Punishment Session

By unknown

His training of me had many elements that touched on different aspects of my life and relationship with him. Of course, the chastity devices and cock control are the main aspect of the control.  He uses three different devices on me; rotating them to keep me from getting too used to one of them. The devices are a steel cock cage; a steel chastity belt with cage, waist belt and ass strap; and a plastic CB cage.

The cock cages are both an end themselves, controlling any pleasure I could get with my cock, and the cages are a tool he uses to gain more control over me by using them as punishment to control me in other aspects of my life. If I am a good sub, my cock gets milked regularly maybe once a week. If I resist his control and training, then I spend more time in the cock cage between milkings.

He makes no secret of his desire to make physical and mental “modifications” to me to reflect his control and dominance. He told me only his goal to “modify” me, but he kept the details of his plan for modifications to himself, even as he gradually made changes to me. He never told me what the end state would be, and rather slowly made modifications to my physically. Within a few months, he had the hair on my head dyed darker and buzzed very short. My body hair was kept trimmed and shaved down, leaving only hair on my legs and a little around my balls. Twice a month, I had to report to a tanning salon, where they used a spray tan to dye my skin to give me a darker look, making me appear more Mediterranean or Hispanic looking. At the gym he has me engage in harder cardio sessions and more weight training with a focus on giving me a thinner waist and a more muscular ass. He wants to look at me and know that he controls what he sees. I could write more on the wide range the training impacted my life and my relationship with him, but this report is supposed to be on the recent punishment session itself.

Looking back on it now, at the punishment session, I am pretty certain he was just waiting to catch me violating one of the many rules he sets for me to follow. He was just waiting to have an excuse that would allow him to punish me in a creative way. The punishment session was so elaborate that he must have been planning it for a while. He knew that I would eventually resist training and that I would need a strict punishment session to understand that he was in control.

I knew he was angry after I had my weekly weigh-in with him. He had set a somewhat aggressive goal for me to lose weight, considering that I was already in pretty good shape when he took over control of my workouts and started his plans to modify me. At the weigh-in on Saturday morning, it showed that I had lost no weight for the second week in a row even though we had been working out together multiple times during the week, and he controlled what I ate at the house and when we went out to dinner.

“You have been slacking off in your diet,” he said. “I bet you had been eating snacks at the office.” He was right, of course. I had tried to stick to the diet and eat the low-fat lunch that I prepared at home before work. But with my cock locked up in its steel cage, eliminating any cock pleasure, food became more attractive to me. Without him around to watch me at the office, I was tempted to eat more snacks during the day and drink the occasional sugar sodas.

I tried to explain to him how I wanted to follow his orders on diet, but I struggled with self-control.  He did not want to hear any explanations.  “Go upstairs, get the clippers out and wait for me,” he said. I knew what this meant.  He was going to take off what little body hair he let me keep on a normal basis.  He did a complete trim down on occasion to show me the level of his control, and he knew I did not like to be totally hairless.   But, as punishments went, I figured I could accept this punishment.   As it turned out, the hair removal was just a first step in the long punishment session.

I spread a sheet out on the floor and laid down naked on it, waiting for him.  He came in the room and blindfolded me and put the ball gag in my mouth.  He then turned on the electric clippers and went to work on me.  I could feel the clippers working over my body, starting with my arm pits and working down my body to my crotch and ass.  He was talking his time, slow and methodical.  Usually he let me keep some hair on my legs and butt, so I did not look too odd at the gym or in shorts with friends during the summer.   But this time he moved from my crotch right to my legs; taking off all the hair.  I grunted in protest into the gag as the clippers shaved all of my butt crack hair and started down my legs.  I got a quick spanking to the ass that stopped any further grunts from me.  He then switched to shaving cream and a razor to get every hair.

When he had finished shaving me, he wiped me down with a wet towel to get the lose hair and shaving cream off of me.  He took off the ball gag and blindfold and let me to the basement.  Once in the basement, he pushed me down on the floor.  Once he had me on my back, he lifted my legs up and slipped a diaper under my ass. He then let my legs down, pulled the diaper up over my caged cock and snuggly attached the front and back to diaper with the adhesive strips. The cock cage was suspended by the padding of the diaper. I had never seen diapers like this before. They were super thick. Maybe three times thicker than traditional diapers. The diapers were so thick around my legs and crotch that I could not even bring my legs together; my legs were forced to a spread out position. After making sure the diaper was snuggly attached, he pulled on a pair of rubber pants over my legs and ass and the pants covered the diaper fully.

Somehow the rubber pants were even more humiliating then the diaper. When he pulled the rubber pants on me I realized for the first time that he intended to start diaper and piss training me.  He was not just humiliating me by making me wear a diaper while in bondage, he was going to break me into actually pissing into diapers.  This was the start of the real punishment session. The realization of his intention for the diaper training caused me to freak out a bit, and I grunted and twisted and kicked away from him on the floor.  He wrestled me down easily, as my arms were restrained in the jacket.  He held me tight and worked two fingers into my mouth.  Reflexibly, I started to suck on his fingers.  He had trained me over the last few months to suck on his two index fingers when he fucked me or milked me or when he held me in bed in the morning or watching TV at night.  Sucking his fingers became reflexive for me after awhile and I liked the feeling of it.  And, the sucking actually calmed me in some way.   He knew this, of course, and he held me down on the floor in his arms for a few minutes while I sucked his fingers and calmed down.

“There you go little buddy.  Suck on my fingers like a good sub.  You know you need this punishment session.  It will remind you to focus on doing what I want from you,” he said. “So, now that you have calmed down, let tell you how you are going to spend the rest of your day.  I am going to finish restraining you, and then I am going to put you in the new isolation box that I built just for you.  You are going to spend a few hours in the box thinking about your behavior and lack of self control.”

He helped me stand up off the floor and made me stand still as he put a thick canvas straight jacket on me.  I had never seen this jacket before or even been in a straight jacket before.  Once my arms were in the sleeves, he tightened the straps of the jacket behind me, and pulled the two crotch straps under my crotch and belted them to the back of the jacket.  The crotch straps pulled the diaper closer to my body.  Once the jacket was on me, he went to a table and brought back a hood I also had never seen before.   It was very thick and padded, made of the same heavy canvas as the jacket.  The mouth and chin portions of hood were fully open and exposed, but the hood covered the nose, eyes and rest of the head.  He pulled the hood over my head, and it blocked out all light and muffled most of the sound.  The hood had straps on the back and he tightened it onto my head.

Now cut off from light and sound, I was even more dependent on him.  He took me by the front of the straight jacket and let me toward the back room of the basement.  Once in the room, he had me stand still and I heard him lower the sides of the box.  He had me turn around and then sit down.  I was seated into a patted, formed seat that supported my upper body partially upright a 45 degree angle or so, with legs in front of me and up a bit.  I could feel myself settled into a deep foam cushion padding.  The sides of the box were only a few inches or so from my arms.

Once I was laid down in the box he used rubber bungee cords to attach my head to the sides of the box and then more bungee cords at my torso and legs.  With some effort I could move my body and head a little against the bungee cords, but I would then be pulled be back to the original position.  I was restrained but it was not really uncomfortable.

I felt his hands move around my body attaching clips or pads at my feet and torso and then he fiddled with the outside of the padded hood.  I opened my mouth in response to the pressure on my lips, expecting he was putting his fingers in my mouth again. But instead he inserted a pacifier nipple.  It was big and thick and was shaped to fit the natural contours of my mouth.

I felt him step away from me, and heard the two open sides of the box being fitted into place.  Then I felt a whoosh of air as the padded lid closed down on the box.  After a panicked few seconds, I calmed down as I could feel cool air blowing in my face. There was some sort of built in fans on the box to circulate fresh air.

Then his voice was in my head.  I jumped at the sound of his voice, to the limited extent that I could move in the padded box.  The hood had built in speakers right next to my ears.

“Hey little buddy. How do you like the box?” he said, chuckling. “I had it made especially for you. A safe little place for you to reflect on your training. You will be alone in the box for a few hours today. Not too long. But each time you go in the box it will be for longer sessions.  Going to work you up to six or more hours in the box in the next few months.”

“And I will stay in your ears and head the whole time,” he said. “I have created a pre-recorded playlist of sound clips from other training sessions, music and recordings of my voice. These will to keep you focused while you are in the box. So even when you are isolated and alone, I control what you are thinking and I will stay in your head.”

“Now about the nipple pacifier in your mouth. You will have to suck liquids periodically during your time in the box.  Starting in a few minutes, you will feel a slight shock on your feet where I attached electro shock pads.  That shock means you need to start sucking the pacifier and drinking the liquid through the tube attached to it.  The tube leads to a jug of liquid outside the box set on a very sensitive electronic scale.  The scale’s weight is monitored by a simple computer program hooked up to the electo shock device.  Drink too slow, and you get shocked in the feet. Drink too fast, and the shock pads under your armpits will be triggered. Nice, steady liquid refreshment,” he laughed. “So you will be busy boy there in your box — listening to my tape and sucking the nipple.  No sleeping of course. The shockers will shock you randomly on all four pads to keep awake.”

“You will drink a mix of water and a caffeinated sports drink over the next few hours,” he continued. “The computer program will see to that.  I expect that you will have to piss in that diaper at some point. Which is what I want. Break you down and make you lose control in a diaper.”

I was bit freaked out.  Hearing his voice in my head as I floated in the dark. Unable to stop the voice in my head.  Then I felt the first tingle of an electronic shock on my feet.  Not painful at first, but I could tell it was increasing intensity.  My tongue worked over the nipple and I started to suck it.  Liquid slowly came through the nipple and into my mouth. A salty sport drink.  I kept sucking the liquid in and soon I felt the electric tingling on my feet ratchet down and then eventually stop altogether.

“Good boy. See how easy that is.  What a good little sucker you are!  It is hot to have you controlled in the box like this.  I have been planning it for weeks.   I bet you even like it boy; I bet your cock is hard inside your cock cage.”

Damn if he was not right. I could feel my cock getting hard from the moment he had started talking in my head. The steel tune of this particular cock cage allowed enough space for my cock to get partially hard.

“I am going to turn on the prerecorded playlist now and leave you alone to your punishment training session in the box,” he said. “I will be back in a few hours for you. You will have crossed a new level of submission by the time I get back.”

With that his voice clicked off in the hood speakers and was replaced with soft music playing.  The music was almost relaxing in a way. I tried to relax as best I could and settle into the box. Almost immediately I felt the slight tingle of an electrical shock on my feet. I resisted sucking on the nipple at first to see what would happen. Within a minute the tingle had change to a slight spikey feel of mild static shocking.  One more increase in shock pain, and I started to suck hard on the nipple, swallowing the warm salty sports drink. The nipple limited the flow of liquid, and it took another minute or so for the scale holding the liquid to register the decrease in weight and start to reduce the shock pads.

I had been so concentrated in sucking the liquid through the nipple that I had not realized the new sounds had been added through the hood earpieces.  Now it was a combination of an electro music beat and the sound of a paddle slapping an ass.  Slowly the sounds got louder and clearer and I could hear his voice and my own gagged responses.  He had taped a very long and intense spanking session from a few weeks before and was playing it back to me.  I sucked on the nipple and listened to the sound of my ass getting spanked on the tape.  I could now feel a slight pressure building on my bladder as I had not pissed since before he shaved me down.  The electro shocks urged me to suck harder and take in more liquid.   In my ears, the sounds changed and I was listening to a clip from a porn film I liked.  And then more music, then his voice talking to me telling me to stay calm and take the training that I needed, and then more music, and then the sound of me sucking his cock with his voice urging me to suck it.  Another tape of session from a few weeks before.  He had been planning this punishment for a while.  And so the taped loop of sounds and his voice kept going, and I soon lost track of time.

And then silence.  I kept waiting for new sounds or his voice to play in my earpieces.  Just silence.  And the electro shock on my feet was silent too.  I stopped sucking.  I was not sure how long I had been in the box at that point, but the pressure on my bladder was intense.  I had to piss bad.  But I kept hoping if I held it, I would get out of the box soon and could piss without the diaper.  In the silence there was nothing to concentrate on except for the pain of having to piss.  Then I heard a faint sound in the ear piece.  Had to struggle to hear it at first, and then it got louder.  It was the sound of rushing water, and the gurgling of a stream, a water faucet running, and then the sound of a man pissing hard in a toilet.  These sounds kept cycling and alternating.  I could not hold it anymore, and I started pissing in the diaper.  I could feel the warm liquid being absorbed into the diaper and pressing against my ass and crotch.  As humiliating as it was, it felt good to piss it all out.

When I finished pissing the water sounds stopped in my head.  There must be some sensor that told the computer I had pissed.

Then I heard his voice in my head again. “Good boy. Let’s start another drink and piss cycle,” he said.

And then the electro shock on my feet started urging me to suck the nipple with the threat of great shocks.  I moaned and started to suck hard.



7 thoughts on “Punishment Session”

    1. Diaper and chastity training is one of the hottest things I have ever had done to me. I did not like it at first. However My Master now has me so use to it that I don’t even think about the toilet. I just let my piss flow into my diaper knowing thats what Master wants.

  1. I love that session. My Master uses chastity with electro in side of it as well as diapers to train me. He milks me dry with the electro then leaves me to piss into the diaper. Once I have wet my diaper the electro is turned back on and I am Milked dry. Once the session is over I am forced to wear the diaper until he changes me.

  2. Please add to this story. So hot. I have been broke and trained by my Master to be his full time diaper sub. I am kept locked in chastity and made to wear diapers 24/7. I have to use them to piss in and offer my diaper to Master when he needs to piss. I love the story and hope you add more to it soon.

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