Nick and Daniel – Part 4

By Atlanta Stud

Atlanta StudNick presented his wrists in front to be locked up.  “Not in front, inmate…behind the back” Dan said as he applied a set of Peerless 700’s to Nick’s wrists, palms facing out, and set the double locks.  “Don’t worry, when you need a swig of this ice cold beer sitting over here, I’ll let you have some…providing you behave yourself.”  Dan chuckled.  “Now you better hope that the opposing team doesn’t score any home runs tonight, inmate.  Each home run they score will cost you one hour hogcuffed, and that won’t be a good time for you, inmate.”

The game went the regular nine innings and was completed in the normal space of time.  But it felt a lot longer for Nick, having been locked up in cuffs at the start of the game. And as he would find out later, there was another reason.  Dan kept his promise and allowed Nick some beer during the game.  This was accomplished by Dan putting a straw in the beer bottle.  To signify the start of each new inning, Dan would twist Nick’s nipples, which produced a nice pleasurable moan from Nick.  Having his nipples played with was one of Nick’s favorite things and he often played with them himself.  Near the end of the 6th inning, the opposing team scored a home run and Dan decided to start the beginning of the hour long hogcuff immediately instead of waiting for the game to end.  He figured he could always add hogcuff time if necessary.

“Get up, inmate.  Let’s get you hooked up in the hogcuff.  You’re going to find that even after a few minutes, you’d wish the Braves prevented that home run.”  That being said, Dan helped Nick get down on his stomach and produced another set of cuffs to connect the leg shackle chain to Nick’s locked up wrists.  Dan wasn’t kidding about the comfort…or lack of it.  Nick could only hope that no more home runs would be scored that night and as it turned out, that was the only one scored.  He finished up his hogcuff hour and was released from the handcuffs after the game was over, but left in the leg irons.  They went out on the deck to take in the cool evening air.  Nick was still in baseball gear along with the leg irons and Dan was in his digital fatigue pants, desert tan boots and khaki UA compression short sleeve shirt.  “Looking pretty good in that baseball gear, inmate, so I think we’ll just keep you in that when you get locked up in the cell tonight.  You best finish that beer and use the head now…you won’t have another opportunity until morning.”

Once they were in the cell, Nick was instructed to lie down on the cot at which time Dan locked each ankle to the Darby shackles and then locked his wrists to the Darby shackles at the head of the bed, leaving Nick spread eagled to the steel framed cot.  Nick tested the Darby’s integrity and found out quickly that he wasn’t going anywhere until Dan freed him in the morning.  Dan then added a darlex hood to Nick’s predicament, putting him in total darkness.  After a few minutes of being in the darlex hood, he found it surprisingly comfortable.  The material was snug against his entire head and face and had a somewhat soothing effect.  “See you in the morning, inmate” Dan said as he patted Nick’s left cheek.
Nick soon heard the sound of the steel cell door close and the click of the door’s locking mechanism.  He tugged at the handcuffs again, testing the steel, and then at the shackles that kept his strong, hairy muscular legs spread to the bed corners.  Then it hit him!  He began thinking of the steel that kept him locked down to the cot, the baseball uniform and the darlex hood…he was picturing what he must look like right now and that’s all it took for Nick to pop a boner that wouldn’t go down.  If he just hand one hand free, he’d be stroking himself right now!  The frustration drove him crazy during the night.  He woke up at least ten times during the night and he could feel his hard cock strain against the jock pouch yet he couldn’t do anything about it.  Morning wouldn’t come fast enough he told himself.

Nick woke to the sound of the cell door opening and turned his head in the direction of Dan’s boots as they approached the cot.  “Time for breakfast, inmate, and then we need to work out our back and biceps, get you cleaned up, and dressed for the day.”  Nick was released from the cot and told to strip off his shirt.  Dan left him in the remaining baseball gear and Clejuso leg shackles for the workout.  He enjoyed seeing Nick’s trimmed hairy chest perspire.  It produced a nice shine, almost like he’d been oiled down for a bodybuilding competition.

“OK inmate, let’s get you cleaned up, you need a haircut.”  Dan pulled up a small metal chair and proceeded to cuff Nick’s wrists to a vertical bar in the center of the chair.  Without missing a beat, Dan plugged in the clippers, took off the #1 blade guard that was currently on the clippers and sheared Nick’s hair down to nothing but stubble on the scalp.  “Now you look more like an inmate!  That haircut suits you well boy, and you best get used to that sandpaper feel of a scalp because you’ll be getting buzzed every week.”  Dan turned the chair so Nick could see the end result in the large mirrors that made up the workout room walls.  Damned if he didn’t look like an inmate that just got processed in the county jail.  Good thing was that the tight buzz cut he just got looked damned good on him and he couldn’t wait for the cuffs to come off so he could feel his new ‘sandpaper’ scalp.

“Easy, cowboy.  Got one more thing for you before you hit the shower.  The pickup needs to be washed again and the inside could use a vacuum, but I can’t have you out there wearing the Clejuso’s you enjoy so much….don’t need to scare any of the neighbors who may happen to stop by.  What I’ve got for you instead is this nice cable lock necklace I picked up from a site called Recon.  Looks like a cable to lock up your bicycle, but has these nice ends where you just (“click”) add a small padlock.  OK now you’re ready to hit the shower, inmate.  You know where you’ll find today’s gear when you’re done.”  With that, Dan released Nick from the chair and he quickly rubbed his hands through his new haircut and then tugged on the padlock that kept his new necklace in place, confirming it was indeed securely locked shut.

After a nice hot shower, Nick found his assigned clothes:  khaki cargo shorts, UA spandex boxer briefs, and a weathered but still solid pair of low-cut off-white Converse Chucks…but no socks or shirt.  Dan wanted his new inmate shirtless while on truck duty.  Nick got right on the project and feeling the sun and light breeze against his back and chest felt great.  He’d completed the exterior and was just starting on the interior when he noticed a young guy walking up the drive towards him.  Nick had only met a couple neighbors months ago when Dan had a small get together, but this guy wasn’t anyone he’d seen before.  Looked to be about 25, short dark hair, maybe 6′ 2″, and judging by the tank top he was wearing, nicely built with a slight coverage of chest hair.

“Hey there!  This must be Dan’s new F-150 I heard about.  Name’s Zac, by the way…taking care of my folk’s place while they’re on vacation”  Zac said as he extended his hand introducing himself and pointing across the street.  “I’m Nick…nice to meet you.  Yeah, nice ride… have to keep it looking good, ya know.”  Zac was checking out the new truck while sneaking a few peeks at Nick, hoping not to get caught in the process.  He liked the tight buzz cut and muscular chest that clearly had trimmed up chest hair, which showed off Nick’s definition.  They chatted a little while about the truck and Zac mentioning that he knew Dan pretty well and that he used to mow Dan’s lawn in the summer months a few years back during college summer breaks.  The unusual necklace certainly caught his eye as well.  “Cool necklace you have there, Nick…can’t say I’ve seen one like that before.”  “Oh that…lol, well, it was just too tempting to pass up I guess” Nick replied.

Zac, being a curious young man, discovered that Nick worked with Dan on his current home building project and that he was offered a place here instead of having to be held up in a pay-by-the-week hotel.  Nick was wiping down the dash and center console while Zac had his right hand propped against the truck’s passenger side door opening while peering into the truck’s interior to check it out.  Nick, not knowing that Dan had left a pair of Peerless chain link cuffs in the center console, opened the lid to wipe down the console bin.  Zac spotted the cuffs immediately.  “Wow…didn’t know Dan kept things like that in his truck”  Zac said as he reached over and picked up the cuffs and the keys which were in one of the cuff’s keyhole.  He twisted the key out while he was feeling the weight of the steel cuffs and ratcheting the arms through.  Dan walked up behind Zac as he was running the arms through the ratchets for about the third time and put his arm around Zac’s neck, grabbed the cuffs out of the stunned stud’s hands, and had him cuffed up behind the back in a matter of seconds.   “What the ????”  Zac said as he turned to see it was his old pal Dan behind him.  With an evil grin, Dan pocketed the keys and walked around to the driver’s side of the truck to Nick as Zac tested the steel firmly locked around his wrists.  Nick laughed at the sight of how quickly Zac was taken prisoner, but had a certain tingle in his crotch seeing that young buck locked up in cuffs.  “Truck’s looking real nice, Nick… just a little more work on the interior and it’ll look awesome.”

Dan looked over to Zac, taking in the great sight of that young buck still testing the strength of the cuffs behind his back as he stood in front of the open passenger side door.  “Hey, where’s my manners…I’m sure everyone here could use a beer on a day like this” Dan said.  Dan walked back over to Zac, put him in a friendly headlock as he took him along back to the house to get some ice cold beer.  Zac lifted his cuffed up hands as far as he could….”Hey Dan… think you could?…”  But Dan ignored Zac’s request and continued on into the house through the door that led from the garage into the kitchen.

Returning with a six pack, Dan handed one first to Nick before going over to Zac.  “Guess it would be nearly impossible for you to drink like that, right Zac?”  Dan took hold of Zack’s muscular shoulders and spun him around to gain access to the cuff’s keyholes and unlocked the right wrist.  Zac turned to face Dan so he could unlock the left wrist, but Dan quickly grabbed his right wrist and relocked it, setting the double lock before Zac had a chance to pull away.  “There, now it’ll be much easier for you to have your beer.”  Dan said as he popped open the can and handed it to Zac as Nick wrapped up the last bit of the dash dusting.  “Let’s head up to the deck and fire up the grill and put some burgers on since it’s lunch time.”  “Uh Dan…think we can do something about these cuffs now?”  Zac said.  “Sure thing, I left the keys in the house, so I’ll take care of it when we get inside.”  Dan said with a smirk on his face.
True to his word, Dan removed the cuffs once they were in the house and out on the deck.  Zac did the customary rubbing of the wrists once they were removed.

“Did you forget I was an MP, Zac?  You didn’t stand a chance against me.”  “Well true, I’d need to compete against somebody who’s not experienced so it would be an even match against the cuffs.”  Zac said.  “We used to do that in the Corps.  Two of the MP’s would go up against each other in a cuffing competition.  Each with a set of cuffs in the back pocket, they’d basically used wrestling-like tactics to try and take down the opponent with the loser ending up cuffed up behind the back.  Since a designated MP acted as the official ref, he held onto both opponent’s keys”  Dan laughed “so the loser sometimes stayed locked up for a while just so we could mess with him.  You two look like a pretty even match up…who do you think would win, Nick?’  “Hell…no offense Zac…having just met you and all, but I’d have you locked up in less than five minutes.”  Nick laughed.  “Wow Zac…sounds like you’d get your ass kicked”  Dan said.  “Doubt that!  I may not have been in the Corps, but I did wrestle in high school and still remember my techniques” Zac replied.

“Well, well…ok gentlemen…if you’re willing to put it to the test…I’ll grab another set of cuffs and so we can determine who’s right.”  With that, Dan left the room and returned with a set of Smith & Wesson cuffs which he tossed to Nick.  He took the Peerless cuffs that were previously worn by Zac and tossed them to him, and pocketed the two sets of keys.  Both young men were still a bit stunned as they held the cuffs in their hands.  “OK, down to the basement guys.  The gym floor’s plenty big and I’ll put the mats down.”

A few minutes later all three were in the basement gym area, mats on the floor.  “Here’s the rules:  best two out of three matches is the winner.  Cuffs go in the back pocket, you have to overpower your opponent and get him cuffed behind the back…it’s just that simple.  Ready?  GO!”
Zac and Nick took after each other like college wrestlers, trying to overtake the other with all the moves they could come up with.  Zac had Nick down and cuffed in under a minute.  Proud of his defeat, he planted one foot on Nick’s back while raising his arms in triumph like prize fighter.  Round two went on for over five minutes and both studs were drenched in sweat as they fought to overpower the other.  Zac had Nick pinned, but in a sudden unexpected move, Nick slipped out and had Zac flat on his stomach and cuffed.

“OK men…we’re one and one.  Next round will determine the winner.  GO!”  The two sweaty studs were off again, fighting even harder than before to take down their opponent.  Nick had the upper hand for a couple minutes but couldn’t get Zac cuffed, then Zac spun around, grabbed Nick’s left wrist and got a cuff on it before Nick slipped out of the hold and pinned Zac down.  He got a cuff on Zac, but before he could get the second hand locked up, Zac slipped out, pinned Nick on his belly again and successfully cuffed up his other wrist.  Zac was exhausted and sat on his knees to catch his breath while enjoying his victory.

“OUTSTANDING, Zac…very impressive I must say.”  Dan said.  “OK men, time to get those burgers on.”

Still breathing hard from his victory, Zac looked over to Dan and said, “toss me the keys and I’ll get the cuffs off ol’ Nick here.”  Nick was set free and they headed up to the deck to fire up the grill and hang out.  Zac’s tank top was soaked with sweat, so he peeled it off, revealing his toned chest and six pack abs.  Dan’s mind went racing at the sight and he couldn’t help but think how hot it would be to have both studs locked in shackles in his cell.

To be continued …

19 days in a Padded Cell


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  1. Another great chapter in the Nick and Daniel story. It was clever the way that Zac was introduced to cuffs, though I do suspect that, without Nick knowing, Zac and Dan might previously have played together? I also enjoyed the way that the two guys were matched together for the cuffing contest – such a pity that Dan didn’t get cuffed in the process.

    And the ending is clever, too. The story finishes in such a way that it could be the end, or there might be more to come. Hope so, thanks for another entertaining chapter Atlanta Stud.

  2. Yes! I was waiting so patiently hoping that another Nick and Daniel chapter would show up in this month long story blast! It was a great addition to the storyline. You are a great writer and as long as you keep writing ill keep reading!

  3. Thanks guys. I can promise you that there will be another N&D chapter and it won’t take as long to get it to Metalbond. The next Iowa Cowboy is about half way completed and should be to Metalbond by next week. Glad you enjoy the stories. Still have a couple new story lines that I want to get started on as well.

  4. I’m loving this story but i was even more excited to learn there is a new Iowa Cowboy chapter coming up –Thanks, Atlanta Stud!

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  6. I’ve now read all of the 4 parts of this story and love the way its going;hopefully not to long before we can read some more.

  7. A BIG THANKS again for the nice comments that have been posted. I had planned for both N&D and Iowa Cowboy chapters to be ready at the beginning of November, but due to personal conflicts, I’ve not been able to dedicate the necessary time for the stories. I PROMSIE to manage a couple hours sometime over this coming weekend to try to complete the next chapters of both stories so that Metal can post them.

    1. The Nick&Dan theme makes a great story and Ive now read all 4 parts and looking forward to more that’s to come.

  8. forgot to say a thank you to Atlanta stud for some great stories and also thanks to all the others who’ve put stories on this site I’m looking forward to reading some more of them that are already posted here.

  9. That’s good news Atlanta Stud, I’m really looking forward to reading more about the exploits of Nick and Daniel and also an update on the antics of those cowboys from Iowa will be very welcome, it’s been a long time since we heard from them – another great series of stories.
    As an occasional contributor of stories to this site myself, I know how much time and effort is put in to the writing of them so thanks for your efforts and for sharing them with us – and I urge everybody who reads any of the stories on this site to add their comments.

  10. I should have posted a comment here ages ago because Ive enjoyed the stories and I’m now looking forward to the next Part.

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