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In this video from Brutal Tops, Master Chris and Master Dave snatch a hapless red-haired bottom off the street

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Brutal Top Master Chris has the strength and stamina of a thoroughbred racehorse, but he also has an utterly sadistic character from playing hardcore rugby and being trained as a police officer in South Africa. Master Chris wields his power to humiliate and crush men for his own selfish pleasure. This athletic dominant man enjoys stripping men naked, tormenting them and fucking them hard.

In this Brutal Tops session, Master Chris teams up with Master Dave to snatch a hapless red-haired bottom off the street. In the back of the van the two roughly grope him, touch him up and ram his face into their crotches. Thrust into a lockup, his torment continues as Master Maurice joins them in sexually humiliating him further and photographing his degradation so they can hold him to ransom.

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Cole Blue has Caleb Morphy chained up

Top man Cole Blue spots a hot guy wearing extra-small jogging-shorts. Cole flashes a smile at the stud, and less than 24 hours later he has him chained to a table. “What are you gonna do?” Caleb Morphy asks, seconds before Cole shoves his huge, erect cock into the captive’s mouth and fucks his face before cutting holes over his juicy nips and whipping them with a riding crop.

Cole Blue has Caleb Morphy chained up

Cole Blue has Caleb Morphy chained up


VIDEO at Dream Boy Bondage

Title: Caleb Morphy: Southern Boy – Chapter 1

Cole Blue has Caleb Morphy chained up

Casey More is abducted and tormented by horny leather stud Jeremy Stevens

gay bondage

It’s a quiet night at home for Casey More and his girlfriend, but as they lie asleep, leather stud Jeremy Stevens breaks in and abducts poor Casey right out of his bed and drags him away. Casey wakes up, bound to the floor with his mouth gagged as Jeremy approaches. Jeremy removes the gag and shoves his hard cock in Casey’s mouth.

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The straight stud is feisty and refuses to cooperate, so Jeremy beats him down and ties his balls to the ceiling to show him who’s boss. Casey’s screams for mercy continue as Jeremy beats the straight stud with the flogger from front to back. But the fun isn’t over for Jeremy, he suspends Casey in the air and fucks the hell out of his tight hole. Tied down to the floor again Casey receives his captor’s hot cum all over his face. Jeremy then milks a load out of the prisoner’s cock before leaving him bound and covered in cum.

gay bondage

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gay bondage

The Tournament Affair – Part 12

Note: This is the final chapter. To start at the beginning, click here.

By @reconkayar and @mmmph82

Part 12 – Chaos and Isolation

Immediately, the office is in chaos. French doors to the office burst open, and four guys in SWAT uniforms with masked faces all surround Denny. They all have paintball weapons, and they are pointed at him. They are also screaming.


Before he can compose himself, the chair is pulled out from under him and he tries to kneel and keep his hands up. A metal barrel pokes him – there is so much happening that he can’t be sure whether or not the weapons are real.

“Wait, I thought it was you all. I don’t know these other guys. Wait, no no no!”

Denny’s hands are up, and he is on the floor.

“FACE DOWN! FACE DOWN!” one of the masked guys yells as they yank his phone away from him. As Denny goes down he briefly looks up and catches sight of Nathan and Ben. They are looking straight at him, saying nothing, calm as can be.

Denny’s hands are yanked behind his back and restrained with two pairs of handcuffs. Another one of the force is cuffing his ankles together. The third force member pulls Denny’s ankles up, folding his knees, and he zip-ties Denny’s ankle cuffs tightly to his handcuffs. He is hogchained and helpless.

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The Tournament Affair – Part 06

NOTE: This is the 6th — and longest — part of a 12-part story. To start at the very beginning, click here.

By @reconkayar and @mmmph82

Part 6 – Into the Woods

Ben and Nathan are artful guiding Denny’s and Ken’s bound bodies into the bottom bunk. They are facing each other, and their knees and boots are against the van wall, faces laying down in the protruding half of the bunk, so their gagged faces are within sight of the other men at all times.  They aren’t bound together just yet, and there’s room to work in between. Ben is putting two ties on their lower bodies, leaning over them to tie boot ankles together. Then a tether around their lower thighs, not to be strenuous but to stabilize them against one another. Still, it’s close enough now that each captive can feel the hard cock of the other one.

Ben is now swapping Ken’s Devonshire for the Double Duty, a two-sided leather gag with plugs on both sides and which buckles in back of each head and keeps their mouths gagged and pressed together. Ken takes the silicone cock into his mouth and winces a little with the tightness Ben’s massive muscles apply to the strap.

What should be Denny’s half is hanging off Ken’s face, and Ari speaks up. “Let me help him.” He crouches by the bed, and once again there’s the creak and smell of Ari’s skintight leather pants. He cups Denny’s chin in his massive glove – and now Ari has wide leather wristbands on, inexplicably. “Where did THOSE come from?” Denny thinks to himself.

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The Tournament Affair – Part 01

By @reconkayar and @mmmph82

Part 1 – First Encounter

The van pulls up to the curb, a white conversion van with dark tinted windows. The side panel door slides open and Denny peers in, hoping this is the ride he arranged in the outdoor gaming online group to get him to his day of apartment hunting. “Umm ….. ” Denny peers at the note he jotted the dude’s phone number onto, “…. Nathan?”

A big bodybuilder in a black T shirt and what looks like a black N95 mask waves at him from the front passenger seat. Denny can’t see the full face but the guy sounds super friendly and encouraging.

“You got me!  Hey, Denny, hop in the center seat in the second row there.  Chad and Ben will make space.”  Denny climbs in, thanking as he goes.  It’s been hard to find digs, and he’s looking forward to finally checking that off his list so he can focus on moving.  Denny isn’t an outdoor gamer himself, but he’s been fascinated for ages by the videos these hot guys post, especially the wargaming. Having seen other guys posting rideshare and roommate requests in the group’s message board, it struck him as a good way to meet some of the gamers in person, and now here he is, seated among four of them! They certainly look like the real thing.

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Jared captures a new prisoner

Back at Dream Boy Bondage, ultimate dom Jared spots a nerd at the club and convinces him to not only go home with him but submit to whatever kinky pleasures he wants to indulge – including roping and hurting him. Glen, turned on by Jared’s confidence and muscles, agrees, not knowing he will never see or touch the young man’s body but instead be the ongoing victim of his sadistic desires. Jared is pleasantly surprised when he ropes the stud to an X-cross and strips him, revealing a lean, athletic body and a huge, beautiful dick. Glen winces and gasps through a tape-gag as Jared flogs his chest, abs and cock.

Glen winces and gasps through a tape-gag as Jared flogs his chest, abs and cock

GLEN: Total Submission – Chapter 1


See the complete VIDEO at Dream Boy Bondage

Title: GLEN: Total Submission – Chapter 1

Check out this stress position scenario from the men of Dream Boy Bondage

Glen winces and gasps through a tape-gag as Jared flogs his chest, abs and cock