Rubber Fuck Toys

By Locked22

Sean and Kyle had been friends for years – first meeting through kinky social networking, then discovering they had the same kinks, then taking it offline – but they couldn’t play often, due to the distance between them. Sure, they saw each other a few times a year at kink events, but real play opportunities were limited by travel time. This latest trip had been planned nearly a year in advance. Sean was going to drive up for a week-long kinky holiday at Kyle’s.

Shortly after this latest trip was planned, Kyle messaged Sean to share a powerful fantasy he had of the two of them: a double dildo gag – a gag that was both a gag for the wearer and a dildo the wearer could fuck someone with. In the fantasy, Kyle was in a sling while Sean was the one gagged, bound to the sling stand, kneeling, and would be forced to fuck Kyle using the gag.

The fantasy consumed their sexual dreams for weeks. It seemed ideally suited to the two friends – both were switches who craved the power exchange of the scene. Sean would be in the dominant position of fucking Kyle, but with his dick locked away in a chastity cage, so he’d be submissive, too. He could fuck, but he would feel nothing. Kyle, on the other hand, would be in the traditionally submissive role of bottom, but would also be in charge of the entire scene, since Sean would be restrained and unable to move.

The friends agreed that ideally, both of them would be restrained during the scene — but that, of course, would require a third person that they didn’t have. They decided that they would compromise by only having Sean restrained during the scene.

During the months leading up to the trip, though, the fantasy evolved. Sean came up with the idea that Kyle should take on a more submissive role – he would be bound to the sling and locked in chastity during the scene to deny him both the pleasure of an orgasm and the pleasure of being in control. Sean would be the dominant one (or as dominant as you can get while locked up) by restraining Kyle and controlling the dildo fucking.

The friends had agreed to two months of enforced chastity before they met. They both wanted to be as pent up as possible when this fantasy became reality.

The day finally came. Sean had been driving for the last seven hours in anticipation of this bondage weekend. As he exited the highway, he pulled over to send a message to Kyle that he was approaching and to prepare himself for the scene they’d been planning together for over a year:

“ETA 30 minutes. Be ready – unlock the door, blindfold yourself, kneel inside the door wearing nothing but your Steelheart, and handcuff your hands behind your back. I don’t want you to see me until I am geared up for our scene.”

As he pressed send, he felt a wave of arousal wash over him as his dick tried to harden in anticipation of the scene to come, but that pleasure was followed immediately by a sharp pain as the anti-erection spikes of the Carrara chastity belt he had been locked into for two months made themselves known. He winced at the pain as he pulled out onto the rough dirt road, as the vibrations only increased the bite of the spikes.

The spikes had been a constant companion over the past two months, locked in at Kyle’s insistence. Sean looked forward to being able to remove them – but he knew that wasn’t going to happen anytime soon. Sure, he had the key to the lock that kept the spikes locked into his belt on his keyring – he could unlock the spikes any time he wanted. But the makers of the belt had thought ahead. The spikes could be unlocked while the belt was locked on the wearer, but they couldn’t be removed from the belt while it was locked on, and of course, Sean didn’t have access to those keys. Kyle was careful to ensure that the two keys to the belt were securely locked in a combination keysafe that only he knew the combination of, and the two had agreed that the belt wasn’t going to be removed until after their fantasy was reality.

As he turned off the road into Kyle’s driveway, Sean was eager to get inside and get in gear. Before he could do that, however, he needed to send one more message.

“Just arrived at Kyle’s. Can’t believe this fantasy is about to come true!”

This message was going to a newer friend of Sean’s; Kyle had made the introduction during Sean’s last visit. Sean became fast friends with him, since they shared a lot of interests: heavy long term bondage, full body encasement in rubber, chastity, and objectification, to name a few. To Sean’s surprise, Kyle introduced him only as Sir. Sir was a new neighbor of Kyle’s, and unfortunately for Sean, that meant that visits were just as few and far between.

As Sean approached the house, he could see the door was cracked open, as instructed. Lucky for Kyle, the house was so far off the street, there was no risk of prying eyes trying to catch a peek inside. Sean entered the house and took in the sight in front of him. There was Kyle, kneeling as instructed, the sunlight coming in from the window glinting off the polished steel of the Steelheart chastity cage that had spent the last two months locked over his cock.

“Fuck!” Sean felt his dick fruitlessly attempt to get hard, wincing as it reached the spikes at the end of the tube.

“Still haven’t trained that thing not to get hard, eh?” Kyle chuckled, despite the blindfold preventing him from seeing what was happening — but it wasn’t exactly hard to guess what caused the outburst, as he was the one that insisted the spikes be installed in the belt before locking it on and sending him the keys.

“We’ll see who’s laughing once I’ve got you tied down.” Sean responded. “Now don’t go anywhere, I’ll be back shortly.”

Sean grabbed his suitcases and moved to the guest bedroom to begin changing from comfortable traveling clothes to a more appropriate outfit for the scene. He opened his bags and set about finding all the gear he would need: his rubber catsuit, gloves, hood, and socks. In minutes he had been transformed into head-to-toe rubber, with just the polished metal of his ever-present Carrara belt breaking up the shiny black rubber.

Sean returned to the living room to find Kyle unchanged, kneeling, waiting for his return. As he approached, he reached out and grabbed Kyle’s nipples, giving them a hard tug and watching as a drop of precum leaked out from Kyle’s Steelheart and onto the ground below.

“Time to get you into gear too” Sean said, removing the handcuffs and blindfold and helping Kyle up off his knees. “We need to get you shiny as well.”

The pair moved to Kyle’s bedroom, where entire wardrobes full of rubber gear awaited them. Sean quickly selected the gear Kyle would be wearing for this scene – rubber catsuit, rubber fistmitts, rubber gasmask hood, and rubber socks. All but the socks had locking zippers, and as soon as Kyle had them on, Sean made sure all the zippers were securely locked. There would be no escape from this scene.

“Are you ready?” Sean asked. “And did it arrive?”

“Absolutely. And yeah, it’s on the sling, waiting for us.” Kyle replied.

As they walked down the stairs into the basement playroom, the spikes in Sean’s Carrara once again made their presence known. Since his last visit, Kyle had rearranged his playroom. The sling now had a commanding presence in the center of the space, and accent lighting had been added to draw even more attention to it.

As he walked up to the sling, Sean winced as his dick pressed harder still against the spikes. There it was, sitting on the sling, illuminated by a small ceiling spotlight. The item that was the cause of their year-long fantasy.

A locking double dildo gag.

With this gag locked on, the wearer would be gagged with a large penis-shaped gag protruding inward from the gag. But it was what protruded from the outside gag that drew their attention – a thick 7” dildo, allowing the wearer to fuck using just the gag.

Sean placed the double dildo gag onto a side table, and escorted Kyle to the sling. For their fantasy, this would be Kyle’s position until Sean decided the scene was over.

Sean moved quickly, securing Kyle’s locked rubber fistmitts to the sling and locking rubber ankle restraints to Kyle’s ankles, securing them to the sling as well. To ensure no escape was possible, all attachments were made with padlocks – clips would still allow Kyle to think escape was possible, and Sean couldn’t have that.

After ensuring Kyle had settled in comfortably to his bondage, Sean attached a hose to Kyle’s mask and began to cut off Kyle’s air supply. As the seconds counted by, Kyle began to struggle in the bondage, tugging hard at the restraints, but they wouldn’t give.

“See? Escape is not possible.” Sean said calmly, releasing the hose, as Kyle worked to catch his breath. “You’re in this until I say otherwise.”

Sean loved to keep subs waiting. When he subbed, he loved being kept in long term bondage, and he was all too eager to return the favor to those that subbed for him. He stepped away from the sling and returned upstairs, eager to get a drink and unwind after the long drive.

He entered Kyle’s kitchen, and began to rummage through Kyle’s refrigerator, looking to see what kinds of beer were on offer this visit. As he knelt down and stared into the brightly lit refrigerator, he did not notice the movement behind him in the now-dark kitchen.

The takedown was swift and efficient. He yelled out for help but was quickly silenced by a hand over his mouth. Within seconds, his hands were handcuffed behind his back.

From the basement there was only the jingle of chains as Kyle struggled against his bondage in response to Sean’s screams.

“You didn’t think I would allow you two to have fun without me, did you?” spoke a familiar voice. As the lights flashed on, Sean was finally able to see who had restrained him. He glanced up from the floor to see Sir standing before him, looking obviously pleased.

“Let’s go downstairs and calm Kyle down,” Sir said, grabbing Sean by his arm and marching him down the stairs. “Oh, and by the way, next time close the door behind you when you enter someone’s house.”

As they entered the basement, Kyle breathed a sigh of relief. Sir approached the sling and gave Kyle’s locked balls a friendly slap of introduction. “I thought I could be of some assistance this evening, to help you both fully embrace your roles in this scene. “ Sir said.

“You’ve both described to me how important it is that this scene emphasize to you how you are nothing but rubber fuck toys. You two wanted to fuck with this toy and keep your cocks locked up. That’s good, I prefer them locked anyway.” he said

Sir picked up the double dildo gag and brought it to Sean’s lips. “You thought you’d be in control tonight – you’re wrong. You’re going to be the submissive top you always wanted to be.” he said, as he strapped the gag tightly into Sean’s mouth and padlocked it shut.

He then removed the handcuffs from Sean’s wrists and guided him to the sling stand.

“Before I get you ready to fuck him, there’s one more thing I need to add” Sir said, reaching into his backpack. “This is a new addition to the collection”

Sean knew instantly what the item was as it was pulled out of the bag. It looked like a normal rubber collar, except for one extra plastic box. A shock collar.

“We need something to motivate you to keep fucking him, since you can’t feel any pleasure from it” Sir said “If I think you’ve slowed down or you’re not fucking him hard enough, believe me, you’ll know it.”

The collar was quickly locked on, and Sean winced in pain. The collar didn’t hurt at all – the spikes in his belt did. How did Sir know this was one of his deepest fantasies?

“I could ask you to kneel so I can get started on the bondage… or, I can just make you,” he chuckled, pressing the button on the collar’s remote.

Sean shouted through the gag as he fell to his knees, clutching at the locked collar around his neck.

“Good. That will hopefully prevent you from slacking off as you fuck him.” Sir chuckled and began restraining Sean.

Sir moved quickly, restraining Sean’s arms behind him, his legs spread out behind him and locked into a spreader bar. As they had planned to use the double dildo gag with Sean on his knees anyway, the bondage position Sir had placed Sean in still aligned the dildo gag perfectly with Kyle’s ass.

Sir approached with a bottle of lube and generously coated the dildo. “And now we begin! You two are nothing but rubber fuck toys now. Unable to cum, unable to do anything but fuck.”

Sean carefully leaned in, pressing the tip of the dildo against Kyle’s hole. Pressing slowly, Sean kept moving his head forward until the dildo began to enter Kyle. Soon enough, the entire dildo was buried in Kyle’s ass and Sean’s kept pushing until his nose bumped against Kyle’s locked balls.

Sir approached the sling again, this time with a small piece of chain and padlocks. Sean felt as one end of the chain was locked to the D-ring on the shock collar, and then the chain was extended to a D-ring on the sling and locked in place.

He leaned back to remove the dildo from Kyle’s hole only to find that now he was unable to. He could pull back far enough to get a good fucking action, but he could not move his head far enough back to pull the dildo out. They truly would be fucking until Sir said otherwise.

Sean began to thrust, faster and faster until Kyle’s moans of pleasure were met by Sean’s own moans of pain as his dick pressed harder still into the spikes of his chastity belt. Pleasure for Kyle, pain for Sean, and no release for either. As they fucked, Sir sat back in a chair and watched his rubber objects play.

Kyle’s moans filled the air as Sean continued to fuck his hole as hard as he could, afraid to feel the shock from Sir’s shock collar again. Within minutes, a steady stream of precum was dripping from both of their chastity cages as they desperately wished their dicks could receive some attention.

After what felt like an hour of relentless fucking, Sir approached the sling once more.

“Good objects. You’ve done well tonight. But I don’t think you need to get out of that rubber just yet.” He said as he began to remove the restraints from the two rubbered friends.

“You’ll sleep down here, restrained, in chastity, and in full rubber, like you belong,” he said

Once the restraints holding Sean to the sling stand were removed, Sir unlocked the gag and shock collar and led Sean over to the metal cage.

“You seem like you need some heavy metal bondage” he said, and began locking Sean’s own heavy dungeon irons on to him. Soon, Sean was locked neck, wrists, and ankles into his own dungeon irons, with heavy chains connecting it all. Sir then opened the door to the cage and gestured inside. Sean crawled into the cage, the irons clanking away as he moved. Sir closed and padlocked the door to the cage, saying to the shackled rubber toy “I trust the chains rattling with your every move won’t keep you up at night. I know I will sleep soundly upstairs anyway.”

Sir then returned to Kyle, still secured to the sling. “You’ve earned a bed tonight,” he said as he unlocked Kyle’s restraints, removing the fistmitts and gas mask. Kyle attempted to step toward the stairs up to his bedroom when Sir grabbed him and turned him around. “Oh no, I didn’t say your bed, I just said a bed” and began leading Kyle to the bondage bed next to the cage Sean was locked in.

Sir laid out a rubber sleepsack on the bed and motioned for Kyle to climb inside. “Sleep tight” he said as he zipped up the sleepsack. He then tied the sleepsack tightly to the bed, to prevent Kyle from squirming off the bed in his sleep.

As he walked toward the stairs to leave the dungeon, he turned to address his rubber objects.

“Kyle, I hope you’re looking forward to returning the favor with the gag tomorrow” he said as he turned and stepped up the stairs.

As the two friends struggled to find comfortable sleeping positions in their restraints, they were again able to speak to each other for the first time since the evening started.

“You invited him here, didn’t you?” Sean asked.

“What makes you say that?” Kyle replied.

“He knew to ask me when I arrived, saying he wanted to make sure I drove safely. He knew when I would have you restrained, he knew I had fantasized about being restrained while using the gag on you but that we couldn’t do it without a third person, and he knew about my fantasy of having a shock collar locked on. It’s just too perfect.” Sean said

“It was pretty perfect.” Kyle said, and smiled.


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