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Kidnapped in a business suit

Dani Rivera, in his Men at Play debut, prepares his briefcase with important documents and a stack of cash. When he’s almost ready to leave, a stranger surprises him from behind and renders him unconscious. Dani is awoken, blindfolded and tied to a chair. Someone is tapping him on the head, asking him for the code to open his briefcase.

Since Dani refuses to share the code, the stranger takes a high-pressure power water gun and starts spraying him with cold water. Drenched and cold, Dani finally shouts the code.

The stranger opens the briefcase and finds what he was looking for: the money and documents. But wait, there is more; several anal toys which he soon uses to torture his victim with.

He makes Dani suck a massive black dildo, then impels him to suck his cock. Shortly thereafter, he unties Dani but keeps his hands tied, moves him against the wall and works his ass with the anal sex toys followed with a rough fuck. While Dani is getting fucked, he manages to remove the blindfold, finding out that the stranger is Manuel Scalco, also making his Men at Play debut.

male bdsm business suit

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Title of this shoot: Wet & Code

Featuring: Manuel Scalco & Dani Rivera

male bondage

Spank me harder, daddy!

Spank me hard, daddy!

Hung Jacob might not be used to this kind of expert punishment, but this prisoner can certainly take it! The captive has had his hole plugged and his balls tugged, but after being stretched out by his hands and ankles, his long dick and plump little arse are taking a good flogging from Master Kane! The prisoner clearly loves it, sticking his hot little butt out for more of that delicious agony.

The captive has had his hole plugged and his balls tugged

Video at Boynapped

Title: Toying With New Boy Jacob – Part 2

male kidnap porn

The Instructions – Part 03

By Kinkytwinkboy

KinkytwinkboyI must have dozed off at some point, because I was awakened by a loud banging on the cage.

“Wake you boy! Time for breakfast. Hope you have settled in and that my boy in the corner there been giving you a warm welcome. He has been here for quite some time and knows he will spend the rest of his life serving me, and so should you,” said the strong deep voice.

He put an empty bowl in the cage, before he opened a can with some kind of food, nothing luxurious for sure, then he unzipped his pants and started pissing in my food?! “Have to make the boy hydrated, you will get used to it.” The food tasted really poor, but I was hungry so I ate it all.

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Rope harness and a ballgag for a kidnapped twink

Max has certainly had an adventure, being flogged until he’s red and sore, then being sucked and wanked until his long and slender cock is exploding masses of hot semen all over the place! Master Sebastian isn’t quite done with the captive just yet though. With a ball gag in his mouth, he’s stroked a little more for this 4K session, his tender cock sending jolts of extreme pleasure through his body and making him convulse. After getting some pics of his new captive to share with other Masters, he leads him to the final stage, positioning him perfectly, blindfolding him and tightly binging his naked body in uncomfortable ropes. He looks pretty fine up on that pedestal, the kind of property we’d all like to own! He did well, now it’s time for the prisoner to go away and think about what he’s just experienced.

Rope harness and a ballgag muzzle for a kidnapped twink


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Title of this video: Tightly Bound & Displayed

With a ball gag in his mouth

Fabrizio Mangiatti vs Rick Bauer at Naked Kombat

Naked muscle stud wrestles his opponent to the ground and fucks him

gay bondage

Two muscle studs are yanked off of the streets and made to fight. In this strange sci-fi world, H3 — a third-generation holographic moderator — runs the show for HIS enjoyment. There’s only one rule: the winner fucks the loser. Only when HE is satisfied may the winner receive his freedom. Muscular 6’2″ Fabrizio Mangiatti faces Rick Bauer, 6th in the 2001 International Wrestling Championship. Two worthy opponents rip off each other’s clothing and lock in combat, pitting their naked bodies against each other. In this erotic battle, who will get his freedom? Can Rick use his skills to avoid muscular Fabrizio’s hard cock? Watch this epic struggle between two meaty titans and find out!

gay bondage

muscle wrestling for bondage stakes

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KinkMen Naked Kombat

Isaac gets bolted to the wall

Axel Johnson doesn’t kidnap his latest captive, Isaac; he seduces him, promising to make his bondage fantasies come true. Young Isaac eagerly agrees and strips down to a tiny jock. He has a well-built, naturally hairless body, but it is his face – its innocence and eagerness – that really attracts Axel. Isaac is totally turned on as this man in leather bolts him to a wall, kissing and tonguing him then cutting off his jock, revealing a Prince Albert. Turns out Isaac is kinky as fuck! Still, he is shocked by Axel’s aggressive cock-sucking and the sharp pain of a riding-crop striking his cock, balls and nipples. He likes the pain, but his eyes widen with fear when Axel drops the crop and puts on hard-rubber training gloves. The blows to his gut nearly knock him out. “Please….” he begs, but it is too late.

Isaac gets bolted to the wall

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Title of this video: ISAAC – The Hookup – Chapter 1

Dream Boy Bondage

Tyler Rush gets tied up in lots of rope

Tyler_Rush_gay_bondage_01 Tyler_Rush_gay_bondage_02 Tyler_Rush_gay_bondage_03

Sebastian and Jackson are out running an errand to the bank when they come across Tyler Rush’s hot ass at the teller window. Jackson bets Tyler is even hotter without the suit on, so they knock out the security guard and drag Tyler to an abandoned factory. Strung up in a doorway, Tyler struggles and pleads to be set free. Sebastian and Jackson instead cut his clothes off to a reveal a rock-hard dick. Tyler begs to cum as Jackson sucks him to an edge. Jackson moves his attention to Tyler’s toes, taking all them in his mouth while Sebastian jerks his raging boner. Just when Tyler can’t take any more pleasure, Jackson gives him a deep rimjob. Sebastian bends Tyler over a generator and takes the opportunity to probe Tyler’s hungry hole. Soon, Tyler is taking dildos from both ends, helpless against the edging. They flip the poor captive over and allow him to finally bust his load, but not without painful polishing and tickling to top off the night.

Tyler_Rush_gay_bondage_04 Tyler_Rush_gay_bondage_05 Tyler_Rush_gay_bondage_06 Tyler_Rush_gay_bondage_07

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Title of this shoot: Bank Manager Abducted and Edged to His Limit

Models in this shoot: Tyler Rush, Sebastian Keys, Jackson Fillmore

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Site: Men On Edge

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The Instructions – Part 02

By Kinkytwinkboy

male bondage stories KinkytwinkboyAs the car was driving there was not much I could do, as I was in some kind of hogtie with the leg and handcuffs. The ear plugs kept going on repeat. The muzzle and blindfold made sure I couldn’t see anything or try to make any noises.

I had no idea where this guy lived or how long the drive was going to be. All I could think of was the words spoken by the deep strong voice telling me how helpless I am, and it was right. The cars that drove by had no idea there was a guy locked up in a trunk passing by.

After what felt like hours the car started to slow down and finally stopped. My ear plugs were then removed.

The strong deep voice started to talk, and it was clear that it was the same one that had been on repeat during my whole drive here.

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