking for affirmation.

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Nick and Daniel – Part 4

By Atlanta Stud

Atlanta StudNick presented his wrists in front to be locked up.  “Not in front, inmate…behind the back” Dan said as he applied a set of Peerless 700’s to Nick’s wrists, palms facing out, and set the double locks.  “Don’t worry, when you need a swig of this ice cold beer sitting over here, I’ll let you have some…providing you behave yourself.”  Dan chuckled.  “Now you better hope that the opposing team doesn’t score any home runs tonight, inmate.  Each home run they score will cost you one hour hogcuffed, and that won’t be a good time for you, inmate.”

The game went the regular nine innings and was completed in the normal space of time.  But it felt a lot longer for Nick, having been locked up in cuffs at the start of the game. And as he would find out later, there was another reason.  Dan kept his promise and allowed Nick some beer during the game.  This was accomplished by Dan putting a straw in the beer bottle.  To signify the start of each new inning, Dan would twist Nick’s nipples, which produced a nice pleasurable moan from Nick.  Having his nipples played with was one of Nick’s favorite things and he often played with them himself.  Near the end of the 6th inning, the opposing team scored a home run and Dan decided to start the beginning of the hour long hogcuff immediately instead of waiting for the game to end.  He figured he could always add hogcuff time if necessary.

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