Raptor – Chapter 1

By Bikermike

Raptor: from the Latin, meaning plunderer, thief, ravisher

Alex thought it odd that his underpants were missing. He was quite sure he left them in a pile with his other clothes before he stepped into the shower after a workout at his local gym. It wasn’t an expensive gym; no lockers, but had a communal shower. Neither were his underpants: certainly not a designer pair, being 23 he had been unable to afford such luxuries, unemployed as he was.

They were just a pair of briefs that he had bought from the supermarket, skimpy enough, just sufficient to cover his genitals. He thought “Why would anyone want these?” He glanced around the changing room: there were the usual heavily muscled tattooed body builders, some older guys just wanting to keep fit and a smattering of office worker types, excercising on a day off. As was the rule, nobody spoke to anyone else, a trait so common in male gym changing rooms.

Shrugging, he heaved on his faded Levi jeans over his slim hips, picked up his gym shorts and shirt, had a quick look round on the floor, half expecting to see his underpants kicked under the benches, but to no avail.

The following week he decided he would attend the gym later in the evening, just before it got dark. He completed his workout, showered, dressed, picked up his belongings and left the premises. By then it was completely dark outside. As he walked across the car park two burly looking men, one white and the other black, suddenly leapt out of a parked-up Ford Transit van, the black guy quickly overpowering him and bringing him to the ground while the other quickly applied duct tape over his mouth then round his ankles. He thrashed about, shouting as best he could through the tape tightly covering his mouth. The white man viciously punched him in the abdomen then slapped his face and said “Shut the fuck up and stop struggling! You can’t escape, twat, you’re coming with us! Get into the van otherwise you’ll get another slap!” With that the first man wrapped tape around his ankles and wrists, then they bundled him in the back of the Transit. The two men then jumped into the front and drove off.

After what seemed to him like two hours he felt the van driving onto an unmade road then a minute later, pull to a halt. He could hear one of the guys say to someone else “We’ve got him! Fucking nice body too! Should make us a bit of money!” The back door opened, four burly arms reached in and dragged him out into what appeared to be a farm yard, lit by a single arc lamp, its beam directed on the back of the van, preventing him from seeing the faces of his assailants.

“Get him inside, strip him and secure him!” Said the third man, “Leave his mouth gag in place. We don’t want him yelling!”

With Alex thrashing and struggling the two thugs then dragged him into the house and threw him on the floor. However he was able to see his tormentors in the lit room. They both resembled nightclub bouncers, looking well into their forties, muscled, thick set; the black guy shaven headed with a few day’s stubble on his face and the other, bearded with long hair secured in a ‘man-bun’. Both wore torso hugging white T shirts and military style trousers and black leather boots.

The black guy then cut the tape from Alex’s ankles and pulled him to a standing position. Bearded then ripped off his T shirt, exposing his young body. The black guy stood before him and roughly tweaked his nipples. He squirmed in pain as his tormentor relentlessly pulled and twisted his sensitive flesh. “Keep fucking still!” The man shouted, punching him once again in the gut. Bearded then removed Alex’s belt and pulled down his jeans and underpants, telling him to step out of them. He stood there naked except for his socks. “Take your fucking socks off boy!” ordered the guy. Terrified, Alex obeyed.

Presently the third man entered the room, dressed similarly to the two kidnappers. However this guy was a bit shorter but leaner and muscular, clean shaven with neatly cut hair. He said “You may wonder why we have chosen you, boy. James here took your briefs last week and had them analysed. The slight discharge where your cock had been, indicated that you are one of the rare men to secrete the hormone Testosterone B. One in a thousand or so, it is reckoned. It is used by bodybuilders who want to bulk up quickly and is only obtainable if you look on the Dark Web. Needless to say, its use is illegal. It therefore is much sought after, that which can be extracted from a single ejaculate is worth at least three hundred pounds, once processed and refined. You will be our producer. You will be milked at least three times per day by either myself, James or Andy here.

“As a by-product, your sperm will also be sold through our website on the Dark Web to childless couples so you will become the father to their kids. When we are not milking you, you will be kept here, naked and chained, generating electricity for us by means of a hand generator here in the basement of this house. You will of course be fed and you will maintain your fitness by having forced workouts, with one of us goading you with an electric wand that is used for herding cattle.

“You will be with us until your natural production of Testerone B diminishes through your age, normally after three or four years then you may be set free. You would be returned to the gym where we kidnapped you but you will never know where we had taken you. Oh, I should also say that if during the night you wank yourself, it will of course mean that you might be unable to produce the required three lots of ejaculate. You will then be punished by a flogging. In addition, at all times you will obey us without any question and you will not be permitted to speak unless ordered to. We are to be referred to as ‘Master’ or ‘Sir’. You will have no questions because there will be nothing we wish to discuss with you.”

The shaven headed black thug named Andy then roughly pulled the tape covering Alex’s mouth. He immediately cried “Let me go you fucking sick bastards!” His shouts were quickly extinguished by James, the hairy thug, kicking him hard in the abdomen, Thai kickboxer style. Alex collapsed onto the floor groaning.

The shorter man said “See boy? You were warned not to speak. You will always show respect and call us ‘Sir’ or ‘Master’, as appropriate.

Alex replied with spirit “Fuck off you cunt! Let me go! You three are fucking perverts!”

Short Man then smiled and simply said “Can you remember the film ‘Roots’? The bit where Kunta Kinte was whipped until he would say his new name? Well, we are going to break you in the same way, boy! You need to say ‘I am your slave Sir, milk me and use my spunk to make you money’. ” Turning to the other two captors he said “Remove the tape from his wrists and handcuff him. Hang him up and flog him until he breaks! Do whatever it takes and have fun!”

Naked as he was, Alex looked this way and that for a means to escape once James had removed the duct tape binding his wrists. Again, James delivered a kick to his abdomen sending him sprawling to the floor while his companion secured his wrists with tight fitting handcuffs. Short Man laughed and said “I will watch your beating, boy! You will be flogged until I hear you say ‘I am your slave Sir, etcetera’ ” turning to Andy and James he said “Take him downstairs! I’ll be down in a bit to watch you guys having fun!”

They dragged Alex down the stone steps into the basement. He gasped in horror as he saw how this room was equipped: there was a steel ring embedded in the concrete floor, attached to which was a length of iron chain, complete with a shackle. This time James landed him a punch to his gut causing him to collapse to the floor once again. “Please! Please let me go! Please!” he begged as Andy, taking no notice of Alex’s pleadings affixed the shackle round his right ankle.

“There, boy!” chuckled James, “You have enough chain so you can reach the toilet and shower and of course, enough to reach the hand generator over there.” He pointed to the large contraption replete with a handle, situated in a far corner of the room. He went on: “See those shackles hanging from the ceiling? Well, three times every day you will be secured by your wrists and hand milked by one of us, sometimes even while the other is fucking you. If you fail for whatever reason to produce, we have a nice range of persuaders hanging over there on the wall, See?” Nervously, Alex looked around. Sure enough, leather straps, whips, cats o’ nine tails, clamps and various other implements of punishment hung from hooks in the wall and lying on a bench. “Oh and another little device next to the generator that no doubt you are wondering about is a clever little bit of electronics that measures the output of the generator. If the output falls to an unacceptable level, your balls will be electrocuted.” James laughed and continued “We will thrust a copper dildo up your arse and a ring will be attached round the neck of your scrotum, which will be connected to the electronics.” By then Alex began sobbing.

“Please, please let me go Sirs! I promise I will not tell anyone if you just let me free” he cried.

Again ignoring his pleading, Andy said “You have a lovely body boy, and I can see that you have made the best of it in the gym. We are going to have some fun with you and show you what you can expect over the next three years or so. Now get up off the floor and stretch up so we can shackle your wrists!” Alex attempted to struggle to his feet only to receive a savage kick in the ribs from Andy’s boot. Sore and battered he positioned himself directly under the hanging shackles and raised his arms. Andy and James secured an arm each, leaving their victim hanging. turning to his companion Andy said “Fuck! The sight of this boy is making me bloody horny! Shall we toss a coin as to which of us will whip and fuck him first? we also may as well collect his first offering!”

“Heads I go first,” replied James.

“Okay” Andy flipped a coin. “Ah! Tails! You first! I’ll wank him when you start fucking! What whip will you use on his back?”

“Hmm! I think twenty strokes with the single tail to start.” Replied James. Turning to his prisoner he said “After the first twenty we will want you to say ‘I am your spunk slave Sir!’ I want to hear you fucking grovelling boy! If you don’t say it loud enough or grovelling enough you will get another twenty. Then I’ll fuck your little virgin hole!” With that James removed his boots and stripped completely, walking in front of the helpless Alex showing off his hairy, muscled torso and large circumcised penis, now fully erect. he selected a moderately long whip and cracked it in the air a few times in front of his victim. getting into position slightly to the left of Alex’s bare back he delivered his first lash. Unexpectedly Alex only grunted and shouted a few expletives. The second lash was much harder, the end of the whip curling round Alex’s flank to lash the sensitive flesh under his armpit. He grunted again.

By the tenth cut of the whip Alex was howling in pain as each blow landed against his excoriated muscular back. he thrashed wildly in his chains as his tormentor delivered all twenty lashes. “What do you say now boy?” James jeered.

“You fucking perverted sick bastards!” Sobbed Alex. “Do what you like to me you cunts!”

“Looks like you fucking well love it boy!” said James, holding and gently masturbating Alex’s rock hard erection. “Now, you are going to get the shafting of your life while my good mate here will give you the wank of your life! ”

Andy his shaven headed companion, had by now also stripped naked, his magnificent black muscular body glistening with perspiration. He stood before the helpless prisoner, plastic vial in hand. Meanwhile, James had fitted a condom over his penis and had roughly applied lubricant to Alex’s anus, working two fingers up and down, touching his prostate. without warning, he lunged and was inside. Holding firmly onto Alex’s hips he shafted as hard as he could up to the hilt of his cock. Andy, sporting a huge erection dripping with pre-ejaculate worked Alex’s penis in time with James’ thrusting until he came with a shout, discharging sperm into the vial that his wanker held in his other hand. A few seconds later James orgasmed with a roar, ripping his fingernails down Alex’s already sore flanks.

“Well boy, I haven’t heard you grovel and call us ‘Sirs’ or anything similar,” said Andy as he slowly and gently fondled his cock, maintaining his rock hard erection. he continued: “This will be thrust up your arse after I have whipped the fucking shit out of you! I whip harder than my mate here!” he grinned, accepting the whip offered by his companion.

This time, Andy delivered the first lash across his victim’s buttocks leaving a savage looking bright red welt. He gasped in agony. Again and again Alex’s buttocks were lashed by his tormentor with the end of the whip often curling round his torso, smiting his abdominal muscles. “Say it, you little cunt, say it!” said Andy in fury and lust as he mercilessly lashed Alex’s buttocks.

At last Alex sobbed “Yes Master! I am your spunk slave who will earn you plenty of money! Whip me and fuck me as and when you see fit Sir!” At that point the third, shorter man entered the room, this time completely naked. Alex, through his gasps and sobs could not fail to notice that this guy had the largest erect penis he had ever seen, no doubt at least twelve inches of circumcised flesh. Out of breath, Andy dropped the whip on the floor.

“He’s finally broken Steve,” said Andy, “And he’s delivered his first specimen, see?” he said, holding up the plastic vial. “My turn to fuck him then it’ll be yours!”

By this time Alex was semi conscious, hanging limp in his shackles. he only grunted as Andy’s now sheathed cock entered him and gasped as his fucker reached round and grabbed and viciously tweaked his nipples. After a minute or two Andy ejaculated with a yell, giving Alex’s nipples one final painful twist. He then withdrew his still hard cock from his victim’s bruised and striped torso. “Phew! That boy is a good fuck!” he panted, bending to pick up the red dripping whip.

“See boy? This will be your life for the next few years! Produce spunk for us and you will then avoid a beating! Well, ” he laughed, “Most of the time! What do you say to that boy?”

“Yes Master! Wank me hard and fuck me hard Sir” muttered Alex by way of a reply.

Steve then applied a condom to his huge erection and got into position behind Alex’s naked and red striped torso. He said to his companions “Fucking hell! what a body this lad has! Fit those toothed tit clamps on him! Let’s hear him scream!”

James walked over to the wall that was festooned with instruments of punishment and selected a vicious pair of metal clamps, connected to one another by a length of heavy chain. Alex yelled and bucked as the metal toothed clamps bit into the tender flesh of his already sore nipples. James lifted their separating chain then let it drop suddenly. Alex howled in agony as Steve entered him with a lunge. He shafted his prisoner slowly at first, penetrating as deep as he could then withdrawing almost completely. in and out he shafted at first slowly then gradually more and more rapidly while tugging on the nipple chain with his left hand while fondling Alex’s once again hardening penis with his right. Faster and faster Steve ploughed into his victim while maintaining tension on the nipple chain and brutally wanking the by now rock hard cock. Faster and harder until with a shout, Steve and his slave ejaculated together with Steve tugging the clamp chain ripping the toothed clamps from Alex’s nipples. With Steve still inside him, Alex hung in his chains, barely conscious.

“I have your wasted spunk over my hand, boy,” he said to the by now groaning Alex, “Here! Eat!” With that he plunged his wet fingers into the boy’s mouth. “Suck them clean!” Alex obeyed, greedily sucking his own ejaculate from his tormentor’s fingers. “Tastes good, eh boy?” mocked Steve.

Taking one arm each, Andy and James released Alex’s wrists from their shackles. He stood there, his broad back and tight buttocks now well striped and with his head bowed in supplication. his three captors then got dressed, laughing as they did so.

“Well done boy! We all enjoyed that, including you by the look of your cock!” Said James, grinning. “There’ll be plenty more of that to come as this will be your life for the next few years. What do you say, boy?”

Alex replied “Do as you wish with my body Masters. Sell my sperm and make plenty of money! Kick me out when I am of no further use Sirs!”

“Fucking hell” exclaimed Steve, “You guys really did a good job of breaking this slave! Give him a drink of water and something to eat. He had then better rest as it’s now very late.” The three men then left the basement room leaving Alex alone, chained and naked.

A bit later Andy came back, offering his captive a bottle of water, some cold meat and salad and fruit. “Eat this boy, you’ll need all the healthy grub that we will offer you. Best for testosterone B production!” he laughed, “There’s your bed,” he continued, pointing to a wooden pallette piled with a few canvas sheets. “Tomorrow you will be wanked, maybe with one of us fucking you; then it’s the generator. See the seat? You will be secured in it with the copper dildo up your arse and another terminal round your scrotum. If you don’t generate hard enough you will get a belt to your privates! Easy, eh boy?”

“Y-yes Master!” Stammered Alex.

“Good boy! Now eat and get some rest!” said Andy, not unkindly.

Alex ate his simple but substantial supper, struggled to the bathroom then wrapped himself in the canvas sheets, taking care not to cause them to rub against his bruised and striped flesh. Totally exhausted he fell into a deep sleep.

To be continued …

Hoss Kado male bondage

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  1. Since they are selling his sperm and ejaculate, why are they merely punishing him if he wanks? Why isn’t he locked in a cock cage?

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