Nick and Daniel – Part 5

By Atlanta Stud

Atlanta StudThe two sets of cuffs were sitting on the deck furniture end table during the burger and beer fest, and Zac couldn’t help but sneak peeks at them whenever he thought nobody was looking. As a kid, Zac loved cop shows and seeing guys getting arrested and as his early high school years came about, he noticed that those shows and images created a stir in his manhood. Always wanting to get his hands on a set of cuffs and locking up a guy and even experience getting locked up had only been thoughts with no real world experiences. That is, until today, and he got a full dose — all in a short period of time.

The ice chest was right next to the end table, and after grabbing and cracking open another bottle, Zac couldn’t help picking up the Peerless cuffs so he could again check them out. Ratcheting the bars through the locking bar, and listening to that solid, rapid, click-click-click, created that stir again.

“Pretty solid, don’t you think, Zac?” Daniel said, looking for affirmation.

“I’ll say. They certainly kept ’ol Nick in check,” Zac said with a slight grin on his face as he looked over in Nick’s direction.

“Yeah, well, they kept you in check, too, when I had you pinned, big boy,” Nick replied, without missing a beat.

Daniel had one of those evil grins as he took in the quick, short jabs Zac and Nick just threw at each other.

“So, Zac, I can see you either have a newfound curiosity about cuffs, or you have a real interest in them. Which is it, boy?” Daniel asked, not really caring that he was being this direct this early on.

“Well, if I have to admit, I’ve always had a fascination with cop shows growing up, so yeah, I have an interest, but this is the first time I’ve actually got my hands on a pair of real cuffs,” Zac said with a slight blush on his mischievous face.

“Well damn, you probably don’t know this, but I do have a collection of metal restraints, sort of a hobby collecting them that grew from my stint in the Corps as an MP. Guess I never got it out of my system. You’re welcome to check out some of the other gear if you want. Hey Nick, go fetch the Peerless 7705 transport set that you look so good in!” Daniel barked.

Nick’s facial expression was priceless in that very moment as he stood there frozen, not quite believing those words were just uttered from Daniel’s mouth. With a nod and raised eyebrow from Daniel, indicating he wasn’t kidding, Nick went off and returned with the transport set and handed them off to Nick so he could check out the handcuffs and leg irons all connected with what looked like miles of chain.

“Wow — looks like something you’d see a dangerous felon wear,” Zac said. “It’s got some weight to it, too!”

“Let me show you the procedure we used in locking up a grunt who got out of line. Nick, if you wouldn’t mind, I could use someone to demonstrate how this is done.”

Getting locked up when it was just he and Daniel was great, but getting locked up in front of someone he didn’t know that well made Nick a little nervous, but he complied with Daniel’s orders nonetheless and knelt down on the ground, hands clasped behind his head. Daniel proceeded to demonstrate to Zac how the belly chain is first secured around the waist with a padlock, then the wrists secured in the cuffs attached at the sides, followed by the leg irons. Nick then stood up, at which point Daniel pointed out how this set made for a great means of transporting a prisoner. Zac felt that tingle in his crotch again while looking at the shirtless stud in front of him secured in double-locked steel. Zac walked all the way around Nick, checked the sturdiness of the short chain that ran from the belly chain to the handcuffs and tugged on the connecting chain that ran from the belly chain to the leg irons.

“With the cuffs attached to the sides the way they are, at least Nick can still drink his beer, although it may be a bit tricky,” Zac said with a laugh.

“You are correct, big boy. Now, the reproduction set of Darby five-point shackles that I have in my collection poses a real beer drinking challenge, Zac.” Daniel said.

“There you go, Daniel. Hook up Zac in that and let’s see if he’s still laughing,” Nick said.

“Soooo, just what is Darby and what does five point mean?” Zac asked.

“Well, I’ll get it and show you — no wait, better yet, Nick, why don’t you go fetch it for us while we chat a little more about the Darbys?”

Nick returned about five minutes later, full set in hands, balanced as best he could, considering his locked-up state.

“You see, Zac, this piece locks around the neck, then there’s this 10-inch chain from the neck piece that attaches to the short chain at the wrist shackles and then a 24-inch chain that runs from those to the leg shackles. You’re locked, literally, from head to toe,” Daniel said with a wide grin.

Zac held up the set by the neckpiece, allowing the all-in-one unit to dangle below. He noticed the weight, figuring it had to be a good five pounds at least. It was clear that it didn’t have a standard locking mechanism based on the keyhole, and the shape of the shackles looked very much like something from what he guessed to be the 1800s, as it reminded him of cuffs he recently saw on a recent episode of the old TV show “Wanted: Dead or Alive.”

Nick, locked up as he was, just sat back and enjoyed the whole scene. He knew all too well that Daniel had his eye on the prize — and the prize was getting Zac locked up in the Darby five-way set. It wouldn’t be long now, he thought to himself.

Daniel reached out and took the set away from Zac, opening and closing the neck piece, being careful not to snap it completely shut. Just enough to make the metal parts tap each other, hoping that it would be enough to get Zac’s interest in trying it out.

“Ready to get fitted in them, boy? Not every day that you get a chance to try out a set like this,” Daniel said, rather convincingly. “I won’t keep you in them very long — unless, of course, you want to test drive the set for a while.”

Daniel didn’t wait for an answer at that point. Taking the neckpiece, he carefully put it around Zac’s neck and slowly brought the two ends together — and then that affirmative click was heard, making it official.

“Man, I’m not sure… ” Zac began to say.

“Sure you are, boy,” Daniel responded as he took first one wrist, then the other in position and locked the non-adjustable cuffs around each of Zac’s wrists. Due to the short length of chain from the wrist cuffs to the leg irons, Daniel tugged the chain connecting them so that Zac was slightly bent over, at which point he completed his task by locking both ankles in shackles. Zac struggled a little, testing the chains but quickly found them unforgiving.

“Why don’t you just have a seat, boy, you’ll probably be more comfortable sitting down,” Daniel insisted.

Zac took the closest seat to him and again tested the security of the five points. The cool chain that connected from the collar on down to the leg irons rested on his bare chest, heightening the experience of being locked in chains. It also quickly became apparent that drinking his beer proved more of a challenge, but doable, requiring both hands to hold the bottle.

“So how’s it feel, what do you think of them, Zac?” Daniel asked.

“Wow, these are no joke. The short connecting chains definitely limit your ability to move about. Looks like Nick has more mobility in his set than I do. But have to admit, it’s surprisingly comfortable overall, considering,” Zac said.

“Well if he likes the Darbys that much, maybe he should just wear them home tonight,” Nick laughed.

“Well he hasn’t been in them long enough to know that they eventually will test you with respect to limited movement. I don’t think we should send him home in the Darbys, but he’s welcome to spend the night in them here if he wants,” Daniel suggested, as he began unlocking Nick from the Peerless set.

Zac assumed that Daniel would be heading his direction next to unlock him as well, but he didn’t.

Zac raised up his hands a bit and said, “Soooo, I’m next, right?”

“How about a challenge, Zac? Heads you stay in the Darbys until morning, tails you get set free. If you get heads, I have a spare bedroom you can sleep in,” Daniel said.

“Well, tempting as it sounds…” Zac said while pulling on his chains.

“Awe hell, boy, where’s your sense of adventure?” Daniel asked as he took a coin from his pocket and flipped it in the air and catching it a few times.

Zac looked over at Nick, who gave him a slight nod and wink so as to say, “go for it.”

“What the hell — I’ve got a 50/50 chance of being set free anyway,” Zac said.

“OUT-standing!” Daniel said as the coin went up in the air.

“Call it, boy —heads or tails?”

To be continued

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9 thoughts on “Nick and Daniel – Part 5”

  1. It’s been great reading this story chain over the years, especially with the introduction of Zac. I’m looking forward to this story getting back to its roots and Zac becoming the inmate he truly is, prison jumpsuit and all.

  2. Yes!!! I’ve been waiting years for this story to continue and it did not disappoint! You are such a good writer, hope there’s more!

  3. This part is as good as the older parts, hope that we don’t have to wait that long for the next parts

  4. Thanks for the nice comments, guys. I’ll have the next chapter out to Metal in the next couple weeks.

  5. It’s good to have Nick and Dan back with us, love every minute of reading about their activities.

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