Paying the Full Price – Part 1

By UKDeviant on RECON

UKDeviant chastity storyI started to wake up about 6am, as usual about a half hour before the alarm on my phone went off. Feeling slightly groggy from last night’s beers I knew the best way to clear the head was to release some hormones with a nice long edging session. I turned from on my side to my back, stretched out spread eagle working my muscles and my right hand went under the covers. As I tried to grasp my cock, all I felt was cold steel preventing any access and I froze while my brain, which was still booting, up tried to work out what was going on. It took a further ten seconds to realise out this was not at all expected.

As I sat bolt upright in the bed I could also feel a steel belt wrapped snugly around my waist which tugged at the base of my cock and balls as I moved.

Early in March, it was dark outside, and some light from the street came in through the window which allowed me to just about see in the room. As I threw back the duvet I could see a little light reflecting on the steel waistband. I was wearing a steel chastity belt which I did not own and was definitely not expecting to be wearing. At this point my two major organs were offering different views – my brain desperately trying to work out my predicament, and my penis expressing total pleasure and excitement at the situation.

Fumbling for the light switch I realised I was in the hotel room I checked into, alone, and my possessions including phone, wallet, clothes and work rucksack were all present. The only item missing was my Holy Trainer chastity device. Remembering very well the warning about being careful what you wish for in your darkest fantasies, I was relieved to see I was not naked and shackled in a prison cell. Well, maybe another time and another story.

The steel belt was not new, but a current design from a firm called ‘Behind Barz’ – the uniqueness of their style of belt is that there is no wire or strap from the base of the cock ring to the back of the belt. This limits the ability to secure plugs or other toys but makes it more suitable for longer term use. If I could afford one, it is the belt I would buy.

Returning to the bed and sitting down I started to recall my movements from the previous day to work out what had happened. Now, fully awake and the brain re-calibrated, the pieces of the jigsaw came back to me.

I live in Hampshire, but work in London two days a week, so I try to plan these days in so they are consecutive and I can justify an overnight hotel stay at works expense which coincides with an event night in town. This might be a cabaret evening in Soho, RECON event in Vauxhall or an SBN (Stark Bollock Naked) event in East London. All of these involve alcohol, chilling out in a safe community and being locked in a CB – usually a Holy Trainer. Occasionally you get to strike up a conversation with some very decent people.

There is something very kinky about going to a SBN event with a cock cage locked on, and quite often for me with a chain and padlock collar locked on too. It ticks a lot of boxes – Clearly you aren’t a top, are into a bit of kink and for the master slave role there is an element of humiliation being locked in a room of unlocked guys – your position in the hierarchy is clear. It is also a fun ice breaker for just socialising with other guys who have not played CB’s before (and quickly identify that it is safe to talk to you without it being assumed they want sex) It is also a magnet for dom guys into control. Which is exactly what happened last night.

He was another tall guy (I am 6’6”) and well hung. Clean, good looking and that ‘bloke next door’ look. Nike trainers, a little younger than me. My type. So, you’re into chastity then? “Yes, Sir” is the only possible reply to that. He said, “don’t worry about the ‘Sir’, I’m a bit of a switch and like being locked and locking up, but mainly locking up”. That didn’t stop him from taking the lightweight chain from around my neck which had two recognisable keys on it. There didn’t need to be any discussion as to what they unlocked. My cock twitched, again. Nothing like handing over control, or having it taken away from you. I didn’t resist.

As to a relationship as a switch, that works well for me and I like being in control a bit – but am probably 2/3 sub and 1/3 dom. A great relationship would be where both of us were into restraint and control but one of us had to be locked up at any one time. It could switch over at any time but both of us had to agree. There was no maximum period other than that over the course of a year the maximum either could be locked is 10 months. To keep it interesting, on birthdays and bank holidays the cage had to be switched. This meant that not allowing release could then result in a lengthy period of lockup and after a week or four the decision making process of the locked guy changes from his brain to his dick agreeing to terms for release. The change overs would ensure some randomness and revenge would never be too far away which would keep things in check, to an extent. The rules would lead to a very interesting set of dynamics.

At this point we got around to sharing first names and James thought this was a very fun and exciting concept. He was probably my mirror image in role. Nice. We talked about different devices including steel cages. The built in lock style is lighter and more secure, but the rattle of a padlock on a cage as you jog or run serves as an additional reminder of your position. The Holy Trainer is the most comfortable for long term but harder to keep clean and we had both tried the Bluetooth app controlled ‘cellmate’ which, while a great concept, had been a failure for both of us with water ingress and issues with the app for security and stable operation. Maybe we would try them again when the produce is outside of prototype stage.

James asked if I had tried a steel belt before and mentioned that he had one for sale on eBay. At this point, my brain was not involved in the rest of the conversation, or the decision-making process and there is little point recounting the conversation that took place. After a few minutes, we were in the changing area looking at the listing details on his phone. The belt was a 16 month old Behind Barz belt, about a 32 to 34 waist and, as well as the complete belt, had the secondary cover for greater security. The asking price was £600 with a tongue in cheek comment that it cold be less, but without the key. That’s not a problem in principal.

Again, being excluded from the thought process my brain did not have the opportunity to consider the rent at the end of the month, uncertainty about the future with this emerging COVID virus. The negotiation to buy outside of eBay was concluded for £500 that day as it saved the 10% eBay fee, and James could hold the key until the next weeks event for the £40 balance as I was at the limit on both debit cards I had with me. We both dressed and while I was at the cashpoint withdrawing £250 from each of two accounts, James retrieved the belt he had for sale from his home which was just a few tube stops away. I was back at the club first with the cash and it occurred to me I was now naked, with £500 in a seedy club and a cock cage locked on I no longer had the key for. James didn’t take long to appear though which was good, but it was enough time for me to have had another few beers.

We retreated to the rear of the play space in the club and James offered me the belt for inspection. Being stainless steel, it was in near perfect condition with just a few scuffs. The two identical keys opened and closed the lock smoothly. It was the belt I had decided that one day I would own. It had fallen into my lap and was seconds away from going around my waist.

Within just a minute, the HT was off and the steel belt disassembled. James put the belt on around my waist and fed my cock and balls through the locking ring. Being compliant I stood there with my hand behind my back. If only there were some handcuffs about. After being locked for two or three days, just this period of a few seconds release and the knowledge about what was happening resulted in a massive erection which was arrested and retarded with two firm slaps which I was not expecting – next time, have some iced water ready…

James aligned the base ring on the belt fastening posts and then slid the cage over my penis and then fitted the secure guard over the top. The locknut and locking rings were fastened and the belt was secure. Admiring the shiny belt (as were some of the other customers who were watching with interest) I enjoyed how secure, and to be fair, comfortable, it felt. Asking to look at the keys, James playfully held them away from me at arm’s length placing his other hand on my chest to hold me back, and smiled reminding me that I had not yet paid in full, and could have them next week as we had agreed. Like my HT keys, the belts keys were on a lightweight chain like military dog tags and he put then around his neck. ”I’ll keep them safe” he said. Again, my dick thought this would be a great idea and there was no protest. James could keep them for a long time if he wanted…

I explained then that as a switch and to ensure he was present next week that he should go away with my Holy Trainer locked on – after all, I had nowhere to put it myself. There was no objection to this either and shortly after I had the keys to James’ device around my neck too. After several more drinks and some teasing by each other and some of the other customers, the evening came to an end. We exchanged recon profile names to keep in contact, but primarily we would meet the following week.

Having now recounted the last nights activity, the last pieces of the jigsaw fell into place. I now knew where the Holy Trainer was, and why I had the keys to that device. I was enjoying the 7 day sentence that was ahead being locked by a guy who was just my type and into the same thing. Awesome. I just needed to remember the recon profile that he gave me – the policy of no phones in the club on fetish events makes complete sense, but it wasn’t very helpful. I wanted to make contact and see where this could be developed. For the life of me, I couldn’t.

In a rare moment where my brain managed to get a thought in I searched eBay for the item I had bought and after some panic while being unsuccessful, found it under ‘completed listings’. He had at least been sober enough to cancel the listing! I saved the item in My eBay and sent a short message saying “UK_Deviant here, great to meet last night and look forward to catching up on RECON”. If you send a phone number on eBay, they block the message as you are most likely trying to cut them out of their 10% fee. Recon was fine for communication though; I was keen to see his profile.

The next day I was horny full time Work just flew by. Self-locking means you can buckle with a moments weakness. It isn’t real until you can’t get out and I was enjoying this. As James was locked too there was good motivation to meet and take this forward.

Back home in Hampshire now, I was enjoying my predicament.

Then, three things happened.

The government announced a full lockdown for COVID with all pubs and clubs being shut.

I received an automated message from eBay telling me than an item I was watching had been deleted as it violated eBay’s policies

The use of trains was being restricted to keyworkers, and hotels were closing, both again due to COVID.

Oh, Fuck. This is interesting. I wish I had paid the full price to get the keys too but my dick, even now, betrayed me by twitching at the thought of the unknown period of lockup and my current predicament.

Does anyone know James from Shoreditch? About 6’3”, mid 30’s, dark hair and eyes, and on the face of it just a normal bloke from next door but clearly a colossal kinkster?

To Be Continued

I hope you enjoyed this and how should Part 2 go?

Do I risk being stopped by the police while I try to get into London to see if James turns up even though the venue is shut? What would a stop and search reveal?

Does James manage to break free from his cheaper cage and contact me via RECON to discuss some terms for release?

Do I resort to Twitter for help and support tracking down James?

Any other ideas welcome – UKDeviant on Recon and twitter.

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15 thoughts on “Paying the Full Price – Part 1”

  1. Thank you for a great story – it certainly managed to wake up my cock locked away in it’s Holy Trainer Nub. As soon as lockdown gets lifted Im off to one of the local gay saunas with my chastity fitted and the key on a chain round my neck I would love to see what develops,. As a fan of long term chastity I think I would get resigned to the fact that you are firmly locked away for the duration of lockdown. Mind you your attempts to get unlocked would certianly make for interesting reading.

    1. It gets worse. A lot worse… (or better depending on how much risk you like and which side of the cage you are on!)

  2. Great start here, looking forward to further developments. Although I have a definite interest in chastity, I had never heard of Behind Barz before so it was great finding their website and devices–thank you! I read the testimonials, all of them saying how comfortable their devices are…but I have to say they don’t LOOK all that comfortable! But they do look HOT. Would love to handle one.

    1. :) Thank you! Plenty of belts out there, but theirs looks pretty good and has a lot of great writeups! :) Hope you like Part 2 ;)

  3. Best line is James managing to get out of his HT and contacting you regarding terms for your release or details of what plans he has for you.

    1. Ohhhh, so you are siding with James then? I hope I find him before you do! :O otherwise I’m in trouble!!!

      1. No, not siding with “James” particularly. Just thought he had the advantage as he wasn’t locked in a metal device. I’ve just read part 2 so I see he has made contact. Seems his terms so far are rather harsh!

    1. True, so true… and as a good boi I hope your cock has gotten you into trouble too Spoiler alert – James will be having some fun, but there are a good few twists in the plot to come!

  4. Great start to the story and you can see from the number of comments how much the community have loved it! For me he does not break Covid but uses every resource of social media to track James down. Or he could find you…

    1. Thank you Steellock for the feedback and there have been plenty of comments and direct messages! Our subject (me) has many more hurdles to come and hopefully Part 2 tonight / tomorrow night will show just how desperate COVID and being locked makes him. I hope you enjoy Part two, two more to follow and maybe you have some thoughts for Part 3 – If James can be tracked down??? :)

    1. Thank you! – It has been a lot of fun and having been a visitor of Metalbond for may years, great to give something back. :)

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