Plans for the Weekend

By Collector2

As I sit here, my back to the wall, I carefully survey the bar. I have very special plans for this weekend but they require the participation of the “right” candidate. So far no one suitable has caught my eye. Dressed in full leathers with a latex shirt I know I present an imposing figure. Very few even dare to approach me, which is the way I like it.

Most of the evening passes slowly until, at last, I spot him. In his mid to late 20’s, decently built (not a body builder by any means but….), about my own height, slightly unkempt brown hair and piercing grey eyes. He is wearing leather pants and a harness but in a way that says he is not at ease with them and, most likely, new to the leather scene. Perfect for my purposes. By the time I’m finished with him he will either be so scared of it he will never come back or so enthralled with it he will never leave. Either way he will know and be comfortable with himself and his choice.

I catch the eye of a friend and indicate the subject of my attention. Immediately he goes over and strikes up a conversation with the boi. In due time he brings him over. “This is Troy” he says. “He’s new here and eager to learn so I thought that I’d introduce him to you.” With that he takes his leave of us. Troy sits there nervously, waiting for me to say something. I let the silence stretch out till he begins to fidget nervously then finally say “So what are you looking for” The relief that I have finally broken the silence is evident on his face as he stammers “I’m really not sure.” “You must have some idea otherwise you wouldn’t be here” I reply. The conversation goes on like this for nearly an hour with me slowly drawing his likes and dislikes, his turn-ons and revulsions out of him. During the whole time we talk I take notes.

In due course I present him with a contract detailing the limits we have set forth and tell him to read and sign it. At the same time I call over a friend to witness the signature. As he signs I walk around behind Troy and, with one swift motion, place a collar around his neck and lock it on. The shock in his eyes as the lock clicks is priceless. I whisper in his ear “You’re mine now till this collar is removed.” I then pull his hands behind his back and handcuff him. Now Troy is beginning to look uncomfortable. I hooked a lead to his collar then tell him that we are going for a walk. He starts to protest but I silence him with a gesture. “Now you’re going to introduce me to some of your friends and tell them you’re going with me for the weekend. Just to keep things on the up and up.” Embarrassed at his present situation Troy again begins to protest. Annoyed, I inform him its either that or he’s getting up on stage and cleaning my boots with his tongue. That silences him.

We proceed to parade through the bar for about a half hour, accompanied by his friend’s snickers; then I take him to my car. I seat him, strap him in, and then produce a tight, padded leather hood. The minute Troy sees the hood he again begins to protest. I silence him by waving the contract in front of his eyes and reminding him that he had agreed to this. As I position the hood on his head I remark “I hope you like this hood because you aren’t getting out of it ‘till Monday morning.” The fear in his eyes is the last thing I see as I pull the hood over his head, lace it up, then pull the straps tight and lock them in place. The psychological effect of depriving him of his vision will only serve to heighten the experiences to come.

We take a long, leisurely drive home, allowing Troy to become accustomed to his situation. I pull into the garage, close the door, and then get Troy out of the car. Troy attempts to say something but the mask and straps prevent him from uttering more than a muffled “mmpphhh”. I guide him to the stairs and down into my dungeon.

Shuffling Troy around the basement for a while to disorient him, we finally come to the position I want. Fastening leather cuffs to his wrists I release him from the handcuffs then raise his hands above his head to a pair of chains hanging from the ceiling about two feet apart. He meekly complies, having no idea what is coming. I remove his harness, then his boots, finding out at the same time that his feet are very ticklish. Next I begin slowly undoing his obviously new belt. The wide smooth leather gently slips out of the loops as Troy nervously shifts from foot to foot. I slowly slip my hands into his now open pants, across his smooth hips and around his firm buttocks, caressing it ever so gently. Moving back to his hips I slowly begin to peel the tight fitting leather down his legs. Once they are off I chain his legs to a spreader bar, leaving him spread eagled.

Troy’s body is tense, waiting for what will come. I pull up a chair and settle down. After about ten minutes he begins to relax. Another twenty minutes pass and he is beginning to fidget and make small noises. I know he thinks he has been left alone and do nothing to dispel the illusion. When he has once again calmed down I take an ostrich feather and gently run it down the inside of his thigh, just barely touching him. He jerks violently and a muffled scream escapes the mask. Troy gyrates wildly, trying to escape the feathers touch. For the next hour I continue to just touch him with the feather at irregular intervals at various places on his body. Finally I switch to two feathers and run them down both sides of his body at once. Now he doesn’t know which way to move to escape. I tickle him mercilessly till he is left gasping for air then, suddenly, I place my gloved hand over the grommet in the mask. The effect of cutting off his air supply is immediate as his body spasms as he tries to draw in air and can’t. Suddenly he is thrashing about wildly trying to break free of my hand, but the chains prevent him from moving far enough to do so. After about thirty seconds I release him and he collapses against the chains, gasping for air. I release his limp body from the chains and carry him to the bed. Tying him securely in place on the rubber sheets. Much to Troy’s surprise I then remove the leather hood. He blinks for a few moments as his vision returns then, with a hurt look in his eyes whispers “Is it over already?” I choke back a laugh as I reply “Not by far. I just don’t want you having any problems overnight. Now get some rest. But first…..” I bring out a medium sized butt plug and hold it in front of him. Hi eyes widen and he begins to protest that he has never had anything that size before. I merely smile, lube it, and slide it home. He whimpers in pain as it goes in but holds his tongue. I add a strap to hold it in then say “Good night” Troy finally relaxes and exhaustion quickly overtakes him. In no time he is gently snoring. I retire to a bed on the other side of the room.

I wake to the sound of Troy thrashing around on the bed. From his movements I can tell that the butt plug has become uncomfortable. I let this continue for another half hour, pretending to sleep, then slowly “wake up”. To his credit Troy has not said a word or tried to rouse me. “How are you doing?” I ask as I approach the bed. “A little uncomfortable” he replies. “Are you ready to start your day?” Troy nods affirmative. “Ok. We start here” I produce a plug gag, place it in his mouth and strap it in place. “By the way, is that butt plug getting uncomfortable?” Troy nods yes. I unbuckle the strap and remove it. The look of relief in his eyes quickly turns to panic as I produce a larger plug and say “Guess it’s time for the next step.” He frantically shakes his head “no” the whole time I’m lubricating the plug, then, as I begin to force it home, he releases a stifled scream into the gag. “What are you yelling about?” I ask. “This is only the beginning. By tonight you’ll be taking this” I hold up a dildo with a diameter larger than my fist. At this Troy’s eyes grow wide and tears begin to form in the corners. I hold him and reassure him that it will be no worse than this one was if we just take it one step at a time.

Troy is expecting to be taken off the bed but that isn’t going to happen just yet. I produce a large water bag with a tube attached to it. Again a look of puzzlement changes to surprise as he realizes that the last butt plug had a short tube in it. I fill the bag with warm water and attach it. Letting it slowly drain into him. His eyes follow the bag as it slowly deflates. I can see his relief as it finishes. He’s thinking “That wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.” Then I remove the bag and attach another. I also bring out another item saying “We don’t want a mess now do we?” When he realizes that the item is a catheter he begins to thrash about wildly but the restraints hold him tightly. I pin him down and, accompanied by his muffled screams, I lube and insert the catheter, inflating the bulb to hold it in place.

As I compress the bag to make sure he has received the full measure of its contents Troy is reduced to whimpering in pain. His distended abdomen a testament to the fact that he is very full. After a few minutes I remove his gag. All he can do is whisper hoarsely “It hurts, it hurts.” I bring him a large glass of water and say “Drink this – it’ll help”. He does so, driven by his thirst then a light dawns in his eyes as he realizes what he has just done. I quickly replace the gag then leave him to writhe in agony for the next half hour.

When I return, the slightest pressure on his abdomen causes him to thrash about violently. I tell him that I’m going to release him and take him to the bathroom but to take it easy as any sudden moves will cause even more pain. He nods his understanding and I proceed to untie and handcuff him, before leading him to the bathroom. First the catheter plug is opened. The flood that ensues seems never ending. At the same time as he feels the relief of this pressure the pressure in his bowels seems to build even more. Donning a pair of elbow length rubber gloves I seat him on the toilet and remove the plug. His muffled scream is immediately followed by a flood. The look of relief in his eyes is priceless. I leave him to “empty out” for another thirty minutes while I clean the plug and refill the bags then I lead him back to the bed. Removing the handcuffs I help him into a full rubber straightjacket, cinching it tightly around him. Laying him back down on the bed I again remove the gag and ask “How are you doing now?” Troy immediately begins to beg me to remove the catheter as it is driving him mad. I just smile and ask “Are you ready for round two?” and produce the plug and bags. His plaintiff groan of “Oh no” is ignored as I again insert the plug. The pain is evident in his face but it can’t be too bad now as he doesn’t make a sound. Before leaving him I replace the gag.

This scene is repeated a total of four times before I deem him clean enough for the next step. When I finally remove the catheter he again gives a muffled scream but the relief in his eyes says volumes.

I lead Troy across the basement and seat him on what appears to be a high footstool. Safety belt-like straps go across his lap and legs, holding him tightly to the stool, almost in a kneeling position. I can see in his face that he’s thinking “this isn’t so bad”. I snicker to myself – thinking “wait for it”. Next I move in a frame which attaches to the base of the stool. I can see the puzzled look in Troy’s eyes. It quickly turns to understanding when I bring in two more boards which form stocks on the frame. I connect the first one at a level which will keep him sitting perfectly straight, then place the second one on its track. When I close and lock it his neck is trapped. Just to make sure he is not going to move I thread some ropes through the D rings on the straight jacket and around the uprights. His “excitement” is evident.

“Comfy?” I ask. He tries to nod but can’t move his head much. He believes this is as far as things go – but its only the beginning. I move around behind him and open the back of the stool. From the inside I open another trap door that is directly below his ass. Choosing a dildo one size larger than the plug he had been wearing I take it around in front of him so he can see it. “How’s this one?” I ask. Troy’s eyes grow wide as muffled “mmpphhhsss” begin to issue from behind the gag. “Good. I thought you’d like it” I say as I move back around behind him. After lubing it up well I insert the dildo into the appropriate place with a bit of work and hook it up. The now familiar scream of pain and frustration accompanies the insertion. I then move around to the front of the stool and, opening another door, take out a control box. Troy’s puzzled expression turns to surprise as I turn on the fucking machine. His back (and dick) stiffens as the piston begins its slow, relentless movement. Forcing the dildo further into him before pulling it back. Perfect. He moans and tries to get away from the relentless onslaught but is held tightly in place as things are stretched more and more.

I’m not finished yet though. Below his field of vision I remove another attachment from the base of the machine and fit it to his dick. When I turn on the milking machine his moaning increases exponentially. It doesn’t take long before the sensory overload brings him to orgasm. Soon after he cums the moans turn to muffled yelps of pain. He had told me that his cock head becomes very sensitive after ejaculation. Oh well…. I merely increase the pace of both machines. His yelps keep pace then slowly settle back to moans. Over the course of the afternoon I amuse myself by varying the speed and intensity of his torture, as well as periodically increasing the size of the dildos. Troy cums four more times in this period, finally dry firing but the orgasms are more intense each time.

About 6 pm I finally release him from the machine. After helping him to the bed he collapses, exhausted. As Troy sleeps I make a light supper. I wake Troy when the meal is ready and ask him how he is feeling. His one word answer is most gratifying “Wonderful”. After feeding him and allowing him a bit of time to rest I guide him to a sling and lock him in place. This time I don’t gag him as I want to hear his responses. “What are you going to do?” he asks. “Well you said you wanted to try being fisted someday. No time like the present” I reply. His jaw drops and he is actually speechless. Taking advantage of the moment I begin to enter him with my gloved and lubricated hand. I slowly insert one finger, then two, then three. He is still loose from the machines work and they go in easily. With the fourth, things begin to tighten a bit. I squeeze my hand tightly together and push. The thumb begins to go in and Troy gasps. “Wait, it hurts” “Only a bit more” I say. His breathing rate increases and, with a final push from myself and a stifled scream from Troy (Good boi), I’m in. For the next hour I work him constantly. At times he is near tears, begging me to stop, that he can’t take anymore. Just as quickly he will suddenly be gasping and panting, in the throes of an ecstasy he has never before known. At the same time begging me not to stop, to make it go on forever. I bring him to the point of orgasm three times in this period, reveling in the feeling of control. Knowing that with only small variations of my actions I can manipulate his sensations to dramatic fluctuations.

When I finally finish, clean him up and release him Troy doesn’t even have the energy left to stand. I carry him back to the bed and tell him that it’s time to get him ready for the night. Feebly he raises his arms to the position they were in the night before but I surprise him, saying “Not that way”. He looks at me curiously as I unroll what appears to be a large leather bag on the bed. A look of horror passes across his face as he realizes that it is a sleep sack. “No – I couldn’t take that” he croaks hoarsely. “I don’t recall asking” I reply. As I manoeuver his body into the sleep sack he feebly tries to resist but is still too weak to do much. As the zipper reaches his neck he begins to cry. “What’s wrong?” I ask. “I’m Scared” he replies. “Don’t you trust me?” “Yes” “Well you can do this” “But what if something happens?” “I’ll be right here on the bed with you” As I reassure him I tighten the straps around the sack, completely immobilizing him. Then I produce the tight hood again. Troy almost panics when he sees it but my reassurances have served their purpose and he calms down and allows me to put it on him.

I settle down for the night with my body pressed against his. I can feel his muscles relaxing as he senses my proximity. He now knows he is safe and I’m not going to leave him. Exhausted I fall quickly asleep.

I awake with a start. It is nearly 10 am. I had expected to be woken during the night by Troy begging to be released. Worried I scrutinize him but the gentle rise and fall of his chest indicates he is still asleep. I lay there watching him for almost another hour before he begins to stir. Before he comes fully back to consciousness I manipulate the zipper sliders on the sleep sack to free his dick, intending to play with it till he wakes up. A sudden impulse hits me and I begin to suck it. As my lips close around it Troy jolts awake. He briefly struggles until the full awareness of where he is and what is happening finally hits him. As I continue to work on him he relaxes and begins to make small grunting and whimpering noises. He attempts to thrust his hips involuntarily but the sleep sack and my body weight make that impossible. My ministrations continue till, with a muffled yell he shoots, thick and sweet. I get the full enjoyment of it. Re zipping the bag I leave him there to reflect on what has happened as I make breakfast.

By the time I return he is really starting to squirm. I remove the hood and all he can say is “Leg cramps” As I begin to massage his legs through the sack I can feel the knots in them. It takes about five minutes but they finally relax. “How did you sleep?” I ask as I begin to undo the straps. “It took a bit of time to get used to being so tightly confined but after that I had the best sleep I’ve had in years.” Troy replies. Smiling I say “It was the exhaustion. You had a hard day yesterday”

After breakfast (dinner?) is finished I tell Troy that I have a new toy and he is to be the first to try it out. Curious he try to get more information out of me but I refuse to elaborate.

In due time I again lead him downstairs and produce a heavy rubber suit. Troy’s first reaction to it – “But it’s too small” I explain that it’s a pup suit and his arms and legs are bent double in it so he is walking on his knees and elbow. Hence the pads. Troy looks a bit dubious but, by now, knows better than to protest.

I direct him to kneel on the floor then proceed to strap his fore arms to his biceps and his ankles to his thighs. Awkwardly I help him to step into the suit, zip it up to the middle of his back, then work his arms down into the sleeves. I leave the hood down for now to allow him to get used to it. The lead is reattached to his collar and I begin to lead him around the room. Troy falls into the routine quickly and begins to act the “playful puppy”. Bouncing around and playing tug of war with his lead. Soon he pounces on me and begins to hump my leg, at the same time nuzzling and licking my crotch. I keep telling him “bad dog – down” but he continues persistently.

Finally he manages to pin me against the wall and opens my zipper with his teeth. I make no protest as he noses my stiff cock out of my pants and hungrily begins to chow down on it. He proves himself very adept at oral sex and for a while I loose myself in the feeling. Despite my best attempt at self-control he soon forces me to cum. It is so intense that my legs can barely hold me up and I desperately want to just slide down the wall and revel in the feeling. I can’t show such weakness in front of him though.

When I am sufficiently recovered I lead him over to my toy chest and present him with another accessory. A butt plug with a puppy tail attached. This time he eagerly presents his ass so I can insert it. The smile on his face as I do proves that he has now gotten used to this. Releasing him from the lead, he prances around the basement, experimentally wagging his new tail. I let him play for a bit then I go over and put the inflatable plug in his mouth and close the zipper on the hood, cutting off his sight. I lead him around for a while, making him do tricks then turn him on his back and begin scratching his belly and tickling him. As he gasps for breath I suddenly place my fingers over the breathing tube. His entire body spasms as he desperately tries to inhale but can’t. I release him and he gasps for breath. His hard on is plain to see through the suit so I begin to work him. Again and again I cut off his air supply as I stroke his dick. Then I feel his body tense to shoot. One final time I cut off his air supply as his dick begins to buck wildly. He cums and cums, all the while struggling to draw breath which I deny him. Finally his is finished and I release his air tube.

As he lays there panting I open his hood and remove the breathing gag from his mouth. He is grinning from ear to ear. All he can say between gasps is “Kiss me” I comply and for what seems an eternity we are locked together. As we part I say “Now let’s get you out of that suit and cleaned up.” “Oh please – not yet” he begs, “put the hood back on and let me wear it for a while yet. I’m just getting used to it. PLEEEEEASE?” For the rest of the afternoon and most of the evening Troy cavorts blindly around the house. Curling up on the rug in front of me or just placidly following me on his lead. I remove the hood at supper time and he eats from a bowl on the floor.

Finally as bed time approaches I lead him into the shower and, after stripping myself, help him remove the suit. As we clean-up we begin to explore each other’s bodies. This continues till we end up on the bed, frantically making love. I must admit that it was one of the best sessions I’ve had in years.

As we lay there, basking in the afterglow, the grandfather clock in the living room strikes midnight. Troy looks at me and says “Well? Aren’t you going to get me ready for the night?” “I don’t think it’s necessary” I reply “You seem to have already learned your lessons” Troy looks at me with the most desperate, pleading look I’ve ever seen, in his eyes. “Please, just one last night in the sleep sack, I love it” Proudly I give in. As I seal him in I can’t help thinking to myself “this was definitely an excellent choice.”

In the morning, after releasing Troy from the sleep sack and having breakfast, I drive him back to the club to get his car. He is surprised to find that he has only been three blocks from the club the whole time.

After parking I kiss him long and hard then say “Now, before you go” and produce the key to his collar. He pushes me away quickly, sobbing “No” as tears begin to flow down his cheeks. “You can’t!!” “But the weekend is over” I say. “Can’t you see” he sobs “I still belong to you. My heart belongs to you now” I gather him into my arms and we both cry. Finally I say “But you can’t wear it to work.” “Yes I can” he says “where I work no one will even notice” I tell him to gather an overnight bag after work and be at my place for supper by six then we’ll discuss it further.

My choice that night at the bar was very good. Troy and I have been together for five years now.


Note: This story was previously published on Hot4Hogtie

4 thoughts on “Plans for the Weekend”

  1. Great story! Has all the elements that excite me. Add a caring and sane Top and a happy ending, and it is perfect. Thanks Collector2. More please Sir.

  2. Note: there is a second story (Troys Side of the Story) which will be published soon. It retells the same story but from Troys side. I thought it would be interesting to show how perceptions of a situation can differ between a dom and sub. Hope you all enjoy it.


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