Reimagined Curiosity

By Marknorth

They had asked me to house sit for them at their new place so that they could take a trip over to Italy and maybe look for a Villa in the hill country.  I had house sat for them before and they paid well, so i was happy to oblige.

I was on summer break and didn’t have to start my internship until almost the end of August, so I had plenty of time.  John and Tim were partners and had lived together for almost 6 years.  They really were a perfect couple – handsome, fit, and (for best for me) wealthy.

I had met them at the college gym last year.  I was ogling them both as they worked out and they commented on how obvious I was being, but we ended up laughing about my slobbering tongue.  We talked often at the gym – they began to help out with my routine – they were great coaches and my body started to get pretty toned.  Not beefcake or over the top muscle – but solid.  We got to know each other a bit and that was when they had first asked me to house sit at their old place.

It was a good gig, they paid me to basically watch TV and make sure the yard was mowed and watered.  They had a housekeeper for the heavy cleaning – she came once a month, so I just had to keep the dust bunnies down.  They were usually gone for several weeks at a time and it was a great way to earn some cash while still being able to go to classes.

Their house was modern, but comfortable.  They had every electronic device known to man and everything was automated.  They talked a lot about the new house that they were building and how it would be even more wired.  I wasn’t sure how much more automation you could add to what they had in their first place, but it was kinda cool.  Sneaking around a bit when they were gone had led me to discover that they had a serious kinky side.  I never mentioned it, but they had some great bondage gear in a pretty well set-up play room in the basement.  Yes, I played with some of it from time to time, but it wasn’t much fun alone.  I jacked off to fantasies of them locking me up in that dungeon room frequently while I house sat for them!

Lately, it seemed that they were paying more and more attention to me at the gym.  Maybe it was wishful thinking on my part, they had never made any overt sexual advances (not that I would have minded), but they often made me feel like an object.  Like they were sculpting a statue or something – my mind tends to run off that way – so I think it was just all the flattery going to my head.

So anyway, I arrived at their front door with my duffle bag in-hand to be met by Tim who was crabby as hell about me being late and the fact that they now were going to miss their flight.

“Cutting it a little close aren’t you, Brad?” He said.

“I’m sorry, traffic was bad.”

He just stormed away.  John came over. “Don’t worry about it. We’ve got time to get to the airport, the car isn’t here yet, anyway – but I don’t have much time to show you around so you can explore on your own.” He handed me a list of items to look out after. Bring in the mail – that kind of thing. Then he told me: “Listen you have complete run of the house, but please stay out of the basement.  We’ve got some work to do down there yet and there’s nothing down there that you have to worry about – OK?”

I said OK, but I was already wondering about the playroom in their last house – I was imagining something far grander in their new place – or maybe it was just a construction zone?  No way I was going to let on that I had snuck into their old one by asking questions about the basement!

John continued “The fridge is stocked. Help yourself to anything in the kitchen. I’ve put my cell phone number on the bottom of the list.  It’s for the satellite phone, call if it’s an emergency – otherwise leave a message at my office, I’ll be checking in periodically. We’ve gotta go.” Before walking out the door, Tim threw me his keys at me and said “Don’t burn the place down!”

Standing at the window, I waived them goodbye. Afterward, I headed for the kitchen for a beer.  I had a snack and started to play with the new touch screens that were everywhere in the house.  From anyone I could see who was at the front door, who was in the garden, what the temperature of the pool was (cool, they had a pool!), change the music, open and close all the drapes and blinds, turn all the lights on and off, lock and unlock all the doors – the whole house was controllable – which was fucking cool!

I wandered through the house getting the lay of the land.  It was big – but not ostentatious – high-end everything, but all in good taste.  It was meant to resemble an old country estate, so the walls were thick as hell and solid brick, but they had opened it up quite a bit with recessed windows.  It really was comfortable.  The electronics just blended in.

Now, I have to admit. I was curious about the basement. I thought. “No harm in just looking!”  I used the touch pad to turn on the lights before proceeding down to the basement. It was hardly a work zone!  The first room was a large gym-like space.  Plenty of equipment, free weights, and beautiful hardwood floors that made it look like an old high school gym.  I would get a lot of use out of this space for the next few weeks!

I passed through a hallway that had some unfinished storage rooms on wither sides before opening the door to what was indeed a playroom – it was beyond imagination.  There were racks of restraints, cages, and equipment of every kind.  Off to one side there was another room that looked more like a prison cell than anything else. The walls were covered with some type of metallic mesh.  As I backed out into the main playroom I noticed the same mesh covered the walls there too.  Weird.  I didn’t think too much about it.

There was a large cabinet in one corner that was slightly ajar – it was lit from within.  I realized that the lights in the room had come on automatically when I entered – the cabinet must have lit up too.

Now, I have to admit that my curiosity is going at full tilt.  I pulled the door open and found a small workbench area.  There were some tools, some electronic gizmos, and a device that had been the subject of my fantasies for years – a really cool looking chastity device.  It was made of thick polished metal that entirely covered the crotch. A long tube was built into the front shield which had to be where the penis slipped into. There was also what appeared to be a cradle like area for the balls.  The rear was open for access to the ass and there were straps – similar in look to a jock strap – that ran from the back of the belt.  It was solid, heavy, and was making me horny as hell!  The front area that appeared to hold the locking mechanism was very intricate.  There was a key sitting on the workbench that fit the lock.

I was working myself up to try it on, but I had to make sure that it would come off.  Thinking for a minute – I ran back upstairs to one of the touch pads and made sure all the doors were locked and the house was in “night mode.”  That way no one would just walk in on me while I was downstairs “playing1”

When I got back downstairs I thought, “What harm could there be in trying it on. I’ll clean it up after I take it off.” I quickly removed my jeans and underwear and positioned the belt on myself. I inhaled a bit and then with a little pressure. “Click”.

I was surprised at how well it actually did fit. It was very secure. I couldn’t get my fingers under the front plate, nor would the belt budge a bit. Quite an unusual feeling!  It fit just like it had been made for me – I guess Tim was pretty close to my size, so it must have been made for him – I just couldn’t imagine anyone wearing this for any length of time, though. It would drive me crazy!!!

After admiring the belt, I decided it was time to take it off and get on to other things.  My dick was trying to get hard inside the thing and it hurt like hell – I wanted it off so I could jack off!  I grabbed the key and stuck it in the locking mechanism, but it wouldn’t turn at all.  I futzed with it, shoved it in and out a few times, twisted it as hard as I could but it wouldn’t turn.  Shit!  I settled down a bit and tried to think of what to do – I’m sure there were tools in the garage.  Maybe I could cut it off or something and offer to somehow repay them for it.  I just wanted it off!  As I pulled the key out for the last time I thought I heard an electronic buzz from the belt, but it must have been my imagination.

As I approached the doorway to leave the room there was a sudden, ZAP!!!! I fell to the ground in the most pain I have ever experienced. It was like someone took a stun gun right to my genitals.

It took me a while to gain my strength and composure back. “What the fuck happened?” Still feeling the remnants of the shock, I again moved toward the door. ZAP!!! I fell to the floor, motionless not knowing what to do. “Shit, what is this thing!” Realizing that this wasn’t just an ordinary chastity belt, it was some type of device meant to keep someone in this room.

I tried several more times to get through the door, but each time the shocks got worse.  I was left sweating and in tears on the floor – in a panic.

Then the door closed.  I hadn’t notice the automatic closer before, but I had seen them upstairs.  The automated system had closed the door on me.  Not that I could leave the room anyway – but now it was worse.  A few moments later the room lights went out – making bad go to worse in a damn hurry.

I sat in the dark whimpering, when I noticed a steadily brightening panel on the far wall.  It was a recessed display panel – Tim was looking back at me from the panel.  “Well, Brad, you certainly didn’t waste any time a tall did you?  We haven’t even made it to the plane and you already have found our little toy room.  We thought we’d have at least until tomorrow before we were alerted of your intrusion.  No matter, the end is the same.”

As he spoke additional panels lit up on either side of the first.  My trek through the house was shown in vivid detail – there were cameras everywhere it seemed.  I watched myself walk into this room and eventually find the chastity belt.  I cringed as I watched myself lock it on and try to get it off.  The screens then started to replay my torment as I was shocked over and over again.  It was a continuous loop.

From the middle screen Tim just laughed. “We really needed a new toy to play with, you know.  You were so easy to mold into just what we wanted – not that you didn’t have a great foundation to work with.  You are one hot kid, after all.  The gym just outside that room will help us to keep you just as trim and toned as ever – and we’ll be able to fuck the shit out of you whenever we want.  You’ll also prove useful for testing some of our new inventions – like the one that you are wearing.  Although that one is going to remain locked on until we feel that you have earned your release.”

The other screens continued to loop through the torment, but the pain in my crotch was now real again.  The device was ramping up and I was screaming in pain.  “Just a sample of what it can do, Brad.  Now walk over to that small room off to the side.  It is a cell and it was made just for you.”

I didn’t get up, but was rewarded with ever increasing pain. When it reduced for a bit, I dragged myself across the floor towards the room – the shocks stopped entirely.  A reward, I guess, for doing as told.  When I reached the room I noticed the toilet and cot that I hadn’t really paid attention to before.  It was a cell, indeed.

I jumped a bit as a barred door slid shut behind me locking firmly in place.  The shocks started again, but milder.  From the screen Tim said, “Get comfortable.  As long as you stay away from the cell door there will be no punishment.  It is really simple, just do as you’re told and you will always be rewarded.”

As he spoke, the walls, floor, and ceiling of the cell lit up – they were all display screens.  “We’ll be back home in a few hours to tend to you, in the meantime relax.  We have a little greatest hits medley for you to watch in the meantime.  We will, of course, have to punish you later for making us miss our trip to Italy – but that’s for the future.”

His face was replaced with video of me.  Every screen was video of me jacking off at various times in their old house.  Me in the playroom, me in the bedroom, me in the movie room watching porn, me in the shower – from every angle – the videos just keep looping and looping and looping.  I couldn’t even close my eyes.  And only once, Tim’s voice. “Oh yes, Brad, we always knew.  We’ll have so much fun with you!”




NOTE: This story was inspired by a similar one involving opposite sex participants, which was posted to the Altarboy chastity site. For more information, contact Metalbond.

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