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Christian Wilde’s Nightmare

Christian Wilde gets tied up, cock teased, tormented, beaten and edged.

Christian Wilde gets tied up, cock teased, tormented, beaten and edged

Late at night two invaders enter Christian Wilde‘s apartment while he’s sleeping. These pervs mean to admire the stud’s body, but when one of them gets clumsy Christian wakes up. The invaders have no choice but to take him down. Christian’s cock gets hard through his underwear as the two men tease him. They lick his head but never suck his cock as he struggles in bed, begging to cum.

Early the next morning Christian finds himself bound to a chair with nipple clamps on. The vibrators on his cock head bring him to the edge again and again. Lastly Christian is flogged and one of the pervs eats his beautiful ass. After being edged all night, Christian rockets his huge load into their mouths

The vibrators on his cock head bring him to the edge again and againThe vibrators on his cock head bring him to the edge again and again. Lastly Christian is flogged and one of the pervs eats his beautiful ass. After being edged all night, Christian rockets his huge load into their mouths

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Video: Dominic Pacifico kidnaps Alex Hawk


At DominicPacifico.com, Alex Hawk puts an ad online for a BDSM experience he has always wanted to try. He ends up toying around with people and never following through. Sexually frustrated and eager to fulfill Alex’s fantasy, Dominic steps in and takes charge. Dominic gets Alex tied, bound and gagged then he drives out to the middle of nowhere and brings the deep dark secret fantasy to life. Spank, paddle, and bareback are just a glimpse into this action thriller.

Title of this shoot: Anal Abuse

Keywords: restraints, gagged, paddle, hairy, tattoos, outdoors, blow job, bareback, fucking, cum facial

Features: Dominic Pacifico, Alex Hawk


Trained to please his master

Here’s another scene from Dream Boy Bondage — see below for a free video preview!

Dirk Wakefield is a classic kept boy, spoiled, arrogant and free-loading. Today, all that changes. He has been sent to us to be trained, to be turned into a true slave. This young man will learn that he exists to please his master, that he is an object of desire, a sex toy, and nothing more. He is strung-up and stripped naked. Then his days of torment are described in full detail. He argues and complains until he is gagged. Then he is stripped naked and receives 100 lashes, first with the flogger, then with the single-tail whip. One-hundred lashes. And, trust us, this is just the beginning.

Here is a free video clip:


Title of this shoot: Dirk Wakefield – Kept Boy – Part 1

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Scott’s Revenge – Part 1

By PFC Pflege

I knew, generally, it was coming, but still I was totally unprepared for it when it happened. Scott’s revenge, I mean. He’s jumped me before, and made it stick – tying my hands before I know what’s going on, and then working me over. He loves jumping me, because I am taller and more solid than he is; and my arms and legs are very muscular. I love showing off my 17-inch biceps in tight t-shirts. Scott is a young, lithe, muscled wrestler, but if I ever lock him again in a bear hug, as I did once, all his wrestling skills are nothing, and he would, as he did, have to submit.  We have been doing stuff to each other for a number of years, all of it involving bondage in one form or the other.

Last time was Scott’s turn to get it, and he got it like this. I had him put on his wrestling singlet, smooth tight Lycra, and nothing else. The singlet showed off his muscles, his toned chest and abdomen, and his packed crotch. The singlet was tight, and I could see his big dick and his twin nuts outlined in the Lycra. As I tied his hands in front of him, I ground my knee gently into the package, feeling his cock hardening in the singlet. Then, I jerked his hands upwards, with a rope over a rafter. We were in my basement, which looked as if it were designed for bondage, with overhead rafters and pipes, and steel posts holding up the floor above. Lots of ways and places Scott could tie me, or I could tie him.

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Just Go With It – Part 2

By ty dehner

After we had arrived at the Amtrak station and parked the single rider had left his bike and came to me, reminding me to do as I was told. He tapped his weapon on my helmet and nodded. I agreed and nodded back. The other uncuffed my hands and we both dismounted the bike. They stood on both sides of me and each grabbed my elbow with their gloved hands. We started walking towards the train that was in the station.

Were they going to put me on a train, in full gear like this. What will people think of a biker or a group of bikers on the train?! I can’t go on a long trip as I have work and commitments. But I don’t think these guys care. I hesitate a bit and one moves his hand to my neck and squeezes. I realize that even if I did run I was locked in all this gear and couldn’t even make a noise to anyone. And fuck my cock was pressing against the little spikes in the cock cage.

We approach the back of the train and one of the conductors meets us. One of the cops gives him an envelope and we climb into the train. There is no one else on the train but us. They lead me down the aisle and into another car that has the rooms. After a couple of doors, I am pushed in a room. The room is very small but there is a bunk and on the white sheets is a leather sleep sack. I look at them through their helmeted heads and shake my head no, trying to stay something through the gag. They firmly grab me and move me closer to the bed. I can’t go in that, I can’t go anywhere. I don’t know these guys I don’t know where we’re going.

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A prisoner gets used as a human punching bag

Check out what happens at Russian Captured Boys:

In order to use the prison facilities of the torture center at Russian Captured Boys as best as possible, they began to keep especially dangerous criminals in it. The day routine of such dangerous prisoners entirely consists of torture. They do not know exactly what crime this offender committed, but they know the task precisely. Do not give him a single minute without suffering. They even hired a former Military Diversionist, who gladly agreed to their proposal. It is noteworthy, that after the confessions he cannot go back.


Title of this shoot: Especially Dangerous Criminal. Part I

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